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[Refurb] Google Pixel 3 XL (128GB) $589, (64GB) $479 & Pixel 3 (64GB) $379 (Sold Out) with Free Cases Shipped @ Phonebot


Hi Guys,

We are back with Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 deals. All of these Phones are Grade A phones which means that they might have a slight mark or two but overall are in almost perfect condition. These phones come with a fast charger, cable and a free case as well. Check them out below:

Google Pixel 3 XL (128GB) [Grade A]$589 (12 Months Google warranty)

Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB [Grade A]$479 (12 Months Google warranty)

Google Pixel 3 (64GB) [Grade A]$379 (6 Months Google warranty)

• Free Delivery sitewide always
• 7 Days change of mind returns
• Fully tested, cleaned and perfect for gifts
• Paypal, Poli, ZipMoney & All Major cards accepted (SSL secured checkout using square)

All orders are shipped from our reservoir store with signature on delivery. Orders will be dispatched by Monday latest. Please contact 0394626936 (whatsapp enabled) if you have any queries regarding your order or use the messenger icon on the website.

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  • Any deals for other phones?

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    is the pixel any good? I have used a pixel 1 before and liked it… is this better than the samsung offer atm?

    • Pixel 3 is an excellent phone. Love my XL.

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      If you're ok with the lackluster support from Google, then the pixel is a great phone for a very good price

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        Google seems to support their phones pretty well imo.

        I've got an OG Pixel and it got updated to Android 10.

        Out of curiosity, what do you find so lackluster about it?

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          Nexus 6p had abominable support. Battery drain bugs, boot loop issues. Most of the highest impact issues, including the battery one, were ignored and denied by Google for extended periods of time.

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            ignored and denied by Google for extended periods of time.

            So the same as all of their other products.

            Why is this surprising to people?

          • @stinkydog: Fair enough, they might've picked up with their Pixel line now.

            My Pixel started to get a bad battery life but after replacing it, it works a lot better. But it seems the rest of this issues aren't much of a thing anymore, been pretty smooth sailing for me personally.

            • @mangobango: Mine has been consistently miserable with the battery life. When you said better after replacing it, how much better is it? Mine could barely get through the day at work with minimal usage (no music, just browsing during commute).

              • @jjjia: Yeah that's how mine was, I could pretty much breathe and my phone's battery would plummet.

                Even with my mi band connected to it all day, it still lasts the full day.

                Playing games and stuff will obviously drain it but yeah, if yours is that bad then I recommend getting it replaced or replacing it yourself.

                It's a bit of a tricky operation but there are youtube tutorials if you want to go down that path (like $20 on ebay vs $150ish to get someone else to do it)

              • @jjjia: My Pixel 3, and the replacement after the first one had screen issues, both had terrible battery life. All reviews mention the terrible battery life.

                • @MrFunSocks: Have you ever considered tweaking the phone settings to sort out battery drain issue?

                  • @Scythic: As much as you can on a pixel, yes, I did. It's got a small battery and just chews battery, there's not much you can do about it. GSM Arena had it down as one of the lowest scoring battery lives of any flagship in years (I believe you have to go back to like the Galaxy S6 to get a lower score) until it was beaten by the Pixel 4 in terms of crap battery lol.

          • @stinkydog: Nexus 6P came out in late 2015. The Pixel line is a bit different, in that Google appear to have more/full control over the phone design and manufacturing process.

            I've had Nexus 5, Pixel 1, 2XL, 3XL and now 4XL. Brilliant android phones, all of them.

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      It has a good camera …… and that’s it.

    • +2

      Pixel 3 is a great phone. Nice camera and images processing..
      I compared photos, videos taken my my Pixel with my brother's Samsung s10 and mine look better

      • -4

        Camera is only good thing about it. Other than that very vanilla and boring.

        • +7

          If you like a tonne of bloatware and useless crap, a pixel is not for you.

        • +2

          @dlakers3peat: I'm a simple person, I don't really like the gimmick apps preinstalled on other phones. If I need something I would like to choose the app and features that I want to install on the phone

          • @Scythic: It's not that. I could not get my friends pixel 4 to connect to his brand new Samsung tv where I could get my note 8 to comnect to it seamlessly.

            Google has no place making hardware, stick to what you know.

            • +1

              @dlakers3peat: Suddenly Samsung TV refused other phone connection and it's Pixel's fault?

              Fundamentally, Google Pixel runs stock Android OS and has the most updated versions compared to others. Your use case is irrelevant since it could be the case like Sony did to their hardware i.e you need one of their products to use x feature.

    • Love my pixal 3, bought 2nd hand.

      • I'm planning to buy a second hand as well but I'm afraid about the battery issues. Is yours pixel 3 or 3a? How's the battery life?

        • I have a 3a XL. I'm not a heavy user so just need standard features with a good camera and the 3a delivers. The photos are superb.
          Battery was about 2 days when I first got it, 6 months later it now lasts just over a day which is still acceptable.

