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i7-9700KF | RTX 2080 Super Gaming PC [Z390/16G/480G/120mm]: $1999 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks,

Offering a $2k high-spec Intel gaming build here with a discounted Asus Tuf WiFi motherboard upgrade along with the other current specials for RAM and PSU.

Core i7-9700KF | RTX 2080 Super Gaming PC

Galax RTX 2080 Super [RTX 2080 Ti upgrade option is back - now the Gigabyte Gaming OC triple fan for +$749)
Z390 motherboard [Asus Tuf WiFi Z390 upgrade $79 $39]
16G 2666MHz RAM [vary between Crucial/Team/GSkill] (3200MHz +$29, 32G and 64G options available)
480G 2.5" SSD
120mm liquid cooler
Allied 750W power supply [Allied is our standard power supply used across our builds for the past couple of years. Gigabyte or Raidmax 750W (min) Gold Upgrades available for +$69]
Deepcool Matrexx 50 RGB Case

Pricing: $1999 after 9700KF-2080S-JAN

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/core-i7-9700kf-rtx-2080-sup...

We're working on mid-range builds but they will likely pop next week now rather than this week, so hang in there if that's what you're after!

All AMD deals ending soon:
3200G/570/1660: From $349
3500X/1660: $689
3500X/2080 Super + 27" Mon Bundle: $1599
3800X/3900X/2080 Super: $1799/$2399
3800X/RX 5700 XT: $1288


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  • RTX 2080 Ti 11GB Graphics Card upgrade is back!

  • Do you guys offer click and collect?

  • These posts and deals are getting better and better.
    Great for a number-crunching-gaming-crazy PC, who couldn't be bothered assembling it themselves.

  • Looking forward to a R5 3600 midrange deal

  • Will an invoice be provided? Since I'm gonna recommend the cheapest deal for my office.

  • nice one

  • Haven't concerned myself with computer specs since I built my last rig in 2015 so other than the positive comments here I don't know latest specs. Is this system capable of lasting me another 5 years with a combo of streaming, relatively high end gaming and digital marketing work? Price looks good but I really don't know what I'm looking at lastability wise right now.


    • Yea mate this one's good for at least 5 years. I would definitely upgrade the power supply to the 80+ gold however, as the default Techfast power supply's are a bit crap honestly.

      • agree on the PSU on this build :) there's also AMD builds i'd look at as they may allow for CPU upgrades in the future (if you choose the better Mobo), i'd also add the RAM in there as well just for longevity sake.

      • But if you start upgrading things you lose the bargain.

        • yeh for some things i agree for some of the others like the RAM and the PSU not so much its just the difference in cost.

    • This is a standard high end system which I would expect to get 5+ years out of before needing to upgrade. Just depends on the branding/quality of certain parts as to whether they will last. Specs wise though, this will get the job done for a good while.

  • Looks like a nice deal, I'm pretty keen, just a couple of quick questions.

    Is it worth upgrading the card from Nvidia to MSi?

    And how to I get Win 10 Pro from my old PC over to this? The old PC was upgraded from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro during the free upgrade offer, so I don't actually have a Win 10 installation disc or serial….Thanks.

    • +1 vote

      The bundled card is from Galax. The MSI card offers equivalent performance buy has a higher cost price, which is reflected in the cost. The option is there for people who prefer the MSI brand.

    • Im sure if you download this free programme named "belarc" it shows all CD keys maybe you could grab your cd key from there and use it

    • Use your Win7 key during your Win10 install.

    • I would stick with the galax, if it is the one I'm thinking of, it has a back plate and RGB fans, and is the same card as the shoddy looking MSI, as for the Ti upgrade..you could nearly have another 2080 super, or a complete 1660 system from them with some nice bits instead

  • Any plans to sell a PC with a 2070 or 2070 super anytime soon?

  • Tossing up between the 3500X/2080 Super + 27" Monitor Bundle or paying a bit more for this deal. Choices…

  • What are the AMP ratings of the power rails on the Allied PSU? And are those peak ratings or sustained load ratings?

    • Don't know the answer to your question and i wouldn't be surprised if tech-fast doesn't either, but at this price for a PC why wouldn't you just go for the Gold PSU, not really worth taking the risk with a crappy psu especially with those components.

  • +1 vote

    Well deserving the upvotes, great price and unlike other companies with absurd pricing to maximise their profit.

  • Not really into gaming, only have a PS4 that I use occasionally so I’m curious about the benefits to cost of a gaming rig like this.

    Obviously having a pc compared to xbone or ps4 gives you access to many different games (and can also be used for other computing needs) but aren’t the graphics, processing and performance of ps4 and xbone about as good as they get At the moment? I know some of the games I’ve played like the new Spider-Man have looked incredible. Is a unit like this significantly better? The two gaming consoles can be bought for under $500. I would have thought that similar performing hardware for a pc could be had for a similar price? I’m sure there’s also economy of scale in things like the Xbox and ps4 that bring the price down, but it can’t be that significant. Is the performance of a PC like this $1500 better than the hardware found in an xbone or ps4?

    Sorry if it comes across as stupid or ignorant. Just curious about the world of pc gaming.

    • It's all kind of relative tbh. Ps4/Xbox are comparable to each other for the most part with games released in both systems.

      Games that are in consoles that get to PC will have graphical Perks that watching YouTube videos don't do justice. Higher frame rates, far faster load times, shading/texture/particles/models etc are higher quality.

      I'm an avid PC user, and easily prefer PC over consoles (though missing out on the console exclusives is something I learn to live with)

      You won't need a rig of this cost to notice the difference. A PC half this cost is closer to what consoles get, wth added PC usability.

      Also, PC Games cost a lot less too (except release day which are comparable mostly)

      Consoles require less maintenance though in regards to system updates etc.

    • Honestly when you have a decent enough computer the differences are night and day. Consoles will never really hit above 60FPS (someone correct me there if I'm wrong) whereas the sky is the limit with a desktop. The huge increase in FPS and overall visual perks that come from a quality GPU make it an entirely different experience and the way the game was intended to be viewed

      • That's pretty accurate. Very few TVs support above 60fps. Consoles supporting 60fps a relatively new concept too, with (correct me if I'm wrong) only the ps4pro or the Xbox 1x supporting both 4k resolution output and/or 60fps. That's also only on the games that support that too.

  • I'm not buying but for $2k I would expect a NVMe M2 SSD drive or an option to upgrade. You'll get ~7x faster read/write speeds compared to a SATA SSD drive.

  • Any chance you guys might do some deals on silent/HTPC-style gaming machines at some stage?

  • I ordered a bundle last Jan 6 and I doubt my order was accepted at all. Lol.