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Samsung C27JG54QQE 27" 1440p 144hz FreeSync Monitor $361.60 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Seems to be the cheapest it has been on OzBargain. Tempted myself but wallet is bit light at the moment =(

Edit: Out of stock

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    Not bad, most non gamers probably want to opt for the 28” 4k U28E590 about the same price from UMart now

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      • It would be funny if it weren’t so damn real. They do order online and had stock yesterday.

        • I was looking at that exact monitor yesterday and it wasn't in stock for ordering online unfortunately.

          That being said - it's in stock at Milton now… Do I feel like braving the crowds?

          OH and it's in stock for delivery.

    • Do you have a link? Seems to be sold out?

    • +4

      Not if they understand literally anything about monitor technology.

      That's literally the worst 4k monitor on the market.

      • Can confirm, bought in 2016 for $540. It's a pretty bad monitor :(

    • +42

      Why are you mentioning the price you got for a 1080p TN screen in a deal for a 1440p VA screen? They are apples and oranges.

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    I got the 32" version of this monitor last sale, very happy with it!

    • I'm looking at buying one! Any backlight bleeding? Any other dramas?? Only thing stopping me is theres not enough info about if a 1080 will work with gysnc on it!

      • -1

        Pretty sure all 10 series + nvidia gpu’s will be Gsync compatible on all Freesync monitors.

    • Big enough to watch tv or play Nintendo on do you feel?

  • Is there a better 1440p 144hz monitor on the market right now?

    • +2

      Yeah there are a few, given this is a VA panel. AOC CQ27 off the top of my head… if you can find one.

    • +5

      The LG Ultragear with the IPS panel.

      • and double the price.

        • +1

          Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

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      VX2758-2KP-MHD - IPS 1ms display between $400-$450

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        is there a TLDR name for that monitor :P

  • +1

    Tempted myself but wallet is bit light at the moment

    Sell some toilet paper. Everyone is selling stocks to buy it. Don't miss out.

    • +1

      Of all the things people could have stocked up on…

  • 144hz is great for gaming. If you're an image quality purist like me you may want to pay more for an IPS

    • Any product suggestions?

      • +1

        Haven't researched it sorry. Reason I post is that I paid $700 last year for a 4k Benq 32 VA and was disappointed. Particularly the light bleed / uniformity was terrible compared to my 27 Viewsonic 1080p IPS.

      • +2

        I just got the LG 27GL850 after weeks of trying to decide on a monitor. Very happy with it so far.

      • +1

        Acer Predator XB271HU 27" WQHD G-Sync IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor

  • Anything non-curved for similar price?

    • +2

      LS27R750QEEXXY @ Centrecom $399

    • LG 32GK650F - flat panel 32" VA 1440p 144Hz with freesync/gsync support. Around $500 but can be had for lower with an ebay coupon (got mine for $415).

      • I'm very happy with this monitor

    • VX2758-2KP-MHD for $449 (I got mine for $399 last month) https://www.centrecom.com.au/viewsonic-vx2758-2kp-mhd-27-144...

      1440p 144hz IPS Freesync.

      • Only problem is it's out of stock until the 17th April.

        • Not if you're in Bendigo, apparently!

      • I got one from MSY for $409 a couple weeks back, but it looks like most places are still out of stock

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    Just wanted to know, which panel is better for long exposure due to work and then gaming after work. Better in respect to eye health. Apologies if its a noob question.
    I was looking at buying AOC 24G1 for $259.

    • +1

      Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but different panel types shouldn't be better or worse than any other for eye care. They differ by way of viewing angles, refresh rates, colour accuracy, brightness, etc. What I believe is important is reducing blue light exposure and making sure the appropriate brightness level is being used in your particular ambient environment.

      • +1

        Blurry movement caused by va/ips compared to TN, or stroboscopic fatigue from motion blue reduction are also eye health related.

        While I agree with your sentiment (for regular users, blue light reduction is King)… gamers selecting gaming monitors may benefit from different combinations of motion blue reduction vs panel tech.

        For example, I play ddr where arrows scroll at around 20+cm/second (Todo: the math). Stroboscopic displays do not give me headaches, but IPS with black background causes trailing which gives me headaches. I get blurry vision in one eye after a short period.

        I have found that grey backgrounds on IPS monitors are fine (since this reduces the pixel switching time as gtg is faster than black to white to black).

        So for me a mixture of tech (go stroboscopic and enjoy enhanced contrast) and software (go IPS with grey background. less contrast but watching YouTube is better) results in different outcomes.

        Other people are sensitive to strobing so mbr is a no go. Others are sensitive to excessive blur and mbr (fast tn is the best compromise)

    • +4

      Futu also price jacked before the code went online

    • +5

      Futu is the king of price jack.

