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Eufy 2C Dual Camera Smart CCTV $280 Delivered (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Good for my basic needs. Simple setup. No wires. Internal storage. Google assistant support.

in depth video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAfEtlhWcrY

Standard Shipping FREE, Express Shipping $14.99, FREE 30 MIN Click & Collect

This Eufy Security camera setup is truly 100% wireless, with each camera packing a 6,700mAh rechargeable battery. Fix them in place with a couple of screws and they’re good for up to 6 months without a recharge. Both are built rugged for indoor or outdoor use, rated IP67 weatherproof, and will comfortably withstand a temperature range of -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. Despite this, image quality is not sacrificed with 1080P recording as standard.

The aesthetic design of the home base will see it right at home next to your router. It has 16GB of internal storage, which is expandable via USB if you need to store more footage. Once connected to the router, the power of your Eufy camera system really begins to shine. When the free app is installed on your phone, the Eufy system can alert you of possible intruders wherever you have mobile signal.

It’s smart too! Eufy won’t bombard you with messages whenever a bird flies past. Nope, it can tell what’s human and what’s not. Furthermore, you can specify a small or large detection area within the view of each camera. So you can still SEE the footpath, yet not be alerted to every passer-by. If you really want to get interactive, the inbuilt microphone and speaker allows you to listen in AND talk back – or sound an alarm automatically if you prefer.

Even in the cover of darkness, no prowler is safe. They are equipped with an LED spotlight for colour illumination at night (or to scare off unwanted guests) and an infrared light to keep your surveillance stealthy. With Eufy, what once used to be the realm of a security specialist is now easily within your reach.

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2020

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  • it’s showing $399.95 on me

    • you have to use the code AFTERPAY.
      OP please link it to the original deal.

      • Can't work out how

    • Code AFTERPAY.
      wouldn't let me add to deal

  • Works well! Thank you..

  • Is it a two camera pack? Nothing super specific on the website to say this apart from the 2x camera mounts.
    Any idea if it works with Google Assistant?

    • Yes works with Google and alexa

      • Homebase2 no longer support Google Assistant.

        • Oh so no more Google Nest Hub support to stream onto a display?

          • @julz: can't find any info on this @bnh?

        • Yeah, keen to know if you can view it view google nest hub.please provide link

  • +1

    Is it possible to add extra cameras later, if needed?

    • Homebase 2 can do upto 16 cams from memory.

      • Thanks @bnh
        Will give it a go - cant see EUFY 2c mentioned anywhere on the SCA website though, assume it is the same, will probably find out when I get it.

        • 180 days battery, 16GB built in memory … that should be a 2C kit .
          Let us know how you go :)

          • @bnh: @bnh: reporting after getting my cameras.
            Pros: Installation was super easy. Camera video quality is really nice - especially night vision.
            Cons: looks like my motion detection settings are not working as expected. I really need to go very close to the camera for it to detect. Also, I did not charge them before using but the battery was around 75% and seems to be draining much faster - already at about 50% in a few days, although very little motion detected and recorded.
            Overall, I am happy for the price I paid and my sole purpose was to use these as a deterrent more than anything else. Will keep a look out on another similar deal to get a couple more for the sides of my house.
            Thanks Op!

  • 2 sets for 4 cameras. Anyone knows how much the base can be sold?

  • Looks like there is no cloud storage, so 16GB probably starts overwriting itself once its full. Anyone know how storage and access works?

    • +1

      Recording stored inside the homebase. You can access via your eufy app when internet is down via wifi. Good thing about this is when internet is down , recording still works (similar to normal nvr concept)

      Recording lasted a while. Set this up at parents place with 1 camera facing the street.
      1 month and 5GB space left still.

    • there is a cloud backup option but iirc it bills in USD.

    • I have one and don't know about overwriting.. You can save the files and upload to google photos with your phone remotely. The file names are based on what the cameras are labelled, I've prefixed mine with eufy so I can search that in google photos.

  • Can you add different additional cameras to this? say when the Eyfycam2 is available add some of those?

    • Same Homebase 2 with eufy 2.

