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[Clearance] Lenovo IdeaPad S145 14" i5-8265U/8GB/256GB SSD Laptop $648 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


*Limit of 2 per customer

A reliable and mobile solution for staying productive on the go, the Lenovo Ideapad S145 14-inch i5-8265U/8GB/256GB SSD Laptop offers powerful computing performance and a user-friendly interface.

Key Features

  • Quad core I5-8265U processor and 8GB RAM work together to handle your day-to-day tasks and run basic programs easily
  • Equipped with a 256GB SSD for fast program execution, quick boot-ups, and ample storage space for your various files
  • Comfortably watch movies, read articles, and play games with impressive clarity on its 14-inch HD anti-glare display
  • Complete with a 4-in-1 media reader, an HDMI, a USB 2.0, and two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports for versatile connectivity options
  • Powered by Windows 10S to provide improved security, access to Microsoft Edge, a personal voice assistant, Cortana, and a streamlined user interface

EDIT: The 1366×768 display is the only real weakness of this laptop.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman



    Isn't win 10S a weakness too?


    Win10S highlights this is a low end product.

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      The cpu, ram and ssd are all great components - certainly above low-end.
      But, yes, IdeaPad is Lenovo's low-end, just like Dell Inspiron and HP Pavilion.
      And it is easy and free to switch out of Win10S if you want.


      You can turn off Windows 10S mode - S just means security mode which you can turn off, but you cannot ever turn it back on due to how it works. I’ve kept mine in S mode as it is way way faster as it has a lean kernel and doesn’t need to load additional garbage for third party apps.

      Works fine for productivity if you can work off the the App Store - Chromium version of Edge actually works. In a lot of cases people will need to turn S mode off but TL:DR you can turn it off but it’s a permanent setting.

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    For anyone looking for a half decent back to school laptop, you should probably consider the 13.3 inch HP Pavillion. i5-8265U 8GB/256 NVME SSD, IPS display with FHD resolution and better viewing angles, USB Type C connection, backlit keyboard and a year of accidental damage prevention for $719.20

    Try to avoid 768p displays for school / work, it's painful to work on any resolution lower than 1080p.

    For those with a strict budget, there's a FHD Core i3 (but 10th generation) Acer laptop for $598 which is suitable for school and uni.


    The resolution is a downside as mentioned, but if you reaaaallly don't need higher you save a bit of battery.. Great price otherwise.

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    This is how to switch out of Windows S mode
    OP's link just goes to an image of postcodes.

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    Just be aware of HN online. I can see they are having a couple of good deals, but with the stock level, many orders Will be cancelled and your money Will take forever to be refunded.

    I am still waiting for a response from them to refund an order they couldn't fulfil. Worst customer service in 2020, guaranteed. So lucky I paid by PayPal, I am placing a dispute thru PayPal.

    So good luck guys!


      Worst customer service in 2020, guaranteed

      Isn't that a bit premature??
      We are talking about buying something from a physical store.

      Also if it's "from 2020" you would've been waiting maximum two weeks for a refund.

      Sure the owner is a piece of work, but the company itself there's nothing wrong with.

      So lucky I paid by PayPal, I am placing a dispute thru PayPal.

      That's probably why tbh.


        Well, I did mention HN online, if this is a in store/click N collect, just ignore what I said.
        BTW, yes, it has just been 2 weeks,but absolutely no communication at all, both email and messenger with no response. I bought many things online and I have never experienced anything like that. Yes, refund takes time, I get that,but I can't accept there is no comfirmation for the order to be cancelled, and as yet, my order is still displayed as under processing. I am pretty safe with PayPal,and not worrying and complaining about my money, it's the customer experience I had. I thought I was an individual case until I searched company review sites. So don't tell me the company has done nothing wrong.


          So don't tell me the company has done nothing wrong

          I never did. I said there's nothing wrong with the company. That's a big difference.

          until I searched company review sites

          Lmao you can't be serious right? People only use those sites to complain. Who leaves a review if they successfully got their order with no troubles? I've used HN probably 5 times in the last few months. I haven't left one review.

          Btw, I've dealt with companies much worse than Harvey Norman. Worst case scenario, go in store and they should do it for you on the spot. If the staff member doesn't, get the manager.


            @pennypincher98: No matter there is something wrong with the company or the company has done something wrong. I Will avoid H.N online from now on and hope the rest can get their orders and leave no neg feedback. Simple as that. For the review sites, there is a reason for them to exist, especially most people are talking about the bad communication nor their products. Done talking here.