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Bonus 40GB Data on 80GB/$150 12 Months Plan @ Boost Mobile


Basically 120GB (instead of 80GB) for $150. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Available to customers who buy a $150 SIM online and activate by 30.3.20.

$12.50/10GB per month paid upfront.

Please allow some time for your orders to be fulfilled:

  • Boost: There is currently a delay to our online SIM deliveries, we apologise for the inconvenience. If you need your order sooner, please head to one of our +8,000 retailers.

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      If one agent tells you its possible, copy all the conversation and refer back to it when they try to refuse you.

    • The $2 sim + $150 recharge don't get the extra 40GB.

      • What does this mean? Agent suggested me to do it…gave reference number.

        • Go for it. But boost agents told me to get a $150 starter sim for the 80gb+40gb bonus. A $2 sim + $150 voucher can only get 80gb. They would not let me have the extra data no matter how politely I asked…ymmv

  • Does this means I have to buy on boost website or any website ?

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      Yes and No

  • this is only for new customers right? or can you recharge my existing plan? My 12 month plan runs out in May.

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      This offer ends in March

    • this is only for new customers right?

      No, just for new account

      can you recharge my existing plan?

      Not me, but you can do it. You won't get the extra data on an existing account though.

  • will it work with existing customer that rechages before 30/03?

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    • Nope not for existing customers…

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        Did I hear an echo?

  • how about using coles recharge voucher?

    • maybe, but it will need to be a new sim and new account.

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      Just to let people know who needs free calls to india

      I get free calls from India every day.

      It's usually Nicole from the NBN…

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    Activated a sim 6:30am this morning before I read about this deal. The activation was simple and easy (was worried after hearing all those stories…) and service was happening within 1 hour including porting. After seeing this post, decided to check the remaining data on the app and saw 120GB. Quite happy so far.

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      where did youg get the sim kit please?

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      When did you purchase this sim?

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      Hi mafmouf, did you activated a $2 sim then recharged $150 or did you activated a $150 sim pack? Also where did you buy it please?

      • Sorry for late reply. I purchased the sim online a few weeks ago with the $135 special.

  • For anyone wonder I have VoLTE and VoWiFi working with them on my new TCL Plex

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    I activated a $2 dollar sim that I bought from coles and then recharged $150 for 80 GB last Wednesday. Today, after seeing this post, I contacted Boost chat and requested them to honour the bonus data. She refused initially but when I requested her 2nd time very politely, she asked her team leader and approved my requested! So, I ended up getting the bonus data. :)

    • Similar story for me, but the bonus data isn't appearing yet. Did you see it in your account?

      • Is it not appearing after dialing #111# or *111# ? If no, contact them again to ask for it.

    • They guys refused my request saying the $150 was a recharge, not the $150 sim starter kit.

    • Ported to Optus with a Coles sim, got the confirmation, tried to port back to Boost online and get an error telling me to contact Boost.
      (We're experiencing some technical difficulties completing your activation, but we're working on it. Please try again later, or contact 24x7 Chat)
      Boost say the number is still with them. Weird.
      I wait overnight but still the same problem. About to call Boost …. grrrr

      • Just spoke to Boost. They are saying because I bought the sims from OW I not eligible for the 120gb.

        When I asked to speak to the supervisor the Boost agent HUNG UP on me!!!

        • just found this hidden in the Boost fine print ….

          "*40GB bonus data on $150 SIM: Available to customers who buy a $150 SIM online and activate between 18.02.20 and 30.03.20. Offer available while stocks last.โ€

          The "online" is what Boost are sticking too :(

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            @discountguy: I and many others have got it via officeworks. Boost support don't know what they're talking about. Keep trying and ask to speak to a manager.

            • @thedavemiester: Yep I know thats why I trying to do the same … but when I did asked to speak to a supervisor when the Boost rep hung up!

          • @discountguy: I had boost rep promised that they will give me an additional 40gb when i was willing to buy another pack and they give me a reference number to contact back after activating to get that. However, after buying it from OW, when i activated it automatically gave me 80+40gb without even contacting them back. So, my understanding is that as long as you buy this pack and activate before 31/3 you will still get it regardless of where you buy jt from. Should be a $150 pack not $2sim with $150 recharge online.

            I paid $135 something at OW after price matching so set for a year with 120gb. The best value for money!

            • @Yankyviking: $150 pack from OW is what I bought. After porting to Coles Mobile with a $2 sim (getting all the welcome stuff to setup voicemail etc) I tried to port back to Boost online and got the error. Got onto chat and the agent couldn't help me. Asked me to call their 1800 number. That agent said it was for online purchases only. Told him I wasn't happy and I like to speak a supervisor. He then hung up!

              I'm now waiting in the chat queue again … is a looong wait // wondering if I should phone the call centre, take 80gb and see if the 40gb bonus shows up

              • @discountguy: Called back, spoke to John in technical support at Boost. 120gb … done! :)

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                  @discountguy: Good to know it worked out well in the end for you. I was using ALDI Mobile for myself & my wife before using $150 ($135 from OW) to port to Boost and worked out well without any issues so unsure how do their packs work.