  • +1

    Can anyone give their 2c on these vs the eufy HD (newer?) version?

    • +1

      Eufy HD is older version.
      Eufy cam2 comes out same time as 2c overseas.
      From memory, their AI can remember human face . 2c only recognise human (or anything bipedal :p )

  • Does anyone knows how often can I recharge for this batteries? After 180 days, can i still recharge them? How many more time can i do that? I've heard that these Eufy Camera batteries cannot be recharged as often as mobile phone. Their batteries are difference

    • +1

      As I know, the eufy brand is under Anker, which is one of the most famous power bank producer. So the battery should be no problem.

  • +2

    i bought this one and found out it is better than my Arlo pro 2. This one you can set area motion sensor & have led light. arlo 2 pro you can but you have to plug into adaptor which stupid. very satisfied with this product

    • Thanks for your review! Im not trying to sound stupid even though this might haha, can you sit the cameras on a flat surface or do they have a stand where you don't need to mound them to the wall?

      • you have to mount it on the wall or somewhere at least 1M higher than you

  • Just pulled the trigger. Thanks op.

    • Same here, thanks OP

    • +1

      Was it loaded and did you inure anyone?

  • Can these be mounted vertically on the underside of a roof or only on a wall horizontally?

    • +1

      No I havent worked out a way to do this without a mod or custom mount - ball/socket mech on the mount doesnt rotate enough to allow it

  • Thank you OP. Just purchased.

  • how do these compare to YI 4pc Home Camera?


    • Indoor vs outdoor?

      • Yeah i think I just realised no battery also

  • +2

    This is the comparison of all Eufy camera


    • Any idea if Eufycam 2C is compatible with Eufycam or vice-versa?

      I already have a 3 cam Eufycam setup (plus a Eufy Floodlight), and would like an extra indoor camera. Finding 1 camera at the right price isn't easy. If I bought this kit could they all work on the same hub?

      • +1

        Yeah, you can add different cams with the Homebase. That is why I bought 2c and I will add eufycam 2 2 cameras to my setup at a later date.

        • +1

          Just note you will need to contact support to push out an update to firmware for Homebase V1 in order to add eufycam2 because the app won't let you update the firmware for Homebase v1 to make it compatible.

  • Just bought one and set it up. I was able to add one camera but can’t sync the other. Anyone have any idea why?

  • +1

    Thanks did a quick 10 minute search on this model and pulled the trigger. Been sussing out eufy/arlo type cameras for over 12 months now but wasn't willing to pay $500+ for 2 cameras.

    • +1

      arlo issue keep disconnect and pain to reconnect again. i use this eufy never disconnect and working fine no issue

  • +1

    Turning into an expensive day for me!

  • +9

    I’m supposed to work from home. Instead I’m tinkering with security cameras.

  • My coworker has these and they are pretty good!

  • +1

    I bought these cameras since they are one of a few that are natively compatible with HomeKit! I got the 4 pack in the last Good Guys 20% off deal.

    Rumor has it that HomeKit Secure Video will be supported soon (looks like it might be rolling out already?? https://9to5mac.com/2020/03/17/eufycam-2/) which will be a great backup to the 16GB local storage.

    These are nice, affordable HomeKit-compatible cams (anything HomeKit is usually $$$) for anyone like me who wishes to use a 100% HomeKit-based smart home.

  • Paid by CC and said it can't use that method so I paid via paypal. I noticed for the initial payment by CC they actually charged me then immediately refunded.

  • Have the updated their firmware to support usb thumb drive recording?

    • not yet, they keep saying USB expansion on back of the homebase 2 is coming soon…

  • Can the battery pop out or do you need to unscrew the camera from the wall to charge it?

    • Cannot remove battery. You charge the camera attaching it to the base.

      • +1

        So do you need to unscrew it or does the camera pop out from the attachment in the wall?

        • Need to unscrew it. The bracket stays on the wall.

  • does anyone have an issue when checking out, it won't let me pay for the item

    • Yep I have the same problem. When I first opened it the option was there for free delivery. Now it says delivery is not available, but won't let me purchase it with click and collect either..

