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Collect 10,000 Bonus flybuys Points or $50 off with $50+ Spend/Week for 4 Weeks @ Coles (in Store & Online C&C or Delivery)


I received a targeted email today for an offer of collect 10,000 Bonus flybuys Points or $50 discount with $50+ spend in one shop each week for 4 weeks.

Check your email.

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    Got it this evening.

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    My offer is for 4 x $80 spends.

    • Mine is 4x $180 spends :(

      Which is not easy to do 4 consecutive times since our shops range from $160-200 a week

  • Mine 4x 90

    • Me too!

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        Me too. Last time I got this offer and got the bonus the next time they tried they wanted me to spend $130 a week. Yeah, not going to happen. I get they want me to spend more but as a single bloke I just don't need that much food lol.

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    Mine is 4 x $130. Yeah nah.

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      I got 4 x $160. Is the general consensus to stop scanning my flybys card for a while and that will make the required spend amount drop?

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        Yes. But it's taking a long time for my amount to come down.

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          Thanks mate. I might have to do the OzBargain thing and get a secondary flybuys card then…

      • Except they can, and do, match your credit card with your Flybuys account anyway.

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          You can use different CC or what I do is to use GC's. I use a different GC with each account.

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            @Yola: Yes, that's good advice. I thought I'd mention it in case others weren't aware.

  • Nowt 🙄

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    I got 10,000 for 4x $50 too, such a shame that woolworths' pick up is so much more convenient than coles', while coles has better offers :(

  • 4x$100 here

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    I got 20,000 points for 4 x $210. Pass.

  • I also got the same $50 target.
    Reading through the fine print and can't find it saying anything about them excluding prepaid mobile recharges. Anyone able to share their experience? :)

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      I bought the $150 Boost on my last week of the offer and got the $50 credited. Mind you this was last year, and might have changed now

      • but how you get if u spend total $150 at once its meant to $50 per week..?

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          They mean that they met the minimum spend each week for the first three weeks by buying groceries as normal and then they purchased either only the mobile recharge or the recharge and less than $50 of other stuff in the last week (week four) of the promo and still receved the $50 credit ergo the mobile recharge was not excluded.

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      I’ve Always got points for mobile recharge, even a few weeks ago . It’s not excluded by terms

      • Thank you all :)

  • why 10000 points for 4*$100 for me? I thought the bonus was proportional to the spending?

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      Nope, the spending requirement is based on what they think they can push you too though. If you scan your flybuys card when doing a larger shop they will adjust these sort of offers to be your normal spend + $10-$20.

      The rewards are the same for everyone, so much better proportionally for people getting 4x$50.

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    I got $180/week … To copy a fellow commenter, yeah nah

  • Mine 4x60

  • what's 10,000 flybuys worth? (new to the program so not sure which deal to select)

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      $50. But the points are actually better if you don't do $50+ shops often, since you can covert the points to $50 of flybuys dollars and spend them as needed. Much of a muchness if you're shopping > $50 all the time though.

      Though weirdly some offers seem to count spending flybuys dollars as 'spending' so….

      • Sorry I don't really understand how you can get more value out of the 10k points if you don't do $50+ shops often. Are you able to elaborate? Thanks!

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          The $50 discount only triggers when spending at least $50.05 in one transaction (and scanning your flybuys card), however the flybuys points converted to flybuys dollars can be used for any spend amount.

          As jkart said, it doesn’t really matter which you choose if you regularly spend over $50 in a single transaction.

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            @cheaponos: Thanks bud. So we are not getting additional value rather, just a different way of redeeming the points. I used to get 5% discounted Coles GCs from my previous workplace so 10k points is actually worth $47.50 to me. Just ad additional consideration for those with access to discount GCs

          • @cheaponos: From what I understand you have to spend $50 per week for 4 weeks to get this offer. Or am I missing something there?

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              @wibgyor: Correct. These comments refer to the use of the bonus once the spend requirements have been met.

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    I never get these bloody emails…

    • Me either. Been a FlyBuys member since it started 10 years ago or whatever. I get pissy emails with little offers, but never these thousands of points offers.
      I guess their algorithm must think I'm just not worth it. But if they sent those offers my way I'd definitely spend to get it.

    • I never get the emails, but I recently downloaded the app and all the deals are in there. Worth trying.

