This was posted 2 years 4 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kogan Mobile | $14.90 for 90 Days | 20GB Per 30 Days | Unlimited Talk & Text (New Customers)


Greetings everyone, seems like this offer has just been extended now to any new numbers for the next 7 days, rather than having to port in from a different provider :)

"Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 10/04/2020. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date. "

Live large on a 90 Day LARGE Plan with a huge 60GB of total data! That’s 20GB of data to use every 30 days on the lightning fast Kogan Mobile 4G network.

  • New customers only
  • Free SIM card included
  • HUGE 60GB of data – 20GB per 30 days
  • UNLIMITED standard national calls for 90 days
  • UNLIMITED standard texts and MMS for 90 days
  • All for use within Australia
  • Incredible value prepaid plan – no hidden fees!

As always, enjoy :)

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    Important fine print:

    "Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 10/04/2020. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date. "

    • +2

      This is very important, bought this sim from the previous deal 2 weeks ago, I didn't bother about the expiry date and just started porting my number yesterday, and found out that the voucher just expired end of February, good thing they were considerate and issued me another voucher when I called the help centre. Make sure to read the voucher expiry date from your email.

    • hmmm the expiry date might not long enough as you need to port out your number at least 30 days before you can port it back to Kogan.

      • +3

        Another thing to remember, turn off auto renew ASAP, I paid $99 for that lesson to renew another 3 months for a backup sim.

  • +7

    Great news. It was pretty silly they changed it to "port in customers only" in the first place.
    Good way to lose new customers.

  • +6

    Word of warning, the porting times may be much longer than anticipated.

    Or maybe I’m so used to Amaysim’s super quick porting times.

    • +1

      Did you port in from Vodafone network?

    • +1

      Took me a week to port, also needed to call them a few times to make it happen. Last time I kogan

    • -3

      took me 2 months, dozens of calls and accusing Catch, and a chat with TIO. They waited until AFTER TIO's deadline to keep trying after that.

    • why do people hate me for sharing a bad experience with kogan, the seller in this deal?

      • Why do you think people hate you?

      • +2

        Because porting with Kogan is easy, as long as your details match with your current provider it only takes minutes, sometimes hours.

        Providers priorities porting because they want to on board a customer.

        • Porting to anyone should be and has been easy, I've been porting once or twice a year for ages. This is the first time it has gone bad, and it was 100% kogan's fault and they did not have the competence to fix it in a timely manner.

          To anyone who thinks it won't happen to them just because they've done everything right on their end, well, good luck.

    • Just ported yesterday (Sunday), only took less than 4 hours. Just make sure you enter exactly the same Lastname and given name from your previous account so you won't have any issue.

    • I did my porting from Amaysim 2 weeks ago on this deal, did it around 5pm, took only less than 15 mins no issue.

  • Thanks Op.

    Does Kogan have an option to add international calling pack or similar?

    you can add an international calls pack starting at $5.

    • Did you check the website?
  • +3

    Excuse my ignorance. What's the difference between 'new numbers' and 'port ins'?

    • port in means you're bringing an existing number with you.

    • Someone correct me if I'm wrong but is a new number is considered if you port out of e.g kogan to another provider for 30 days or more?

      • That is "new customer".

        • +1

          Whoops my bad was meant to type "new customer" instead of "new number"

        • can you port out to a $2 telstra sim, and then port back to kogan straight away and be considered as a new customer? but while retaining the same email login details?

          • @Samsungnote10: There is a 30 day wait time since you last ported out of Kogan.

            • @io: As in they wont let you come back if its less than 30 days?? Ie port back rejected?

  • Great timing I'm on my last 2 day's from my previous 60day deal thanks

    • +1

      this isn't a recharge

      it's new/porting customers.

      You have to port out for 30 days and then you can use this.

      • +3

        I don't recharge I activate it as a New number I only want the data I've been using this for a few years now.

        • +2

          Although you were correct but making a blank statement and people would assume your talking about

          your main number for calls and data ( you did not state otherwise ), hence they tried to advice you to help.

  • +2

    I ported into this deal from Telstra on Saturday expecting it to take a few hours, it took 10 mins.

  • +2

    Why not using 3 x 30 days 40GB vouchers instead?

    • How do you do that if you want to use the same phone number?

      • +1

        I think he was referring to the fact this specific deal includes non-port-ins now. If not for data or acquisition of a side job (drug dealer?), he's asking why would you need a "new" number that lasts for more than a month?

        To achieve what you want, maybe you can alternate between Kogan and Catch $4.90 deals every month plus a few days, but I haven't tried it (creating a new number each month is instant at 4am on a Saturday morning and anxiety free, unlike porting). I'd like to if anyone can confirm it works long-term. I just left Belong because they were banning people's numbers, so I'm using the Catch 90 day deal for now on my real number.

        • Why is Belong banning peoples numbers?

