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Qicklock Temporary Security Door Lock $5.99 (Was $11.99) Delivered @ Qicklock


This popular deal is back. Free Shipping Australia Wide.

Qicklock Portable Door Lock is brought to you by an Australian family owned and operated company. We see our products through from design, testing, manufacturing and marketing. We welcome all feedback as it can only make your experience in dealing with our company better. We are great listeners….Oh and we ship from Australia :) Single locks are packaged in blister pack with instructions. Multiple locks ordered come in wallet with instructions. PLEASE BE AWARE that Overseas shipping goes through customs and this can hold up the delivery time. If you require tracking and/or faster shipping please contact us before you place your order.

Mod: ABN is cancelled, purchase at your own risk.

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  • +4 votes

    ABN status: Cancelled from 13 Aug 2019
    Entity type: Australian Private Company
    Goods & Services Tax (GST): Not currently registered for GST
    Main business location:
    ACT 2609

    • -5 votes

      Your point?

      • -2 votes

        The site indicates that this company is the seller. You require an ABN for a company to sell goods.

        Edit: I was wrong. It is not compulsory, but it is unusual. Maybe they don't meet the $75,000 threshold for sales to require one.

        • +2 votes

          Maybe they re-registered the company in Phillipines after they realized they can pay 0% tax unless they sell goods inside Phillipines.

          • +5 votes

            @Blue Cat: I am sure there is a complex mix of trusts and LLCs registered in strategic tax havens with sophisticated transfer pricing methods to minimise Australian tax, including but not limited to having their corporate headquarters at 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington, Delaware (https://www.businessinsider.com.au/building-wilmington-delaw...) with an ultimate holding company in Ireland. All Qicklocks are transported by sea under ships flying a flag of convenience and burning the cheapest grade bunker oil. The owner sits in a chair stroking his cat laughing maniacally at the marvellousness of his scheming.

        • +1 vote

          Your getting confused with GST registration.
          You only need to register for GST when you earn over 75k.

          For this company though they are providing products directly to costumers so by law they require an ABN

  • +7 votes

    This product is pretty meh. $6 for a piece of metal is quite expensive. The knobby thing that came with it isn't attached and can be lost easily.

    Buy with caution.


      My knob got lost within 7 days of purchase. My fault I know, but they are easy to lose.

    • +7 votes

      I think it's a great device, provided you don't go and lose the barrel.

      The missus and have kept one in the top drawer beside the bed since they first came up on OB all those years ago. It has saved us having to explain things to the kids literally…like…well probably at least three times.

    • +2 votes

      You can spend a bit more on something like the Addalock (or similar cheaper clones) which work on a similar principle but has the knob bit attached by a chain.

    • +1 vote

      But it works! Once the airbnb owner tried opening our door and he failed - because of the Quiklock!

  • +10 votes

    If you have an old fork, a saw, and a bit of time you can makeone yourself.

    Example: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-lNFJt10w1E

    Works well. Have been mine for 4 years.

  • +4 votes

    Got a couple years ago. Works as advertised. Won't keep burglars out but great for some privacy if you have kids iykwim

  • +3 votes

    bought this in the last deal. only works on certain door types… like 50%


    Only can lock from inside as well

  • +4 votes

    Only works on some doors. The notches are too far apart so you cant hold the door tightly closed so the door can be opend and banged against the nob denting the door or chipping the paint.


    Bought several times. Good product. Gave couple to friends as well.

  • +1 vote

    We got one some time ago … tested it at home, it bent & got mangled testing it gently on the bedroom door.
    Sorry but no matter if Australian family owned, 50+ votes etc … for us this is simply $5 landfill that does not even work at home let alone on holiday as advertised.

    • +2 votes

      Wow my experience with this product/supplier is the exact opposite: mine would bugger up the door frame long before it bent. It's tough as.

      But bear in mind: I don't think the point of this device is to be an unbreakable defence. It's protection from intrusion, particularly where a door lacks a working (or adequate) lock.

      If someone wants badly to kick down your door then this is not the device you're looking for.

  • +3 votes

    Be warned: I thought this was a great idea for travelling, but I found myself in trouble at airport security in Europe (I think it was departing from Birmingham Airport, UK). They were not at all happy! It took several officers quite some time and convincing that it was nothing nefarious. I even offered to let them keep/bin it, but I think at that point they were suspicious of me. In the end I got the all clear.

    I actually haven't used this in years over at least 10+ holidays, but it's a relief knowing we have it there if needed.

    Edit: I should add that it was only after one of the officers googled the address on the little sleeve that they understood what it was for, but then it became a bigger issue of whether I was intending to somehow use it on the airplane…

    • +9 votes

      Probably could have saved yourself a few headaches and put it in your checked in luggage rather than carry on.

      • +2 votes

        We generally travel without checked luggage, only carry-on, if the trip is ~10 days in summer fewer in winter. Also I get what you're saying about checked luggage, but also I would forget to move it back into my carry-on or backpack and that's where you really want this thing so that it's handy when you're stuck in a dodgy bathroom without a lock!

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