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LG V30+ Mobile Phone (LGH930DS) 128GB Black $399 (Was $449) @ JB Hi-Fi


This deal is back again!

Some Features

6" QHD+ OLED FullVision™ Display
F1.6 Crystal Clear Glass Lens
Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
RAM (GB) - 4.0
Cine Video Mode
Point Zoom
Wide Angle Cameras
32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
128GB Storage
IP68 Certified
Dual Sim
NFC and Band 28 !
Dimensions (L x W x H) 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm
Headphone Jack

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  • how are they still getting stock for this?

  • Good phone. Avoid upgrading to android pie.

    • Can you provide more info. I have this phone and haven't upgraded yet but was planning to do so.

      • Anecdotal but there's reports of lower battery life and a few other glitches from the v30 forum on reddit.

        • Upgraded to Pie a few months ago. No Issues for me. Still a great phone for that price. Just put Nova Launcher over the top and its a great daily driver if you are not into having the latest and greatest specs. 2 yr warranty is a bonus to.

    • No issues with the Australian pie update here.
      There were issues with the first batch of O/S firmware releases but this was before the Australian version was released via OTA.

    • Upgraded to Pie, got battery drain issue, factory reset -> enjoying Pie with no issues.

  • Considering it's $449 right now at JB Hifi, how could you say it was $799?

  • Is this a better camera than an iPhone 7?

    • https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=8712&idPhone2...

      Looking over the comparison above:

      - faster 4g
      - higher water resistance
      - oled QHD+ HDR screen
      - micro sd expansion
      - headphone jack
      - newer bluetoothg

      iPhone 7
      - faster processor (25%)
      - software support

      • you forgot to add $300 cheaper

      • A10 is slightly faster than SD 835, not 25% faster. It's hard to compare but benchmark wise they both equal in Geekbench & Antutu. I think you were thinking SD 821 which was the same year SoC as A10 in the iPhone 7. The SD 835 in LG V30+ was released a year later (2017), same year as iPhone 8.

      • LG V30+ also has the Quad DAC which is a big selling point for audiophiles.

        • But they neutered the built in speaker. G4 was way better. DAC is only good if you're going to be regularly hooking your phone up to external sources. I love my V30+ but this is definitely one gripe. Fortunately it's still usable. Just underwhelming.

      • google GCam for V30

        • +1 to this. As an LG G6 user the camera can be hit or miss normally I am happy with the results from auto but sometimes not then its nice to have the option of manual mode and G-Cam depending on what i'm going for but G-Cam provides a huge auto and HDR boost to LG phones

          Also very confident in saying its far better than an iphone 6S my girlfriend uses a 6s and wishes her camera was as good as the G6 and im assuming the V30 is as good or better unless im mistaken

      • +5 votes

        Camera is great, with the ability to set manual control, and to record video in log format.

    • Yes, this is a much better camera than it is an iPhone 7

  • How do you rate the camera quality and battery performance?

    • See Uskompuf's post for a good round up.

      To add to this I highly recommend using a modded copy of Gcam (see the V30 subreddit on Reddit for some suggestions) as it improves automatic photos over the stock camera.
      As for camera hardware:
      The rear normal angle lens is exceedingly good for it's age and can work well in lower light (not going to beat an iPhone 11 pro but hey at this price).
      Wide angle rear in good light works well if you hold it steady as unlike the normal angle it's not stabilised.
      The front facing camera is a potato.

      • The front facing camera hardware is fine, it's the stock camera software that lets it down. With the right version of Gcam you can get results as good if not better than the Pixel 3a (yes, I have compared side by side). I'm currently using "GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2 (version 7)" which also supports Google Motion Photos. But this is only stable on PIE. On Oreo it crashed regularly.

      • So much I love about this phone. But for me the wide angle lens is the game changer.
        Every week, I'm taking photos I/we couldn't have without it. Sure, they're an unnatural view, but I often need to squeeze everything into one shot, to show the bigger concept, not for scale etc. Almost always indoors, interior/construction.
        The last week, capturing full house frontage from footpath, for concrete/landscape design. And large lounge/couch setups from corner of same room.

      • Any link to the V30 Gcam version recommended?

    • Back cams (wide + ultra wide) are on par with 2017 Android smartphones. The ultra wide is handy though as expected, no OIS. Front cam, the included app is bad, thus you would want to get GCam (Google's camera app).

      Battery performance is not impressive. 3300 mAh battery so don't expect too much.

    • Battery is great.

      Camera is terrible. If you like photos, stay away from this phone.

      Source: I use V30+ daily and my old iPhone 6S took better photos than this phone.

