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YouFoodz 8 Meals for: $40 (Clean Meals) $48 (Others)


Doubt I've ever seen these meals for $5 each, great deal..

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    I can confirm YF-HAPPYCHINESENY doesn't work.

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        Too soon man, too soon

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      just tried YF-SHISHING, why isnt it working?

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      All aboard the offence train

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    used to buy from these ppl but not anymore after https://www.9news.com.au/national/youfoodz-founder-and-fianc...

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      Lol, this community baffles me. This deal has no negs yet, and people negging you for pointing this out.

      Previous deals, on the other hand…


      Everyone gets the pitchforks out, but only sometimes? I don't get it.

      This company is run by racist assholes. A true bargain is not buying this crap.

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        You answered your own question with the stats you provided. In most cases there were twice the positive votes to negative. The data suggests that most people are interested in the bargain and not the news story.

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          It's a bit different on OzBargain though because it takes effort to neg (you have to leave a comment) and no effort to upvote.

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            @theknight27: this is exactly the problem, too hard to neg, too easy to positive vote.

            Saying that, being born and coming from the asian continent, i find it funny when people accuse western society and "white anglo saxons" of racism, they have nothing on the cultures and countries in the Asian continent when it comes to racism. My race and culture being one of them.

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              @lonewolf: It should be harder to neg here. Because the site is about deals, not opinions. This is a great deal, so it's right for it to outweight the negs. People can have their opinions, hence the ability to leave comments, but don't try to "ruin" it for others.

              • @juxjux: I agree with that, but the problem is far too many people these days just give it a positive without any checks or balance or even if it works or if there is stock or….a number of other issues. So you basically find the vast majority get a lot of votes. Basically the positive is just one whats written without actually them ordering or even going onto the site or knowing anything about it. So in effect you can positive vote for your opinion but not neg… so then a lot of deals get skewed.

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        pathetic company deleting comments on their social platform but no apologies.

      • Same reason I don't buy Di Bella coffee. The coffee itself is alright but the owner's a bigot https://www.starobserver.com.au/news/national-news/queenslan...

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          lol wtf? How is it homophobic to accuse people of performing homosexual acts? Reverse his comments - what if he called the ref a "p**sy licking playboy" - would that be hetero-phobic?

          Sounds like the people claiming it's taboo or inappropriate to talk about gay sex the same way we talk about straight sex are the ones who are contributing to the problem of non-inclusiveness

          • @SlavOz: Yea it's nothing a gay man wouldn't say honestly

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            @SlavOz: The issue is that he used the accusation of homosexual acts as an insult…he was furious at them so starts calling them gay. This connotates that being gay is a bad thing…maybe even the worst insult he could come up with at the time. It is definitely a homophobic slur.

            • @Brookey: That's just an assumption. He simply said some people might be doing gay stuff together. If you or a gay person decided to take that as a personal insult, that's your fault. I don't take it as a personal insult whenever someone comments on the alleged sex life of a straight man.

              Sounds like we're heading for some sort of verbal morality code. Dangerous ground to tread on when people are fired or shunned from society for daring speak incorrectly.

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                @SlavOz: I feel like contextually it is obvious he is using participation of gay acts as an insult. The reason you don't take it as a personal insult if it was reversed is that you are not often stigmatized, discriminated against or made to feel wrong about being straight. There are implications of allowing bigotry to be socially acceptable. Anyway, here's probably not the place to debate all this - Hope you scored some bargains today :)

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        It's ok, they posted this apology video.

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        They seem to have good reviews here: https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/youfoodz

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        Streisand effect.

        In your attempt to censor something within your PC agenda, you are making it more visable, aswell as getting a push back from more people who will upvote it because they dont want this site turning into what this post is.

        I'm sure you also act this way with bargains made from child/slave labour, or within countries which actively promote racism, e.g. Japan restricting non Japanese within restaurants.

        This outrage culture is a cancer and mods should have done something about it a long time ago.

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      The girlfriend of the owner is a racist moron, so boycott the product?
      If you apply that standard to all your purchases, you'll be going pretty cold and hungry.

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        Yep. Drunken trophy girlfriend makes some drunken idiotic comments somehow = a racist company run entirely by racists.

        Let’s boycott this company so that the 100’s of (culturally diverse - I used to work near the Youfoodz factory in Virginia) employees have their hours cut back. Great logic.

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          Pretty sure these culturally diverse workers have also had issues with receiving their full entitlements from this company.

          • @Slo20: The payroll issues are clearly forms of racism too.

