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$20 off Beer @ Stone & Wood - e.g. Pacific Ale 24 x 330ml Bottles $49.95 + Delivery (Free Delivery on Orders over $99)


Lowest price ever and I'm hoping as it's delivered directly from the manufacturer it'll be the freshest ever as well.

This beer won number one in the GAB hottest 100 craft beer comp again. (https://www.gabsfestival.com/h100-2019-aus-main-list)

I signed up to tbe mailing list and got this code for $20 off a case of beer which I assume is generic and it should work with the other offerings as well. If it doesn't work perhaps sign up to the mailing list first.

Delivery was 8 dollars for metro melb. This may change for other locations. But it is free for purchases of $99 or more.

Overall a great deal seeing as though a case goes for $75.99 at Dan's.

Also 2 dollars per case goes to bushfire relief

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    lot of hype but just bit over average YMMV

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      Agree it used to taste amazing and I don't know if it's my palate changing but it doesn't have the same taste as it used to. They're now a large scale brewer charging microbrewery prices however at this price I grabbed a case.

      Was also tempted on the gatherer for something a bit different

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        Same story with Mountain Goat and Young Henry

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          making beer is an industrial process as hops and other ingredients are “ bought in”, so scales to any quantity you want if you have the equipment.
          Unlike wine where the limitation of the amount you can make at the “ boutique / craft” level is limited by the vineyard size , location and seasonal variation, or as the say “ terroir”.

          nothing wrong with the big brewers, they make lots of different beers and position them at price points …..furphy is usually $47 slab, little creatures is usually $56 since lion bought them .. lion just buy the micro brewer, scale it and bring down prices to move volume. problem for the big brewers like asahi, lion, heineken, etc is making their sub brand feel “craft” so people pay more for it, and where to price it to move the volume, without cheapening the brand and loosing customer who want to feel special when they buy a craft beer. krispy kreme used to be at their outlets exclusively and people used to line up , now they are at 7/11 and people don’t line up anymore.

          sure there are experts that claim how a beer should taste but that is subjective and personal ….. l like hoppy beers some people don’t ….it’s is why pubs keep several different one on tap and outlets keep so many different ones on the shelf.

          • +7

            @garage sale: This is true, but the big brewers seek to maximise profit by limiting costly ingredients (like imported hops) and tweaking the recipe to improve production (less time in different stages, for example).
            These things make a difference on a huge scale if it cuts costs a few percent, and the micro brewers seeking the best tasting product aren’t as motivated by saving a few cents per bottle.

            So yes, it is possible for the industrial brewers to make it just as well, but they don’t.

        • +8

          Woah. Don't lump Stone and Wood into the same category as those 2.

          Mountain Goat sold out to Asahi. Only their seasonals are worth considering. Their standard line is now trash.
          Young Henry's farmed out a lot of their line to Beer Farm - they mass produce very average beer for very cheap prices into YH's branding.

          Stone and Wood is still independent, fully in control of their brewing processes, actively involved in the craft beer community, engages with and employs many brewers and homebrewers through various programs, and make a very decent gateway beer. It's the beer of choice I've used to convert mates off CUB.

          • +2

            @zeggie: Mountain Goat's core range is no better or worse than it's ever been. The special releases are as good, or better, as they've always been.

            Young Henry's range is mediocre, but then again, it always has been.

            • +2

              @prhino: Disagree. Mountain Goat was one of the original big "little" independent craft breweries. Back when the scene was next to non-existent in Melbourne. Their steam ale was approachable by all and the hightail ale was a great darker beer when there were little to no craft alternatives locally.

              Their original seasonal surefoot stout was excellent. It's a pathetic shadow of it's former self now and is just a bland black lager tasting ale.

              Don't get me wrong. I don't begrudge them for selling out. They worked hard for 10-15 years and built the place up and cashed in their chips for their families future. Good on em.

              • +1

                @zeggie: @zeggie I know it was one of the originals, and I used to drink Hightail regularly (I never liked their Stream Ale). I don't think Hightail has gotten any worse. It's more that the general standard of Australian craft beer has improved exponentially in recent years.

                • @prhino: I 100% believe Mountain Goat took a dive. Nothing to do with what other beers have become available. I used to drink fancy pants regularly but then it changed in taste majorly. I tried it again and again but it has never been the same.

                  • @OneMoreTune: fair enough, we'll have to agree to disagree.

                    Fancy Pants had always been mediocre in my opinion.

              • @zeggie: Hightail ale is watered down crap these days :(

      • +1

        Your palate will change fast, especially if you drink a lot of hoppy beers. Also, beer is pretty much an agricultural product and hops can change in characteristics from field to field, let alone season to season. This is a very hop flavour driven beer.

      • +2

        Pacific ale did change, it's not your palate. The head brewer left and Pac ale was never the same. IMHO cloud catcher is closer to the original Pac ale if not actually is the old Pac ale.

        • +1

          That makes sense as to why things changed. The first release of Cloud Catcher changed and must of been due to this.