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    $120 for me.. yeah nah

  • I used my last offer for 10000pt for $50 ea wk. This time it's gone back to $100 ea wk. Looks like I'll have to wait it out again.

  • Nada here. Maybe because i spend around $250 every week at coles.
    Is this targeting infrequent shoppers?

    • Nope. I'm at Coles at least three times a week

    • We rarely shop at Coles but did not get this offer as well. I wonder how they did the "targeting"

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      We shop at Coles whenever there’s a promo
      Shop this offer for $50 a week, then $60, then $70/80
      Then take a break till it comes down again, maybe only buying bread/milk if Coles is convenient after work.

      This round our account is $80, we have separate account to buy giftcards from Coles with $320x4 weeks for 10k points no thanks.

      Maybe check your account settings if in the past your turned off marketing, or grab a second non linked card and scan that for a few weeks.
      Our accounts get targeted maybe 8 months of the year

    • I spend a fair bit weekly at coles and also missed out this time.

      Never mind, Woolworths it is this week!

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      Might be above whatever their threshold is. Flybuys are actually a disloyalty reward as the less you scan your card and the lower amounts for, the better offers you get. They’re trying to entice you to spend more in total and spend more with them rather than their competition so the offers are designed to do just that.

      If you shop frequently the offer would be for $10-20 more than you usually spend, but they probably cap it at $150 or some such.

      I find if I accidentally do a $70 shop and scan my card I get offers for 4x$80 or 4x$90, it then takes ignoring that and doing a few small shops to drop it to4x$50 or 4x$60.

  • Lucky you. MIne is $60. Bah!

  • $70 for me not good at all. It used to be $50

  • Sigh, now it's $320 for me. It is really dumb that they base this on my high spend on gift card purchases, but those same gift card purchases aren't eligible spend for these offers!

    • Yes I opened 2 flybuys accounts in December and used exactly the same promotions on both up to now except that with one of them I purchased a $50 DJ GC. One was offered $60x4 and the other (used for the DJ GC) got $100x4. Also I used an older account to buy the DJ GC and that one has had $50x4 offers for the last 2 yers and now has $60x4.

  • Didn't receive it :(

  • 4 * $50 on one card, 4 * $60 on son's card.

  • My offer is $160 x 4. Not happening.

  • Mmm, no offer for me :-(

  • +1

    Ah, the constant increase. When will they figure that getting to the level above a reasonable spend results in customers resenting it and going elsewhere.

    Is mine is $320 per week , so I then just shop at Woolies for a couple months and it drops again to $220 per week or so.

  • 4 x $120 here. Pass.

  • Just use it for opal card top ups in sydney and still qualifies for the bonus points at the end.

    • Is this true even opal cards top ups..or can I buy gift cards
      Which is better ..??

      • You won't qualify if you buy gift cards.

    • I'm not putting $180 on my Opal card for four weeks. You can't even put that much in one go; max is $120 with the card limit being $250

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    I got something different this time…. 10,000 points for 4 x $120 but includes an offer to double it to 20,000 points if I spend 4 x $170.
    My wife only got the 10,000 point offer (no double point offer) for 4 x $90.

    • I'd take the double offer it close to 20% off using a gift card .

      • Also into week 2 of a Woolworths Rewards offer worth $65 in points for 4 x $155. Right now, the Woolies offer and the Flybuys double offer both provide roughly 15% discount (based of balance of $'s required to spend to get Woolworths Rewards bonus rather than the full 4 x $155).
        All other things being equal, Woolworths Rewards offers are easier for me to achieve as I can do in several shops each week whereas Flybuys requires it to be in a single shop. The latter takes a bit of management to ensure I spend enough in the 1 shop - but not too much - especially if I can wait and use towards next week's shop.

  • can it be lower than 50$? thinking if i should wait longer.

    • +1

      Have never seen it. 99.99 sure it won’t but there is always an if….

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      I recall someone here had 4x$40. But I’ve never had that and I’ve only heard of it once

      • Yes I recall that too and I have never had it at Coles only 4 x $50.

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    Haha I think they have automated programs where it starts with 50$ a week then goes to 60,70,80 100, 120,170 lol.. I stopped at 80$. After more than a year mine came back to 50 as my purchases were around the 70-80 a week mark! My advice would be to never scan it regularly for a larger amount. If I need it I would forgo the 30 or 40 flybuys points and buy it without flybuys

    • Or open another account.