  • Surprised it's still going for $400 tbh

  • +21 votes

    Been $400 for too long now

  • Still considered to have one of the best video camera's on a mobile device (4K, high bitrate, log format):
    And for all you audiophiles, arguably the best DAC on a mobile phone ever.

    • Also, don't forget the top notch microphone and the quad DAC.

      Sorry, you have also mentioned the DAC.

    • It sounds the same as most other DACs ie. perfectly transparent to the original sample.

      • You're technically correct (and "Quad-DAC" is just a marketing gimmick) but the V30 does actually have a good DAC and amp combo, so it does sound better than most other phones if you're using proper headphones.

  • Would this be an upgrade from a Mate 10?
    Especially value battery life and camera.

  • Is this or the lg G7 thin q better?

    I got a pixel 4 and sold it

    Huawei mate 30 pro was amazing but had trouble getting some apps working

    So now think I'll just get this phone until I know what I want next and then keep it as a backup

    • Wow you are jumping fast :D

      I had G7 ThinQ, physically very similar to Pixel 4 but I hated it's hollow speakers. Supposed to be louder but sounded awful. Pixel 4 sounds nice and the stereo experience is good.

      I am loving my Pixel 4, only downside is the battery, but I juggle with several phones so it's not an issue for me.

      Been dreaming of Mate 30 Pro but cannot justify buying another phone with large screen because I need Note 9 for work :/

      • im returning the mate 30 pro tomorrow. It is super impressive but I did find the curved screen a bit annoying as the cases keep pushing off the tempered curved glass i put on.

        Also had some problems with google apps but the phone looks and feels amazing. Shame really

  • Don't forget its hifi quad dac that can play music very well

  • noob question but samsung a20 would be a better choice considering the price difference? I mean, what upsides of lg would justify the price difference between a20 and this apart from screen and camera quality?

    • DAC, wireless charging, faster, 128Gb storage, 4Gb ram, no notch

    • Screen is better, CPU is better, more storage, better camera (esp. videos), HDR support (though limited), DAC. However, honestly, I would recommend you get something better than V30+ if you can, unless you really must have a budget phone.

      • I don't know why you seem to think the V30+ isn't a suitable phone? It's plenty powerful and high end enough for the average person most people spend more than they need on a phone. I am all about latest and greatest tech and still struggle to justify an upgrade from the LG G6

  • Hmm, was just considering grabbing a Droid to replace the iPhone 5se still in use about the house. Was tossing up between various xiaomi offerings, but this is awfully compelling.

  • im waiting for the v40 to be $450 or less. last deal was $498 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/507341), so it shouldnt be too hard to drop down in price. the v60 looks like it will be released on Feb 12.

  • Probably not worth it now, confirmed no Android 10 coming.

    • Negging this was a bit unfair. V40 is getting the upgrade so for some it might be worth paying an extra $100 when it's next on sale.

      • That's what happens when you hurt their feelings. I have V30, was disappointed it wasn't getting the upgrade. But I got it at this price a year ago. Can't really see the value now. At $299, yeah, but not at this price point.

        • I get the upset feeling about no android 10 (I'm a G6 user) but what other phones at $400 or less compare favorably as well as are getting android 10? (Not meaning this as a challenge or defence of LG legitimately looking for options to reccomend someone looking at sub $400)

  • I purchased a brand new LG V30+ $270 from eBay here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BNIB-SEALED-LG-V30-US998-128GB-6...

    Received it in 3 weeks. It was sealed and included the B&O headphones. Very happy. Note seller said only 90 day warranty, still worth the saving I think.

  • There are some not so great things about this phone:

    • The OLED screen quality isn't that good, the colour shift is on the high side. I wouldn't use the always on display option. Image retention on this screen is a bit higher than I would have liked for an OLED screen.
    • The HDR10 playback (for youTube) is limited to 720p (smoothly), as such, if you really want to play a youTube HDR10 video in 1080p smoothly, you probably want to get a special version of youTube, which allows you to choose the format - which essentially disables HDR10. It's not an issue for non-HDR youTube videos. This is an issue with Snapdragon 835.
    • You probably want to get GCam as the default camera app for front cam is really subpar.
    • Though the screen is flat, edges of the front are curved (it's a pain to find good screen protectors and apply them properly).
    • Battery life is not that good.
    • Android Pie support is there, but at times it can lag a bit (not very often, but it does happen).

    A discounted V40 or maybe even G7 might be worth considering. But, if your budget is quite limited, you could consider this.

    • V40 and G7 is / was the same price (when on sale)

      Which one would you pick if you were daddy

      • V40 because it has better specs on the cameras and tend to have more RAM and ROM. V40 has dual pixel auto focus I think (except ultra wide - since that one has no OIS), compared to G7 and V30+'s laser auto focus (infra red based). V40 has 3 cams at the back - so one more (telephoto).

