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Ryzen 5 1600 AF / RX 580 8GB Entry Level/Esports Gaming PC: $529 / $658 with 23.6" Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse + Delivery @ TechFast


Previous deal has expired but rep Luke has released a limited further 30 of the RX 580 system due to demand. Also added an option for a 23.6" AOC 1080P monitor and wired keyboard/mouse for $129 (previously has been $149).

Enjoy :)

Ryzen 5 1600 AF / RX 580 Entry Level Gaming PC Code: 1600AF-580-MAR

  • Ryzen 5 1600 AF (6 core/12 thread processor)

  • Biostar RX 580 8GB

  • Biostar A320 motherboard

  • 8GB 2666MHz RAM

  • 120GB SSD

  • 550W PSU

  • Leaper Flair RGB or Mid case

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  • +1

    Are these cases big enough to hold a 1080gtx?

    • I think you would struggle to find a card that does not fit. They stock a few cases for all configs.

    • Would be fine for a single or dual fan model. Triple might struggle.

  • +7

    Please bring back a deal with R5+1070FE+16gbRAM like this but with 1600AF instead… (means it will be cheaper than $720)

    I hope TA could do his magic again convincing Luke with a damn good price which will eventually help us stay indoor more… means away from virus… Win/Win for all of us :)

    • I'm rooting for it too

    • +2

      This deal is similar. Link

      On the same note. Can we bring that exact deal back. Happy with R5 :)

      • This deal is similar. Link

        Yeah but the RAM upgrade kills it.

      • Not with half size of RAM and SSD.

    • +1

      I've replied the same thing in a couple of posts, but Luke doesn't respond.

      Fingers crossed

    • Not possible to match that deal with the price of RAM and SSDs and other components at the moment unfortunately!

    • This was the best budget tech fast deal, but it's expired now.

      They must be selling them, but I have no idea why anyone would buy a pc with an rx 580 in it in 2020.

  • Woah, what a deal.

    So a few questions - what MB are you getting for the B450M upgrade and PSU upgrade? Can the Deepcool D-Shield case be made available as a upgrade option? Possible to add a second Monitor to this deal?

    • The PSU is a no-name and unrated Chinese brand. Probably good enough for the warranty period but I wouldn’t trust it beyond that.

    • Will reply to your email as well, but the B450M base has generally been the MSI Pro VDH Max but as always, unless it is stated, brand and model can and does vary, especially in this current market of uncertainty regarding supply. The 80+ Gold Power Supply is Gigabyte G750H. D_Shield are unavailable at the moment. You can add a second monitor - I can invoice that separately for you and the price would be the same at $145 (the keyboard/mouse is effectively free).

  • Is techfast part of this promo on the MSI Case?


    • No but you may be able to apply via MSI directly. We can provide an invoice.

  • What happens If I just purchased the same build but without the monitor and keyboard/mouse? Can I get this one honoured instead?

    I literally purchased the system but without the monitor and peripherals like a day ago.

    • The price for the system alone is the same as it was in the previous deal - that particualr deal (Which also featured an option for an RX 570) has expired but I've enabled a few more units for a re-post, and offered a keyboard/monitor bundle as well. But system only wise, the pricing is exactly the same.

  • Would this system be capable of playing HL Alyx?

    I'm basically looking for the cheapest system to play that. If not this system which of techfasts recent deals would be the best to go with?

    • +1

      This system is at the minimum spec for CPU and GPU but you would need to add an additional 8GB RAM (minimum is 12GB, a bit weird).

      • The 12GB minimum is probably because they want 8GB available for the game to use and 4GB is the recommended for Windows 10 so by saying min 12 they can avoid fighting with background processes for the available RAM

  • Hi Luke can I make a suggestion that on the motherboard selections you make a note how many RAM slots each board has, would like to ensure it has 4 slots and not 2 when selecting and sure i'm not the only one.

    • Thanks for the suggestion - we try wherever possible to offer 4 DIMMS on the B450 models and up, and the current MSI Pro VDH board has 4, but that is not always guaranteed, especially in the current climate of availability (if we had to switch to MSI Pro M2 due to Pro VDH being unavailable for example, that only has 2). Any lower board always has 2 slots.

  • +1

    Hi luke, anymore of this budget bundle going around?

  • Aw I'm late. Really wanted to get this setup. Can we please get more like this. I want to buy a PC for gaming.

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