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[Pre Order] Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD 27inch 1440p 144Hz IPS FreeSync Monitor $399 (Free Delivery) @ Centre Com


1 week wait - ETA 23/01/2020

I've been waiting for this monitor to go sub $400 and looks like it has! It is currently pre-order with ETA of next week (23/01/2020).

Centre Com currently are running this on special for $399, free shipping. Scorptec is also doing it for $399 however no free shipping.

Looks like a great value monitor! Reviews:

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    Please stop posting DisplayNinja, it is a site built to farm referral and ad revenue, they literally steal content whenever they can. Here's an actual technical review from RTings:

    And HWU:

    TL;DR: Innolux IPS panel, complete with sluggish response times. Very much a budget monitor for QHD 144Hz, alongside VA options around this price point.

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      Oh really, description updated.

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      I've had my eye on this exact model for months and in one comment all of a sudden I'm hesitant :\

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        LG GL83A-B would be the buy if you're deadset on IPS, should be a sub-$500 monitor on sale.

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          I can't find anywhere in Oz listing this unless I'm doing something wrong.

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            @Hinee: Not here yet, that's the problem. I've submitted an enquiry to LG AU, so I'll let you know if I'm told anything.

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              @jasswolf: Keep me in the loop if possible.. looking for a dual monitor setupmainly for working from home but potentially the occasional bit of gaming if i can find the time

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          What is the story with the GL83A-B vs a 27GL850 - Seems like the same specs? unless I am missing something glaringly obvious

          • @Fergy1987: Missing USB hub with the 83A and wide gamut colour, otherwise supposedly same panel. I got my 850 a couple weeks ago and I love it; colours are great (particularly after calibration, not as punchy but more accurate and natural while still looking good which is important for me since I do photo editing) and the contrast ratio issue is way overblown in my opinion. Gaming and even simple things like web browsing and mouse cursor movement on desktop is sooooo smooth coming from a 60Hz IPS monitor.

          • @Fergy1987: sRGB vs extended colour gamut, slightly cheaper backpanel, no USB ports.

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        Funny thing is, at this price, its still golden.

        Also, testing equipment reveals things real life use doesnt care about.

        There are some people on reddit coming from some previously amazing displays (eg. Apple cinema), and they have nothing but praise for this model.

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      After reading the review I think "sluggish response times" is a little harsh on this monitor.

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        It's at the bottom of the IPS pile depending on the setting, and you will see this as significant powdery trailing. Peak response times mean nothing when <40% of the transitions don't fall inside the refresh rate window on one usable setting, or you get inverse ghosting (overshoot) 15% of the time on another setting, which you would see in the detailed measurements from both reviews.

        If you can lock 144 FPS on everything, or you're happy to turn Freesync off, then you're going ok. If you want variable refresh rates, you're shit out of luck when it comes to response times.

        If gaming is not your primary use you might be ok with it, but then if not, perhaps a good 4k IPS (and there's a Philips one that goes for $300-$350) might be a better option. If you're looking for speedy IPS on a budget, the choice is probably the AOC 24G2.

        • There's not many options if you're looking for these exact specs at an affordable price range though. In fact there's rarely any monitors with these specs available in Aus anyways. The infamous LG is top of the line for these specs I would assume, but it's no less than $650 which is basically 50% more costly. I understand your concerns with the monitor, but I gotta say, it still deserves some decent recognition for being an affordable 1440p 144Hz FreeSync monitor.

  • bought mine last month at scorptec, pretty happy with it

  • Been waiting for this monitor to go on sale since November. Currently running a Samsung 4K monitor but thinking this could help improve FPS by going back to QHD. Thanks OP

    • why not just set the in-game resolution to 1440P?

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        The quality looks horrible in 1440p even just in windows 10. I want to run 1440p natively and I reckon this will do the trick.

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    Bought this rrp and i'd say its worth it if you're upgrading from lower specs but if you're really wanting performance etc then I'd probably invest on LG GL850

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      Terrible investment, unlikely to even make back your money.

      The financialisation of language.

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    Thanks picked one up. Been watching this mon for a while now, unbeatable price for specs

  • Great deal, got it before Christmas for ~$425. Massive upgrade from my previous monitor

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    The ASUS PG279Q is better, but pricier. I got my son the VG279Q that is similar but is full HD. He loves it. Monitors hopefully tend to last so I've learnt not to skimp too much, but not to go crazy either.

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    I miss 16:10 monitors.

  • What would this be like as an office monitor for word processing and web browsing?

    • I don't have this monitor, but having 1440p resolution is the sweet spot in my opinion.

    • It’s a bit overkill for non-gaming purposes

      • You mean the 1440p or the 144Hz?

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          The 144hz. It's just a waste of money if you aren't gonna game. Although I personally would even say that the 1440p isn't necessary for what you said you need it for. That's up for debate though since some people prefer the sharper resolution. You can get a good 1080p IPS monitor for under $200 and a 1440p IPS monitor for like $280 (maybe cheaper) so either way you'll be saving money that would otherwise be wasted on the 144hz.