        V40 tends to cost more. However, the G7 IPS is kinda nice… no colour shift, but a bit smaller. Anyway, V40 is the one to go for. Daddy - eye sight deteriorating so bigger screen is better.

        • lol at daddy comment

        • thanks for all your help. I really liked the G7 thinq I can my mum but ill check out V40 now - its actually the same price when on sale

          • @AussieMark: G7 is a bit smaller so the screen is narrower and the battery is a bit smaller as well. OLED is better if you want HDR. General Web browsing, IPS might be a bit better (at the same size - but G7's screen is smaller). OLED tends to use pentile. Most of the annoying issues with V30's OLED have been addressed in V40. Colour shift issue has improved, but all OLED screens suffer from colour shift. G7's 64GB model only has 4GB RAM, but if you mentioned same price, I suspect that G7 is the 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM model (however, do double check).

            V40's dual pixel PDAF, 3-axis OIS is 2018 flagship-ish. That's only on the wide lens. So if video recording is important, V40 is a better choice. The telephoto has only standard PDAF, but has 2X optical zoom.

    • Have a v30+ and agree with you exactly.

      My screen is especially crap quality. Had to turn red balance to zero before whites looked white instead of yellow. Haven't seen such a bad screen since my galaxy s or s2.

      Would buy again, but only because it's good value. I hate spending more than $500 on a phone.

  • Fine phone, but needs to be cheaper now.

  • I'm interested but I'm wondering what the downsides are to getting a phone from 2017 in 2020. How important are Android updates?

  • When will ozbargain retire this phone. Far better deals around now.

  • I've been using this phone for around 6 months. I was very hesitant in buying another LG phone as I had such horrific experience from my last LG phone many years back. However, this has got to be one of the best phone I've ever purchased. The battery is awesome, camera is pretty good, the front one is meh and any apps that I have thrown at it run silky smooth. So much better than my previous phone (ZTE Axon 7).

    The only downside is Android Q will most unlikely come on the v30+. However, it is coming on the v35 (which doesn't make sense, since the only difference between the v30 and v35 is the extra ram). Hopefully, someone can modify the v35 android Q rom to make it work on the v30+.

  • Why are they constantly flogging this over and over, exactly how many do they have stashed in the warehouse?
    This has been flogged at 399 since 2018
    If a baby was born when they first started flogging this , the baby is now able to sing like Whitney Houston

    • I remember when this initially dropped to 479 at JB, advertised through their catalogue, everyone was stressing out about stock running out. That was about 1.5 yrs ago

    • you can get 120 off when they do the JB $500 deal gift card deal so thats not bad

  • It's time to be maximum $349, probably closer to $320. This price isn't value anymore.

  • I bought one couple of years ago when these were selling for $550 IIRC.
    Anyways I was happy with the phone, so i bought my wife one last year @ $399.
    Have had to return her phone twice for screen ghosting/shadowing issues (apparently quite common now, google it).
    Each time it is a 3-4 week turnaround.
    I wonder if LG has dropped their quality control now that these are selling at a way cheaper price.
    I have had no issues with my original $550 V30, touch wood.

    • I've got lg g6, my screen often has ghosting issues but it's only for a minute or so then it fades so I've never worried about it. Was excited to see this come up but people saying the V40 or g7 go for the same price on sale maybe I'll just wait… My g6 camera is smashed and my battery life is shot though not sure how long I can wait lol

  • My battery is still going strong after a year, unlike all my HTC's (7,9 & 10). Only issue I have is with BT, it's really all over the place when it comes to certain devices. Keep having issues with my Wahoo Tickr, either I have to reboot the phone, turn BT off and on, always having to re-connect the device with the phone. I don't have this issue with any other device like car stereos, Garmin (although it's played up twice in the last month in 1 year. BT connectivity has gradually gotten worse over the OS update versions.

  • I'm struggling to see how this is better than the Samsung A30 which was for $329 at my local JB Hi-fi last week

  • I've had the phone for around 4months now and would not recommend it.

    Pros: Battery life still decent, cheap price, decent video, headphone jack
    Cons: Camera sucks, getting really laggy/apps crash often now, brightness is terrible outside

  • I really like mine. I have the US998 model. THe screen is fine… its AMOLED but crap compared to say an S10.

    The camera is fine with gcam. The selfie cam is rubbish but then I'm not a selfie using twitch thot.

    The Snapdragon 825 is fine. The audio quality is outstanding… easily as good as a $250 dac.

    I dont care about Pie, not bothering to upgrade.

    I use a leather case and have dropped it heaps and its good.

  • Any good ROMs for this?:p