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Japan Return for Free Sale @ Jetstar (Gold Coast - Tokyo $329, Cairns - Osaka $269, Bris - Osaka $404, Syd - Osaka $456)


This popular deal is back. Fares start at $269. Check your city for availability and pricing. Enjoy :)

Book an outbound Starter fare and you will receive one return Starter fare free. Selected flights. Only available from the same arrival and departure ports and must be purchased in a single booking. Availability is limited (not available on all flights or days). Limited availability on school and public holiday weekends. Checked baggage not included. Return travel dates may differ, check before you book. Prices based on payment by POLi, Jetstar voucher, Jetstar Gift Card, Jetstar Mastercard, or Jetstar Platinum Mastercard or Points Plus Pay.

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  • +13

    Has JetStar improved any? A few years ago I vowed never to use again with their appalling service, and have found CX and QF had comparable fares to Japan without needing to pay for all the extras, and they generally do not treat you like a nuisance, unlike JQ.

    Is it time for me to try again? Or is it more of the same?

    • +15

      Too soon. I doubt they've improved.

      I moved to SQ & QF (for flights to Japan), for probably similar reasons to you, the only time I might use JQ, is if there's going to be a significant saving, like $300-400 or more (2pax).

      Once all the 'extras' are thrown on top, I've found the price difference negligible and not worth the JQ treatment..

      These deals can be good for those who travel lightly and don't care about poor service or food options.

    • +1

      I flew with them on the weekend to Tassie and they were their usual poor self. Having said that, they were about 40% cheaper than Virgin so for that length of flight I was happy to put up with them.

      I have used them to go to Hawaii when it has been 50% cheaper than anything else and again I WOuld have put up with the shenanigans for the savings.

      You are right though for Japan. I feel like Qantas is appearing under $600 to Japan so I would be spending the cash to go with them. Besides, Japan is not the place you can go for two weeks with 7kg of carry on so the cost of baggage on Jetstar will quickly eat into any saving.

      • I flew with them to Hawaii too. What are the issues you guys are having other than the smaller planes and needing to pay for “extras”

        What’s the issues you had ?

        • +7

          delayed/cancelled flights, run out of prepaid meals, toilet water leaked out and soaked carpet damaging hand luggage on floor that they refused to do anything about, general staff attitude issues

          • +2

            @hardya: Must be unlucky. I've flown return several times internationally and domestic with Jetstar and never had any issues. Mind you, I don't pay for any extras, but I've never had an issue with staff or service.

          • +2

            @hardya: That does sound bad. I’ve never had bad experience with them

        • +1

          Lateness is almost always a problem. The other stuff in relation to meals and seat comfort and IFE are things I can get around but lateness is a major problem for me. I'm not talking 30 minutes either. I am talking 2 plus hours.

          • @Seaword: I must be lucky. Flown OOL to NRT return 8 times since 2011 and have not experienced any considerable lateness. The only inconvenience I experienced was being bumped from a direct flight to via Cairns on our last trip. Jetstar gave us $150/person flight vouchers for the change so all in all pretty happy, was actually tickets purchased on this same sale last year.

        • do they really check the combined hand carry bag of 7kg?
          as I flew with cebu & airasia before, both didn't check it at all, as well the size is correct + they're too busy for checking.

          • @koali: I have only ever used Jetstar for Sydney Melbounre flights. Never a problem TBH. But probably 75% of the time, when the flight is totally full they have used the scales at boarding time to check carry on for the 7KG limit. I was stung once or twice and just put an extra jacked on my body, and threw phone chargers and laptop chargers ect into my pockets to get under 7kg

      • +11

        Japan is not the place you can go for two weeks with 7kg of carry on so the cost of baggage on Jetstar will quickly eat into any saving.

        Speak for yourself. I did it with 7kg and it was awesome. No waiting for luggage at destination, no lugging suitcases everywhere. Did one round of washing halfway through.

        • +1

          Agree. It's great not having to wait for baggage & then lug it around. Admittedly easier for warmer weather. I take 4 of everything - wearing 2 sets onto flight & then change on flight.

          Was wearing several old "kiminos" onto Christmas flight back from Japan. Staff were concerned - it would be too hot when I arrived on Gold Coast. They didn't consider passengers can remove their coats etc onboard.

        • Ditto - we've done Japan three times for two weeks as a family of four with 2 x 7kg (Osprey FarPoint 40s ftw).

