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Unmetered Data on Limited Data NBN & ADSL Plans + More @ Aussie Broadband


I found Aussie Broadband COVID-19 response on whirlpool.

We really do live in very interesting times. The following will be emailed to all customers over the next two days regarding what we are doing to help with the COVID-19 pandemic…

You’re probably getting emails like this from all directions, but we just wanted to let you know we’re working hard to keep your internet service running as smoothly as possible in the coming weeks.

Network capacity
Our network is already set up to meet the highest levels of traffic we see every week (usually on Sunday and Monday nights, when lots of people are home), and our team are keeping an eagle eye on things.

We will upgrade as necessary if we see peaks beyond our normal high range, and we believe we are well set-up to cope. Don’t forget that you can keep an eye on our daily bandwidth graphs on our website network centre.

Helping customers
Because it looks like many of us will soon be stuck at home, we are putting these measures in place:

  • Providing unmetered data usage between 6am-6pm for all customers on limited data NBN or ADSL plans
  • Stopping all service suspensions*
  • Enabling any of our few remaining customers on 12/1 speed plans to upgrade if necessary to help them work from home

These measures will be in place by Wednesday 18 March.

Our normal financial hardship services, including payment plans that you can set up online via MyAussie, will continue.

Customer service
As you know, we’re based in Australia. Some of our team are already working from home and we’re prepping for all of us to do the same if necessary, including our customer service call centre team.

Remote working will mean we won’t be able to provide customer support as fast as we normally do. If this does happen, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, don’t forget that you can also:

  • self-help test and log faults via your MyAussie app or portal
  • find lots of answers in our website Help Centre
  • ask for a call-back when our queues are long

Family matters
The thing that always matters to us the most is family and community, and our value of being good to people. You are part of the Aussie Broadband family, and we want to assure you that we’ll do our level best to help in any way we can over the coming weeks.

The Aussie Broadband team

*. ”being good to people” includes our own people – so we do reserve the right to suspend the service of anyone who abuses our team or our network

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  • +8 votes

    Well done Aussie Broadband. Turned this one round quicker than Bennelong’s boomerang. Ripper bonza bewdy, a great Aussie icon on the information superhighway.

  • +25 votes

    Top stuff, from a great ISP.


    Good move by great isp. But I can't even use up my 200gb……what do people use nowadays? stream in 4k?

    • +16 votes

      Game updates can be nearly 100gb each. It’s dangerous not having unlimited data imo.

    • +8 votes

      Game downloads and updates are huge, all my TV's are 4k… Not hard to use 1.5tb a month. I seem to regularly be around that. Actually got rid of my Xbox recently too, that was nasty for it. But I have a huge pc library.

    • +6 votes

      In my household, we have 3 gaming PCs, 2 Tablets, 2 Smartphones, and a 4K TV,

      We go through about 2tb of data monthly.

    • +5 votes

      Steaming 1080P Netflix etc
      Streaming 4k through Youtube/Netflix
      Game Downloads and constant updates from PS/Xbox and PC
      And of course legal torrents for Ubuntu ;)

    • +6 votes

      Backing up to the cloud.

      Collaborating on music & video work.

      Operating system, software & firmware updates.

    • +2 votes

      On my PC just updated call of duty modern warfare yesterday, it had a 113gb update as I haven't played in a couple months. Opened Origin and Apex legends downloaded 35gb, battlefield v downloaded another 16gb. Halo combat evolved got added to Master Chief collection, 12gb update. Pretty close to your 200gb usage in one day.

      Not counting any of the download I used to install Nioh 2 demo, nioh 2 digital release on my PS4 and ff7 remake demo.

      We also have 3x 4k TV's in the house that are usually streaming Netflix, YouTube or Amazon. Not all content is available in 4K but even 1080p streams can add up over a few hrs.


        Just opened UPlay and Rainbow Six Siege has a 69GB update for me today. Fortnite is also doing an 11GB update.

    • +4 votes

      Linux ISO's, 2.8Tb last month.
      edit: actually 5Tb

    • +1 vote

      streaming 4k youtube and netflix,
      also private trackers 24/7.