      • +1

        Same here. I used to love them but I like hoppy beer these days. I think my palate has been changed.

        • +1

          Yeah it's been scientifically tested at some point. Your palate will get "used" to alpha acids and you'll require higher IBU beers over time to sense the same bitterness.

          Sort of like cocaine. But not cocaine lol.

          • +1

            @zeggie: More like "heat" with chillies.

        • i drink more hoppy beers now ….check the IBU , international bitterness units , to see how hoppy your beer is compared to some others. eg little creatures, furphy, hop thief etc.

        • Pacific Ale is now pasteurised as well, which can impact hoppy beers.

          Back to the addiction - I've gone 90 degrees from big hoppy beers (Ballistic Oaked XPA still one of my favourites) and use lager to refresh the palate.

          Current beer of alternate choice - Last Man Standing

      • Taken from a tweet I saw
        "What do @stoneandwood #thegatherer watermelon & cucumber have in common? If you guessed juices that taste like water, then you'd be on to something.
        The more of the list I try, the less the phrase "craft beer" means to me"

    • Try the Cloud Catcher. Stronger flavor all round. My S & W favorite.

  • +2

    It’s currently my fave beer. Thanks Op. signed up just waiting for the confo email.

    • No worries, enjoy

    • You don't need to wait for any confo email, just order straight away using generic code.

      Got an email not long after I placed successful order with $20 off code and they sent another code ( same $20shout ) to use again.

      Not sure when these codes will expire though?

  • I tried this beer in Adelaide. Best beer ever.

    • +1

      It’s good, it’s not that good to be best ever. Unless you’ve only drunk macro lagers.

      • what is your pick for best ever that's available today?

        • +1

          That's like saying "what's your favourite movie?".

          Different beers take the cake in different categories in the broadest sense, but some are just good for different things. Do you want something sessionable? Do you want something that pairs well with salty foods? Fatty foods? Do you want something richer for a cold day or thinner for a hot day?

          I think Balter xpa or Feral's hop hog/biggie shits all over S&W, and they aren't even the best by a long shot. I really like panhead's XPA, but then again, I'm a sucker for mosaic as a hop and one of my first homebrews was a mosaic/galaxy/citra combo, so it's got a nostalgic feel to it.

          Currently, I'm really enjoying the range of NEIPAs Dainton's are releasing with their peach and blood orange ones having an amazing rich and "thick" texture to them. But on a hot day, a Colonial sour is a great thirst quencher, even if it isn't the most complex sour on the market.

          TLDR: There's no such thing as the best, but you can usually safely point out ones that aren't the best.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser222687: Panhead's are decent, I like the APA myself, unfortunately, it's brewed under license here now and don't seem as nice as what I remember drinking in NZ. Recommend Seven Mile and Bentspoke too.

    • -1

      Coming from the fact it was drank in Adelaide, I'm not surprised it's viewed as the best beer ever haha.

      • Lot of westend supporters here, SA should stick to wines.

  • $15 delivery to Perth.

    • $100 to north west WA

  • +3

    You're never going to be able to untaste this now… 'Pasito beer'

    • -4

      Yep tastes like they just mix fruit cup cordial with some Tooheys and they're done.

    • More like stinking roger!

  • +4

    I've bought a lot direct from them and the code worked for me too. Not getting free delivery with 2 cases though, for some reason, which normally happens.
    Also, try the cloud catcher, I think it's nicer than Pacific.

  • +4

    One of my favourite beers, but like most, it tastes much better on tap 🍺

  • Paid $80 last week for a carton so this is a good deal

  • +1

    I was keen to get a case but it's $50 delivery per case to TAS :(

  • +5

    So many great beer deals this summer!

  • +16

    RM Williams + Linen shirt + Chinos + a Stone & Wood in your hand

    Your typical Sydney Banker on a Friday evening.

    • +3

      Guilty as charged your honour!

  • Where does one enter the code? Can’t seen to see a field for it all the way up to final checkout screen?

    • +1

      When you go to payment page.

      Code didn’t work for me

      • Edit: worked when I used lower caps

        • +2


          • +1

            @zzymurgy: Lol “case”

            When typing I had caps lock on my PC so had that in my head

  • +1

    Ordered a case, the six-packs are good gift when going over to friends.
    Didn't need to sign up for a mailing list or anything, just used the $20SHOUT code.
    Was $8 shipping to Sydney metro.

  • I really think that it has change in taste too. I use to love this beer and still do but something has change

  • $8 delivery to gold coast, but still a great beer and great deal, ordered thanks op!

  • +2

    $15 delivery to Adelaide. No deal

  • +6

    Ordered a carton of bottles and cans, which gets the free shipping over $99… Seems shipping is $8 to most east coast locations, so;

    Just ordering bottles @ $49.95 +$8 = $7.32 per Litre, total 7.92L
    Just ordering cans* @ $34.50 +$8 = $7.08 per Litre, total 6L
    Bottles and cans @ $104.45 = $7.50 per Litre, total 13.92L

    • Assuming code works for 16 pack of cans

    It is less of a deal to by more, but will be better for people whose shipping costs are $15.

