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[eBay Plus] 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Clean Mop Au Version with 10 Smart Room Maps Mop Off-limit $573.99 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone,some requests about 360 S7 robot vacuum deal, so we decide to do promotion for this product with eBay Plus 10% off, Cheapest price so Far. Feedback from customers show this is excellent Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

Please check some feedbacks from here,You can also check product review by smartrobotreviews at Here

We offer 60 Days Money Back Guarantee for this Vacuum. You can return this product if you are not happy about performances.

We have been testing it for half a year and 360 have continuously updated its firmware to make the vacuum cleaner more and more intelligent. Smart Room Maps(upto 10 Smart Room Maps), Mop off-limit Areas and the Smart Schedule Cleaning function bring the robot vacuum to higher intelligence level than its competitors. Smart SLAM algorithm with Auto pilot tech further improve the cleaning efficiency.

360 team just set up Australian server recently to solve the server delay. For exsiting customers, please try power off and then power on again. Once server connected, it will be fine. You can also reset and reconnect wifi if you experience any problems.

We also have finished Australian compliance testing, meaning this Australian Version complies with all Australian standards.

Good product video Here.
See Smart Room Map, Mop Off-Limit, Smart Schedule Clean Video Here

>Multi-Floor Smart Map (Upto 10 Maps)
Smart Room Mapping
Mop Off-Limit Area (Watch This video for example in the app.)
Auto Switch to Mopping mode
Smart Schedule Clean supports specified Room cleaning and selected zone
Location Tracker Means that you do not need to start from the Dock.
Better docking (find effective way back to the dock even if not started from the dock.)
Sweep in order Features

  • LDS Lidar and SLAM algorithm, smarter and more efficient cleaning routes planning
  • Set sweeping and mopping off-limited areas via APP
  • Voice control through Alexa, easy to interact with your robot vacuum cleaner
  • Easy sweeping and mopping switch, automatically switches to mopping mode after installing the water tank, switch back to sweeping when the tank is removed
  • Smart water tank, water seeps out slowly and evenly on the mopping pad, and stops when the cleaning stops, leaves no water stains on your floor
  • Intelligent room identification, users can customize cleaning specifically for living room, bedroom, corridor, bathroom, etc.
  • 4 cleaning modes: Quiet, Standard, Powerful, Max 2000Pa suction, max 65dB noise
  • Carpet recognization, automatically switches to max mode with 2000Pa suction power for deep cleaning
  • Self-adjusted main brush to handle uneven surfaces with more flexible
  • Automatically recharge and resume, go back to recharge when power is lower than 20 percent, after being fully recharged, automatically continue the unfinished cleaning task
  • Memory cleaning area to ensure efficient cleaning of large house
  • Control panel button light color: normal display blue light, error display red light, distribution network display a blue light
Comparison 360 S7 Vacuum and Mop Roborock s5 Roborock s6
Laser Distance Sensor Lastest LDS With Auto Pilot Tech Older Version New Version
Suction 2000Pa 2000Pa 2000Pa
Smart Room Mapping Yes (10 Maps) No Yes(3 Maps)
Clean Mode sweeping, mop only or sweep and mop at the same time sweeping, mop or sweep and mop at the same time
Auto Mop Switch Yes (Automatically switches to vacuum and Mop Mode and wont enter to Mop off-limit Area.) No No
Smart Schedule Clean Yes, Scheduled cleaning supports specified Room cleaning and selected zone Cleaning which is cool.Need to update to new firmware. No No
Restrict Area Yes Yes Yes
Mop off-Limit Area Yes No No
Selected room cleaning Yes No Yes
Dust Bin 550ml 480ml 480ml
Water Tank 150ml 140 140

We offer 60 Days Money Back Guarantee for this Vacuum. Enjoy.

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Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • I like the sound of the auto mop switch. I've always been surprised at the major flaws in Roborock and Braava mops regarding running the mop over the carpet or failing to traverse carpet without the mop in order to get to an area that needs mopping. Nice work!

  • +1

    Very happy with this unit. We just need to build a portable ramp so it can get down the single step we have in the house.

    My only comment is that the app is slow, clunky, difficult to set up, and the translations to English look like they’ve come straight from Google Translate. We’ve actually chuckled at some of the messages it sends.

