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Xiaomi MIJIA Laser Projector Global Version HD Bluetooth Projector US $1089.99 (~AU $1,620.36) + GST/Duties @ Banggood


To my knowledge, cheapest price so far. Starting price was US$1,198.99 but with coupon brings it down another $109.00 (aaronbaron suggests the code BGMLASTER might bring it down a bit more). Previous best from my search is US$1582. Don't forget cash back either should bring it down a bit.

When I put it in my cart, it didn't show any GST component and this was the price that was shown when I proceeded to PayPal. Didn't go any further as I am not going to buy it. If I wasn't on a budget at the moment, would be jumping at this - plus I don't really need it.

Note: Banggood is not collecting GST on items over $1000. GST and Import duties may apply at the Australian border. See Australian Border Force website

The projector is a couple of years old now but had excellent reviews when it came out. It's only 1080p (4K compatible) and there is a newer Xiaomi 4K model but you're paying way more for that.

Full specs below but main features for me is that it's laser and ultra short throw:

This is the world's first ultra-short projector with advanced laser display (ALPD) technology, which delivers up to 150 inches of full HD quality images in 50 centimeters, with product life up to 20,000 hours. To achieve user-friendly design goals, the high-tech product uses a compact, minimalist "box" design language, and carefully maintained the host and bluetooth remote control design style consistency. In any corner of your room control the host, voice assistant quickly find programs and other interactive ways for the user to bring a new movie viewing experience.

Main Features:

● Features ALPD 3.0 laser light source technology by Appotronics
● In addition to high-quality lasers, the unit also features a top-end speaker system for a true cinema experience
● Can project a display up to a maximum of 150 inches
● Offers a maximum of 5000 lumens source brightness and a 3000 : 1 native contrast
● The remote control is powered by 2 x AAA battery ( not included )
● Tips: the Version is international version.

Basic information:
Optical parameter
Display: 0.47 inch DMD
Resolution: Full HD ( 1920 x 1080 )
Support resolution: 4K
Light source: ALPD 3.0
Brightness: 5000 lumens
Light mode: highlight, movie, normal
Auto mode: save power, eye protect
Brightness uniformity: JBMA more than 80 percent
Color gamut: NTSC 80 - 85 percent
Central contrast: 2500 : 1 - 3500 : 1
Color temperature: standard, cold color, warm color
Projection parameter
Throw ratio: 0.233 : 1
Best project distance: 150 inch

System parameter
CPU: T968 Cortex-A53 4-core 1.8GHz / 64bit
ROM: 16GB eMMC Flash

System function
Operate OS: MIUI TV
Support Android: Android 6.0 and above
WiFi: dual-band 2.4GHz + 5GHz
bluetooth: V4.0
HDR: support
keystone correction: four corners, eight corners
Focus: power focus
3D: Not support

Other parameter
Voltage: 200 - 240V at 50 / 60Hz
Sound: DOLBY
External speaker: support
Speaker: full frequency speaker x 2 + high frequency speaker x 1
Remote control: bluetooth, voice, touch control
Connection: Ethernet x 1, SPDIF x 2, audio out x 1, AV 3.5 x 1, USB 3.0 x 1, ARC x 1, HDMI 2.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 1
Voice: less than 32dB ( at 25 Deg.C )
Power consume: 250W ( max )

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  • Looks like Banggood won’t be collecting gst on your behalf and remitting it to the ATO. Pretty sure you’ll have to pay gst to the courier upon/before delivery.

    It sucks to buy things online from overseas now. Gerry (Harvey)’s Stupid Tax.

    • The value is over $1000AUD so you'd have to pay GST regardless

      • is there other import duty?

        • What Dumax means is that GST was always applicable to imports with a purchase value over $1000 (in goods categories to which GST applies) but the threshold was reduced to $0 after lobbying of the federal government by Gerry Harvey.

          Thus the lobbying by Gerry Harvey has not affected this product as it is over $1000 AUD purchase value and as such GST would have always been paid regardless of the changes made to the legislation in 2018.

          To further answer your question some product categories are subject to further import taxes besides GST. See https://www.abf.gov.au/buying-online/buying-online

      • GST has been payable for overseas goods for under $1000 for a few years now.

    • Banggood says it collects GST on your behalf. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/397651

      From 1 July 2018, if you're buying an item located outside Australia and you select a shipping address in Australia, Banggood will add GST to your total at checkout.

      • Like eBay, they probably don't collect on items over $1000 - such sales are to be charged at the border. You may get lucky and it slips through. GST isn't the only charge of course, as other duties may apply on some items (not sure what might attract such charges or what those tariffs might be these days).

      • The price I see is US$1,222.97, not $1089.99. Is it because the tax is applied?

  • A bit confusing

    Resolution: Full HD ( 1920 x 1080 )
    Support resolution: 4K

    • I read that as the projector outputting 1080p, however you can connect a 4k source still and it’ll play at the lower resolution as opposed to not working at all.

      My TV is 1080p for example but I play the occasional UHD 4K film on it.

      • A bit disappointing. Not sure how great full HD looks at 150 inch

        • Think about it this way, a cinema screen of 400inches wide would be showing an Avengers film in 2k resolution.

        • It will be heavily influenced on how far you can sit from the display. I wouldn’t have a room large enough to comfortably output at that size myself.

        • Not sure how great full HD looks at 150 inch

          It looks very good when you're sitting at the appropriate distance for a 150 inch screen. At that size, most people run into practical problems with room size and seating distance.