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: Unfortunately my only sources are OzBargainers. They say they have been banned for self-referrals (usually to get cheap data and $20 credit) and porting in and out repeatedly (probably porting in with discounted deals).

            I had Belong for over a year as my primary number and never paid them a cent for that number, since I received a free $40 starter pack to begin with, and used free SIM referrals to keep myself going. I was going to port in and out to avoid losing my number but after hearing the latest reports I've abandoned them completely.

            • +1

              @peterpeterpumpkin: Haha, you are a hardcore sim s**t, or even better on the "Sim Gravy train" and had a good run then. I remember reading about that here, so people actually lost their regular numbers just like that, unable to get it back?

              I have been sim swapping and s**ting for years and loved those free Kogan XL sims for data, but never went the Belong way even although I think I had a free $40 Belong starter pack, but read there were some potential problems with activating that with credit so just left it.

  • +1

    Will this roll on after 90 days ie will i be able to pay another $14.90 at the end of the first 90 days for another 90 days?

  • Thanks OP brought one

  • Great for tablets, what is the expiry for activation?

    • +2

      The OP says 10/04/2020.

      If it's just for a tablet Catch is cheaper after cashback if you don't mind the Optus network.

  • What happens if you use the 20gb data before 30 days?

    No more data, continue until 60gb used or extra charges?

    • +2

      No more data until the next 30-day period begins.

      Reverse is also true in that any unused data in the 20GB is lost at the beginning of a new 30-day period.

  • Thats more like it……thanks OP.

  • Does anyone know what kind of verification they need? Credit card, ID etc?

    • +3

      With Kogan you'll need a credit card regardless during sign-up.

      And then a driver's licence or passport (I always use a driver's licence so didn't read the list) like every other online SIM activation these days (they verify the ID number, name, address, dob all match).

  • Thanks op, bought 2.

  • I am currently with Kogan using this plan that I bought a few months ago. It is about to finish, and I'd like to use this one again. How do I become a new customer again since I want to keep my number?

    • +3

      port out for 30 days, then port back in with this sim

  • +1

    Catch Connect (optus network) also has a similar deal atm

  • All my blank Kogan sim cards don't work anymore. Is there any expiry?

    • +1

      1 year from purchasing date.

      I have recently trashed 2 sims which may have been 2 or 3 years old and were sent to me by Kogan by mistake.

      • ^^^This^^^

        I have recently trashed 10 sims that were too old that were sent to me by Kogan because I ordered heaps.

  • +1

    Wouldn't this will be a better offer as the voucher expires on 30/6/20 rather than April ?

    • +1

      This deal allows you open a new number, not limit to bring a current one.

      • I would have thought almost everyone has an existing numbers here, except of course if they buy it for overseas family or friends coming over.

  • CAn i port my number and still keep my simcard? or do i have to wait until it arrives.

  • Can I buy a $2 sim from any other provider and port to Kogan to get this deal? I am new to those deals so please help me out!

    • +1

      Let's start at the beginning then. Who are you currently with ( assuming prepaid or contract expired )?

      If ready to port to Kogan, if this plan suits you then purchase offer, the code is sent in few hours as email, then wait 5-10 working days to receive sim in mail to port over, or buy a $2 Kogan sim from 7/11 or Liberty Service stations and port sooner, when 90 days are up you can re-charge with what suits you from Kogan, or port out to similar deal at Catch or whoever you want.

  • Have been porting back and forth between Kogan and Catch Connect many times… Recently Kogan coverage and speed have become poor :(

    Anyways, for me, time to port to Catch Connect.

    • When you port to Catch Connect do you use the same email address? I noticed that unlike Kogan, Catch Connect do not delete the account from their system.

      • Yes, always same email address.

  • Can I buy this for 14.90 and then port my number to the new number given with kogan sim. I am presently with amaysim

    • +1

      Yes, you can port your current number from amaysim to this kogan service

  • Maybe I've been on locked in plans for too long, but I don't really understand. After the first 90 days, how much does it cost to recharge? It says that this deal is 85% off. If it were 0% off, then that would be around $33 per month. Is that the cost after the first 90 days?

    After the first 90 days, do I then recharge for the next 30 days, or the next 90 days since it is a 90 day plan?

    And can I set it up to recharge automatically at the end of every 30 or 90 days?

    • Most Ozbargainers getting excited over this deal jump from provider to provider depending on the deal, hence the enthusiasm surrounding port speeds. I am not a Kogan expert but I am reasonably sure they will be happy to take your money (on which ever of their plans you select) for 30 or 90 or 180 or 365 day recharges after the subsidised trial ends.

    • Never recharge, either port it out or leave it expired/suspended.

  • Anyone else find that their 10 digit voucher number is invalid?

    I called kogan mobile, who said to contact The kogan website does not allow you to phone only submit an electronic message?

  • found the answer :)

    • +1

      Can't find the question

      • +2

        You must both work for Kogan support!

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