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HTC Legend Prepaid $199 Again at DSE Vodafone Locked


They have it again for $199 locked with Voda but you can unlock it easily from their site.

Cannot post the actual link because of posted before.

Here is the previous post about it


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    your edit made this comment useless, now i have nothing to say


    Not much stock in Brisbane stores if in fact anywhere in the country.


    None in WA and none online.

    An unavailable product - where's the bargain?


    The main things I disliked about this phone:
    1) phone reception is terrible compared to my blackberry 9300 (I'm using vodafone network)
    2) speaker phone quality is below average
    3) no easy-way to root android 2.2 with this phone

    It seems like every android app that I obtained as well wants to constantly be downloading data in the background / requesting a heap of privileges on the phone etc etc

    I'm stuck now using a BlackBerry 9300 due to my poor reception issues.


      Use Visionary+ to temporary root this phone if on Android 2.2. Stays rooted until your next reboot. And, you don't lose your HTC Sense stuff. Not as good as a permanent root (??) but allows you to run Titanium Backup, a Root explorer, etc etc.


    how's this phone stackup against the Huawei Sonic

    the Huawei sonic has bigger screen and runs on Android 2.3 out of the box
    both phones has poor camera
    the Sonic has WIFI N where the Legend only have up to G
    and the Huawei is cheaper

    budget = $200.


      i guess you would have to weigh up the quality of the phones aswell(htc legend aluminum unibody - which feels better than most current high end phones and it comes with htc sense). Personally I love sense so would pick htc everytime. Also I think you get 2 year warranty with htc not sure about huawei.
      I'm really happy with my legend so can recommend it but not sure about huawei. Doubt this deal will last too long though!


      I'd also take the LG Optimus One into consideration at that price point. Android 2.2 with 512MB RAM that can be had for around $150-$200.

      DSE has it for $150 locked to Virgin, I imagine it shouldn't be too much more from somewhere unlocked.


      AMOLED screen (HTC Legend) vs LCD screen (Huawei Sonic). First has bright high contrast colors, the second does not. Put them side-by-side and you'll see what I mean. Same reason everybody is importing their Nexus S rather than buying the local version which only comes with an LCD screen.


      The Legend has better specs and more overall support (Custom ROMS etc) but the Sonic has a 3.5in touchscreen opposed to a 3.2in screen. But other than that the Legends AMOLED screen is better and has more RAM (384MB opposed to 256MB)

      The Sonic is a pretty snappy phone overall and I'd definately recommend it for a cheap sub-$200 android phone and the one thing I really like about it is the 3.5in screen. A few accessories are starting to pop up on eBay - opposed to when I searched two weeks ago with no results.

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    While the Legend is a great phone, you can also get the HTC ChaCha for $199 if you're into the qwerty + touch screen combination.

    Faster 800Mhz CPU
    512MB RAM
    Front facing camera
    Android 2.3 Gingerbread
    WiFi N, BT 3.0

    I reckon it's great bang for buck, and the qwerty is actually quite good

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    Terrible wifi strength on this phone. I couldn't even pick it up in my own house! My iphone has almost full bars.


    These phones are locked to Vodafone but can be unlocked for free on the Vodafone website