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D'LUCCI Smart Bidet Toilet Seat $399 @ Bunnings


With all the talk of toilet paper shortage, I thought I post this. Just bought this the other day to replace the Smartmi, the damn thing stop working just over 18 months and wow truely can never go back to the cold dead normal toilet seat. I am supprise Bunnings start to sell these. Got all the features of the whale sprout which include warm air blow dry (my favourite feature now). Instead of the app control it have a wireless remote magnetically attached to wall which is a lot better then the app control in my opinion. For extra $60 more then the whale sprout you get Australia approve water marks and power cable, and 3 years warranty..yes a backflow valve and T adapter included.

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  • The reusable toilet paper material i posted was a better deal, and uses less water(especially if you have a front loader). :)

    • I’ll grant you that reusable is beneficial to the environment but when working away from the house paddock you don’t get better than cutting sections out of your flannel shirt sleeves.

      • Yes but flannos arnt back in stock at kmart yet. ;)

        • BCF flannels regularly go on sale and are the best I’ve found, they’re tighter through the body so don’t flap too much when in position but have longer sleeves and a slightly longer hem than many others.
          Aldi flannels whilst cheap when picked up half price are a bit too wide in the body and too short in the sleeve in my opinion.
          I’m yet to try Kmart flannels.

          • @mapax: Well where i came from only rich people shopped at aldi, because they have to drive 200kms to an aldi. At least with kmart, the flybys points add to our coles/shell points. With shell/coles we get discounted fuel. Winner winner!

            • @BewareOfThe Dog: Well Aldi didn’t even exist when I was growing up, but we had a Tuckerbag not far, or an hour each way to a Safeway. One place I lived at only had a longdrop, we used to drill a hole in the old phonebooks and hang them on a rope. For a month or so after we first arrived it was on a peg but a fox dragged it into the mud one night, the fox took a permanent nap the next night and we invested in a rope for the dunnybook. And don’t forget the bloody kero or you’ll get maggots!

              • @mapax: Yeah well my old girl would put the old mans porno mags in there. Being colour the only thing that stood out were the redbacks.

                • @BewareOfThe Dog: To this day I still check under the seat and around the bowl for red backs, and don’t forget to check for snakes!

                  General rule was that if you find a red belly be gentle moving it because they’re our friends that keep away the browns. However if you find a brown snake all bets off and don’t get bitten because the nearest hospital is over 100km away.

  • normal price is $399 according to price hipster

  • Does it wash out butt mud?

  • Normal prices aren't bargains.

  • You could go for the Kogan Toilet Seat for $249 + Delivery which is usually $269 despite them saying it's $389 at normal prices. Just waiting on the sparky to install a power point so I can plug the bidet into it which should hopefully be tomorrow. Will give a review if anyone wants one. :P

    • Kogan also came up in my search (they have quite a few different models), in the end I op for the 3 years warranty considering the previous one fail after 18 months. And dealing with Bunnings warranty is a bit less hassle. And able to mount the control at different location is also nice.

      • Xiaomi was also something I considered. Their older model had a design I preferred with the controls facing up (like the Japanese style ones). Their new model has the controls on the side like the one in the OP. Figured Kogan would've been better to deal with warranty wise compared to Xiaomi and also I saw a few complaints that they had trouble fitting the Xiaomi one with their toilet. The 3 years warranty from D'LUCCI would be nice as the Kogan and Xiaomi ones only offered 1 year without an option to extend.

        • +1 vote

          That what I am replacing, the Xiaomi Smartmi, very nice design and comfortable, unfortunately it fail after 18months a lot of other ozbargainers report the same thing. Such a shame because it was a very nice unit.

          • @huu: What exactly stops working on the Xaiomi? Is it circuit board related? I'm surprised that it wouldn't be fixable. i.e a popped capacitor or something.

            I have read many say, as you do, that it stopped working but not ever mention what went wrong.

            • @SonOfATightASS: The ring of light arround the water temp control flashes follow by 3 beep when power on. Nothing works no button registered. I did open it up (4 triangular screw behind the rubber Cromer) the inside look new, very well made with all the tube and wires still intact. The whole circuit board are dip in rubber gel fully water proof so can not get to it to fix anything. Since it's the water temp section flash I suspect that it water temp sensor no way to tell the whole board are in hard gel (total guess here could be anything) other user reports different light flash different number of beep.