        • Me too. I did it and 3kg of that was ski boots.

          • @do-ob: I took on tent & camping gear! Slept on beaches with snow falling on local hills. But that was when carry on limit was 10kg.

      • +1

        Have flown many times to Japan with only carry on - for 4 week holidays. Done that for over a decade to many locations.

        Without lugging luggage frees me to enjoy travelling! And it's cheaper on discount flights.

        This discussion happens in most of these Jetstar Japan Deals. Book a full service flight if that is what you want.

      • +4

        I've done japan for 3 weeks with 7kg of carry-on before. The trick is to buy all the heavier toiletries and what not in country and toss them when you leave.

        • +3

          A regular topic of discussion for some while waiting at airports.

          Most I talk to insist on bringing their usual toiletries - they "can't do without". Female travellers tend to have more objections to travelling light.

          I bring the sample 30g toothpaste & toothbrush, but nothing more in toiletries.

          I've learn over many trips that travelling light has great advantages over lugging 25Kg as I did when I first travelled.

          I always wear on a jacket with lots of pockets for heavier items. And wear my heaviest clothes. 7 kg in a light bag is just enough for 4 weeks for me.

          Not sure if it has changed, but carry on weight has never been checked on way out of Japan - allowing those souvenirs to be brought home.

          • +1

            @the INFIDEL: Exactly this haha, i weighed my bag on the return trip last time and i had 13kg with me :o

            • +4

              @Bobimus Maximus: Travelled on Jetstar domestically late last year. Carry on was weighed on all flights. They were $1 flights - wasn't going to pay more for extras😉

              So I left some clothes on seat when lining up for weighing, passed @7.6kg (told "as long as it is under 8kg"), & packed it back in👍

        • -2

          Good luck finding deodorant in Japan!

      • I beg to differ.
        Happy Gilmore went to japan on 7kg of luggage no more than an hour ago!

        -> https://y.yarn.co/f17333d4-4c7d-4150-984a-d0c449132b0f_thumb...

    • +5

      Took a return flight from Tokyo > Cairns layover > Sydney in late December and it was a shitshow.

      Scheduled for a 8pm departure from Narita (a regional airport far from the CBD), but we got delayed til 10:30 pm and still the plane was fairly empty. No food or entertainment services offered for the entire duration unless you paid extra. Restrooms were foul. We were optimistic until rocking up in Cairns.

      We were instructed to check in again, and had the pleasure of seeing 400m+ long queues at the merry hour of 7am. They eventually sent attendants to collect the layover passengers - turns out there was some major miscommunication.

      The Cairns to Sydney flight was passable.

      My $0.02? Hold out for one of the better airline bargains.

      • Out of curiosity, what would be better than approx $560 for two people return to Osaka?

        In hindsight - if you had to take these flights from Cairns - what would you do differently?

        Would you have preferred to pay extra for checked luggage, in-flight meals etc?

    • Recently flew J* to Hawaii, on their Dreamliner. Had to fly back on Hawaiian Airlines because the Dreamliner on the way up got hit by a storm pretty much on takeoff and had to land back, thus leaving us stranded (not really J* fault, can't predict weather)

      I never thought i'd say this, but after Hawaiian air, I'd prefer J*.

      and im pretty sure they run the same plane to Japan too, so i'd feel comfortable flying them to Japan.

      Fair warning, everything is very add-on. want snacks? 10 bucks, extra bag? $. but still very reasonable prices.

      • Dreamliner may not be the best plane for flying.


        • "no Australian domestic airlines operate 787 Dreamliners that were manufactured in North Charleston (Qantas' 787 planes are understood to be from Boeing's Seattle factory) but many international airlines do have them in their fleets."

    • Jetstar is still an absolute shitshow, nothing but delays, cancellatios and poor service.

    • +4

      I wouldn't fly Jetstar for free.

      The only good news about these low cost, low care carriers is that the people that fly them aren't on other airlines.

      • +2

        Lol weeds out the bogans

    • +1

      No. They are just a crappy bus company that uses airplanes instead of busses (Actually that is a little harsh on bus companies). A mate's misses is a flighty for them and whinges they are not there to provide a service. They are there as passenger safety officers……

      • +8

        You do realise the main role & training of flight attendants on any airline is to meet the safety requirements.

