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Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam $72.39 USD (~ $127.66 AUD) @ GeekBuying


In these crazy days, hope everyone is doing well and safe.

Logitech C930e Specs:

Business Grade Hd Video Webcam: Full 1080P HD video at 30 frames per second for high-quality video conferences on PC Or Mac

Widest Field Of View: 90-Degree extended view plus pan, tilt and 4X digital zoom; perfect for whiteboard presentations and product demos. Tripod-ready universal clip fits laptops, LCD, or CRT monitors

Uvc H.264 Encoding: frees up system bandwidth and delivers a smoother video stream by putting video processing in the camera

Plug-and-play compatibility: Certified for Microsoft Lync 2013 and Skype; compatible with most UC and web conferencing applications

Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam for $72.39 USD (~ $127.66 AUD) with the coupon: NNNC930C

Important: Click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose Australia Priority Shipping before payment for the video webcam. AU$ based on the current Mastercard rate.

And please don't forget to get cashback on cashrewards.

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    Want this $99 at JB the other day?

    Now $139 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/logitech-c922-pro-stream-...

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      You should put up a separate post for this, its a different camera.

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      Lol, it was $42 yesterday as I'm watching it. Looks like they're doing good business

    • What does the missing shutter effect?

  • Good deal if you want brand new. Cheapest elsewhere I've seen it is 180ish.

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    Performance specifications seem to be identical to the C920 Pro, which is available cheaper, and arguably looks better:

    For anyone looking, sensor resolution (and maximum still-photo resolution) appears to be 3MP. Logitech hide this information on their C9xx webcams, possibly because the much older C910 was 5MP.

    Here's a comparison I found:

  • How's geekbuying's reputation on OzB? A few threads on WP (albeit nearly a year ago) show some not so great delivery experiences.

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    Given Logitech’s confusing naming convention and aging lineup, I recommend reading this comparison of Logitech webcams: https://blog.addpipe.com/top-logitech-webcams-compared/

  • Stock is back up - got one thank you!

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    Back in stock 23/3/2020 1:25pm. Managed to order one!

    Fingers crossed because so far all my other webcam orders have been cancelled or facing significant delays (eg C925e from Harris Technology and C922 from Amazon AU)

    • Should mention it was A$120.67 delivered.

  • Has anyone got any idea how long it takes for stuff to actually reach your door from Geekbuying?

    I asked the rep about my order and they said it takes 2-7 days to "prepare" an order before it will get moved to shipping (which they estimate will take 5-8 business days).

  • Purchase on the 22nd of March.

    Order confirmation on the 23rd of March

    Did a live chat with them tonight and said that item will be shipped in a week :/

  • So has anyone's arrived?

    Mine was shipped on 1/4 (purchased on 23/3) but Auspost is still showing it as just:

    Your parcel is coming
    Most recent update
    Shipping information received by Australia Post

    Wondering where it is…

    • I guess that your package is waiting for a flight to Australia, there are fewer flights now than before, please wait in patience

      • Fair enough. Thanks for the heads up.

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          Just to provide an update, got an email today saying it's been processed in Sydney already by Aus Post and should be here next week :D

          Can't wait… keep getting called out on WebExs for not having my camera on!

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            @jace88: Great to hear. Meant to post this earlier as well. I actually reached out to the user clear who put me onto the 17track.net website which had better visibility of where my package was rather than the uninformative information on Auspost.

            Mine is currently showing as "Arrived at facility in destination country" so I'm hoping that this should arrive next week as well.

            • @Ndiddy: AusPost app says it'll arrive tomorrow… fingers crossed!

              • @jace88: Awesome - hopefully mine not too far away either. Btw have you seen the price now for these units? :O

                • @Ndiddy: Yep, it's crazy. I have another one on backorder (C922) from Amazon from the $99 deal but it still hasn't shipped.

  • My C930e arrived today (14/4/2020) and it's great. Except it's a Chinese model and the box is in Chinese/English, but Windows detects it and has a Chinese name too. It works as promised so I can't complain, but it's just weird when I go to select the camera from the drop down, I have to choose the Chinese name rather than say Logitech C930e.

    EDIT: It appears to be the C930c not e. Not sure what difference that makes?

    • Great to hear. Hows the microphone on it? Apparently no difference between the c vs e according to this:

      • Seems to have issues with the firmware update for 930e and camera settings software keeps telling me there’s a newer version without letting me download it.

        Haven’t tried microphone but picture quality is significantly better vs laptop and I like the zoom and widescreen options.

        • Have you settled the problem of the firmware update? Let me ask what's the problem.

          • @Suewen: The video doens't always come on straight away and lags, I will try to download the firmware update and see if it improves. It's also a bit weird/frustrating to have the Chinese names/etc pop up - I know it has no real impact on anything but I just wanted a normal Logitech C930e…

        • please try to download the firmware here and update: https://prosupport.logi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040083133-D...

          • @Suewen: Doesn't recognise the device since it's c930c and not c930e… stuck on firmware 8.0.927 which seems a little buggy.

          • +1

            @Suewen: It is the Chinese market version and needs to use the chinese logitec firmware page where it is known as the Pro Webcam

            • @Funny Old Fellow: Thank you very much! I have been troubled and find no solution.

              • +1

                @Suewen: I’m still very disappointed that you neglected to mention you were selling a cheaper but functionality equivalent device to the c930e advertised. The Chinese named device causes an issue for some software which can’t recognise the Chinese characters in the name and hence can’t allow me to select the camera.

            • @Funny Old Fellow: I don't see any firmware update on the Chinese website. And the webcam isn't listed as a compatible webcam for that software either.

              • @hunter88: It is "Camera Settings 2.10.4". you download the file (108MB) and it will update to that firmware if it isn't already 2.10.4. There are some people looking to flash the c930e firmware, but I don't know how successful they will be.

                • +1

                  @Funny Old Fellow: That isn't the firmware. That's just a software to adjust camera settings. If you click on the device info tab, you can see the actual firmware of the camera. It doesn't get updated at all.

  • Mine still hasn't arrived yet :(

    • What's your order number? I'll try to help.

      • Just sent you a direct message with my order number

        • Mine still stuck at Aus Post it looks like

  • Mine arrived today, but it isn't the C930e, but a C930c with firmware 8.0.927 which cannot be upgraded using C930e firmware from Logitech! Not happy!

    • The Logitech Capture (Logi Capture) also does not work with the webcam! How's that? Why?

      • Same here. Also seems to have issues with other programs too like Chromacam not being able to recognise it (maybe because the device name isn't in English characters)?

        • sorry, let me ask, I'll let you know if there is any update.

      • Logitech Capture only works with these cams:
        C920 HD PRO
        C920s HD PRO
        1080P PRO STREAM
        C922 PRO STREAM
        C922X PRO STREAM
        BRIO 4K PRO
        Source - bottom of page

        • Looks like the webcam we received cannot be firmware upgraded, nor is there any supporting software for it. Pretty hobbled. It is definitely not the same as the c930e. The Pro Webcam version also doesn't state support for this webcam, similar to what you posted for the Logitech Capture software.

          Not looking good.

  • Mine finally arrived yesterday - Will be setting it up today

    • roughly how long did you wait?

      • +1

        Purchased 22 Mar arrived 24 April so roughly a month. Tbf it actually arrived in Australia on the 1st of April and after customs checks and moving around to different facilities it sat with Aus Post from the 9th of April till it arrived on the 24th.

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