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Free Entry to All* Women's AFL Games in 2020 @ AFLW


Called the AFL and confirmed all AFLW games in 2020 will again be free entry, except one… the Dockers vs Eagles Derby will be $3 with all proceeds donated to bushfire relief. More details here. Enjoy :)

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  • Even free, this isn't a bargain.

    • -101 votes

      So it's not a bargain if females are playing? What a joke. We should be supporting the girls, equally. Good on you TA for bringing this to our attention.

      • It's not a bargain because it's always free. Has nothing to do with gender. I wouldn't pay a dime for a SANFL ticket either.

        • -53 votes

          Well in that case it shouldn't be free. Why is it that no one supports female AFL and as a result they have to make it free so they can get a crowd. Just goes to show F'd society is.

          • @geeluv: A lot of people do support AFLW. However, the majority aren't really interested because the skill level isn't there. It will get better, but never to a comparable standard to the mens game.

            Just look at the WNBA. Still struggling even 25 years~ after inception.

          • @geeluv: You could go gather all your female friends and watch it if you want to support them. Some women won't even be bothered to do that, even when it's free.

          • @geeluv: Shouldn't we support the sport in general, not specifically the gender?

            • +21 votes

              @Kranbone: Shouldn't support a sport just to virtue signal. Support a sport because you care about the team and appreciate the skill involved and competition provided. If none of these are offered, why give money to something you don't at all care about?

              You want equality of outcome. Not happy enough with equality of opportunity? Next you'll want the women to be paid the same as the men…even though all their games are free and they don't generate anywhere near anything significant in advertising and marketing.

              If you have to tell people they have to or should support something, it probably isn't that good.

              • @Lv80: I think you've misunderstood. I just want to support a sport not based on it's gender but because you enjoy it or the competition or club around it.

                I don't feel the gender should matter.

          • +19 votes

            @geeluv: Because men's sports are much more interesting as they play at higher intensity and skill level. Except beach volleyball…

          • @geeluv: Because it's an inferior product.

          • @geeluv: I'll support them once they can play at the same level and intensity as the men do. Until then I think I'll avoid their boring and inferior product.

          • @geeluv: One day you will have a daughter, she will play AFL and no one will attend and then you will see my point

      • Clearly someone hasn't been supporting the girls, if they didn't even know it's usually free…

      • +46 votes

        We should be supporting the girls, equally.

        No one "should" be doing anything. If someone doesn't want to take hours out of their day to travel to watch low quality footy (not a slight towards women's footy but any low quality footy - men or women), they don't have to.

        Same reason I would never attend Non or National League football games whenever I travel to England when I could be attending high level games like the Prem or Championship.

        Your comment is proper virtue signalling, you don't care about it either else you would know this isn't a bargain because this is the usual price (aka free).

      • +26 votes

        We should be supporting the girls, equally.

        So you’ll be willing to pay the equivalent of the men’s AFL ticket price for each game you attend?

      • So you support them just because they're female? Isn't that sexist…

      • I don't think it's a joke at all. I watched a few games last season and didn't laugh once.

      • The football W League was around well before AFLW - women were supported then

    • you know it…

  • +57 votes

    This is the normal price for AWFL games.

  • +66 votes

    They have ALWAYS been free.

    If they increase the price, then nobody will go…

  • Are the games really that bad? I don't follow any AFL, but surely can't be that bad? I'm a diehard rugby union guy, and I really enjoy the girls Rigby.

    • The women get away with way more violence than the men's league, so if you like watching dangerous hits and high tackles it's good fun.

    • The way I see it is that they're probably not bad, but more like watching the B grade team, or the under 18's. People don't normally go to see the lower classes unless they have a vested interest. Don't think I'm judging - because I'm a fat slob and these women are ten times the athletes that I ever was or will be, but it does somewhat explain the attendance numbers.

    • I watched games from the first couple seasons and the skill level was abysmal. Even that is an understatement. Sloppy 15m kicks, countless scrappy dogpiles and finishing the game with 1 goal each team.

      I still remember watching the first game of their first season as it was on the TV while my friends and I were at the pub. We were all shocked that something of such low quality was being televised.

      It has gotten better, but it's still quite average. If every team played to Adelaide's standard, however, the league & overall image of the AFLW would improve dramatically. I'm sure it will get there…but for now, it's quite missable.

      • It's getting better every year but has a long way to go. But I can remember watching the Mens VFL when it first started and the quality was quite poor then too. 120 years later and the standard is much better.

    • Not an AFL fan but I took my kids to some of the WBBL games at Allan Border field. The promo teams were out in full force to make it an exciting day for the kids without the stress of the major venues and crowds.

    • Women's rugby is much better than women's AFL. The women's AFL is like watching a local b grade under 16s match.