      • yep not working for me

        • +1

          I called up and they have raised the issue with their website technician now. But I now have something noted against my account so I can still get the discounted price tomorrow if I call up and ask for a manual coupon code or something like that.

    • Not working for c&c too

    • Yes, very frustrating. I saw that my local had some stock, so I called them up and asked if they could apply the discount in store. They said yes, so I will drive by after work.

  • I have 2 of these and was looking to get 2 more…. this is the cheapest price yet (previously 20% ebay good guys was about $320). Didnt realise SCA stocked them. Thanks OP

    PS apparently black silicone covers coming out soon - see the eufy forums

  • Can't seem to buy. None in stock WA.

    • WA

      Please don't cry.

  • OP, what is the source for expandable USB storage?
    I understand it is in the works but isn't currently a feature.

    • +1

      Internal 16gb, not expandable as yet.

      • Probably should edit the original post.

        • -1

          I never said expandable.
          That is from the wording on SCA website.

    • Under features in SCA website
      "16GB in-built free local storage and USB port for further storage increase capability."

      is that not accurate?

      • I just tried a 2gb usb on mine and nothing showed up in the app.

        The eufy website doesn't actually say expandable storage is supported on the homebase 2. Nor other literature I've seen. The homebase 1 has storage via a microsd.

        It is possible to connect the system to a NAS though I haven't tried it myself.

      • defo 16GB internal, USB port expansion not yet supported but in the works

  • +4

    For whatever reason I can't check out. When I click on check out it takes me back saying delivery not possible even if I want click and collect. Sca really has one of the dumbest sites

    • +1

      Same issue here.

      Is the deal active already or starting tomorrow?

      • Live deal but looks like low stock remaining. Maybe try calling store to reserve?

    • same

  • It doesn't allow me to checkout

  • I rang a local store and they acknowledged that there was issue with the website. I asked and they allowed me to have the discount applied in-store - lucky there was one in stock.

    I already have the original eufy with homebase 1. I just now hope I can add these 2C to homebase 1 or add the Eufy Cam 1 to this new homebase….

    • The later should work

      • Is Homebase 2 better than Homebase 1?

        • Missing battery and swapable sd card. Saw firmware update yesterday that should fix the memory expansion issue.
          Yet to arrive on my kit tho.

      • Tested and can confirm that 2C cameras work on Homebase 1 (the original)

  • Got the last one from Chermside, thx op

  • I already have a Homebase 1 and 3 Eufy Cams. Bought one of these as I need 1 more camera, thinking I would sell the surplus Homebase and camera. Wondering which cameras are compatible with which Homebase, so I know which one to keep. Any ideas?

    • Homebase only have 2 version. The one comes with this 2c kit can take your older one from their notes.

    • +2

      Tested and can confirm that 2C cameras work on Homebase 1 (the original). All my items have the latest firmware

      • So, which home base are you going to use, and why?

        • Was deciding same thing, personally I'd go homebase 1 for battery backup. Don't see any real advantage homebase 2 has besides inbuilt storage, which isn't much anyway

    • +1

      Note the app does not allow you to update firmware for Eufycam2 to Homebase V1. I had to out in a support ticket for them to ma ually push out a firmware update to add Eufycam2 cameras to my Homebase V1.

  • +4

    I was able to price match at my local JB Hifi - Told them the price and the 30% off and they checked and all was good.

  • +1

    Managed to order a set this morning. Free standard delivery and paid via Paypal

    • Yep same ordered this morning with free delivery! Thanks OP

      • +1

        geez no delivery option available for me, and 1 in stock nearby but still can't checkout

        • It's probably just all sold out. I ordered one with free delivery earlier this morning.

  • Seems to be deleted entirely from their website now

  • Thanks OP. Managed to order 2 sets last night.

    • Panic buying!

      • Hesitated for too long on this deal few months back. Not the same model but with the extra camera I think I can deal with recharging them twice a year instead of once.

  • I think I got the last (1) available. SCA Lilydale showing two in stock. Ordered and had above issues, though could do it on mobile this morning.
    Advised by phone only one in stock but second coming next week, fine by me. Thanks OP