          • @Ostrk: Thanks for this. I've got a 24inch 1080p Dell at the moment (P2419HC) and I can notice fuzziness in text (I can see the pixels) compared to 1440p monitors I think.

            Any recommendations for a good 1440p monitor with VESA around 27inch?

  • I've got an AOG 144hz 2k TN monitor from about 2016 but the display quality is pretty meh. Was thinking of picking this one up cause it's an IPS panel but not sure if it'll be much better. Anyone done the same sort of upgrade? Use will be 50/50 web browsing and gaming (fps, racing, rts etc).

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      I would try and find a better monitor for gaming.

    • I think the cost/return of upgrading to this monitor is not worth it. The colours will be slightly better but since you are browsing internet and gaming, you won't really be able to take advantage of the wider viewing angles.

      Unless you want to fork out a lot more money and get a 4k 144Hz, I would just keep your current monitor until it breaks and upgrade later. The only reason I see for you to buy this monitor would be to have a secondary screen.

      • Just something most don't consider;
        At a monitor this size, that depends HEAVILY on your preferred seating distance.

        I like being close to a screen, as I'm a bit short sighted (even 'corrected'), so I sit at about 30~50cms from a 27" monitor.

        At that distance\size VA contrast shift, and TN colour shift is noticeable. It's minor, but, noticeable.
        It's why I only use IPS.

  • Just got AOC U2790VQ (27 inch IPS 4K) delivered yesterday for 387 from Scorptec. There was a $50 cashback valid till yesterday.

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    Got mine from centrecom at full price a while back but my first one came with a bright pixel so I'd suggest getting it from a local store with stock (that's a bit hard since this monitor always goes out of stock) so it's easy to swap them out

    I reckon it was worth paying $50 more for swapping with not much fuss since my replacement was excellent

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      worth paying $50 more

      Sounds really suspect as in illegal. You paid to replace a defective product?

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        No he is saying the local shop is $50 more expensive than online. But if there's any problems you can swap the monitor easily instead of waiting around weeks for shipping.

  • Great monitor at a great price. Keep up the posts ronyronron!

  • have this monitor and it's fantastic value

  • Considering I got this for $50-60 more, I reckon you'd mad getting this posted screen if you were going to be gaming - likely given the highlight of 144hz.

    MSI 32" curved

    • You're is a VA panel. This is for IPS (albiet a very shit IPS panel).

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        Watching that testing;
        If you locked your max refresh rate to 120hz instead of 144hz, this panel looks KILLER.

        Certainly NOT for 'everyone' but 'a lot' of people stop noticing advancements after 100hz+ ymmv

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    not sure if i should jump on this or get something else? would be willing to spend an extra $100 or so, want something quality for gaming around 27" 1440p 144hz ips range

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      You can't really get anything better with those specs for $100 more. The one that is better than this monitor would be the LG 27gl850 which is $640 when it's on sale.

      There might be one if you wait longer but who knows how long the wait would be.

      • LG 27gl850 ftw!

  • Purchased this monitor last year for $449, but it's still in transit due to high demand. Might see if I can get a refund on the $50 difference, worst case I can just cancel the order and buy it again.

    • Update: Refund successful

  • Got one two weeks ago from UMart to replace my dead Dell. Pretty happy with the image, it's no frills on the build/features list though.

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    I was actually going to get this one due to the slimmer bezel and being samsung.

    I've used multiple samsung and viewsonic in the past and with all the monitors the samsung is a lot more vibrant.

    all the viewsonic panels are ips i've tried and yes i agree worst ips. the dells have been amazing.

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    Replaced this monitor 3 times due to dead/bright pixels. 4th times a charm.
    +1 for buying locally.

    • Omg how did you end up with dead pixels 3 times ? That's some bad luck makes me a little scared. My first Gsync I got and bam dead pixel my luck. So i just refunded because the exchange took so long. I hope centrecom are much better :C

      How long did the whole thing take altogether?

  • If you want 1440p/144hz IPS this is the best monitor at the price but it's pretty shit ergonomically, you'll really want to VESA mount this thing to get more adjustment options. Also has zero USB ports which is easy to overlook and may be an issue for some.

  • Was tossing up whether to get this or the AOC CQ27G2 when it comes back in stock. They seem very similar, though one is VA and the other is IPS.

  • Are these specs ok to add a 3rd monitor?

    Intel Core i7 6700 @ 3.40GHz
    Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. H170-D3H-CF
    16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1066MHz
    EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
    Corsair CS650M power supply

    Already have x2 ViewSonic XG2703-GS

    Only use 1 for gaming. The rest is just desktop apps like Excel, Chrome, Word, Outlook, CCTV monitoring.


    • +1

      Might become sentient and try to end humanity.

      Otherwise, looks fine.

      • Haha! Cheers… bought one anyway yesterday …

  • I have an Acer Predator XB27 with 1440p and 144hz refresh, which is my primary gaming monitor. Do you guys think this would be a suitable second monitor?

  • Is there a better monitor deal if I don't plan to use this for gaming?