        Service is a hang over from the glory days of expensive flight. It was a way of distinguishing one airline from others. It was more a sales gimmick. Travellers pay for it.

        If there wasn't a safety need for them to be there, some airlines would not employ any. Selling food & drink fills in their time when not engaged in safety issues & presumably helps pay their wages.

        I just want to get to my destination, quickly & safely. I sleep through most flights, to arrive refreshed. So, don't need much service. I appreciate their work & thank them.

        All airlines are simply public transport, like buses. I don't expect much service on long distance buses, which can cost more than discount air travel in Australia.

    • These tickets are like 9 months away so they have a lot of time to improve.

  • +22

    I went to Japan on this deal last year, but I wouldn't purchase it again.

    Once I added seat selection, entertainment pack, luggage, food to Japan AND back it ended up about $500.

    Not to mention there's a stop over/ transit.

    I'd pay the extra $100-$150 to fly Qantas, as there's always ozbargain deals around the $600-$650 mark. Plus it's a direct flight

    • +20

      Budget airlines are usually only worth it if you don't care about the extras. I always just take my own snacks and carry on bags only. Entertainment is easy if you have a book/ phone/ switch. I do agree with you about the layovers though. sitting around waiting for 4 hours sucks.

      • +12

        Agreed - Jetstar is not worth it unless you prepare for a ‘budget’ experience. If you purchase all the drip pricing upgrades to make it full service then you’re going to be disappointed.

        My advice is lower your expectations, pack light and byo food (a home made salad or pasta is what I usually bring which beats economy airline food any day!)

      • +2

        Yeah, we can get by on only one checked baggage (er, well, before we had a kid haha) and this thing would be a deal. Nowadays we'd probably want food/drinks/extra luggage as we wouldn't be as organised before getting to the airport and we probably wouldn't save that much.

        I've flown with Jetstar and Qantas to Japan. Qantas is much better. Hopefully next time I go (probably once the Ghibli theme park opens) I'll check out one of the Japanese Airlines.

    • +7

      Once I added seat selection, entertainment pack, luggage, food to Japan AND back it ended up about $500.

      LOL when I fly, I pay for none of these things with Jetstar. Thank you sir for your contribution to the airline profit and allowing others to fly cheaply.

    • loool

  • +8

    not worth it imo since everyone else is offering $650

    • +2

      Yeah they need to be closer to $350 out of the capital cities to be better value. Since Jetstar changed to the 787s from the a330s, they haven't been as competitive on the ticket front.

      I think what has happened is that the a330 with its approximately 300 seats compared to the current 335 seats in the dreamliner was a lot easier to fill and although the dreamliner probably has better fuel economy, its probably not by that much and the lease and financial costs of the 787 are much more expensive. The 787s being more expensive to run is also probably the reason why they are being replaced by the a321neoLRs on the Bali routes this year.

      Infact looking at the leasing rates for a factory fresh plane, the a330-200 is about $650k usd per month, whereas a new 787-8 cost around $1 million usd per month. This is possibly why (also probably increased staffing costs) in 2014 the flight from Sydney to Narita was $410 and now it is $486.

      • +1

        forex rate to USD was 1:1 back in 2014. That makes a huge difference to airline running costs.

        AirAsia and Scoot fares have gone up a fair bit as well in the last few years.

  • +11

    I've been to Japan twice - once with Jetstar, once with Qantas (yes, I know Jetstar is a subsidiary of Qantas).

    The Jetstar flight was absolutely terrible. They failed in a number of aspects but the thing that stuck out most to me was that they ran out of in-flight prepaid meals. The only reason I got mine is because I was closer to the front of the plane. Given that they're prepaid meals selected days in advance, you'd think they'd ensure they had the right amount before takeoff.

    I would never fly Jetstar international ever again. Domestic is okay, because flights are short enough for a quick nap to skip them.

    • +2

      I'm the same, have also flown to Japan twice one on Jetstar and one on Qantas.

      My Jetstar flight was great. The flight there we were offered an upgrade to business class for $199. The flight home was economy but went fine and no complaints.

      When I went flew with Qantas earlier this year we were supposed to go Adelaide>Sydney>Osaka but due to bad weather the Adelaide>Sydney leg was delayed and we missed the connection onto Osaka. They got us to take the flight to Sydney when it eventually left and while we were in the air we got a notification that we had been changed to Adelaide>Sydney>Manila>Osaka.