    • The women can’t kick that long, don’t score that much and don’t take high marks. Some games end up being very scrappy.

      The question is will it develop? Happy to be proven wrong as Australian Rules is my favourite sport but I have me doubts.

      • Some did ok in the long kick comp (or whatever it's called) at the AFL grand final - beating some of the men. I assume they were using the same balls but who knows as on the field it seems to be a different story.

    • The AFLW games are awful. Like watching a group of seagulls fighting over a chip. Plus most of them can't kick, can hardly mark and have you seen the abysmally low scores at many games?

    • The women lack the tactical nous and kicking accuracy of the men. This really shows live. Id say theyre about a districts grade 2 or 3 level. On TV I think it's quite a good product as they are quite physical and decent marks and this can be highlighted.

    • The problem is people compare it to the mens comp which has 100+ years of development in it. The womens comp comes along and because its not instantly as good, its shit.

  • They need to pay me to go

    • +10 votes

      I doubt I'd go, even if they paid me…

      I'd rather go watch my local team play.

  • Wanted to post inb4 sexist AFLW comments, but I'm 10 minutes too late

    • +29 votes

      So everybody who doesn’t enjoy watching this is automatically sexist?

      • That's not what I said at all, might want to work on your reading comprehension.

        miq: Nobody goes anyway LOL

        Making factually incorrect comments to bring down a women's sport league is what I'd consider sexist.

        • LOL, not like people take the phrase "nobody goes to XXXXX" literally.

        • +11 votes

          Making factually incorrect comments to bring down a women's sport league is what I'd consider sexist.

          People make the same comments about men's soccer, so I guess that's sexist too?

      • +4 votes

        That's what every SJW and virtue signalling fools will tell you. It is also toxic masculinity when a guy doesn't want to waste his time watching a low quality game and not 'support' a league because they are the opposite sex

        • Yawn. WAFL is far inferior to AFL and I never watch it, but virtually no one says that it's sexist or "toxic masculinity" to hold that position.

          The few who come close no doubt do so because people like you go on and on and on and on and on and on about how terrible it is.

    • You're post is the only one that relates to sexism. So you're not late.

    • +17 votes

      Wanted to post inb4 sexist AFLW comments

      Which previous comments are sexist ???

      • +20 votes

        None of them, JV. Unfortunately there are a vocal minority who love turning everything into a gender issue.

    • It's sexist that all AFLW games are free(except the derby).

    • Agree! I'm not sure why people are expecting the quality to be the same as mens AFL.
      Players in the AFLW generally have other jobs because AFLW pays peanuts, which in turn means they don't have the same amount of free time to focus on honing their skills and quality like male players.

  • I can’t get into women’s footy.

  • Thanks OP. Will be attending 1 or 2. Keen.

  • Maybe if they paid me i'd go

  • Went to aflw grand final last year…50 k went..

  • I love it when the media goes on about how good the attendances are for AFLW…. Put a price on it and then report back.

  • Not getting behind this until Hannah can play, women are so sexist.

  • I agree the games are not as much fun as mens (yet), but I also think half of the fun is because of the crowd and followers.

    I mean who would Eddie Betts show off to if there is no one on that stand.

    Additionally, As a nation that loves sport, I think we should encourage the league that is supporting another variant of a much loved sport.

    With time the levels will pick-up and it will provide more exposure to the girls.

    Also, I did watch the finals last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Low scoring, but intensity was not an issue at all.

    To all who have discounted it without giving it a try - Watch it once at least.

    • I'm all for supporting female sports, its not a sex issue, its a health issue.

      What they keep ignoring is that females don't support sports, that's where they should be targeting.
      Females sports will do well when females actually follow and support it.

    • I think we should

      There's a lot of people in this thread advocating that we should do something.

      People don't watch sport because they should.

      In fact your just going to have a shitty time if you do something because you should rather than wanting to.

      FWIW I find myself liking women in combat sport when I really thought I wasn't going to before it started so, I don't know, approach it with an open mind, you might find something you want to watch.

      • Which is why most attendance at netball is females. Even when the players are butched up lesbians, wearing short skirts, guys aren't interested.

  • I don’t see why everyone is bringing up the crowd numbers in this thread - the AFL already knows that the quality of the women’s league is not sufficient enough to charge for entry, hence the free admissions.

    If this was a post about the AFL lauding attendance numbers, or trying to spruik the growth rate of the league then, sure, this would be a relevant talking point. But advertising that it’s free almost comes, inherently, with the implication that it’s not going to be outstanding quality; how many “free bargains” turn out to be something worth owning? Not very many. Most of the free stuff here is promotional handouts or garbage that AliBaba sellers/re-sellers couldn’t move.