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              @aja12: Ok, what about the bullying and harassment claims within the business and the toxic culture and fear of speaking out?
              One of many news reports

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                @Slo20: That story broke after we learned how racist Youfoodz is. I’m sure that story is 100% factual and wasn’t run while Youfoodz was receiving some of the media spotlight or anything. No other businesses have ever been accused of harvesting harassment, bulling, or having a “toxic culture” (what a meaningless generic term that has become). You’re right dude, just keep boycotting the business. It’ll be good for everyone.

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                  That story broke after we learned how racist Youfoodz is.

                  Racism story broke in November. This article was October.

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                    @Slo20: They were 4 days apart. Racism confirmed.

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                      @aja12: Your claim was that it was a click bait article to cash in on the racism spotlight that was already in the media. Accept that you’re wrong and move on. Like this company, I’m not wasting anymore time on you.

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                        Like this company, I’m not wasting anymore time on you.

                        You’ve already posted four comments in this post alone, so…

                        Your claim was that it was a click bait article to cash in on the racism spotlight that was already in the media.

                        No, my claim is that I don’t buy into this morally riotous mob mentality than many people here subscribe to. What is the goal here? Highlight an issue, hold people accountable, see those involved own their actions and make amends? Or destroy a company and have 100’s of people (many unskilled) out of work? Over some stupid, drunken comments? What outcome are you looking for?

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                      @aja12: Nice changing the goal posts everytime you get proven wrong lmao

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                  @aja12: person disproves news article with their own gut feeling

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                    @renlireb: Person makes rational, independent assessment of situation, reaches reasonable conclusion.

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                      @aja12: totally dig how you manage to convince yourself that story is '100% factual' with absolutely no evidence. this is sum REAL 'rational' assessment and also a 'reasonable' conclusion. it's almost like you're using all these words without knowing what they mean

                  • @renlireb: They should have called it fake news and completed the alt right playbook.

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          Sadly, the companies of the co-founder (both Youfoodz and MyFitFridge, Youfoodz predecessor) have had issues with not paying their staffs (locals and immigrants) way before (I'm talking years and years) this whole issue blow up

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          "Drunken trophy girlfriend makes some idiot comment?"
          Dude, that's no excuse at all for any of that behaviour. Grow up. Check out their piss-poor statement they issued afterwards.
          If that's not a good enough reason to neg this deal/company for you, then that's fine but you can't speak for other people.

      • These defenders of anything business does, regardless of what it is, are often happy with privatisation.

        Privatisation is threatening the viability of small and large enterprises across every sector in the country.

        They're like religious people. Except religious people make more sense.

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          Which privatisation is crushing small business?

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        I just need to clarify, you did watch the clip and read news articles right? it wasnt just the girlfriend, there was a male associate off camera also making comments and it is presumed it's the founder.

        • Yeah I don’t think anybody here actually really knows who the people are for sure. There are rumours around who they are. Some slightly different information out there. Can’t find photos of the youfoodz founders to confirm personally.

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      So you'll happily buy stuff that exploits cheap chinese labor to make electronic bargains but you draw the line at bad accent imoersonations? You're my hero.

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        Yeah I find it funny that people would buy from a country with a million+ muslims in concentration camps just to save a buck but oh no racism on social media is where I draw the line.

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          Classic whataboutism, just because theres another evil in this world it means this evil should be pardoned? You're cool with racism on social media?

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            @frankfurtman: It’s about perspective though. If some drunk person makes an offensive comment to their friends privately, potentially with the humour in it purely being how messed up it is to say, but potentially not actually being racist (I know people
            Like this. Some have different humour to others), how does that weigh up compared to large organisations exploiting workers in China, actively making thousands of lives worse, to the point where they commit suicide? One is clearly worse than the other. And if the worse one is considered fine just because it gives us cheaper products then what leg do we have to stand on to accuse others of wrong doing?

            And what does boycotting the business actually achieve when none of the workers here in this relatively small business are killing themselves from the conditions? It seems pretty hard to argue that the boycott is going to be more effective in improving lives here than it would be over there where they’re killing themselves.

          • @frankfurtman: The exploitation could be argued as asignificantly worse evil than drunk racist comments. Yet those posts that promote products created under such conditions are not criticized, are Nestle products criticized this heavily?

            People are already ignoring evils for convenience, and they are standing up against a minor, barely perceptible evil, because it doesn't inconvenience them.


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              @FabMan: ive certainly tried this site is pro business over anything else.

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          Fishball these are 2 separate issues.
          Why does this have to be explained to people?

          • @T-dog: Because those posts are not criticised. Literally the people complaining about a drunk racist of a wife to the CEO yet are not complaining about companies using slavery, or forced labour, or abysmal working practices.

            People can easily complain about YouFoodz, so what if they boycott it, it won't affect them in the slightest, hey may even get some social media likes from it. But boycotting devices made by Foxconn, Nestle or other companies that have a history of horrific actions, well they might have to give up something they like.