      The only instructions we got about Manila were that we had to change terminals so go out the front and there'll be a free shuttle bus. We went out the front and there was a bus, we asked if that was the shuttle to the other terminal and the guy said it was so we got on. He went away for a while and other people started getting on the bus. We sat there for maybe 30 minutes and then he came back and started collecting money from everyone. We obviously didn't have any pesos so couldn't pay him and had to get off. Eventually we found the right area and got on the right bus. It had holes in the floor where we could see the road but we got to the terminal. We were also put on a Jetstar flight anyway.

      The Jetstar flight staff were great and after we got into the air, they shuffled us around to ensure we were still sitting together.

      • +3

        That's a similar experience but with the other boat.

        People are saying Quantas is a better experience than JetStar, yours was the opposite, can happen, no airline is perfect and can't plan for bad weather and some break downs.

  • +1

    The layover allows you to stretch your legs and have a nice lunch with the money saved? - Then back on plane for 7hrs!

  • +2

    Flew from Gold Coast to Narita (Tokyo) a couple of years back.
    Direct flight which was nice, was a Dreamliner so that was also good.
    Service was basically non existent but that's what I was expecting. Didn't select seats, just checked in early and our party of 5 were all seated together - 3 in front, 2 behind - (way back was 3 on one side and 2 in the middle)

    Packed own lunch, used seat chat to talk to people when we were semi split. Had an iPad loaded with movies. Carry on baggage only, brought soft duffels.
    All in all, I'd do it again. Was only $330 or so (and a tank of petrol each way driving to the Gold coast but that's because we didn't want to wait for connecting flight)

    • "a tank of petrol each way driving to the Gold Coast"

      Like me although you're in N.S.W. you must be closer to the boarder of Qld. than you are to Sydney.

      Takes me two tanks of fuel each way to get Sydney.

      Gold Coast Airport is always my first choice too, so easy for everything compared to other airports I have used. Not sure about now, but up until three years ago when I last tried it, can even find Free Parking on side streets only ten minutes walk away where you can safely leave car for weeks for Free lol.

      • +1

        Where it started was about 90 mins north of Sydney. It just all has to do with how fuel efficient your car is. Can't remember exactly what it was, some zippy thing my mate had. Ngl, it wasn't the comfiest ride, but we got up there on a single tank (720kms). Mind you, we were absolutely screwed if we hit unexpected traffic or road closures, but we didn't really think of that. Free parking was great too.

        • +1

          Yeah, haha,…I still drive an older 98 4wd, not too fuel efficient but is reliable.

          You're lucky to get a smooth run up the Coast, must have non school holiday time maybe.

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: One of them was school holidays and one of them was an early flight (which means driving through the night).

            Hahaha like it was new but it was like a Suzuki or Kia or something 😂 I'll take your '98 4WD any day of the week lol.

        • Free parking was great too.

          Where'd you guys get free parking?

          • +1

            @montorola: Lots on the surrounding streets - a few minutes walk away. I usually catch the train & bus, rather than leave a vehicle covered in salt spray for a month.

  • +3

    Thanks TA, scored a trip for a family of 4 in December for less than $1300. Cheaper than flying to Melb from the sunny coast. I travel with Jetstar (Domestic and International) almost exclusively, apart from a couple of delays (which all airlines have), there was no other issue. You just have to lower your expectation, I packed my own food and entertainment.

    • You have been lucky with delays. The last 7 flights I have had with Jetstar were all late.

      • I've flown Jetstar quite a lot and they are probably around 60% on time. Which isn't great, but I'd probably say of those delayed flights around about 50% of them were under 30 minutes and around 80% of them under an hour late.

        If we're singling out airline delays, Air Canada gets my vote.

  • +1

    I usually book these return free flights with jetstar (as i have the past 2 years) but the prices just keeps increasing and it's not really worth it at this point when it's near $500. It's better to book with Qantas and have a direct flight with included luggage and in flight food.

  • +3

    It's a Nice deal, though I am waiting any deal to korea .

    • +2

      Ten hour flight with Jetstar to Incheon was not a very pleasant experience. Highly recommend you get the exit row seat for some comfort.

  • +4

    Jetstar has the worst service ever.

  • +4

    Price has increased, rather pay extra dollar for full service if you add luggage.

  • +4

    I've flown to Japan many times on Jetstar and have not had many issues with them, however, Qantas are starting to catch up with their pricing so I'd consider flying them before Jetstar these days.