      • I know I have another one as well but it gets too cumbersome so can’t be bothered too much as there are too many choices

        • +1

          It's always a balance between the amount time you can spend and brain space you are willing to allocate resulting in how much you save. I am retired and treat it like a hobby but which actually saves me money. I juggle 7 accounts.

    • Yeah, it’s simply not worth scanning your card without a good offer on, the few points you get by default aren’t worth the data you’re giving them and you get better offers if you don’t appear loyal.

      • did you see this comment below
        dazweeja 21 hours 49 min ago
        In case some of you weren't aware, Woollies and Flybuys track your spending even when you don't scan your card:

        • +1

          They can do, but if you’re using different cards and gift cards or cash they can’t.

  • They try to nudge you into spending more and more, not going to work. I'm a $50 a week sorta guy, usually on brands I like; Sirena, Jalna, etc. The rest of my shop happens at Aldi, Tasman meats, fish market, fresh fruit and veg place. If you ignore it they will lower the weekly requirement for the next offer..

  • +1

    This goes well with my $200 Coles Myer gift card I got for $160 with the Amex offer

    • Me too. I was lucky and got 20 of these.

      • How did you get 20 ?

        • The Amex offer was made twice, once in December and also in January. I have 2 Amex cards and each one has 4 supps- the max allowed. I missed out on Vogue night so maybe that is why I was lucky to get this offer twice and on all my cards. It was a great offer thanks AMEX.

          • @Yola: Oh nice. Same I got both in Dec and Jan. Got the Myer gift card in Dec with the bonus $20 gift card offer

  • I got one for $70 and another for $150.

  • My offer is 4 x $250 spends. Really annoys me that i get less benefit by spending more with them. Seems backwards to me. I will be shopping at Woolworths for a few months

    • If you can be bothered/have time, get more cards and split your shopping between them. I have done that in the past.

  • Does anyone know if you use these points for a Coles in store shop can you buy the physical cards?

  • -1

    Can you order using Coles eBay?

    • +1

      Can you order using Coles eBay?

      From email terms…“Offer valid only at Coles Supermarkets and Coles Online (excludes Coles Express and purchases through eBay or Uber Eats).”

  • Have a question guys!

    I used to get these type of offer ($50 off with $50+ Spend/Week for 4) or ( Spend $50 to get 2000 flybuy point), but its' been a while I always get higher spending offer like $100 get 2000 flybuy or 4x$100 to get $50 off

    I would like to know why these amount I need to spend is increasing and what if I don't use these offers for while, will they reduce it back to those lower spending?

    Can I change my flybuy and get new one to start fresh?


    • Yes you can always get a new flybuys account. Keep the old one you may get better offers in the future. For any new accounts use a different email and make sure you keep a record of the Date of Birth you use as they require that for id if you call them.

      • Do you mean I can't use my current date of birth for new flybuy?

      • -1

        make sure you keep a record of the Date of Birth you use as they require that for id if you call them.

        Does that mean if one intends to use a second Flybuys card they'll have to use completely different personal details?

        I have recently passed 100,000 Flybuys points and this offer will put me over 110,000 points. I heard the maximum points on a card are 136,000 or something like that? If that's the case then I'll need another card soon.

        • I didn't realise there was a limit. I regularly have 40-50k points on mine and my wife's card and have had over 80k on mine a few times. This year I plan on accumulating as "savings" towards a holiday so I might need to investigate any potential limits.
          Interestingly, having a significant number of points doesn't appear to be a barrier to getting new offers. I currently have offer for 20k points for 4 x $170 spend (or only 10k for 4 x $120)

        • +3

          You're wrong, I have 385,393 points

          • @lufee: Thanks. I think I read something along those lines here so I wasn't sure.

        • +2

          I am not sure there is a limit as I use up the points pretty quickly on money off shop. There is a limit on the number of points you can transfer to Velocity Frequent Flyer each calendar year of 138,000 Flybuys points.

          • @Yola: Ah! That makes sense. That's probably what confused me. Ta

        • Why would they offer rewards for half a million points if they have a limit of 136,000? https://www.flybuys.com.au/rewards/#/technology/phones/DDSX

          • +1

            @beeroll: I do not know why you have been negged. I think you make a good point to prove something several people were wondering about:)

            • +1

              @Yola: @Yola Possibly because I replied just after you cleared up AussieDaddy's confusion, but before I'd seen his reply, which made the topic superfluous.