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Xiaomi ZMI Trio 65W Dual USB-PD & QC 3.0 3 Port Charger w/ Free 5A USB-C Cable $42.49 Delivered @ Mostly Melbourne Amazon AU


Recently there has been a lot of demand in deals for an affordable Dual USB Power Delivery charger, so I asked Mostly Melbourne for a coupon on this charger and he was happy to provide! It also includes a USB-A port with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and an AU cable.

When one USB-C port is in use it can provide 65W USB-PD charging, when 2 USB-C ports are in use it can provide 45W and 18W USB-PD charging, or it can provide 45W USB-PD in 1 USB-C port and 18W QC 3.0 in the USB-A port. An in depth teardown review of the charger can be found here.

  • Apply the coupon 15OFFZMI to get it for $42.49 Delivered

You can also save a further $2 when combined with the ZMI MFi USB-C to Lightning Cable under Special offers and product promotions on the product page. Click the Add both to Cart button and apply the coupon at checkout.

AU stock, free shipping included and don't forget to stack with cashback!


  • High wattage charging for laptop: 65W USB PD output over a single USB-C port.
  • Small form factor and weight make the charger suitable for both desktop and travel use. Eliminates the need for multiple AC adapters and plugs.
  • Wide compatibility with laptops, tablets, phones, and other USB devices
  • Charging 2 devices at the same time: 45W and 18W PD over 2 USB-C port; or 45W PD and 18W QC over USB-C and USB-A
  • Charging 3 devices at the same time: 45W PD over one USB-C port plus 5V/18W split charging over the other USB-C port and USB-A port
  • Package include: HA932 Charger, 2x Figure 8 cables (AU/US), 5A USB-C to USB-C cable (unavailable in US version)
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4

    So charging only ? Would love a usb-c hub that had pass through charging

    The Xiaomi air only has one USBC port so I can't use my usb-c monitor with it while charging

    • Does your USB-C monitor have a second USB-C power port? Mine passes power through that to my laptop to charge.

      • nope . bummer

    • +1

      My friend what are you waiting for?

      • That sadly doesn't give you any extra USB C ports.

        • +1

          It has 2 usb c females to 1 usb male, should give you monitor and power right?

  • I used it and while it does the job but it gets really heaty.

    • +4

      Yeah that's not unusual for a high output charger such as this.

    • +1

      (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

    • +1

      Use it to slow cook small meals or keep drinks warm.

    • +1

      Heaty? Why don't joo foot sahm bicks on it?

  • +4

    Using this for my xps13 since the first time this deal was posted.
    Excellent charger!

  • So this will charge any laptop with USB C PD?

    • +3

      Yeah if the laptop supports USB-PD this will charge it.

  • +3

    if u leave one of these plugged in with nothing charging. how much power would it use? does it just switch off untill something is plugged into it?

    • I'm curious about this as well.

    • Not much. I don't have an exact number for you, but power supplies only consume significant power when power is being drawn through them. There is some 'leakage' when nothing is being drawn, but it's small.

  • Is there anything within Cooee of this?

  • I must resist buying this…

    • +1

      but if you resist will you regret?

  • -1

    Good desktop option for a laptop and a phone charger at the same time. Not a portable option though given the weight.

    • +1
      • Ah weird i was looking at the weights on amazon.

        • +4

          Yeah Amazon weights are weird. I think they factor in packaging and everything else.

  • Would this run two Mi Wireless Charging Pad's at 9v for the full 10W output from both? (Ofc one being via USBc and one usba)

    • Ah I see 5v max from each secondary port when both in use. Oh well.

      • It shouldn't be a problem.

        Output (Multi-Port in Use):
        USB-C (Left): PD 5V𝌂3A 9V𝌂3A 12V𝌂3A 15V𝌂3A 20V𝌂2.25A 45W max (independent of the other two ports)
        USB-C (Middle) with USB-A unplugged: PD 5V𝌂3A 9V𝌂2A 12V𝌂1.5A 18W max

  • Can I plug in my laptop and charge my phone through that when using this charger? good back up travel option for me with a figure 8 cable I guess. I have got the baseus 65w for 'euro' plug travel http://www.chargerlab.com/baseus-65w-2c1a-multiport-gan-char...

    • This is designed specifically for laptop + phone charging so it won't be an issue. The Baseus GaN charger is pretty much identical in terms of charging.

  • Thanks mate, have been holding out for a deal on these, got two.

  • does this have an AU electric plug (type I)? or is the power cord detachable? I could actually really use type C/E (EU) :)

    • +1

      AU Figure 8 cable. Potentially a US cable too as per the comment below.

  • Does this also come with 2 x figure 8 cables like previous deal?


    • I ping'd MM so we'll see what he says :)

      • Would also like to know.

    • +2

      Yes it does, better quality one too

      • Do we need to PM individually or will they supply the 2x figure 8 cables for every order?

        • +1

          They'll be included.

  • +1

    127 left.. be quick !!!

    • how do you check stock numbers?

      • +3

        keep adding stock into cart until it says there is a problem adding items into cart… you've requested more than the (number) available from seller

  • thanks OP seems like a good deal and for travelling too

  • RAV POWER 60W charging station is much better than this, isn't it?


    • Not really, as RAVPower's USB A ports do not support QC.

    • RAVPower:
      Only 1 USB-C PD Port vs this has 2 ports (65W single or 45W + 18W)
      Support max 45W (vs 65W max on first USB port if single port is plugged in)
      USB-A does not have QC 3.0.
      Form factor.

  • Thanks Clear

  • Can this charge the jb hi-fi HP Chromebook deal?

  • cool

  • Will this charge the surface pro 6 with the right adapter?

  • This is great, bought one. Since loosing my Dell USB charger, my laptop has been collecting dust because a DELL USB C charger was an arm and a leg.

  • +8

    5 units left, will get the new shipment under way ASAP.

    Thanks Clear for posting!

    • damn, i went to add it to cart and it's wouldn't add. I think it ran out

      • +1


        Hopefully OP can get some more available. Will be watching with interest.

    • +1

      Will wait for the new shipment thanks

    • Pulled the trigger last minute and was able to get in! Thanks for the deal!

    • Damn, missed out!! Been searching for a decent charger. Will there be any more stock?

    • thanks, great deal as always. highly recommend MM from previous deals, very helpful and great service.

  • Hmm would the warp charge the 7t?

    • +2

      No. You're going to need a charger that specifically advertises Warp/Dash Charge.

  • These are supposed to be pretty good.


    4K60Hz Video + 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 + 300MB/s UHS-II MicroSD/SD + 100W USB-C Power Delivery

    • +1

      That's a USB hub though so you're still going to need a USB-PD charger to provide the pass through charging.

    • +1

      It is a difference price point for an item that hasn't been released yet…

  • +2

    Missed this one, let us know when it's back in stock thanks!! :)

  • damn I missed it as well

  • Damn .. I would've bought this, too late.

  • +2

    Received mine today! That was quick!

    I haven't used it yet, but damn this thing looks sleek. It will be part of my travel adapter as well as switch dock charger. Will test it out tonight

    I can confirm I received 2 x figure 8 cable

  • mine makes a high pitched squeeling noise.. anybody else or am i the only one with superhuman hearing?

    • +1

      Just some coil whine I think. Nothing to worry about.

      • I guess i enjoy my peace and quiet..

        Thanks for the post Clear, I am very pleased with this purchase

  • +1

    Any more of these? Missed out :(

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