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50% off Ridge Ryder Ice Boxes (Eg 47L $99.97) @ Supercheap Auto


3 day deals at Supercheap on Ridge Ryder ice boxes by Evakool. bought a 47L last week at 20% off so will settle for store credit.
25L ($54.99) & 56L ($139.99) also available.

I've done a bit of research and these seem like decent quality when compared to other ices boxes /coolers/eskys/chilly bins in the price range. Kept my beers cold for the Australia Day weekend anyway. Also strong enough as a seat and I don't mind the blue colour.

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  • Can anyone comment on how these compare to Techni Ice?

    I have a 120 litre Techni Ice classic which has been incredible (ice still frozen after 4 days), but wouldn't mind something smaller for overnight trips.

    Edit: Reviews on SCA website look promising.

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      Probably not a fair comparison, Techni Ice are the best by a long way, hard to find anything compatible. Seems these are excellent for the price/quality though.

      But for a good Techni Ice I waited 8 months, then asked for a refund due to Techni Ice supply issues (most of last year I waited).

      • Copy that, thanks so much for your response.

  • It’s a shame the 47l won’t even fit a standard 1.25l bottle of coke vertically(1.25l bottles are approx 295mm high)

    • A standard coke bottle will fit as the lid provides the extra room. Apart from the seal /edge part, is has a concave part of about 10mm.

  • Good esky nice and sturdy.

  • This or anacondas Dometic or Anacondas Dune…. All similar price, Dometic 33L vertical style looks ideal for weekends in a small car

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      I highly recommend Dometic, but beware, different sizes have different levels of insulation. From memory the 33l is a lot thinner than the 50l and bigger ones.

      If you buy in-store, just measure the wall-thickness. If you buy online try to find a reference that lists internal and external dimensions.

      From the dometic website: "They will keep your ice frozen for days – up to ten days, depending on model usage and conditions." The crucial bit here is "model", it really matters and is not reflected in the price.

      It's on the Dometic website here, pick a model and then look for the diagram in "Documents". The CI 33 has a wall thickness of 30 to 40mm, the CI 55 has a wall thickness of 52 to 65mm. Big difference in insulation.

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        The thing with ice boxes is that you need to keep them full to get the maximum cooling period. Assuming the same amount of ice, if the inner volume is half full they don't stay cool for nearly as long. So once you start taking stuff out, the faster they warm up.

      • "They will keep your ice frozen for days – up to ten days, depending on model usage and conditions."

        Take that with a grain of salt for typical use.

  • At 100 bucks i couldnt pass it up. Got myself the 47L and 3 bags of ice for 10 bucks. Hope it does what it says. Ice retention for 3-6 days

  • I bought the 47l from their last sale and used it for camping over the Australia Day weekend. Ice lasted for almost 2 days. Not great given the 3-6 days claimed on the label.

    • Depends on the ambient day/night temp (relatively high probably?), where the ice-box was placed, how full it was (less air the better), whether items were refrigerated before being placed in the box, and how often it was accessed. I have a Techni-ice Signature box with 74mm walls and in less-oppressive summer conditions in the mountains a few years ago it had about 50% ice retention after 5 days.