            I have a low opinion of those people.

            • @FabMan: @FabMan Well I can understand your point being that 'what about this other issue? why not complain about that?', but isn't that a more about a preference of choice?

              How is Foxconn related to this though? You could've easily used another example that someone could be upset about. Being upset over 1 thing, over another, doesn't mean the other one invalid. You could be equally upset about both (though as you mentioned, i doubt people complain about Foxconn).

              The point is, she made a drunk racist comment and people didn't like it. That's it. People shouldn't have to 'get over it' because they're not upset about something else - that would be downplaying the whole racist behaviour that she had. That's not what should happen.

              Perhaps i'm reading this post wrong, and you're simply saying that you don't like that 'choice/option' that people are upset about.

              "Yeah I find it funny that people would buy from a country with a million+ muslims in concentration camps just to save a buck but oh no racism on social media is where I draw the line."
              Then stop buying from a country where millions of muslims are in concentration camps - you have the right to. Stop buying from any country that you'd want to protest against. Nobody will or should stop you.
              I agree about the point you made though…. 'where do you draw the line'? Should a whole country's economy suffer because of the repressive government? Maybe, maybe not. Should a company be responsible for the wife of the CEO made a drunk rant (Does this seriously justify any of that behaviour?). Maybe…. or maybe it's too harsh.
              Either way, they have the right to choose. Their line is different from yours.

              Edit: Just curious….. if someone DID negged an Apple deal because they weren't happy with the brand and the treatment of their employees, would this be a justifiable neg on Ozbargain? Not saying that this should be the point of the post…. it was just a thought.

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                @T-dog: My point was, boycotting or negging Youfoodz doesn't affect people, you are sacrificing nothing when boycotting it, it is so easy for a social media pat on the back yet you've accomplished nothing of worth and stood for little. The racist lady doesn't work for YouFoodz, so all those workers are getting (profanity) over because of poorly aimed mob justice.

                They should try boycotting the chocolate they enjoy eating that is produced using humans as slaves in the cocoa plantations, or refusing to use the electronic devices thry enjoy playing with that are made in factories where conditions are awful and causing people to kill themselves at work.

                Nope, they'll sacrifice nothing to encourage the punishment of workers because of something a drunken idiot wife said, so they can appear to be of high moral standing. They are weak.

                • @FabMan: Hmmm.. Do you think people are doing to gain a social media pat on the back? Because I don’t think Ozbargain is social media. Also I don’t think people here are doing it for points… I mean come on… ozbargain, we only use nicknames…

                  You make some points about how some companies get away with worse things, but wouldn’t that be like saying nobody should be mourning about Kobe Bryant’s death because there are people dying every day in other countries that they don’t event mourn for?

                  Because while I think the above is true, it’s just sad that there’s always something else that’s ‘more’ that people should have to feel upset at.

                  Edit: Sorry, I reread your post again and I think my post above is probably not relevant (apologies as other posters had made posts with points to what I was talking about). You were saying that’s it’s too easy to be outraged about this, when it takes a lot more effort to be outraged at other things. That’s true I guess…. Never really thought about that.

                  • +1

                    @T-dog: Hey dude, good chatting.

                    I don't expect people to be justice warriors considering I only do the bare minimum, I'm annoyed at this is when people have decided to say no to a product/service because of ethics. It takes no sacrifice on their part, the incident is relatively minor, and they've ignored truly horroble acts by companies along the way. I'm willing to bet everything I own the majority will ignore the vast majority of evils as well.

    • Lol never seen this before also never bought from youfoodz before,glad i didn't purchase from you(profanity)

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    I hate that its $20 shipping in WA;)

    • Saved me the click, thanks

    • of course you do 😁

    • Yeah this was enough for me to not go through with an order!

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    At first I thought that this was a joke post however I've confirmed that the code does work. Kind of a ballsy marketing move, all things considered.

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      $5 per meal. That’s a decent price. Worthy to post deal.

      • +1

        Togsy is talking about the actual promo code

        • A commonly used jokey slang term for Australia… yeah, so brave.

          Watch as next week they really push the social boundaries with the code "YF-Strewth"

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    Would never support a company run by someone so explicitly racist

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      For me, it's their lack of vegetarian options that sucks.

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    Bunch of bogan racists. Straya mate!

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    Racist Company. Do Not Trust. Who knows what they will do to your food if you have an Asian last name.

    • totally agree!