    • 360 team just set up Australian server yesterday to solve server delay problem, App should improve a lot now, please try power off and then power back on. I just give suggestions regarding English, they will change it after reviewing.

    • +1

      Maybe program a drone to transport your robot between levels

  • Is there a way to team 2 of these?

  • +1

    How does it compare to the S5 max

    • Would like to know this also :)

  • Any progress on Google assistant compatibility?

    • +1

      Will check and let you know.

  • Where can I buy extra mop pads that actually fit the device?

    • Also brushes / side brushes as well as other spare parts. eg.fans /lasers/motors etc.
      I have roborock S5 and these vacuums take a pounding. They will break after a while.
      Fan has died - replacement $14 from aliexpress. I would prefer to uy from Aus, but ebay charging $60 for same part.

      NB: Not knocking s5 - It's freakin awesome.

      Tossing up getting one of these for second floor. Need to see how they go reliability wise.

      • We have repair parts for 360, we offer Australian local Warranty service.

  • +2

    I have one of these. They are fantastic. Does take a beating trying to climb things. It can cause some damage underneath, which is why it's important to add as many block off zones as possible. Tricky when going under the dining table between chair legs. Happy to answer questions.

    • +1 on fantastic. I have 280m2 of floor space, does a complete clean house with 2 charges on low power. I have medium pile carpets and on each run it manages to pick up more dust. It navigates well and does a better job than hand vacuum. App is a little slow and clunky. Use it with caution. My Samsung S8 detects malware and you can control the vacuum remotely via the Internet as opposed to the safer WiFi only option.

      • +1

        Same I have it on lower power mode and it still does an awesome job! Incredible how much dust these things collect.. quite shocking really.

      • +1

        360 team just set up Australian server yesterday to solve server delay problem, App should be much better now.Please try power off and then power on again. Once server connected, it will be fine.

  • +1

    Robot vacuum cleaners prices are trending higher each year. I remember my first one.

    2017: Xiaomi Vacuum $330

    2020: 360 S7 $574

    Profit margin? Or is that $200 going into tech?

    • AUD had declined last 2 years may be? Some camera lenses are more expensive than a few years ago (same model).

  • I'm looking to ditch the Roborock S5, GearBite can you confirm if the 360 S7 has any magnetic sensors in it?

    • +1

      why are you ditching the S5?

      • +1

        I could never get it to complete a clean without errors, and after a year have given up on Roborock ever adding a fix to their firmware.

        • Just curious, were there any particular parts of our house or objects in the house causing the errors? I'm thinking of getting an S5 so interested in knowing where it doesn't work so well.

        • My S5 has been the best so far, flawlessly does it's whole area.
          The orginal S4 surpises me if it finishes, usually gets stuck between table/shares or on a carpet, and always misses another carpet.

  • Hey OP, do you sell these in black? Keen to get one for upstairs in my new house.

  • How does this compare to Xiaomi?

  • These are neat, though the app can be a little clunky.

    It also sometimes chucks a hissy fit in the afternoons occasionally with the sunlight and pattern on my flooring making it think the drop sensors are tripping.

    It’s also a prodigious climber, which can be a bit bad if you have some squared couch legs because it may beach itself, so make use of the no go zones. They’re very accurate.

    Solid toy for the price.

    • 360 team just set up Australian server yesterday to solve server delay problem, App should be much better now.Please try power off and then power on again. Once server connected, it will be fine.

    • My Robo S6 keeps trying to climb my pedestal fan base. I doesn't get completely beached but gee it tries hard to climb.

  • Does this come with an Au plug or convertor?

    • AU version with au plug.

      • Thank you. Order placed :)

  • App still seems slow and clunky. The robot connects to q.smart.360.cn when pinging it i get between 250-350ms response times, so doesnt look like its connecting to an Australian server

    • -1

      ping upload.smart.360.cn, that is Australian Server now. Around 23ms-32ms.

      • Yes upload.smart.360.cn pings fast, but looking at DNS request from the robot, For today there is 650 request for q.smart.360.cn and only 2 for upload.smart.360.cn

        So it appears that most communication is going via q.smart rather than upload.smart?

  • Purchased one via this offer. Fast postage. Great vacuum. Highly recommended!

  • +1

    App is slow though. Times out sometimes :(

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