  • +1

    Has anyone used a FreeSync monitor with a Nvidia card and "Gy-sync" turned on? I know we Nvidia says you should only use one that is verified by them.

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      I believe Gsync works with any FreeSync monitor using 10-series or above nvidia GPUs with up to date drivers

      • This is my understanding too but I thought if Nvidia had not validated the panel, that it was mixed results ?

        • +1

          Hmmm well its definitely not Gsync certified so I guess YMMV

        • +2

          If it's Freesync Premium (previously Freesync 2), chances are it's compatible, and at worst might just flicker on loading screens and full-screen maps (0 fps).

        • Considering some of the reasons Nvidia auto-failed monitors for had nothing to do with the actual quality of the monitor (things like not having FreeSync on as default), I wouldn't be using the lack of "GSync certified" alone as a reason not to buy a monitor

    • I'm using a non-validated FreeSync panel (LG 32GK650F) with my 1080 Ti and it works flawlessly. No artefacts or drop outs. Just need to click the apply G-Sync button in the Nvidia control panel, as non-validated panels don't automatically enable it.

  • +5

    Seems to be the cheapest it has been on OzBargain. 

    No, people just don't use tags properly on this website: the record is under $320.

    • +2

      Thanks, good to know it has been lower before.

  • damn. why. WHY. i just got lg 2k flat 144hz few weeks ago. shitty viewing angle, this would have been a lot better as curved.

  • Is this the same monitor in 32" https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-CJG50-32-144Hz-LCD-LED-W...

    … and is it worth it? Been working on my 40" 4k flat monitor and using it for gaming. I am seeing the value in curved and higher refresh rate, but 27" not tall enough… so looking at the 32"

    Which seems to be: 565 less 20% (113) = $452 — $90 more than the 27" inch, $12 per inch ;)

    Any advice?

    • +1

      Only 2 available.
      Decide soon!

      • ahh man, you tipped me over. Pressed buy. Still looking for justification!

        Just realised I am now have 2 screens per PC and laptop!

        Phillips 40" 4k
        Dell 29" ultra wide IPS
        Dell 29" ultra wide IPS
        Dell 24 IPS
        Asus 30" 2k

        and now this Samsung 32"

        How do I hide the box from my wife!

        • +2

          Sell them on gumtree now if you don’t need.
          More and more people working from home.

        • Depends whether your wife likes box

    • No FreeSync

      • official or unofficial? I thought they were the same monitors at a different size?

        Bugger this is the 50 and not the 54 model number. I submitted a cancel request. Thank you

        • +1

          JG50 lacks FreeSync, JG54 has FreeSync

          • +1

            @SwarleyAUS: futu accepted the immediate cancellation request.

            Found the jg54 32" screen for less


            only 15% off but the net price is $432 with computer alliance, making it 70 more than the 27"

            says it has Freesync.

            thx again for pointing this out! saved me an older model and 20 bucks.

  • Any recommendations on an IPS monitor that has remote-control functionality?

    • None, they're not TVs. But why wouldn't you just be using media centre software?

      • Because I want to hook up my monitor to a PS4 and then dual-screen with a laptop.

        • You can hook up multiple sources and switch between them, but the typical viewing distance for a monitor shouldn't require you to use a remote. Pretty sure they don't use HDMI-CEC either.

          You should be more focused on how this performs at 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, which your PS4 is outputting, which wouldn't look great (the input lag would be ok though).

          If you're looking for a monitor for a PS5 or the XBox Series X, you should probably be targetting 4k120Hz and up for the best experience, but those monitors are pretty limited here, and once you narrow it down to HDMI 2.1, the options are literally non-existent.

  • +1

    not the cheapest its been as I bought 2 of these on SE boxing day sale for $299 each. at an otherwise $349 normal sale price that time

    can't complain with its performance, i have issues with auto detecting inputs it sometimes switches even though the other device is powered off. Otherwise very good value.

  • +1

    Bought one of these from Scorptec for $380 on the weekend. Quite happy with it.

    Just make sure to use DisplayPort v1.2 at least if you want 1440p @ 144Hz. I was using an older DP cable (v1.1 probably), and it caused some text colour distortion.

  • To bulky, I want mine as thin as my phone with the components in a sound bar, with the power outlet coming from it as a centralised hub
    Or better a laptop that has 2 foldable papper thin 4k screens that fold in or out and pack easily when placed into backpack.

    Still happy with my 3 Asus 24inch 1m for $189.

  • What are people's thoughts on this?

    Can't work out why it's priced so similar to this: https://bit.ly/2TYOE2r

    Extra inches?

  • Purchased 3 of these for $299 each from Shopping express a few months ago, would recommend for this price point

  • there are no guarantee's that a freesync monitor is going to work properly with nvidia cards unless it makes this list
    that is why freesync monitors are dirt cheap

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