      4k or go home.

      • +28 votes

        Sounds like you are asking if people could take advantage of this offer by ABB and downgrade thus pay less and still get unlimited?
        If so, I can only say that there are some occasions when one does not look to milk the systems,,,,.this is one of them :-)

      • +37 votes

        You asked for unlimited, you paid for unlimited and you got it.
        And now that they're offering 12 hours a day of unlimited data to help out people forced to work from home, you demand that you get a discount.

        As if somehow the goodwill being extended to other people negates in any way that you have exactly what you asked and paid for.

        Aussie Broadband clearly made this decision as a kind gesture because even big businesses are filled with people who want the world to be a better place. They literally had the chance to make more money as hundreds, maybe thousands of people would upgrade their plans to be able to work from home, but they chose to give it away instead.

        Having been in a management position in a big business and making decisions like this, often needing to fight with someone somewhere who saw it as a chance to take money, the most heartbreaking thing is finally unveiling some generous offer and someone like you just whining and complaining the instant it comes out.

        You're the reason more businesses don't do things like this.

        Sit down, stop whining and be happy that you get EXACTLY what you paid for. Regardless of kindness offered to anyone else.

        • -5 votes

          Uh, okay. I said please with a friendly smiley, no demands, if you don't ask, you don't know, right? I'm not the one asking if I can downgrade my plan… Happy to pay it year round, as I opted for it. Calm down mate. :)


            @rloos: "At the very least I'd expect to pay $5 less ".
            You expect to pay less.
            That's what a demand is.

            • -3 votes

              @timps: Disagree.
              I've even used Google to define the word to be sure I wasn't making an ass of myself. Expecting something doesn't equal a demand.

              "I expect it to rain today."
              You hear that, weather god(s)? Now I'm demanding rain, apparently.

              In any case, once you're discussing the accuracy of grammar/spelling/etc on the internet, it's time to end. So, good day.

  • +18 votes

    thank goodness we have a forward thinking government that already has a top tier network in place for all to access high speed internet in this crisis.

  • +16 votes

    NBN will be tested to see if it has what it takes when everyone work from home

    • +6 votes

      I think we already know the answer for the Liberals NBN MTM….
      HFC is absolutely going to grind to a halt.

      • -1 vote

        Sounds to me like you don't know how HFC on the nbn works


          Sounds to me like you are drinking NBN Co's marketing kool-aid
          Go speak to people actually on the network.

          Edit: https://www.itnews.com.au/news/nbn-co-rebrands-up-to-gigabit...

          50 seconds of almost a gigabit on the HFC…
          The national speedtest network.


            @AusNugz: Irrelevant. Comment was…

            HFC is absolutely going to grind to a halt.

            Per the article I linked to

            "Although DOCSIS 3.1 does enable higher speeds on HFC networks, that is not our core focus at this present time…DOCSIS 3.1 will help us increase capacity on the HFC network far more efficiently“

            If your point is re whether HFC will consistently supply gigabit speeds when sold, then tbh who knows what the infrastructure will look like then. In the meantime, speculation and nbn bashing is a bit unproductive.


              @ajole: It's not "bashing" the NBN network, it is not fit for purpose and the HFC network cannot handle the load of everoyone working from home and was badly neglected by Telstra for years. No matter what their marketing people put out.
              FTTP for the majority was the only way forward. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid my friend.

      • +1 vote

        my HFC dropped out many times today


    I can't watch 360p youtube live-streams without constant buffering on the 25/5 plan… 360p, that's already pixels and it's still buffering. Everything else has been fine though.

    It will be interesting to see how the NBN will cope in the next few weeks.

  • +5 votes

    Great ISP

  • +8 votes

    Nothing extra for me but still great initiatives and I’m glad to have them as my ISP.

  • +3 votes

    Now if only they can remove the $49 12/1Mbps plan and price the 25Mbps plan the same and that would be great. 25Mbps shouldn't cost $69 in 2020. Looking at you NBN and your ripoff CVC.

