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[eBay Plus] 15% off: iPads & MacBooks, Arlo Pro 2, 3, Ultra (13" MacBook Pro i5 $1699.15, Arlo Pro 3 $687.65) @ Wireless1 eBay

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  • I use a macbook air, good machine for Uni/work. One issue for me is that when i connect my egpu while on bootcamp, it doesn't register the graphics card. It works fine on MacOS though.

  • Make sure they game enough stock

    Previous deals took a while to be delivered

  • Not a good time to buy. Expect new Macbook Pro 13's with 10th gen Intel & a better keyboard around May.

    • iMac would have to be about to be updated too you would think. And I would hope march rather than May. Too close to WWDC in June.

    • Do you mean we will get 20% or more discounts on the current range or are you saying that the newly released products will also have 15% straight away?

      • I'm saying that the current Macbook Pro has a CPU two generations out of date & a keyboard with significant issues. Best to just wait and pay full price or near it. I know its ozbargain, but I'd rather purchase the latest model as it comes out and get a bit more life out of it than save a little bit on something outdated.

        If it was just one generation out of date, I would consider it.

    • Don't really care about 10th gen or whatever 20th gen CPU, if the MBP 13" still only comes with 8GB RAM and 256GGB SSD (same as my 2013 MBP 13") then Apple can stick them back up their bottom. The reason being all these discount deals on MBP is only available for default configurations, if you want to customise it with more RAM or bigger hard drive, then no discount for you :-(

      • Assuming the new one fixes the dreadful keyboard which would eventually fail on any MacBook released prior to the 16 inch and after 2016, that in itself is worth the extra money

  • PSA: Tried iPad mini, code didn't work.

  • Anyone got a way to get a decent discount on a build to order? I've usually found getting better spec (particularly memory) makes a better long term investment.

    • Use an education discount to get 10%. Or if you know someone working at a university who is affiliated with Apple the standard discount is 14%.

  • Anyone mac pros?

  • good deals

  • What are the odds of 5% price beat at officeworks for iPad pro?

  • Just be mindful these folks use crappy couriers to deliver. I purchased a MacBook from them recently and had to deal with Toll - what a bunch of dodgy muppets! Fingers crossed you don’t miss the initial delivery attempt or you’ll be wasting lots of time chasing it up for redelivery…

    • I feel your pain. I recently missed a delivery from Toll and spent multiple times on the phone to their incompetent offshore call centre. Took me over a week to finally get the package.

    • This…
      Nearest depot was 35 minutes drive from me….
      And they're only open weekdays. Sigh.

  • Whats a good windows alternative for the macbook? i want to compare the price difference

    • I’ve got a MSI Prestige 15. Slim, lightweight and powerful. Build quality is better than their other stuff and it’s fairly discrete for a MSI laptop.

      Good battery life and can play games if you want with the GTX 1650 MaxQ

    • If you're looking at the Macbook Pro 16", there is no comparable alternative.
      You won't find anything with a comparable 16:10 500 nit screen, forcetouch track pad , speakers and overall fit and finish.

    • Dell XPS. Our household has one of each

  • Should be marked for EBay plus users only

  • Has anyone purchased a relatively new Apple product from these guys through one of these deals? Thinking of holding out for the new iPad Pro and hoping it will fall under one of these 15% off sales

    • I have purchased 2 x iPad Air's through them on a 15% deal, no issues, took about a week to get them. Asked a couple of questions along the way, answered very quickly (within 24hrs). So, for me, they were great.

      • I meant are they likely to have the 15% off the 2020 iPad Pro in sales like this after they come out, or will they mysteriously vanish from stock like happens with some other sellers.

        Just wondering if anyone has experienced either way with wireless1 and newly released Apple stuff

        • I bought the current ipad pro (Oct 2018) approx 6 months post release at 15% off from this supplier - shipping was a bit delayed (~3 weeks) but otherwise no issues.

  • When they promote apple produces, the newer version is about to come in a month or two .

  • These guys sell stock they don't actually have. I ordered an iPad Pro off them and had to wait for them to order it in (two weeks) and then ship to me which was estimated 7-10 days because I live in Perth. Ended up cancelling the order after waiting a few weeks and had to chase them up for a refund. Took another week to get a refund - even after speaking with them on the phone etc.

  • +2 votes

    Was considering selling my 13 MBP 2019 to grab a 16, maybe now is the time to strike…

  • Thanks! Got me an ipad pro!

  • Any Apple Watch deals?

  • What about iPad mini 5?

  • nice, just bought one.

    can someone tell me, its all confusing looking for a case and screen protector. what version iPad pro am I looking at here?

    lot of search results are showing 2018, I assume that wont fit. In saying that, I cant see any Nuglas screen protectors for this version ipad? is this gen 3? same goes for case. just need something for protecting back, dont need flippety thing for front.

  • up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction, so @15% its good for things upto $2000 max! So not the best for macbookpro's

  • These guys have ipads for about 20% off. I bought one. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Apple-iPad-Air-2019-10-5-64G...

  • NOT a deal for a macbook pro 16", JB's normal 10% off is more than $300.

  • ya gotta buy a mac to learn all those udemy courses

  • Do MacBook Pros (13") only have 8GB RAM? Can't see what they have or if possible to change? Really think maxxing RAM is best for longevity…

  • anyone had their posted yet? I ordered on weekend but hasnt been shipped yet, normally these guys are pretty quick and ship next business days (bought few things from them in the past).

    • Im in same boat reading comments above they may not have had stock, my delivery is next week which is annoying and if they use Toll might be even worse as Toll have shutdown IT systems due to ransomware right now which is impacting delivery….

  • All Arlo stuff out of stock.

  • We are letting you know that the ETA for your item is around an Early - Mid March delivery. Are you okay to wait for this? Otherwise, if you do not wish to wait for this, please let us know and we can cancel this order only at your request.

    They don't have stock for ipad air :(

  • Stay clear of this shop. Bought two iPad Air 2019 of them, or better said I tried, which I need for my kids for scchool.
    They sell without actually having stock.
    Took me one week (missing out on deals following my purchase) to find out that they wont have any stock for the next couple of weeks (early March at this stage).
    And I only found out on request chasing them. All while at the same time the item is still listed in their ebay shop with express shipping…

    • Also still waiting for a refund, though the clearly stated they won't have this available until early March (at best).