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20% off Futu Online (Maximum Discount $1000) @ eBay


Everyone loves an eBay promo code sale. Here's another one for you!

Some gaming laptop deals -

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am (AEDT) on 7th February 2020 and ends at 10:00am (AEDT) on 14th February 2020 (“Offer Period”).

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Futu Online on eBay up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Full T&Cs.

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    Everyone loves an eBay promo code sale


    • +13

      Everyone loves jokes, and ebay promo sale is a big one

  • Ryzen 3900x for $719.20, not bad, might finally be able to get a CPU after that FTC computer deal fell through

    • I thought about waiting after not getting the FTC deal but then just bought the 3950x. Got it yesterday and only managed to load windows.

  • +17

    NAS Drives (Ironwolf and WD Red) were both price-jacked.

    • +5

      so annoyed at this been waiting for a good price for so long and thought finally a deal but nope

      • +3

        I am the same.. waiting to grab 2 10tb drives.. my nas is currently full, but I refuse to buy until it gets close to previous deals

    • +12

      Make sure to report to ACCC

    • Prices aren't too bad, considering the cheapest from other Aussie stores for the 8TB for example is $349 (vs $319 with this deal and an extra $10 if you order two or more) with no credit card surcharge and included shipping.

  • 1 Master MX 3 mouse left, would take it down to the cheapest price in a while.. ($124)

  • +2

    Their price are quite high now, like Office 2019 $290 compare with $259 from Computer Alliance, compare 20% and 10% final the same. The same with 1TB Samsung EVO 860

  • +3

    Da Jack Is Back

    • +1

      Don't call it a Jack back, it's been here for years.

  • +15

    Ryzen 2600 - $204.00 after discount
    Ryzen 3400G - $239.20 after discount
    Ryzen 3600 - $271.20 after discount
    Ryzen 3600X - $327.20 after discount
    Ryzen 3700X - $447.20 after discount
    Ryzen 3800x - $532.00 after discount
    Ryzen 3900x - $711.20 after discount

    • This was accurate when I posted it… but some of the prices have changed already, and may continue to change… best to check before committing…

    • +4

      Can't speak for the rest, but the Ryzen 5 2600 is $199 at Umart all the time. Insane price jacking.

      • Yep never meant to imply that any of the above prices are worth buying… I just thought the info would help people know where it was at.

        • +1

          Sorry, that wasn't a dig at you at all! The info absolutely helps, thank you for posting the prices.

  • +25

    Samsung 1TB 860 EVO has been price jacked. Not a deal, not a bargain. Neg due to issue with retailer's unethical and illegal practices.

  • +3

    I assumed they were planning a 20% sale as a few of the Unifi Cameras ive had my eye on, have been up around 18% more expensive for the last 2-3 weeks. Disapointing…
    Is it price jacking if you have your prices high for 2 weeks leading into a sale?

    • +4

      imagine if you purchased the item with the jacked price and without the 20% off.
      yet we continue to support and allow these.

      why can't we blacklist these suppliers from this site when this is continually proven to happen.

  • +7

    Damn those prices are jacked! No deals here =(

  • +1


  • man those gfx card prices… what the heck!

  • +1

    Goddamnit jack

  • +3

    Jack is back in town

    • Jackie has joined as well.

  • Cheapest MSI 2070 Super Ventus $719.20 after discount
    MSI Ventus

    Don’t know what the quality of this card is regarding thermal issues or not.

  • These store specific deals rarely result in a 0-5% discount at best, no deals to be had.

  • After an absence of 20% off eBay discount codes Jack hits back with a vengeance!

  • +2

    Jacked as, pretty sure the m2 stick I was looking at was $190 last night, now it's $225 while msy sells for $170….

  • +1

    What a bunch of jack offs!

  • JACK's HERE Synology DS918+ nearly $100 more expensive than the competition Futu suck

    • +4

      when people stop upvoting this crap and it doesnt see the light of day … till then everyone will comment when the prices have been jacked.

      • If no bargains are shared with an eBay deal then I'm more than happy to remove my positive vote.

        • +2

          you shouldnt have to if you believe its good, but at the same time when its a mix of bad and good deals i don't mind the Jack comments.

          • @scud70: It's always fun to see how many negs I can get for speaking the truth. It seems a few people think there is no price jacking based on them.

  • +7

    Neg due to price jacking on drives. Neg due to consistent issues with retailers pricing practices, which are likely illegal. We can't expect ACCC to take much notice when this stuff is allowed and tolerated here. Good to see some people not taking the bait.

  • +3

    Multiple increases on pre-sale prices

  • Came here for the Neg comments and not disappointed. Has a record ( for me ) 25% Neg to Vote ratio lol.

    Just Neged also to keep up my 25% ratio haha.

  • +2

    Potent Jack off prices there

  • +3

    Get lost ebay.

  • +1

    Go away jack

  • Can anyone with ebay plus see if this voucher stacks with PLUV10?

    • It won't eBay codes never stack.

  • +3

    The price jacking by Futu is getting ridiculous. e.g. the Ryzen 5 2600 is $204 after a discount here, but it's $199 at Umart, Mwave, Scorptec and PCCG without any sales.

  • Sorry lads

  • +6

    I will neg this, in support of the community to show Our disapproval of price jacking!!!

  • +5

    Say no to price jacking!

  • +1

    Knew there was a promo code on when a bunch of stuff in my eBay cart suddenly went up in price.

  • +3

    The jacking of prices is akin to bait switch, and the mere fact of clicking on the link is letting them gain unneeded exposure.

  • Jack is back. Back again…

  • Just came here for the comments and the neg votes

  • +2

    R.I.P ebay, my money is on amazon.

  • +1

    Say no to price jacking.

  • +2

    Some item jacked by 30%+. Neg for the greedy seller.

  • +2

    Futu Online… F U TU!

  • -1

    Please stop posting anything that is not a good bargain, especially from eBay, which is already having a bad name here.

  • Was looking for a deal. Prices jacked.

  • No deal due to FUTU jacking.

  • +1

    same as above price jacking galore

  • looks like everything has been jacked except the examples listed…

  • they did price jack but the cyberpower sine wave UPS units which I have been looking at for past few weeks are cheapest around after the 20% code.

  • Price jacked HDs. Fake "sale".

  • Now this is called a great sale with jackie prices!

  • -1

    Ryzen prices are good why so salty children

  • MX500 jacked

  • Price jacked! No deal here to see!

  • Nvidia shield tv gaming for $255.20 is pretty good. Not deal posting worthy, but cheapest I can find…

  • Futu is generally 15% above local brick and mortar stores so… You can get it for around normal price I guess?

  • Price jacked.

  • +1

    When retailers pull price jacks like this it just makes me not want to use eBay. It’s like they don’t even care. They’re just as culpable for letting it happen… continuously.

  • Well the best way to curtail this type of activity is get the word out not to buy anything from them at anytime. Once business slides, they MIGHT just realise how stupid it was to begin with. In addition eBay should be held accountable as well, they know what is going on.

  • They better start calling themselves

  • This is really bad.

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