    • +1 vote

      The new plans are coming out in May. 100/20 will be more affordable than the current 100/40 which is being grandfathered and there will be 250/25 and 1000/50 plans with bundled discounts so that RSPs actually sell them. ABB started the 250/25 plan already at $169 but that should drop with the discounting in May, my guess is to $120. Too bad most people won’t be able to use these plans, price is still ridiculous compared to other nations with affordable gigabit services and obviously due to MTM it is physically impossible to reach even 100 for many.


        Yeah this is for my relative. 12/1 is just laughable they got double on ADSL2 because they were near the exchange. But 25/5 as a standard is much better.

        They won’t be able to use these sweet bumps as FTTN :)


        Have been told by ABB that higher than 100/XX will only be offered to people on FTTC & FTTP because of the hopeless network we are saddled with. So neanderthal times will continue.

        • +1 vote

          100+Mbps is initially for HFC & FTTP.

          100+Mbps for FTTC is TBA.


          • +1 vote

            @Twix: Go look at G.Fast around the world especially UK forums, it's G.DUD, depends on so many factors to get above 100Mbps. Needs to be a very short line to get high speeds. definitely under 100m, better if under 10-30m, but at that point, just run the damn fibre cable.

            FTTP to the moon.

            Cable isn't terrible, when handled properly (see YouTube), but NBN will surely bugger it up. HFC is so over subscribed to suck the mighty dollar back out of it. Surely it will be removed soon in place of FTTP, thank the gods!

            Problem with all of this, upload speeds need to stay below 20Mbps now because FTTN/FTTC/HFC can't handle high uploads and downloads without destroying the quality. Thanks HFC/FTTN/FTTC!

            NBN HFC is dog poop https://thenewdaily.com.au/life/tech/2020/03/11/hfc-outage-n...

            Then there is $8Mbps CVC. Wowee that is expensive!

            Time will tell though, hopefully i am completely wrong!

            • +1 vote


              Go look at G.Fast around the world especially UK forums, it's G.DUD, depends on so many factors to get above 100Mbps. Needs to be a very short line to get high speeds. definitely under 100m, better if under 10-30m, but at that point, just run the damn fibre cable.

              Fibre to the curb has the fibre at the end of your driveway so I think G.FAST will be alright for most people.


                @Agret: No. NBN FTTC does not guarantee line length. FTTdp is supposed to be within 300m by definition. There are FTTN connections with less than 100m and still won’t reach 25Mbps.

                Adding g.fast does not fix copper faults. It adds to them as you add more bandwidth and require more power and frequency.


              @checkingthisout: Most FTTC lines are short. I agree NBN should have stuck with FTTP.

              I don't see HFC being removed while the LNP are in charge.

              Yeah uploads are a problem. Telstra are silently changing some connections from 40Mbps to 20Mbps and hoping the end user doesn't notice.

              Prices do need to come down.

              Interesting times ahead.


        Probably not on HFC :( My parents in Germany are being offered 1000 Mbit on HFC for $67 a month

      • +1 vote

        The new plans are coming out in May. 100/20 will be more affordable than the current 100/40 which is being grandfathered

        Makes no sense that they are giving us such low uploads, why is the upload speed decreasing?! Cloud storage is more and more important in the modern age and as phones get higher resolution cameras videos/photos will be larger uploads to your cloud backup.

        My friend in NZ is paying $77 AUD a month for 200/20 and for an extra $20/month he can get a 900mbps/500mbps connection (both are unlimited data plans). Australian internet is a total joke.

        there will be 250/25 and 1000/50 plans with bundled discounts so that RSPs actually sell them

        So you will need to sign up for a 1gbps plan just to get the same upload as we used to get? 50mbps upload is laughably low for a 1gbps connection and should be symmetric 1gbps like any other first world gigabit plan. How do you get a 40mbps upload plan on FTTN which maxes at 100mbps plans?


        New Zealand are upgrading their network this year to offer symmetric 2gbps & 4gbps plans with an 8 Gbps symettric option to follow. Even 1gbps seems like a pipe dream to me as right now i'm on the 100/40 plan getting 88/32 on FTTN. How long until we upgrade all FTTN to FTTC and push gigabit?


          They decreased the uploads because HFC can not sustain high uploads with such a over subscribed HFC network.