  • +7

    If anybody prefers cans as fridge fillers (they stack better for me, stay fresh longer, and are only slightly more expensive - 110mLs/$ for cans as compared to 113mLs/$ in bottles), I grabbed two cases of cans and used the code. Drops back to $89 for 32 cans, and I still got free shipping as original total was $110.

    • +3

      16 cans for $42.50 (including $8 delivery) if the code doesn’t have a minimum

      Only applicable to those with $8 delivery of course

    • +3

      $85 for 32 cans if you’re paying $8 shipping but use the code twice.

      • Ye, this seems the best bang for buck!

  • Had this on tap at a bar and also at a beer trade show. Not sure what's the fuss is all about. /shrug

    • +3

      People have different tastes? /shrug

      • beer is subjective and depends on what you personally like……it’s why there are som many styles.

  • 32 cans for $89 with free delivery is a great price for this beer. As others have said, I've got a sneaking suspicion S&W isn't quite as good as it used to be, though I honestly can't tell if the quality has gone down a bit or if the quality of the other craftys has gone up. Still a spectacular beer tho, and for $2.80 a tinny delivered you're laughing! Thanks OP.

  • I quite like the lager which works out to $39.95 plus shipping. Good deal

  • Thanks good deal, the 16pk of Jasper works out cheaper $/L and been wanting to try for a while. $42.50 per case incl $8 delivery to Brisbane. Code field is on very last payment page during checkout and I didn't need to be logged in or subscribed to newsletter. My partner ordered a case too

    • I ordered a 16pk of the Jasper as well. Looking forward to it.

  • +2

    I think this is a decent beer, but in this style/bracket, I prefer the Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale (No.6 on that list).

    • Not really in the style/bracket is it? Beechworth Pale ale is fantastic. one of my favourites.

      • Not really in the style/bracket is it?

        In what sense?

        Style: Pacific Ale is a pale ale (pacific ale, or Australian pale ale, is just a specific subset of pale ale). And they are both fruity style pale ales (and passionfruit in particular) - I think they are actually quite similar beers!

        Bracket: Both are relatively large scale and mainstream (in the sense of widely-available) craft brewers - they're both very much on the more commercial end of craft beer. And price bracket: Beechworth Pale $76.99 per case, Pacific Ale $75.99 per case (standard prices in Dan's). (Also: Last slab of Beechworth I got was for $16 a sixer, so $64 for a slab - that's close enough to this, after delivery!) :)

        I think they are very much in the same style and bracket! (From my perspective, at least!) :)

  • +9

    I love that buying a carton is the most productive thing I've done at work this Monday morning.

    • +1


    • I bought 2 to increase productivity.

  • +1

    Hope this is not the end of the coupon - due to overuse :)

    It's been working since November


    • +1

      Can’t believe you kept it from us for so long

  • +4

    The cloud catcher beer is far better, IMO.

    • +1

      Definitely. Great drop.

    • +1

      yep agree as its a proper pale ale

    • +1

      Love this one but only at the first release and then afterwards it just didn't taste the same. I mean it's still enjoyable now but it's just missing something.

  • +1

    Apparently Penrith is regional NSW for postage.

  • -1

    I am not a fan of their Pacific Ale. But I think their Green Coast is great. Having said that, the Green Coast has not been winning awards.

    Each to their own.

    • It's about time you gave them "The General" award.

  • Great deal. Haven't had the Jasper in a while now. You don't see it that often in VIC on tap. Looking forward to it.

  • Good deal thanks OP, grabbed a cans & bottles to get the free shipping, worked a treat

  • +1

    Good deal, shame the free shipping doesn't appear to work for regional Vic despite the site suggesting it should.

  • +1

    mrs favourite beer so looks like valentines day is sorted. thanks

  • +1

    Thanks op.

    For those wanting more than one case at a time, the discount code works per order only but yes free postage for orders over $99.

    • I misread the title and thought I could get 2 delivered for $100. $8 more a
      slab is still great but it’s taken the shine off it so can’t bring myself to buy.

      Might have something to do with the Pasito beer comment above too. I think it’s ruined it for me.

  • No love for West Coast beer drinkers, and even less for rural ones 😢

  • -1

    its now $69.95 for a slab

    • Just tried entering the code $20shout and was reduced to $49.99 here.

  • If you like these types of beers, I recon this is a pretty good drop for the price. Add a coupon for 2000FB points.


  • +2

    Just received my carton yesterday. Utterly disappointed. Used to be me favorite beer. Something has changed !

    • ergh…don't say that. Ordered 2 slabs which also came yesterday.. Haven't opened one up yet

      Is it odd that a beer from NSW got delivered from QLD ?

  • +1

    You guys need to get back to drinkin real beer VB, XXXX, Tooheys, Swan, West End, Emu, Great Northern. This stuff won't put hairs on your chest.

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