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[VIC] Free Takeaway Meals Daily for Senior Citizens at 5 Locations @ Aangan Indian Restaurants


An incredible gesture by this restaurant chain to help the most vulnerable at this crazy time. Enjoy :)

We may not do too many great things, but we can positively contribute by doing such small deeds with great love for our countrymen. Do visit any of our locations in Bundoora, Clayton, Cranbourne, Derrimut, and Shepparton any time between 5:00pm to 6:30pm and give us a chance to serve you.

Important: Senior Citizens are most welcome to visit us personally but if they aren't able to make it, any of their relatives can present their valid ID proof and take away the meal for them. One meal per person only.

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    Well done!

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    I'm going to tell my nearly 80 year old dad about this. Is there anywhere he can park his S-Class while he orders?

    • At the parking lot.

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        In Australia, most stores don't have a "parking lot" like in the USA. Our cities weren't designed around cars, unfortunately.

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          Our cities weren't designed around cars, unfortunately!!

          There I fixed it for you.

          • @xuqi: Ooo yes, incredibly dangerous places based on those FOUR reports of crimes. We could argue that Australia is a dangerous place because 4 people were murdered last week.

        • Unfortunately?

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            @Lv80: Yes, unfortunately that our cities haven't adapted to the modern way of living due to their old 1800s design.

            • @AussieZed: Yup…nothing like being killed by a 1 tonne piece of steel because you chose to walk on a footpath or trust that the person 'controlling' it wasn't on their phone, drunk or incapable. Nothing like the modern way of living to be so inefficient to build in infrastructure that accommodates often a 50% redundancy with unused cars being left parked. Nothing like progress to make people unhealthier, more antisocial, force ridiculous amounts of urban sprawl, create noise and air pollution,.

              Nothing like pretending that the complex modern way of life, now based around the car, is actually better…because it's hard to admit failure.

              • @Lv80: You can't have heaps of space, large houses, and a lack of cars. If you give up cars, then you create cities where people are forced into crowded apartment buildings, with very little space, similar to cities like Manhattan, Tokyo, etc. Some people may prefer this but in my view, it's not a progression forward from where we were in the 1800s.

                The urban sprawl has numerous advantages over congested city living, including: less noise, less pollution/cleaner air, more space/parks etc. and less traffic.

                • @AussieZed: Errr no. If you give up cars you don't force people into Asian or Manhattan style living. You develop cities like Paris. Small eco systems of low rise, spacious apartments, where people have everything they need within a small walk, they know their neighbours and communities. There is a vast public transport system. People socialise more, there's less road noise.

                  You suggest the evolved human species is incapable of developing cities that don't need cars but are also great places to live?

                  We certainly don't have to rely on cars. We simply choose to do the completely lazy thing and not evolve past their dependance.

                  You scoff at the 1800's and how progressive we are now. Imagine if people decided they didn't want to stop using horse and carts? Which is exactly what you are saying.

                  "I got me here my car and it do fiiiiine by me sonny. You can keep your hippy bojangle ideas to youreself and your freak community. No-one here wants change and we happy living as we do."

                  Here's an idea to fix urban sprawl and not require congested cities…limit occupancy in any given area. Major 'cities' have a max number of people allowed per square metre. Cities are limited in the footprint they have too. More towns and micro cities than huge metropolises with ever expanding suburbia.

                  And fyi…cities don't generate traffic. It's people living in the suburbs you seem to love so much travelling to the cities that cause the pollution, noise and traffic, and need to waste space accommodating parked unused cars all day.

                  Nothing like having an indoctrinated though process.

                  Not to mention the amount of injury and death cars cause yearly and the financial impact that has not just on society but also many peoples lives.

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                    @Lv80: Not everyone wants to live in an apartment, though. How many stand alone houses on big blocks are there in Paris? Not many, I'd imagine.

                    • @AussieZed: How many people drive in 2 hours of peak hour traffic just to get to work in the morning in Paris…and then do it all again in the evening? Not many, I'd imagine.

                      • @Lv80: "We certainly don't have to rely on cars. We simply choose to do the completely lazy thing and not evolve past their dependance."

                        Well, cars are the only way of getting directly from point A to point B. Or should I say, they're the best way. The alternatives (walking, bikes, motorcycles, etc) can't compare. Do you have something better in mind than cars, for getting directly from point A to B? Until someone comes up with something (such as teleporters, or flying whatever), then cars are what we're going to be with for a long long time. As such, it makes sense to design our cities around them.

                        • @AussieZed: @AussieZed

                          The 65-70min peak hour trip in my car is certainly better than the 80mins it takes by PT, but certainly not better for either my health, wallet or time, than a bike ride that takes 55mins.

                          And for those that live really close to down, say 10km…it is DEFINITELY QUICKER to cycle than drive give most roads during peak are car parks by that point around a major city.

                          But if you want to spend $10 on fuel, $10 on parking and then pay to go to a gym to get your exercise before or after your drive to work, and think you are better off….be my guest.

                          I start making a profit the minute I get to work…not after the first (half) hour in paying off my transport costs.