          It cannot handle the amount of capacity. Watch the whole system fall over when the new “up to” 750Mbps plans are introduced.

          They’re limiting FTTP because of the fault and failure of HFC and copper. Period.

  • +2 votes

    This reminds me of the days when some ISPs gave us unlimited data with ADSL on Christmas day. People would hammer the network until it was at a crawl lol.

  • +17 votes

    Because I love a bargain the thought to downgrade my plan crossed my mind, but then I decided I don't want to be an entitled douchebag taking advantage of a good gesture from a great company.
    Thanks ABB, stay classy


    I trust people will not abuse this offer like the panic buyers are doing?

  • -2 votes

    Wow people still have DSL in 2020?

    • +3 votes

      LNP: This is the way


      "still have DSL"

      That's what FTTN is, they just moved 'mini DSLAMS' out into the suburbs and limited the copper wire length to 1Km.

      • +1 vote

        Nope. FTTN can also refer to HFC, which is far superior to DSL.


          Yup, NBN is yet to trundle down our street.

        • +1 vote

          Arguments over whether HFC or VDSL are better aside, not everyone had an existing HFC network in their street for the NBN to co-opt. And certainly no one is rolling one out any more. So people are using VDSL because they don't have HFC, and we're not rolling out a proper network any more.

        • +1 vote

          FTTN is not HFC.


            @kipps: I suppose you're right, but he was implying that the only alternative to DSL was FTTN, which is wrong.

            • +2 votes

              @AussieZed: I unsure who " he" is, but my post contained no such dichotomy. As has been pointed out, HFC <> FTTN, FTTN specifically referes to the rolling of 4 fibres, 2 of which are unused back-ups, to a central cabinet [the node] serving up to 300 homes as an alternative to taking a fibre to each of those homes, with the derisible claim that such a technology would be delivered more quickly, would be faster [how???] and would be cheaper.
              All three claims were farcical, as those with any experience in the industry pointed out at the time. That the change also included paying Telstra for the use of copper wires that they had already been well compensated for retiring, then later the granting of a rolling contract for maintainance of the same copper network that they had [understandably] allowed to fall into decrepitude as it was redundant was merely icing on the cake.

              That this also suited the interests of Teltra's partner - Foxtel, a very large tail on a medium sized dog - and it's owner, a certain ex-Australian U.S. media mogul, is neither here nor there…


      Well 2.1 million people in the US still used AOL dial-up in 2015…


        Doubtful. More likely, it's people who had long standing accounts who never bothered cancelling the service. It could have also been older people who had died, but AOL were never notified of the death so they continued billing.

        Someone tested dial-up in the USA a few years back, and found that it was almost unusable (i.e. just loading one website took several minutes). So I am doubtful anyone actually used it still even 5 years ago.


          You're definitely right about people just forgetting to cancel but I refuse to believe there's not even one person on the service.

  • +2 votes

    On ya Aussie

  • -1 vote

    Great. I wonder if opportunists will convert their unlimited connections to limited connections to abuse this


    Does this include upgrading NBN50 (50Mbps) plans to 100Mbps?


    Can anyone confirm this is actually working?

    Edit - confirmed. If you click on the detailed usage it marks some as FREE.


    Does this apply for new customers?


    Providing unmetered data usage between 6am-6pm for all customers on limited data NBN or ADSL plans

    Anyone know when this ends?


    NBN in my area (North Ryde, NSW) is a bit hit-and-miss. Unexplained outages and drop-outs every few days.

    I was wondering if ABB was thinking of implementing something similar to Optus or Telstra - which both have a 4G backup which kicks in if main NBN is down.

    Probably outside the scope of this bargain, but I thought I'd ask.


      Unfortunately we don't offer 4G backup at this stage, but it's definitely something we have been looking into for a while now. We just haven't found the right solution for us.

      Cheers, Nicole


      HFC? Have you told Aussie Broadband about the dropouts?

      NBN should fix it.


        oh they know about the dropouts, and they are fixed. But they are common, unexpected and unexplained - by either NBN or ABB.


    Hello OP,

    Does this apply to new connections, or only existing?

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