          • @huu: Ah damn didn't know it was so common to have problems, my Xiaomi is buggered as well, water pressure is good on some presses and pretty much drips on others. I'll stick with it until it craps out completely I guess.

    • How much is it going to cost you to get the power point installed? I'm thinking about getting one installed as well.

    • Tempted on this. I can't find the proper measurements with the mounting holes. How do you know it is compatible with your toilet bowl?

    • I'd be keen to hear your genuine review.

      • Installation wasn't as bad as I expected. I have 0 plumbing knowledge and the instructions were fairly easy to follow. The seat is a little loose so it might need to adjust to fit the toilet - I'm unsure if this was because I did a sort of dodgy job with installing the bracket or? Overall it works really well, the first clean on my bum just sent me back to my Japan trip. We'll see if I run any issues in future. :P

    • Just noting they don't sell any replacement filters or nozzles (they took 3 weeks to find me that info).

      • +1 vote

        This one came with an extra spare nozzle, charcoal filter can also be remove but no spare.

      • Well they do provide a replacement one for the front and back nozzle if that helps.

    • Wasn't the $269 a 30% off special. The price remains at $389 currently.

    • damn i just bought one for drum roll $389 delivered. Also the kogan bidet only has 1 month warranty:

      'Please make your selection carefully as we are unable to accept this product for refund or exchange if you simply change your mind or if you made an incorrect purchase.

      This product is covered by the Customer Charter and comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

      1 Month Manufacturer Warranty (Included)'

      but then again i really spent $0 because i got $500 credit from the kogan black credit card promotion and wanted a bidet so… win win? Unless it fails in 1 month a 1 day xD

      • Damn, that's quite the price jump. You could've gone for the newer Xiaomi Whale Spout model for around that price. Also with the warranty, I'm pretty sure it was 1 year on their website, unless they just recently changed it? I distinctly remember comparing the warranty times between Xiaomi, Kogan, Bunnings etc before making my purchase.

        • I copied and paste the warranty. No xiaomi on kogan and i had $500 kogan credit…. so free lunch or in this case free kogan bidet

  • Thanks. Great for when your local supermarket sells out of toilet paper for some reason

  • Taken down now?

  • My smart mi died after 18 months too. It's like it has an expiration date and died for no reason

  • Is it d.i.y. installation? Or plumber required?

    • Need an electrician for the power point. Water just fit to your existing mini cistern tap, all hose and adapter included (if you haven't got an existing mini cistern tap you need a plumber to install one)

      • Great find OP. Will get two.

        But I have concern, at my place, the mini cistern tap is connected to recycle water not the fresh water. is it safe to use recycled water on private parts of the body?

        • It have an online filter, but I am not sure if that is enough. There are two type of reuse water, recycle water and Gray water. I personal wouldn't use it. I work in healthcare, it quite common to get infection in those area if not keep "clean".

  • when you want to make taking a shit more complicated.

    • Pressing one button is less complicated than shoving a piece of a tree up your ass and you don't have to worry about someone not replacing the toilet paper roll (or everyone getting a bit obsessed with doomsday preppers and buying all the toilet paper in the country)

  • Which side are the water and Power on these? from what I read the standard is water on left and power on right (when looking from the front)

    • This one Water left, power have channel which can be exit both side.

      • My water outlet is on the right (when facing the toilet from the front) will it reach?

        Also how does the deodoriser work?

        • +1 vote

          It came with an extension hose which will reach, but if you have one of those Back to wall with no access behind then you wont be able to reach the other side.

          The deodoriser server just to suck the air back behind you instead of up to your face. The small piece of charcoal won't do much.

  • What kind of JOB does this do compared to the showme?

  • I was wondering when someone would remember that bidets and bum guns (whatever they're officially called… those things next toilets in Thailand) reduce the need for TP…

  • +1 vote

    Oki it official we are doom! The truck that carry out toilet paper just roll over and all our toilet paper just went up in flame.

  • My toilet seat is only 500mm long, I assume any of the Bidets inclusive of Kogan, D'LUCCI and Xiaomi will overhang? Is the only real option is to buy a new toilet bowl?

  • No longer available at Bunnings it seems - not on website

  • Do Australian standards for washlets require reduced pressure zone devices (normally cost $275) to be fitted by a plumber?

  • Purchased and installed one, fairly straight forward and so good so far.