  • +6

    Last time I flew with Jetstar, I had to pay an extra $60 at the boarding gate for being 0.9kg over in cabin baggage weight. Seriously the man standing in front of me had to be 30kgs heavier than me in body weight but that's not an issue, but my 0.9kg is an issue apparently.

    Also to add insult to injury our flight was 6.5 hours delayed. We were given a 'meal' voucher which can only be redeemed at one specific airport cafe, which then ran out of food and could only serve instant noodles.

    Never again

    • extra $60 at the boarding gate for being 0.9kg over in cabin baggage weight.

      lol. Prepare beforehand so you are not over. If you are, disseminate what you are carrying all over your body. Fill all your pockets with the heaviest electronics, wear multiple items of clothing etc.

    • There are ways to avoid this. They accepted carry on at no charge as long as "less than 8kg" in all my flights.

      Weight & size restriction has nothing to do with loading of plane & weight of other passengers.
      It's primarily a safety issue - so passengers aren't hit with heavy objects in emergency & carry on is safely stowed.

      The charge is an incentive to consider the weight requirements & make arrangements. (And extra revenue.)

      I check weight at available weighing station & redistribute heavy items into jacket pockets.

  • +10

    If flying from Sydney, it's just under $500. At that price I'd wait for a Qantas sale which is normally in the $600s, for a direct flight with food and bags. Changing at Cairns is tragic too, the domestic terminal is fine but the international one is basically a tin shed without many options. I've done this flight before and wouldn't consider it to be worth the savings.

    • I went with a group of 5 up to the Gold Coast (8.5 hour drive) and it cost $329 + $30 in petrol ($150/5) = $359 to Narita.
      Saved around ~$130 and a hellish transfer by getting a direct flight. OOL Airport is nice.

  • Is it safe to travel in April with this ongoing coronavirus issue?

    Or wait till early October? Does Tokyo / Osaka has good weather? No typhoon season?

    • October sounds good. I went late October/ early November and the weather is nice and cool, but not freezing.

    • My Japan trip was from the 24th Oct till 12th Nov, can't recommend that time frame enough. As a Queenslander the weather was excellent; not cold during the day (coldest night was about 10°) but never warm, makes the non-stop walking you will be doing a piece of cake.

      October is the tail-end of the typhoon season, the big one that was in the news last year hit quite late in October so it's not really that common to get one that will make you run into any danger. There was a small one over the ocean the first day I was there and it poured all day, shoes were soaked within 10 minutes of leaving the hotel. I'd say it rained about one or two times a week but it's not really a big deal as the countless convenience stores all sell inexpensive umbrellas and ponchos, plus the rain makes for incredibly beautiful, lush, green landscapes to take countless pictures of :')

  • If I fly from Tokyo -> Gold Coast -> Melbourne, I will have to collect my luggage at Gold Coast and go through customs and immigration and re-check my bags for the flight to Melb, correct?

    • Wouldn't the flight from GC to Melbourne be a different flight (not transit)?

      • the Tokyo to GC would be the transit. But you don't normally go through immigration on a domestic flight, so I presume you'd have to do it at GC and have to check your bags again.

  • +1

    Melbourne to Osaka for $408
    8th May to 18th May

  • +1

    These sales used to be cheaper. My 2018 return for free was $386 per person before luggage, $437 with luggage (and club Jetstar discount). Today's prices are climbing closer towards the sale fares from bigger airlines.

    Our flights were fine, but connecting in Gold Coast was a pain. If you bring back duty free from the airport you'll also need to move it into your checked luggage (i.e. towards your allowance) from Gold Coast onward to Sydney, whereas with a direct flight you can just carry it all on with no fees and be done.

    • +1

      It’s a bit cheaper living in south east Queensland. I just booked flights for two of us for three weeks in October (Gold Coast to Tokyo) and paid $690.25 after using my Club Jetstar membership to get the flights for $299 each, adding $22.40 for seat selection and $91.20 for 20kg baggage on the way over and 40kg coming back for one of us and then taking 3% discount with a Jetstar gift card from Macquarie (opened a bank account today for that purpose).

  • +3

    Done this flight a few times no issues. You get the same garbage service as you get with Virgin but you pay less. If you expext champagne service for a beer budget you're dreaming. You get what you pay for.

    • I don't find much of a difference between Virgin and Jetstar either.