    • There are far better deals for non-gaming. This is a 144hz display. You only need 60hz for standard uses, anything else is a waste. (Movies, videos, etc don't go above 60fps).

      • OK changed my mind. Will be using this for gaming but non-FPS (e.g. Witcher, Sekiro, Dota). Does that make this even more suitable since the high response time is irrelevant now?

    • I was thinking the same thing.
      Have been using the Dell 2407wfp for over a decade and finally considering going larger.

      I game but I never had any complaints about the Dell so I think I'm fine.

      Mostly would be office type work when I work from home during the day, and then entertainment and gaming at night when free.

      Someone posted Phillips as a good option.
      I saw there's a Phillips 32inch 1440p VA panel under $400

      • I went from a 2007FP and U2410 to the VX2758-2k

        IPS technology has improved over the past 7 or so years since the 2407 and it's a significant improvement even though it's a "cheap" version of the panel

        Even newer TV's like the TCL's using LCD / IPS look amazing compared to several years ago

        Everything is better colours, brightness, panel uniformity etc.

        And not just that the input lag is night and day can't use anything else now after being put off playing FPS with unplayable input lag for so many years

        • Thanks.
          I think in my case, its more 27inch 1440p 144mhz vs 32inch 1440p 60hz as theyre the same price.

          Ultimately, if its better than the dell, then i think ill be ok with it.

          I do remember the input lag when i first got the dell. Coming from a CRT it was pretty noticeable.

  • A reddit user buru209 seems to have solved this issue.

    "You can actually do a custom resolution at 144hz setting total pixels under timing to Horz: 2670 Vert: 1470
    And that fixes it while still doing 144hz, they sadly cheap out on their controller by alot."

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    Sad news for all of us wanting this monitor ASAP, they have delayed it to 9/2/2020 :(

    • If youre waiting might as well order this

      cheaper by $20 and the same wait. The true ozbargain!

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        Saving $5 after your consider the delivery cost

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      "We do have stock of the monitor coming in today but due to high demand of the product we have to order more and the ETA for the 2nd batch is estimated to be on the 09/02."

      • Hey mate where did you read this? Hopefully our orders are amongst the first batch.

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          I messaged their support and this is what they responded with, and yeah, hopefully they send out the first batch without waiting for the 2nd batch to come through :)

          • @splishy: I got an email today (with tracking number) stating the monitor is on its way, so looks like the first batch is going out! :)

            • @ronyronron: Lucky you! Unfortunately I'm on the second batch :( So a little bit longer of a wait for me

  • I got the first batch and its a little bit bad..

    Might be that the delivery people throwing it? I see the boxes with couple of dents.

    Daaam man I just got this as well but I'll contact them to see what we can do :L

    Man, My luck? I saw someone saying they had 4 with dead pixels but mine has a couple and my screen flickers as well. I have a video of it flickering and turning off. When I try to do the dead pixel test it just goes crazy.

    this is the worst one, giving me tryphobia vibes.

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    Oh man that's crazy bad!! Make sure it's not the cable (ie try other cables/ports), the first cable I tried was giving me all sorts of grief, flickering etc.

    Mine seems to be ok so far, no dead pixels. I was a bit apprensive at first, the box also arrive a little beat up, and there wasn't any security seals anywhere on the box, so may very well have been opened before.

    Fingers cross everything is ok.

    • +1

      OH. MY. GOD. I'm ashamed to say, coming home after work trying it on a different PC and different cable. It was the cable. OMG I can't believe it, You saved me through this whole process. Thank you so much man!!!

      I guess I gotta profusly apologising for wasting their time when I contact them :)

      It was a bad cable I cant believe I didnt even check that.

      • +1

        Haha no worries mate! They're the best kind of problems :) enjoy!

  • Thought I'd be "smart" and order one through the Bendigo store so that if there were any problems I could take it straight to the store without f'ing around. Still waiting. They have no idea when any are getting sent there. Have rang four times since the 17th. Everytime they say "there's plenty in the warehouse". Yesterday there were "150 in the warehouse".

  • Just got a tracking number for the 2nd batch

    • Got it this morning!

      • Whats your thoughts?

        • Better than I thought it'd be. I honestly didn't realise how bad my previous monitor was until I plugged in this one. (It was a shitty AOC 27" 1080p monitor)

          • @splishy: Few reviews advised to have ghosting or bad refresh rates on this one. Is it worth buying coming from 60 hz full HD monitor and not burn pocket with LG 850 which is always out of stock.

            • +1

              @EnALup: It's worth it if you never had a monitor with the same/similar specs. You would certainly notice the upgrade, I think you would only notice ghosting etc if you actually look for it and you have to really look for it.

              • @westzod: Thanks. Will make it my next one.

                • @EnALup: Got one. Looking for it now :) Any suggestion on settings change with people already having it would be awesome.

  • What stand does this use?

  • Has anyone been able to output 10 bit for color settings in their gpu drivers? The specs for this monitor says it supports 8bit + FRC which I assume still needs 10 bit output from the gpu?