          • @cerealJay: When I was looking into 4K on a projector, there were a few arguments saying it's much less important because of how far you sit from the screen - and partly because of the way DLP pixels overlap and cause less of a flyscreen effect.

            Source: I use this projector for a 120 inch screen.

        • I have this projector and it looks awesome, I project at 120 inches…. but just like traditional projectors you get the star field thing happening over time and I can't find a repairer in Oz to fix it yet. I would thoroughly recommend it if you could get with an Oz warranty or know of somewhere that could fix it after 3 years. First 2 years not really that noticeable but now coming into 3rd year there are about 20 dots on the screen where the mirrors have failed so its just a white dot. Really noticeable on shows that are darker in nature.

  • There is a 4k model Laser PJ but it's 3/4 times the retail price currently.

  • i would be very confident to say a projector isnt as good a quality or equal to a flat screen LED, but are they even getting close these days? like what would i have to spend to get something as good a quality as a flatscreen? without going into viewing distances etc etc. Sony still the best? if so which model?

  • I wonder if these things have noisy fans like standard projectors

    • Often not. Generally the cheaper the projector the more fan noise will be heard.

      29db or less is what I aim for, that's only slightly noticeable to me when there is no sound at all from the movie. 32db is not noticeable to me when there is music or background noise in the movie and completely masked by most parts of action movies but is quite noticeable when everything stops.

      The PJ noise quoted in the OP is 32 db, so its reasonable. Most projectors have two ratings, one for maximum brightness which is the loudest and one for minimum brightness which is lower, often by 3db.
      Mine is exactly that, 32 loudest and 29 lowest.

      Generally the noise level correlates with projector price, you may have heard noisy ones that were very cheap. You don't have to spend a lot though, my current one costs under 1000 but is not loud.

  • Really doubt the 5000 lumen spec. Haven't been following projectors for a while but the last I checked, all these Chinese made ones were advertising lumen specs literally 10x greater than their actual measured performance, and 5000 lumens is a very high spec for a projector.

    • Yes there are "Chinese Lumens","Marketing Lumens" and ANSI Lumens. The latter is the real deal and reference unit.

      Sometimes a company will quote the ANSI Lumens at the light source not what comes out of the lens to make it seem brighter than it is.

      To give you an idea 2000 ANSI Lumens is plenty to display a satisfyingly bright image on a 120 inch screen in low ambient light generally speaking. 2500 to 3000 would be considered a bright projector. There's more to it than this but it's useful for someone who has no idea.

      • 2000 ANSI Lumens is plenty to display a satisfyingly bright image on a 120 inch screen in low ambient light

        Completely agree that 2000 ansi lumen is enough. And depending on content and ambient light, it may even be too bright. I keep my projector turned down to minimum brightness - much less than 2000 lumens, and it's perfectly fine.

    • This is most likely ~2500 ANSI lumens max, which fine but I wouldn't call it bright (closer to 3000 for that).

  • Have had mine for a while now. Love it.

  • Anyone know if it supports cinemascope screens of 2.4 to 1 ratios & automatically like some motorized lens projectors such as Panasonic AE8000 for example?

  • Anyone knows what is the contrast ratio and how are the black levels on this?

  • I like how the developers couldn't be bothered to name a coupon code and take from his source code a "BGXML579", which probably means "background XML rendering for 600-pixel widescreen with 579-pixel viewport".

  • My honest opinion, $1600 is still overpriced for this projector as its already 3 years old. You could buy a BenQ 4K long throw for the same price and get more bang for buck. There's another model by Appotronics called Fengmi 4K which was $2500 including GST and delivery just a couple weeks back. Usually goes on sale for that price though and it's 100x better than the Xiaomi Mijia laser projectors.
    It has 1700 ANSI as opposed to Xiaomi Mijia 1500 and overall has a lot of features. Keep in mind that all the Mijia laser projectors have a loud coil whine sound which can become very irritating even if you're sitting far.

    With these 1080p models, the black levels are no good and the colours are oversatured and it makes the image look washed out.

    • I upvoted you as your comment is spot on, however, the Fengmi also has the coil shine sound issue, so there is not much difference in that regard.

      • More so than other comparables?

        • Around the same. I’ve read it online, it was a comparison between the Mijia, the Wemax and the Fengmi. They were similar in relation to that noise.
          I cannot find that link now, sorry.

    • I am not an expert but have this projector now for 2 and a bit years. Short throw so much better than long throw IMO. Its so portable. weighs just 7kgs and sits on our coffee table. When we go to holiday house we pack it up and have outdoor movie nights on the wall outside. Takes me 5 mins to pack or set up. Picture is very bright and we can watch with the light on in our house with only a very slight washing out of the picture. I don't find the sound too loud at all although I admit I like to have the volume of the movie / tv fairly loud.

      Only disappointment I have at all is the star field issue I mentioned in another comment but my research suggests this happens or can happen over time with long throw as well.

    • And a long throw has all the inconveniences of a conventional PJ projector that the short throw doesn't:
      Have to find somewhere to mount it.
      Have to manage cabling.
      Have to maintain expensive bulbs.

      I've seen the new 4k Xgimi and it looks amazing. The Xiaomi is a couple years old now but to someone new to PJ's it should still be impressive.

      UST's will be the future as it removes many of barriers to entry and annoyances long throw PJ have.

  • It's slightly cheaper using the code supplied on the product description page (8% off): BGMLASTER

    Comes down to approximately AUD1604.16

  • Kogan has this currently selling for $1999 if you're after an Australian warranty

    BGMLASTER - "This coupon can only be used 60 times."
    BGXML579 - "This coupon can only be used 30 times."