  • Wow Jetstar prices are very mediocre these days.

    $388 return from Melbourne with a stop over and without any checked baggage. Or $635 return with checked baggage.

    I paid $368 return from Melbourne with direct flights and checked baggage in 2016.

    Definitely not the value proposition it used to be.

    • That's because Jetstar stopped Direct flights from Melbourne around then.

      The Direct flight prices (from Gold Coast & Cairns) have remained much the same for years of these Deals.
      Direct flights are better value & don't have an annoying stop over.

      And there is more competition for lower prices from full service carriers at the moment. Better value if you want the extras.

      I'm happy flying Jetstar to Japan with no add ons, as I've done many times since they started.

  • +2

    Flew return Gold Coast to Narita last year, got about the service I expected. Flight home was cancelled and had a choice flying through Melbourne or waiting 24 hours for the next flight. We chose to wait the extra day and got a decent accommodation and food allowance from them. Bit annoying but can't complain about an extra day in Japan at their cost!

    • Handy to not be in a hurry with any airline! Things do go wrong.

      I've had a many hour delay due to maintenance of JAL flight out of Japan. We were surrounded by JAL craft - but none available for our flight. Was not informed of issue.

      Only had 1 delay out of Japan on my many Jetstar flights. Flight in from Australia had been delayed. Arrived in just a little late to Gold Coast.

      Air Asia flight out of Gold Coast had 24 hour delay. The aircraft sat outside the departure lounge window, with the engine being dismantled. Were repeatedly told there would be a "slight delay" - BS! As we weren't told how long delay would be, lost a night paid accommodation & day of holiday.

  • +2

    Just as a comparison - I flew with Jetstar with my grandmother on one of those $300-$400 return flight sale type fares to Japan via Cairns and I had no issue whatsoever.

    Food was good, service was good, no issues with flight delays etc. The terminals being a bit farther out takes a bit more time but again, no real issue. I think if you're someone who doesn't get fussed by much you'd be fine with the cost savings.

    • +1

      Flown cheap on Jetstar to Japan many times since around 2007.

      Haven't paid for extras in many years. I travel light.

      Last few flights they've given me free entertainment pack & on last flight home got free dinner + wine, breakfast + coffee as well. Usually have a spare seat beside me.
      Only 1 delay of about 2 hours.

      People will complain about bad experiences, but rarely mention any good or normal flight experiences.

  • +4

    Nobody's mentioned the seats. The seats are the main reason I hate flying jetstar. Cramped and hard - if you're flying more then a few hours it's hell.

    "you must be overweight" - I'm not.

    "just get up and walk around" - or don't subjugate yourself to the torture in the first place.

  • +1

    Unless you can get a specific date that another airlines don't have a sale on then it's understandable.

    I booked on ANA for the June long weekend. Direct from Sydney to hanaeda. 9 hrs all inclusive with 2x23kg luggage, meals $720


    On this sale with Jetstar

    Flights + luggage + meals + seat selection is already $675 still need booking fees and credit card fees. Flight time 13.5 hours to narita

  • This will be peak tourist year for Japan, with Olympics 24 July – 9 August.

    Tourist numbers have been steadily growing - expected to reach 40M this year. Up from 6M in 2011. Population of Japan is about 130M. Graph

    Accommodation & attractions may be over crowded.

    I have been visiting since 2005. You could just turn up to accommodation then.
    Those days have past. But rural & remote coastal Japan sees few Foreigners. Worth exploring!

    Enjoy! But I won't be visiting this year, maybe next year.

  • Thoughts on Osaka vs Tokyo for a couple of kids 8 and 10?

    We’ve been to Tokyo pre kids and I’ve forgottten…
    Living in Sydney the big city experience isn’t that important so I’m leaning towards osaka

    • I've travelled to both Tokyo and Osaka. My opinion is it's quite similar to each other in terms of food and shopping.

      If you decide on Osaka, it's not too far from Kyoto. Universal studios is close to Osaka also (but pricey).

      YouTube "Osaka aquarium", worry checking out.

    • I think Osaka will require you to change accommodation less, if that's a concern, since IMO there are many more well known attractions/cities within an easy day trip (kyoto/kobe/Nara/kayo/some areas of shikoku, and then hiroshima/himeji via bullet train).

    • I’d do both
      Then tack on a day trip from Osaka to Kyoto and Nara. The kids will like that.

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