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                        @Lv80: By the way, this current coronavirus epidemic is a perfect example of why cars are superior to so many other forms of transport. Public transport spreads disease and infection. Also, let's say, for argument's sake, that corona became so bad that most things were shut down, including public transport. Cars would then be the only practical way of getting around, and because you are isolated in a car, there's no risk of infection or spreading the virus.

                        • +3

                          @AussieZed: Have you 2 looked at the heading for this post?

                          It's about a restaurant donating free meals, not a pissing contest about urban transport.

                        • @AussieZed: haha..if most things shut down, where on earth are you going to fill up your car with fuel, that has to be paid for, transported and mined.
                          The only practical transport mode is one where you can self isolate (cycling…yup) and not be at the mercy of being unable to procure fuel for it (cycling, tick).

                          Not to mention that if you cycle, you don't have to worry about the lack of car parking ;-)

                          And the older you get and more likely you become a danger on the roads, the more convenient it is to take up cycling and continue to remain independent

                          • @Lv80: Petrol stations won't shut down, so I don't see the issue. They are absolutely essential.

                            • @AussieZed: Just saying…there's more risk with driving than cycling.
                              It's all fine till it isn't.

                              But yes…petrol won't run out lol Supermarkets won't run out of food.
                              Both would result in anarchy and I imagine if both of those happen electricity and gas would soon stop tooo.

                              We've probably moved too far away from the initial points now to continue. Interesting chats.

                              Be well and safe. Both in the car and not.

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      He can just park in the disabled park with his borrowed disabled sticker.

      • +6

        No way, the last thing my dad would ever do is to take advantage of something meant for the less fortunate.

    • -2

      i think the point is the elderly don't have the energy to fight through hoardes in supermarkets for food so they're offering them something easier. but keep up the capitalist mentality my friend !

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    This is actually really nice to see. Here is my upvote.

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    Now they are really going to need that toilet paper.
    Nice gesture by the owner BTW

    • +28

      Clean with water for a full Indian experience.

      • +5


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          … and no need for toilet paper. Lol

      • Do I have to eat with my hands too?

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          Possibly… Haven't seen many people trying to eat with their feet.

    • Each meal comes with serviette, so no worry about not having toilet paper :D

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    Is senior citizen defined somewhere?

    • +11

      I consider my self a seƱor citizen. I wonder if that will work?

    • +1

      probably a seniors card

      • Agree. Seniors card covers most people over a certain age. Pension cards sometimes exclude those with lots of money or assets. I think Seniors card is better as money does not mean people eat well especially if they elderly, isolated with little support network.

        Must try and remember who these people are so I can support them when given an opportunity.

  • Very nice gesture

  • +30

    Next time I go Indian food I'm supporting Aangan absolute top act!

  • +4

    Definitely one of the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne

    • priya is better

      • +4

        I like her too :)

  • Nice gesture.

  • +5

    +1000 karma for this Indian restaurant for this incredible gesture of goodwill. So impressive to see.

  • +1

    fantastic offer well done to this place :)

  • +1


    • +2

      Why you feel the need to put bloody chillies in everything is beyond me, never heard of a carrot?

      Replacing chilis with carrots is like replacing toilet paper with sand paper.

      • Other way around. RSmith lol

        No one would freak out if their chilli was a carrot. everyone would freak if the 'carrot' they ripped into was a chill

        So Replacing chillis with carrots is like replacing sandpaper with toilet paper

        ineffective and pointless.

        The analogy at its core is great!

    • +4

      My old man, recently passed at 92, would have jumped on this. He'd eat Indian food for every meal given the chance.

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    An incredible gesture by this restaurant chain to help the most vulnerable at this crazy time.

    Indeed. Well done to them, and please every one definitely support businesses like these that are thinking of the community in time of need. Restaurants are struggling too, as less customers are eating in. So do take away purchases if you can to keep supporting them.

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    Well done guys!

  • Good job, hope this will clear all these negative news about Indian restaurants.


  • Free food - road trip! from brisbane.

    • Save ur trip mate…another Indian NGO called SIKH Volunteers in Gold Coast serving free food for 2 weeks….Contact No.: 0423359279/0401509236

  • Very kind gesture. Hopefully it goes as smoothly as possible.

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    good to see the racists round here still finding fault with a great example of almost forgotten ozzie help

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    Good on You, Anagaan Indian Restaurant.

  • +5

    I find it saddening how threads like this attract the most cynical and xenophobic of the OzB community - always looking to find an ulterior motive in whatever populates their "glass half empty" mind.

    Really, who gives a (profanity) as to their motives if people and businesses are willing to offer up freebies and other assistance in times like now, or just a couple of months ago during the bushfire emergency.

    Are these sad buggers racist - I don't know, but they certainly are a miserable minority of the Oz population.

    Perhaps they could reflect on that.

    • I would say some minute percentage is actually racist. There is a trend to look at anything not western in a shitty way.

  • +1

    Anagaan Indian Restaurant, you are amazing!

  • +4

    If you don't like the food, then piss off! Go enjoy whatever food you like. I'm sick and tired of seeing good gesture be derailed by racist scums. Thanks Aangan for this good gesture.

  • Anyone know if this is still on?

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