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[VIC] Nexba Sugar Free Tonic Water 4x300ml $1.25 Per Pack @ Coles, Glen Waverley


Nexba Sugar Free Tonic Water 4x300ml for $1.25 on clearence at Coles in Glen Waverley (The Glen) . Multiple flavours available including classic.

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  • bought these for 50cents each at Coles in melton during the week.

    • Per bottle or 4 pack?

      • +1

        4 pack

        • Thanks.

    • Did you post?

      • never posted before.
        didnt think much of it.. mrs bought it

  • They are actually disgusting. They were this price a few weeks ago at my Coles. Straight down the sink.

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      They are actually disgusting.

      So, just like every other tonic water?

    • Which sugar free tonic water is better?

      • +1

        I like the Aldi variety personally.

        • +1

          Thanks, I didn’t even know Aldi has a sugar free version.

  • +2

    Mint and cucumber flavour is awesome

  • With a side of Corona virus.

  • Couldn't find any at the Glen :(

    When was the photo takes OP?

    • Was on the side of an aisle. Picture was taken today.

  • +1

    Got a few of these in the last deal. Obviously they are no craft tonic taste but I enjoyed it and way healthier.

  • I bought some for 75c I think during the week at Coles Strathpine, knowing I’d get my 40c back for the bottles.

    Not good at all but then I don’t think I’ve ever had tonic water so probably just not something I like. Will see if I can dilute with something to be drinkable

  • Pretty bad tasting. Bought three different varieties and all were terrible!

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