ANZ Home Loan Refinance Rebates: $1,200 ($150,000-$250,000), $2,500 ($250,000-$700,000) & $3,500 ($700,000+)


Hi OzBargainers,

I hope you are all well!

ANZ Bank has returned once again with a new refinance rebate that they will be offering from the 01/02/2020 through to 30/06/2020.

Refinance Rebate is as follows:

$150,000 – $250,000 up to $1,200
$250,000 – $700,000 Up to $2,500
$700,000 and above Up to $3,500

As an exclusive offer, in addition to our complimentary service we will also be able to directly refund your first 2 years annual fees ($395 pa)

We are currently negotiating from the following rate with ANZ:

Owner Occupied: 2.99% - 3.26%
Investment: 3.29% 3.52%

Owner Occupied: 2YF 2.98%
Investment: 2YF - 3.29%

For all purchases we are also negotiating from cash rebates of up to $2,000 with other financial institutions.

Please feel free to email me at or text/call me on 0422 699 383 and I would be happy to answer all finance related questions. We do work with a panel of over 40 lenders and will be able to find a home loan tailored to you.

If you have been kicked back by and lenders or brokers please allow me to run your scenario again through a more diverse panel of lenders and see if I can get you to service.

Kind Regards,
Nicholas O’Sullivan
ACL: 389328
Azura Financial

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    Feel like turning on my ad blocker now..

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    Not recommending these brokers at all. Save your time and look somewhere else


      why do you say that? can you share more about your experience. thanks


      care to elaborate?

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        Sure, emailed them asking for refinance on 2/12, was requested to send them supporting documents on 9/12 which I did on the same day.

        Then complete silence till I reminded them of my application on 14/01, to find out that "insert name here" was out of office for Christmas Break!

        The amazing thing is that on 15/01, Azure said that they tried to arrange a Skype interview for my loan application with NAB for the refinance but it didn't work as I am located in WA and NAB can't accept applications without face to face interviews, hence my application cannot proceed further!!!

        Utter crap


          Oh wow.
          Not a great experience.
          Just a heads up, it is possible to finance to Nab from another state - it just needs the right approvals.
          I'm a broker in WA, and have a few clients in Victoria with Nab.

          Not bagging out this post either, but I'm pretty sure that ANZ have had these rebates going for a while. Nab's current offering is $4k when conditions are met…

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            @beaudilo: Sure pm'd u


            @beaudilo: Hi Beaudilo,

            Correct, approval is definitely required but not always given. As mentioned above it is case by case. NAB have become increasingly reluctant to provide these approvals and in fact no longer deal with online lenders such as lendi who have no face to face option I’ve been told. Are you personally finding the majority of requests are being approved ? ANZ is a good option for interstate clients are they ID check in branch.

            Regarding the rebate offer NAB is offering more but thought this may be a good alternative for clients already with NAB or an affiliate who aren’t eligible.


              @Nick-AzuraFinancial: Hi Nick,

              Definitely understand where you're coming from. I personally don't advertise (at all, but especially) rebates and interest rates because my business is built on referrals and I would only suggest these offers to clients if they are among the best options for my clients.

              Each to their own though, and all the best to you on here.

              I'm having good success with our BDM authorising these requests, so if you're having an issues (especially with WA clients) send me a DM and I'll be able to help.

              • Beau

          In this digital world, what can they get/achievd by doing face to face interview? Good looking?


            @countmein: Hi Countmein,

            The face to face sometimes required is for two main reasons. The first is for obvious security measures and to avoid fraud. The second is to avoid situations where financial abuse may be occurring and try and identity if a client is entering in a financial arrangement under duress.

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          Hi ozbargainy, Very sorry you’ve had this experience. We were flooded with inquiry as you can imagine and December is always a chaotic period with support staff off etc but you should have received communication much sooner to enable you to proceed with a broker/mobile lender in WA. We did genuinely request approval for non face to face which is case by case and we were denied on this occasion. I would be very surprised if approval is then granted but please do let me know and again terribly sorry about the lack of communication over Christmas. This has been a learning process and we have implemented new ways to better manage large volumes of inquiry when rebate offers come out. I do always encourage through posts client to call or text me also. I am just about always on my phone and as other ozbargainers can attest to will make myself available after work hours and on weekends.

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      Second this. I contacted the OP after he posted a deal a few months ago but didn't get a reply from him.

      He could have told me that my loans weren't worth refinanced or whatever reasons he didn't want my business. But no, he just ignored my emails.

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        So you’re negging the person and not this actual post. I guess we can do that these days.

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          This dude posted is the broker…

          Not too different to a seller selling at bargain price but dont post the goods sold. (Or post them selectively).

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        Hi cookietime, Sorry we didn’t get back to you. We will sometimes receive a large amount on inquiry at once and I’m not sure how you were skipped over but I would never intentionally not reply I can assure you. Even If I can’t help you myself I will provide advice as to how to approach your lender.

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    As an exclusive offer, in addition to our complimentary service we will also be able to directly refund your first 2 years annual fees ($395 pa)

    Should the title change to reflect that refunding the first 2 years annual fee ($395 x 2) is the bargain? The ANZ rebates is available to every mortgage broker, and not a 'bargain for all' because very much depends on your specific circumstances.

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      Last year when I went with one of the big 4 - (not ANZ) and directly through the bank - the banker pro-actively offered 1st year waiver and strict NO to second year/ ongoing waiver. IMO - the broker is only covering 1 year fee ( as the other year fee would be covered by ANZ ) pretty ordinary I reckon


        Hi TomCLancy, Thanks for pointing this out. Still learning the ropes here but happy to amend if that is the correct way to post!


        Hi MaxDax,

        Sounds like a good result from the banker! The majors are generally very reluctant to provide annual fee waivers in addition to rebates. In this case 2 years is paid for by us. The lender does not cover the first year.

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    1300 - call Nick. :)

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    The real deal here is the commissions that brokers get

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    Nick you gonna address all these question or complaints??

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      On holiday for another 9 days ;)


      Hi there, please let me know if you guys have any addition questions and as I mentioned to ozbargainy, feel free to call or text me anytime. Unless I’m on the phone to another client it will always be picked up or you’ll receive a text asking if I can call back later.

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