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TaoTronics BH-046 ANC Headphones $82.49 (Was $109.99) Delivered @ Amazon AU


I've been waiting for this deal for a couple of months! Amazing headphones apparently. Today only

TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones [2019 New Version] Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Headphones Headset with Deep Bass, Fast Charge 30 Hour Playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone

  • Upgraded Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology: Improved Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation significantly reduces low-frequency sound by up to 96%, enjoy the music no matter if you’re on a bus, train or plane
  • Rapid Charge & Go: Enjoy an impressive 2 hours of music with just 5 minutes of charge; completely recharges in just 45 minutes for 30 hours of music playback
  • Customizable Comfort: Super soft protein cushions, adjustable headband, 90° rotation axis for comfy all day wear; safe storage & transportation with the carry case
  • Pure Audio Power: Dual large-aperture 40 mm drivers deliver deep and powerful bass for an all-round impressive HD sound quality
  • Hassle-free Clear Calls: Built in cVc 6.0 noise cancelling microphone for clear hands-free calls; Bluetooth 4.2 for a more stable connection
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  • I ordered them 2 months ago and…. they are absolutely brilliant. On par with my mate's Sony WH1000MX3. The sound cancelling not as powerful however sound quality is unbeatable for this price.

    • Yeah can't wait to get mine!

    • +1

      Do you notice any lag if watching videos on your phone with them?

      • no lag on my side. I've paired with a galaxy s9

  • can some one compare this with BH060 please?

    • +2

      This one is better than bh060…i got the bh 060 and i wish i should have waited for this one bh046. BH046 sounds a lot better and bh060 anc affects the sound quality it lowers the quality when u turn on anc. Also take note that the 060 has smaller ear cups hence makes ur ear unconfortable after half an hour of use. If your choosing between 046 and 060..get this 046 best bang for buck.

      • This one uses Bluetooth 4.2 while the 060 model uses 5.0. I'm not sure how much difference that makes.

      • thank you for your feedback. i am looking more into it now. i think i am going to go for it.

    • +2

      Have both, 46s worth it over the 60s. Agree with white3knight on all points.

      Sound quality on the 60s is ok but still better on the 46s.

      ANC much better on the 46, there is audible white noise when audio level is low for the 60s and a noticeable reduction in sound quality.

      Also found the 60s a bit uncomfortable after extended wear.

      The one thing I like better about the 60s is they fold up smaller. The 46s twist the cups flat so stores a little thinner but still takes up a bit more space.

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    The TT-BH060 are only $7 more. Hard for me to identify the key differences. Are they a better buy?


    • The TT-BH060 are still at regular price, while these are discounted. The TT-BH060 are regularly discounted down to around $67 (just search past deals on here).

      My understanding is that the TT-BH046 are essentially the model up from the TT-BH060, and offer slightly better noise cancellation and sound quality. I took the plunge on the TT-BH046 at this price.

      • -1

        Thanks Ttam.

        I made the mistake of watching a TT-BH060 vs Sony WH-1000XM3 video on YouTube! Completely different price-points I know, but….

        • I had kind of decided on the Sony WH-1000XM3, but just couldn't justify the price. Maybe if I start using the TaoTronics all day every day I'll have a case for an upgrade.

      • I got the BH060 last december and not happy with its comfort and sound quality..and yes I would buy this 046 over 060

  • Can't find a mention of this feature in the specs. Can this be connected to a phone and laptop at the same time (not just stay paired)? So I don't have to switch connection each time.

    • +1

      Does bamzero's comment below answer this?

      • Does indeed. This is brilliant

  • +3

    ..if they only included Aptx LL support (as they do with the earbuds). Factor in the purchase of a dongle on top for this. I'll keep waiting for an all in headphone from TT.

  • Any comment on the microphone performance. Any good?

    • When I used other side didn't know any different, came through nice and clear but I was in a quiet environment.

  • Am looking to get a wireless headphone mostly for watching TV. Am I better off getting wireless TV headphones as audio lag from the TV will be expected?
    Can anyone comment on their experience?

  • Can you please suggest any usb c in these price range thanks

  • how do these compare to Edifier 855 BT? They are on sale as well for $75. Need to choose one of these

    • +1

      If you don't need ANC get the Edifier, they have aptX where as the Tao's don't.

      • I don't need noise cancelling much. just to watch movies and listening to music while working. so sound quality, volume and minimum lag is more important that noise cancelling for me.

        • Don't get these then if watching movies, the delay is annoying.

          • @reslo: they have wired option as well. So would you suggest buying these and use wired for movies or any other wired only options better than these in this price range?

            • +1

              @sidozziee: For movies I would suggest using wired for zero lag on both models.
              But Apt-X on the Edifier will have less delay than SBC on the BH-046.

              Some people notice delay more than others, so it may be worth trying Apt-X headphones to see if you can go wireless for movies.
              Also worth mentioning your transmitting device needs to support Apt-X as well in order for Apt-X compatible headphones to use the Apt-X codec.

              • @thebadmachine: What will be your choice for movies if you have to choose from all available choices, wired or wireless, considering the volume and sound quality, obviously, in this price range?

  • +2

    One thing I was pleasantly surprised with (though I'm sure not exclusive to these) was when I'd paired with my phone, then had later paired to my android tv box to watch without disturbing the kids at night.

    Someone rang my phone and it automatically paused my show and switched back to my phone so I could take the call.

    Call finished and it switched back to the tv box and started playing again.

  • I'm curious, if this is an upgraded model from the BH060 (which I currently own and think are pretty great especially for the price), why does this model use bluetooth 4.2 as opposed to the newer bluetooth 5.0 which BH060 has? Anyone know?

  • Sufficiently impressed with this headset; mainly using it for watch TV/movies on my LG OLED when the kids are in bed and pretty well happy with both the audio quality and the Noise Cancelling; great value for money. Thanks OP.

  • @booboo - thanks for the recommendation, stoked with them. Listening to them tonight, just dropped by to say thanks and for fast tracking the research that ended up with me choosing these

    • That's OK, yeah I love mine too! Took a while to work out with all the confusing taotronics models!

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