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      You are honestly so worked up over finding out the typical Gold Coast girlfriend of the owner making typical (come visit the Gold Coast on a Friday night and hear the comments) offensive comments during a private dinner that you not only want the 100’s of workers and indirect workers to lose their jobs but you also want to cast aspersions on the chefs and line cooks by suggesting they’d intentionally go out of their way (I doubt they make each order one by one and can see whos ordering what) to tamper with the food of people they guess are Asian?….I can’t believe anyone is that deranged in their faux outrage to honestly believe that

      • +5

        At first I was too deranged to honestly believe that someone would record and upload themselves spewing racist remarks but the CEOs wife proved us wrong!

    • +2

      No company would risk the potential lawsuit by doing this

    • +3


      I put my name as Jeff Whitebread.
      Expecting some freebies. Oi Oi Oi.

    • +1

      Racism must be eradicated! Down with this company!

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    Controversial Viepoint
    But are the neg's of this deal warrented? Sure you can boycott a company and choose not to shop with them, but a deal is a deal. And this seems to be a good price? really worth a neg?

    • +6

      Most probably have never been customers anyway, doubt many actual customers care you can see the users who would comment before the faux outrage that were actual customers, most of them aren’t the ones demanding all the workers get the sack because the owners girlfriend has the same attitude as lots of people you can witness making the same “jokes” any weekend on the Gold Coast

      • +17

        Actual youfoodzer here.

        Am I appalled by the comments? Yes

        Does it make me think differently of the CEO/GF? Yes

        Does it make me think differently about the company? No

        Does it make me purchase less from the company? No

        Is this a good deal? Yes.

        Geez, if everyone looked at all the wrongs of leaders of any company they buy from, they’d go hungry. What these guys did was racist, uncalled for, etc… but it’s not really worth a neg (this is a deals site, not a review site).

        • +1

          Good take geoffs87. Would answer those questions exactly the same way.
          Many people are employed by this company (and by all accounts could probably be treated better, but still), many suppliers make money from this country.
          The food is still pretty decent for the price, and as someone with a disability that finds it hard to cook every night, are a lifesaver and cheaper than the alternatives by far.

          The CEO/GF should pull their head in and evaluate how they think about their employees and other cultures, but me boycotting them will hurt me more than them.

      • +2

        And just because it's common people shouldn't take offense to it? You're downplaying the racism here a bit.

        • +2

          Probably a difference to thinking it’s offensive and wanting 100’s of workers to lose their jobs because you’re offended

        • +1

          Read Geoff’s comment again. He didn’t say he wasn’t offended by it. Think a bit deeper into the issue.

          • +1

            @rhino015: My comment was a reply to Japius, not Geoff. Also I was never arguing that it's reasonable for people to lose jobs over this because it's not, I was annoyed that Japius is making the girlfriend's comments seem acceptable. Call it for what it is.

  • +14

    Used to be nice. Then the portion and quality both get awful.

  • +7

    I've purchased from them in the past, never again since they've shown their true racist colours.

  • +7

    Please don’t support hate. Especially on Australia Day.

    • +12

      Save your outrage for posts that aren't genuine bargains. No one gives a shit about your virtue signalling here.

      • +1

        But comments saying that new games on paid game subscription services aren't deals get negged and removed

    • +1

      Not going to support hate on Australia Day. Well said.

    • Agreed

    • -3

      What a ridiculous mixed message.

      If you were actually "Woke" and not some virtue signalling China-bot you would acknowledge that celebrating Australia Day for many is akin to the conquering of the indigenous Australians.

      There's a reason the Survival day moment took off.

      Bloody Muppets

      • -1

        That was 230 years ago.

      • God, We can celebrate Australia and indigenous people at the same time. Stop being a woke joke.

  • +44

    I'm over the YouFoodz pitchfork brigade. If you want to be offended or outraged stick to Facebook and Twitter. You are deviating from the primary purpose of this website. I genuinely hope this isn't a sign of where this site is headed.

    • +14

      Sadly getting all worked up with faux (and very selective) outrage is where every online community devolves to these days

    • +14

      I agree, i come here for bargains… if i want people's opinions i'd re-install the facebook app

    • +4

      Agreed. I think it’s fair (and good) to have a PSA post (like bimetal’s post above), which is informative and allows people to make the choice for themselves.

      I have purchased from YouFoodz in the past and I will do so again. I will agree that the quality of the food has gone down in the last year, so I don’t buy as much as I used to but it is still miles above any frozen or portion meal of its (sale) price point.

      Let’s not start a pinch fork against an item (ex: I’m vegan, so I’m going to neg every meat deal!!) and instead abide by ozbargain’s primary purpose: is it a significant discount over its price point? Is it a deal?

      • As a vegan, how do you find the meal selection at Youfoodz?

        • I was just providing an example, as I’m personally not a vegan. I thought it’d be obvious due to the nonexistent vegan options in the Youfoodz selection :p