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20% off Plaza Premium Lounges


Sorry as there are only 8 days left for this but you can still avail the 20% discount for booking the Plaza premium lounges for your travel needs.

Usage Period: 20 January - 29 February 2020 (Both dates Inclusive).

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    No travellers because of corona


    code didnt work for me :(

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    Thought this was pizza lounge


    Expired Promo Code


    Code didn't work

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    Cheaper using dragonpass method.

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/296608 note it's £19 via Regus now, but that's still cheaper.

    Side note, these lounges suck compared to other lounges.

    The food:
    Essentially just snacks - biscuits, cheese, dips, lollies, etc.

    There is usually bread available so you can make yourself a toasted sandwich (using the cheese for the biscuits), but that's your best bet.

    There was no cooked food except for reheated Laksa on request.

    No issues with drinks, but was understaffed when I visited. Had to wave down the one employee for a drink…

    Some have no showers.
    Limited toilets.

    Overall I ended up only really getting a toasted sandwich, some snacks and a drink out of it. For the price (~AU$30) I could've likely got a little more at standard shops inside the airport. Did provide a quiet place to rest for a bit though and they were happy with me being there 4-5 hours despite their limit (was empty then though).


      Went to the Plaza Premium Lounge at Changi (T1) on June 2019.

      Beer (only one variety) was free. House wine was free. Fancy wines and spirits are not.

      Food was regularly brought out and different varieties.

      Seats were comfy. Place was clean. The staff were attentive (empty plates removed).

      Toilets were clean.

      (Compared to the lounges in Sydney domestic and Canberra, Plaza Premium is better.)


        Yeah will likely differ based on which lounge, but one I visited (Melbourne from memory) was about the bare minimum a lounge could get away with.

        ie quiet seating area, drinks and snacks, not much beyond that.

        Note I didn't ask about any fancy drinks - only got a drink with a shot of vodka (absolute from memory) in it. Likely the same at this one

        Staff at this one weren't as quick to remove plates but that may have been them attempting to not disturb me (I was half asleep in a quieter part of the lounge lol)

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