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Free $20 Voucher (No Minimum Spend) for Summit Club Members @ Kathmandu


Received a Welcome $20 voucher in the email. Can be used in Store or online.
Thanks to Doweyy's Deal

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    Knew I screwed up when I didn't jump on this deal last week, now it's expired

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      You're a knob 😉

    • You and me both lol, I didn't bother either

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      All you had to do was purchase a 'LIFETIME' membership for free

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        Haha… Do you know you can get it free anytime, if you walk in the store buy some stuff? and yeah probably ask nicely.

        I got offered twice. Me and mistress have it without paying a penny.

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      Yeah didn't receive an email after signing up to the deal the other day :(

      • Likewise, just signed up with the last deal, but no email.

      • Me either unfortunately

        • I take that back. Got one today. Thanks op

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        Just fyi, you need to actually login and complete your profile details to actually "join" the club. Got the email some hours later.

      • Just received mine today after signing up last week.

  • Got one too!

    • email subject?

      • +1

        JasRulz63, enjoy $20 off gear for your next adventure

      • Mine only showed up 30 mins ago, so you might still get one.

  • Do you earn cash back with gift card ?

    • Most likely not:


      You may not be eligible for Cashback:

      • If a gift card is purchased or used as payment.
      • If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards.



      • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
      • Gift card purchases and Use of Giftcards
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    Wait a couple of days to stack with Kathmandu gift cards for 10% off at Woolies.

    • Hey we have the same avatar?

  • do they offer free click and collect?

  • +1

    Haven't received yet

  • What can you buy with it under 20?

    • A few items. I brought something for $10 and Postage $10 = $0 :)

  • -2

    If someone is not using their code and happy to pass it on? PM me please.

  • +18

    Some things that are $20 and under:
    - quickDRY Men's Brief - $19.98
    - Microfibre Towel - $20
    - Robin 14 Head Torch - $10
    - Batu Cap - $15
    - Polycarbonate Dinner Set - $20
    - Luggage Strap - $10
    - Bike Saddle Bag Deluxe - $18
    - Alta Lightweight Gloves - $10
    - Roamer Roll Up Picnic Rug - $18
    - BPA Free Flip Top Drink Bottle - $12
    - Medwin Cap - $10
    - Lite Ace Collapsible Cap - $20

    Shipping is extra (free over $100), but store pick-up is available and free.

  • sweeeeet

  • +1

    Mine has a minimum spend. Check the T&C at the bottom of the email.

    *$20 will be deducted from your total purchase price when you spend $20 or more by 07 May, 2020

  • Yay, got the email and just ordered a pair of fingerless gloves for free (incl shipping!) thanks a lot!

  • Anything worth getting?

  • +11

    Gotta love the reviews, LOL

  • +2

    I got the free lifetime membership but no voucher.

    • same, wouldnt mind one as i want to get a pair of merino gloves but cant be stuffed paying $35-50 for them

  • -1

    Can anyone say if there’s a generic code (e.g., last 3 digits of the promo code or similar)?

    • its not generic, its a gift voucher code with a pin number.

  • +11

    I’m picturing Kathmandu’s marketing team giving each other high fives after their free summit membership deal achieved 500% better sign up rate than their original projections.
    Stage 2 of their plan is to entice all members into spending some money with a $20 voucher. Based on their current average customer spend of $90 they are thinking they are sure to get some great sales out of this.
    Little do they know that 95% of their new sign ups will clean out every $20 item they stock, regardless of whether they need it or not. And when the $20 items are gone we will cherry pick the lesser value items, strategically getting as close to $20 as possible.
    Once stage two of the raid is complete, then and only then will we invest our own hard earned dollars to purchase items in the price range of $21-$26.50. Although some greener ozbargainers may get caught up in the moment and go as high as a $30 item.

    • i went up as high as $90 on a clearance item but I got 2x $20 vouchers, maybe they knew I'd go that far :-/

    • +3

      Kathmandu is down 7.18% on the asx. Beginning of the end. All started by an innoncent $20 voucher for a free membership

  • No voucher but when I signed up I ticketed the tickbox so I didnt get emailed news/offer, I didn't want the spam, maybe that is why no voucher..

  • Thanks got a picnic blanket!

    • Thanks, me too.
      Click and collect = $0 upfront.

  • Just purchased something for $10 + $10 shipping. No payment required. Awesome, cheers.

    • Same with Me.

    • +2

      Free click and collect available too.

      • There are no stores close by unfortunately.

  • Also received this email today after signing up on Saturday for the free Summit Club membership.

  • +3

    I received at exact 48 hours after they sent you "Welcome to Summit Club"

    • Good to know. I will sit tight a couple more hours

  • +1

    Good opportunity to stock up on some over priced polyester

  • +1

    Has anyone been able to actually buy anything? I reach the checkout page but then it keeps waiting and doesn't let me select shipping options or even enter payment. Tried FF/Chrome/Incognito

    • So, apparently Edge browser works. Was able to place the order and received the confirmation email.

  • Bought a nice flask for $10.

  • Got a voucher just now. Bought a picnic rug. Thanks

  • Has anyone received pickup confirmation or delivery yet ?
    Meaning they can pickup the item/ the item sent off.

    • No, not yet.

  • From my experience, their click and collect is a little slow.
    I have a feeling your item may come from somewhere else to your store.
    Once my purchase came out of their internal postal package.

  • any suggestion os what to buy under $20?

    Their website search function is a mess.

    Even if i filter to show $0-$50, results shows items over $50 and the price is not even sorted frmo higest to lowest or vide versa.

    Difficult to find and sort all items below $20

  • ….got me a voucher too thanks to doweyys membership deal. gotta love a free voucher! ;)

  • 2x Stuff Sacks V4 (Large 12L Size) for $15 (Usual Price RRP $19.98 Each) @ Kathmandu (Summit Club Members)
    … may be of some use to those wondering what to spend their voucher on?

  • Long shot. But if anyone has a voucher and isn’t going to use it then please feel free to PM it to me. ( happily take donations so I can grab some torches for the kids).

  • Surprisingly kathmandu does not sell gas butane canister

  • I signed up, filled in all my details but never got an email. What gives?

  • not for me… ozbargained…?

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