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Telstra Samsung Galaxy A20 $179 @ Coles


As Title Says Above: Samsung Galaxy A20 $179 at Coles.


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    locked to telstra…

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      yeh, but if u use boost service, then its compatible with telstra locked phone…

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        • 6.4" Super AMOLED 720 x 1560 (HD+) with water drop notch
        • Rear Finger Print
        • NFC
        • B28
        • USB-C
        • 4,000 mAh Battery
        • RAM 3GB
        • Storage 32GB
        • MicroSD (Up to 512GB)
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          Isn't the Telstra version only 2GB? Going by the listing on the Telstra site.

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            @stiiky: No - this is confirmed as a TYPO that they cannot (for some unknown reason) be bothered to correct.
            I purchased a Telstra version ages ago and it is 3GB - ignore their moronic inability to update the simplest thing (their own webpage).
            I actually called a number of Telstra shops and all they did was go to their web page and read what it said. My 4th attempt got someone that was WILLING to actually pick up a box and read the specs.

            I did try and talk to a Telstra rep via phone but he decided I was actually wrong and that 'some manufacturers make different versions for providers' etc etc. Even when I said I was holding the Telstra version of the phone in my hand RIGHT NOW, he still said I was mistaken. I gave up and decided they deserve to lose sales…

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              @Arcticfox: Thanks so much for clarifying that. Makes it way easier to go with it. I'm on belong so it saves having to unlock urgently but might do it later to keep options open. Otherwise was going to look at the Voda with confirmed 3GB.

            • @Arcticfox: Haha, I feel your pain with some sales people.

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        Will belong work too? Want to get one for mum

        • yes

        • Thank you!! Do you have to do anything for belong? Just put the sim in??

      • hi is this for definate want to buy it for the father in law as he is with boost.

      • careful! New Telstra prepaid sim cards do no longer work in boost prepay phones! I got caught!

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      Great post.
      So altogether, get an unlocked A20 for $185

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        he did the maths

      • I know it's not the ozb way but if you're with voda/tpg and not confident unlocking, you can get this phone for an extra $20 at the Vodafone store. Retailed at $199.

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      Confirmed, works but takes a novice about 10 to 15 minutes. Voda vers at the end you have only 3 go's and you need to enter twice 8 zeros, make no mistake but the service guided me even on a Sunday arvo. Great unlock firm!

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      My boyfriend bought me this phone last week for my birthday, he paid $280 for an unlocked one and was proud of himself because he knew he could get it cheaper locked but knew an unlocked one would be better for me. Didn’t have the heart to tell him I could unlock it cheaply and save him nearly $100.

      • Oh dear, so he doesn't know about Ozbargain then?

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    Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 is $169 at Big W if you can find stock (and then add the unlock): https://www.bigw.com.au/product/vodafone-samsung-galaxy-a20/...

    As for anyone on the fence, the A20 is a great device for the price. Sure it isn't the fastest thing to unlock or use camera, and the photos aren't perfect, but seriously, at <$200, it's an amazing piece of hardware.

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      In NSW only these stores have stock:
      BIG W Charlestown IN STOCK
      BIG W Mudgee IN STOCK
      BIG W Bega LOW STOCK (call store on 02 6494 8500)
      ALso Vodafone one has $30 starter pack include. But no ear piece.

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    Brought this phone for wife on Sunday from kmart for $189 (Vodafone locked) (had kmart gift card).
    Got it unlocked for $5.xx. It was quick and easy.

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      Did she appreciate you bringing it back after you bought it?

    • Delete, beaten to it

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    An OP of few words.

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    I have this phone , it's great in many aspects,but the gps is so unreliable. So hard to get a quick satellite lock.

    • Does it have 5ghz WiFi? Spec sheet says no on Samsung AU but it seems to have this in other markets.

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        It doesn't. (IIRC mine is the Vodafone-locked one from AusPost, and I can't connect to my 5 GHz networks)

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          same here. voda a20, doesn't connect to my 5ghz wifi.

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        have the phone, can confirm no 5ghz wifi :(

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      Interesting, do other users have the same issue? (Question not directed back at you Kangaroo)

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      Even the Galaxy S6 is GPS stubborn, turn it off it dumps all registers and makes you wait again. HTC's are better navigators!

    • Do you have the Telstra version?

    • The GPS is very unreliable and hard to lock on.

  • This or a 2nd hand Samsung S6 in excellent condition for around same price. I am leaning towards an S6???

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      If you want software updates and peace of mind with warranty get this one

      • Oops, meant to say Samsung S7, not S6. Software updates not too worried about. More about quality i.e. decent camera, GPS that works well etc. I already have an S7 and was more thinking for a friend who still uses a Nexus 4……and happily does so!

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          Warranty.. I loved my s6. I had it from new and I really looked after it but it died suddenly last year. I didn't need or want anything else, especially because I'm more on a budget these days. I wish I still had one or better a s7/8 but I would hesitate getting a used one.

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          Micro USB? No thanks!

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          The battery will be shot and replacing it on an s7 is either risky or expensive, the cheap places (still $100) I took mine said there's a risk they'll crack the glass because they need to use a heat gun to remove it. Samsung was going to charge $150 for memory.