                  Enjoy 120 GB anyways!

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                  @discountguy: Honestly where do they hire these muppets…

  • Can I activate the $150 sim starter pack first and then port my number at a later date?

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      No, you should request porting in at the time of activating your SIM and you canโ€™t recharge a plan until you have an activated SIM on boost.

      • This. The activation process confronts you at the start whether you want a new number or port an existing number.

  • Thank you. The offer is available only online. You may just place an order online should you want to get the promotion.

    Mixed bag on this one guys. When I contacted Boost, the representative said that it's online only. Would urge caution until an official representative actually clarifies.

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      Keep trying to get another customer rep, got bounced back in my first try, then second try the rep said i can buy from any retailer and still get 40 GB. I got a reference number for myself.

      • Yes, I have coordinated this now with my support and was advised of the same. The offer is applicable only if you sign up online and avail the online promotions.

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          The promotion with the 40GB bonus is for online purchase only


          Yes. Let me clarify this. The bonus data for the $150 Prepaid SIM kit is when you order the SIM online only


          I believe, the SIM kits that are being sold on retail stores are only $30 Prepaid Sim kits and below


          The promotion is only for the online purchase of the $150 Prepaid SIM kit on the Boost website

          Absolutely no luck with reps.
          12.13PM EDIT Five reps, I give up.

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            @bossmode: Hammer: So if I bought a Boost $150 Prepaid SIM Card Black from officeworks, I will receive the bonus 40GB?
            Rommel: Yes, that is correct.
            Hammer: So total 120GB on the $150 prepaid card?
            Rommel: That is 80GB plus 40GB binus data. Total of 120GB.

            Chat @ 12:56, keep trying til you get Rommel

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              @SiberianHamster: Make sure to get the chat reference number. I can confirm another representative coordinated with their supervisor who stated that any $150 sim card should get the same inclusions. Good luck!

              • @knight321: Would a $2 sim activated from today, and then recharged with $150 get the bonus 40gb data?

                • @bargainfinder: Not sure about that one - just that if you buy a $150 sim package from a retailer and activate before 30th of March you'd get the bonus data.

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              @SiberianHamster: I thought his brilliance was mostly a myth… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rommel_myth

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              @SiberianHamster: Good ol' Desert Fox strikes again.

              • @44sunsets:

                No. It should be online only.


                Apologies but it is really available online.


                Sixth and seventh rep. I'll keep trying.

                • @bossmode: Any luck?

                  • +1

                    @amirkh: No luck, and honestly some of these representatives are just plain cold and textbook.

                    Some background to this statement: I purchased a Boost sim for dad four days ago and per previous comments on these forums, they contacted Boost, argued their case, and were successful in varying ways in getting 20 - 40 additional GB added to their account.

                    I politely stick to my points, and the following conversation ensues, text left unedited:

                    I can see here that you have activated your sim 14 Feb, and the offer only started on the 18th. With your $150 sim, you got 80GB of data already. That offer is when you purchased a $150 sim only from 18th of Feb.

                    Me: That's right, I missed out by four days. My friend purchased his on the 10th of February, eight days ago, and still received credit as a gesture of goodwill

                    I apologise but we are not providing that much data for no reason. Getting a sim earlier than the promo date is not a valid reason and we are running a business and we are not giving it for free


                    Is there anything else I can help you with?

                    • @bossmode: Me too had no luck

                      • @amirkh: This whole ordeal has actually been terrible for me. TLDR; Followed pickme's tutorial, online activation failed and said I needed to contact support. Support representative said I'm SOL for the next 7-10 business days and my case has been escalated to a Case Manager.

                        "There is a misalignment on our end and we need to fix that first before we can process the port in."

                        Not pickme's fault whatsoever, just amazed at the luck I've had with this deal.

      • Tried chatting with 3 different agents today. All unhelpful

  • Damn this is a great deal, shame my current plan with telstra doesn't run out til august 2020 :(

  • been holding off for a while but this extra data does the job, thanks op

    • +4

      This is my chat with Boost, hope this helps

      Diossalyn - 13:29

      Yes you can get the $150 offer to get 120GB data and it will be only for online purchase only.

      If you will buy it with local stores you will only get 80GB data.
      Sam - 13:29
      But online there are delays? How long are delays?
      Diossalyn - 13:31

      Let me check what I can do here for you about the delays
      Sam - 13:32
      Diossalyn - 13:34

      Here's what we can do . yes we have delays that could take up to 15 days and to help you out here you can buy the $150 sim in any near local stores in your area adn feel free to contact us back and we will apply the additional 40GB data on your account . Just provide this reference number:

      • +3

        U forgot to put the reference number in

        • +2

          I got them to manually credit the 40gb a few minutes ago. Can confirm it hit my account now

  • +12

    I just tried activating a $150 SIM that I purchased Jan 7th from them during the $135 sale (online). Bonus data seems to be applied :)


    I'm porting from Kogan, so hopefully it doesn't take 2 weeks.