  • Just to answer a question I originally had in case anyone was wondering - yes, these have new batteries according to the product listing.

    • Where does it say that?

      • +1

        Under the Grading header - "A Grade - Best value for money. These handsets have some signs of wear and tear and have been refurbished with new batteries to comply with OEM guidelines."

    • Only gets a new battery if required, think I read <85% of original capacity.

      IMO ~15% off (recent deals < $700) for a used phone is not great.

      • It's ~30% off the best price ever for the Pixel 3 64GB. That's not bad if the refurb is to be trusted.

  • Tried to order on mobile and chrome, checkout isn't working.

    • Hi mate just checked its working

  • Do you do pickup? Any discount?

    • hey hi , yes you can pick up from our store at Reservoir, this is the best price I can offer for now ,cheers

  • +3

    Just ordered 3XL via Paypal. Will run some battery tests as soon as I receive in case I need to send back within 7 days. Will update with high res photos of phone.

    • Have you got the pixel 3 xl ??

      • MyToll got hacked and I think that's affecting my order! Sent a message to Phonebot yesterday so hopefully get some info today.

    • +2

      The Pixel 3XL arrived last Friday, I confirmed with Phonebot (who were very responsive and apologetic about the Toll getting hacked issue; not their fault) that the 7 day warranty started when I received it.

      Pics: Front, rear, free case
      Overall I am very pleased with the condition and cannot actually find anything wrong with the phone visually. It had a few smudges from handling when I opened it but it cleaned up basically new.

      I installed AccuBattery and charged it to 100%. Then I played 4K YouTube on full brightness until it powered off at 0%, plugged in, turned on and charged to 100% again, repeated once. After 2 full charge cycles, AccuBattery reported just over 3,300mAh capacity which is close to the 3,430mAh on the specs. It reported no issues with the battery and had good health signs after getting that discharge/charge data. I then started using it as my phone and have for the past 4 days, no issues.

      There was an initial possible issue with wifi (I only run 2.4GHz in my apartment) where it would disconnect while the screen was off. After all the updates (now on 10), I did not notice this happen again. According to the internet some 3XLs have wifi issues so I am prepared to roll the dice on this one and assume it will stay fixed with updates.

      Overall very happy and would def buy from these guys again.

  • +3

    $379 for a pixel 3 with 6 months Google warranty is an excellent deal imo.

  • TRS eligible ?

    • yep you can claim TRS on gst

  • +2

    Just bought a Pixel 3 thanks! Don't forget to use the $20off coupon guys

    • can you pls provide link for coupon?

      • +2


        • "Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit!"

  • Is the pixel 3 much of an upgrade on an s8?

    • +1

      It's definitely an upgrade but it's not going to be huge. The Pixel 3 was released a year later with similar hardware to the s8. But it's OS is entirely maintained by Google and performs better and gets longer support than Samsung's modified Android OS.

      Maybe your s8 is wearing thin. You can count on being happy with a Pixel 3 for another 2 years.

  • pretty tidy for a former flagship with great cameras, good screen, wireless charging, solid OS, good haptics, reliable biometrics, IP rating(?). Yes its a refurb but still.

  • Thanks for posting this deal OP- can you please confirm these phones come with their original USB-C PD chargers and original USB-C to USB-C cable?

    • +2

      You'r welcome, it comes with generic cable and charger

      • Bugger, thanks for clarifying though

  • How about the battery ?? Is it new ?

    • Batteries are above 85% and haven't been replaced as they are all under google warranty

  • +2

    Can vouch for these guys. For 128gb 3xl a week ago. Mint as, like brand new and came with fabric case

    • really appreciate it, thanks mate !

  • Who do you use as your courier to Sydney Metro?

    • +1

      We use TOLL or Aus post

  • +1

    They are 'refurbished' but have the original battery and the case and screen may have some damage?

  • Google Pixel 3 (64GB) [Grade A] is listed as sold out.

    • Yes but we'll come back with more soon!

      • Please keep us informed, I need a P3

  • @erroorfree any more units of the pixel 3?

    • Same pls!

      • We are sold out but soon we'll out another deal.

        • thank you! Days or weeks? need a new phone asap!

        • -1

          Hi Grade A means?

          • @Okayy: Grade A means best value for money. These handsets have some signs of wear and tear and have been usually refurbished with new batteries to comply with OEM guidelines and have a capacity of 85% or more. Tested for reliability these handsets are rated 9/10 and never disappoint.

  • When dose stock come in ?? I want to buy 3xl 64GB !

    • I've been told they aren't getting anymore stock in the near future for the Grade A.

  • +1

    @erroorfree any pixel 3's at the original price?

    • Seems to be stock again - but can't bite the bullet knowing they were cheaper last week and I just missed out of what must have been the last white one.

  • Is this deal expired? Pixel 3xl 128g shows as $649 instead of $589

  • +1

    I bought a phone from them and it was water damaged when I recived it and they blame me and wont do anything about it.

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