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            @freefall101: Yeah, always a risk. I still get a good two days out of my S7 battery without issue and it's a few years old. OK, I don't leave Mobile Data on 24/7 and am a light user so that helps. When the time comes in a year or so (if even) to replace the battery, will just give it a go myself, doesn't look too hard (but I like electronic repairs). OR by then buy 2nd hand next model up :-)

            Its the Camera side of things that I like on the "Flagship" Samsung's that the lesser models do not seem to give (will stand corrected as am not as much across current models).

      • What updates? Still on October patch….

        Camera is this phones biggest weakness. Particularly focus….

        • Huh…mine works fine and use it every day for taking pics of many things long distance and much closer up like inside PCs etc. Pics are great for the most part. The one annoying thing though is if somebody was under an umbrella on a bright sunny day…….getting the lighting right so that they are in focus/lit up and not background. Haven't worked that one out. It used to be fine and suspect a setting but all set to Auto. But thats a subject for another thread as this is about the A20 and not S7 :-)
          Mine is on Nov patch (not that it matters).

          • @Borg: Relative to a flagship…. it's an area many would find deficiencies in.

            Other day to day use you'll hardly notice for most….

    • Went from a S6 to the A20. Miss wireless charging but the micro sockets are crap. More pixels on camera is no argument, newer phones shoot better pix. GPS is always crap if one had a HTC before that actually kept the last position in a register something Samsung is very dumb at!

      • I'm not sure if more pixel means better pics, but a20 does shoot pretty aight pictures for its price. Idk how it compares to flagships though.

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          Shoot piccies, buy Chinese, Huawei, Xioami want selfies buy Oppo

  • Was thinking of buying this phone as it seemed a good deal. But after reading the feedback here about unreliable GPS lock, I'm not sure.

    Is there any other phone in the 'A" series or similar which doesn't have any issues and is s good buy?

    • Does the Telstra locked one have the GPS lock issues? I've told my dad to get this phone and he will get one from AllPhones on eBay for $234 with PZAP15 code.

      If the Telstra one doesn't have the same issues, then maybe getting this one will be a better option for him (once unlocked). I too have been wary of network locked versions of this phone hearing about GPS issues too (what else is there??).

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    Much difference to a j2?

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    Replaced old Kate with one of these. How do you get it to turn off at a set time and on again at a set time automatically? That was easy to do on the Xiaomi.

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      Settings, device care, auto restart.

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        "Within 1 hour of the time you set." That is oddly imprecise.

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      Ah, good old kate. Gave me so much trouble throughout its life span, turns out it's cause xiaomi didn't care about special models at the time. Almost ruined their standing with me.

      • Gave me so much trouble throughout its life span

        I had a Kate and I didn't have technical problems with it at all, loved it. Only upgraded because the camera was garbage.

    • I'm doing the same!

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    Did the cheap unlock mentioned above.

    Telstra is still on Oct security patch, Vodafone seems to be up to date fwiw.

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      This is helpful to know, thanks.

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    Guys BigW sells even cheaper but it’s Vodafone

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      And but most out of stock.
      Australian preppers have moved from stockpiling TP to A20s.

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    If you gonna unlock it the Voda deal is including a $30 start up kit. Good large screen USB C NFC phone!

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    something to be considered: Telstra one comes with headset. Vodafone one has no headset included

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      I skimmed the videos but didn't see the headset… which one was I meant to be looking at to see what it looks like?

      I can confirm my Vodafone one didn't come with a headset though :(

  • This or the Xiaomi Redmi 7A? Same price, same specs.

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      Xiaomi wins on camera, Samsung on screen

  • I would go an Australian stock Umidigi Power over this phone, via ebay.

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      A literally who vs Samsung? Hmm

  • Just remember this phone is as slow as a wet week and GPS is rubbish- I should know I own one!

  • I had been looking at the A30, which has volte, vowifi and is blue tick. Does the A20 have the same features?

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      it has 700mhz, so that means it would have a blue tick. It has VOLTE, VILTE and VOWIFI, this is more an android OS inclusion though.

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    I've had two, both with faulty proximity sensors. The display wouldn't always turn off when held to the ear during a call, which resulted in lots of accidental hangups because my ear would touch the button on the screen. Because the problem was intermittent, though quite regular, Samsung refused to replace because they couldn't observe it during testing. I forced a refund through the retailer Big W instead. Didn't want to risk third time unlucky, so I purchased a different phone, as I suspect it is a common problem with this model. Shame, as this looks like the best value phone in this price range.

  • Any way to find out stock at Leichhardt? They aren't answering calls :(

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      I can confirm that there WAS three in stock. There may NOW be two in stock… :) Thanks OP! Badly need a phone.

      May be more under counter.

  • Can anyone confirm if this Telstra version has wireless charging?

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    $179 seems the standard sale price. But it was cheaper over xmas ($150 at BigW).
    Do you think it will get cheaper over time?

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      Yes. Will be at throw away :) prices in a few years

  • What is the cheapest 5g network capable prepaid phone put there?

  • Can this be unlocked with the following. It says for vodaphone

    Has anybody successful in this?

  • Is this offer still available?

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