    • +2

      Requested a port from Kogan to Boost on Friday. Port not yet complete. Apparently Vodafone having some kind of issue releasing numbers. Kogan plan expired Saturday. No outgoing calls, texts or data ๐Ÿ˜”. Hesitant to recharge my kogan plan as it reduces the "steal" I got for Boost (240gb for $188)

      • Yeah same boat for my fiancee. Her Kogan plan expired yesterday but just bit the bullet and recharged an extra month with Kogan for the time being, who knows when it will be resolved.

  • Been worried about missing 135 deal, but this is too good. Thanks, OP. Ordered today. I can wait as my current plan has a 28 days of a notice period.

  • +1

    i have port my number from catch connect on sunday and received their port in request email and sms. however it has been 2 business days, still nothing happens.

    i have to their online chat,and got told they can't find the port request on their system.

    i think this might be the first and last time i try boost.

    • I just had a 3+ week saga porting away from Catch Connect, just FYI (porting to Optus)

  • Is this still better than the deal which Optus has going? They also have the same 120 gb data inclusions and 12 Month expiry for $150.

    • +3

      This is way better, same data, better network, plus unmimited international calls

      • +3

        I moved from yearly lebara to boost and I am not happy with boost.
        I travel every work day from Melbourne City and catch Belgrade line. Almost no internet in the city loop and throughout the line.. the network is too slow. With calls as well few dropsoffs.

        Not saying it's better to Lebara as with Lebara , city loop internet was better but they have 3 black spots where calls will drop and also phone goes to emergency mode.

        I'm using Note8 so band is not an issue.

        • +1

          Belgrade? Serbia? Sure you don't mean Belgrave?

    • +1

      depends if you absolutely need the international call , and who you are with right now.
      translation :
      If you are on Boost ; go to Optus.
      If you are on any others; go to Boost.

  • +11

    Com'on Boost, you should just make this $150/365days deal standard with 120gb data regardless of new activation or just a recharge from existing customers.

  • +2

    i got 20gb added after chatting with the rep, i activated last week.

    Better than nothing..

    • +1

      Same happened to me. I activated mine at the end of last month, and the 2nd rep I contacted gave me 20gb as "a gesture of goodwill" - I guess better than nothing as you say.

    • +1

      Thanks for the tip, activated last week but managed to get 40gb through chat :)

  • +1

    Hi sort of related to this deal. My catch connect runs out at the end of this month. Has anyone in the community ported from catch to boost? I was wondering how much time I should allow between porting.


    • +1

      My wife's Catch Connect plan ends 29/2 too, so I plan to start the port this Friday evening. I too would be interested in knowing if anyone else has had good luck with a Catch > Boost port.

      • After all the comments about slow porting, I've decided to initiate the Catch-to-Boost tonight. Fingers crossed.

        • I ported this morning took 3 min. Hope all goes well with everyone

          • @kzaj: Also I can confirm I bought boost pack in early Jan and I got the extra 40gb

          • @kzaj: 3 mins?! Porting your phone number from Catch Connect to Boost? I initiated ours last night and have only received an email saying it'll take 24+ hours, and still waiting. Sounds like you got lucky.

            • @JoelT: Totally surprised I read it might help if you ported during business hrs. Just tried and it was done. I think I was quite lucky

              • +1

                @kzaj: Nice.
                I initiated my Kogan one yesterday during business hours, but I know there're lots of problems with Kogan/Vodafone ports. Hopefully Catch gives me less headaches.

  • Hope this extra GB valid for last sale customers as well..+ following.

  • Man…My current plan with Boost ends on 18th march next month….I do not have enough time to port out to another provider then port it back to Boost before 30th March…or do I?

    • Yeah, looking for the same answer.

      I'm a bit tired today, so my brain has turned off in the afternoon. It might be that it includes recharge too. Looking at the website it isn't clear whether the rectangle includes all the text inside it. It seems to be a continuous rectangle, but I will probably call before I recharge.

      The offer will be around for some time.

    • You do. Most ports during business hours take less than an hour.

    • If you order directly from Boost you might not get the SIM for some time. I've ordered mine on 24/01 and have yet to receive my SIM from them.

  • +6

    Just did a OW price match using enjoyebuy price (142.5), got this card at $135. Not a best price, but still sweet.

    • But are you sure you will get bonus data? even though you didn't buy the SIM kit from BOOST online….

      • How is boost going to know where you bought the sim from?

        It's already been stated it shouldn't matter where you buy from, chat rep confirmed

        • -4

          Chat Rep confirmed with me, it has to be online purchased from BOOST online website to avail the offer.

          • -2

            @kiwiinoz: Neg voting me because you are angry at Boost Rep? come on…. lol….

  • -3

    I have a blank un-activated Telstra sim lying around. Can I use for Boost? Thanks.

    • +1

      No you can't…it has to be a BOOST Sim