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3GB of Free Bonus Data Added to Your Account @ Kogan Mobile


Just received a text message from kogan, not sure if everyone gets the same offer but nice to see it come through!

I'm on the 20gb plan as other members confirm what they received I'll update this post

Okay seems regardless what plan you are on you'll receive the 3Gb Bonus :)
Wish it happened yesterday as I was at 98% and reset at midnight but needed to pay $5 for the topup dang it :P

Hi, Great news! We've added 3GB of FREE bonus data to your account. Bonus data expires in 30 days. Kogan Mobile Team

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  • i hope i get, ran out of data a week ago and still have 10 days till reset

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      Edit. Got mine about 90 minutes ago. Great timing!

      • you Aussie ripper!!!

  • Received 3GB on the 12GB plan.

  • No SMS, but can see it in my account when I log in.

  • I’m on the 7gb a month plan got 3gb

  • Received 3GB on the 20GB plan

  • Didn't get a text, but a "Bonus Data Pack" of 3GB appeared below my usual data! (I'm on the 20GB plan)

  • same here, no text but 3GB bonus data appeared in the account. I'm on the SMALL - 365 DAYS plan.

  • Yes got 3g extra, I am on $15 3months 20g/m plan.anyway 20g is too much for me. Just come to confirm.

  • Nice! can confirm - its come through even if I activated 7 days ago :)

  • I received 3GB on the 20GB monthly plan (no rollover).

  • been trying to get through to the call centre as I don't have any credit to reply the port authorisation pin but no one has answered it for the past 3 days..

  • Got it on both 3 month Sims

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    Recharge with Kogan before April 30 and get a free 3GB bonus.

    Bonus Data expires in 30 days.

  • Got mine on MED plan

  • Got the same message

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    Got the offer on my 3gb/mo plan. Seems to be for all customers.

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    Kogan really is great aren’t they. They have a pie graph easily visible for data usage and now this. This is great.

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      They are definitely one of the 'good guys' of prepaid mobile and do a good job looking after existing customers (which is a rarity in this industry).

      Shame they are using Vodafone though which means they are effectively not an option in regional Australia

      • Let’s fade it - they make money from the add-ons/over going on your plans and people being out of control - which I am and a lot of people are. Someone who is upfront and transparent and doesn’t take advantage of people when they’re vulnerable, I’d just go with them over even more data ha! Cos how I can control it easily. So now I’m going to stay.

  • Well if basic phone facility work fine on their shitty vodafone service then extra data is awesome!. On Kogan 365 plan but really struggling with phone calls. Noisy reception, disconnects and out of coverage often. That too in central places in Sydney. Please be mindful before buying these lucrative looking plans.

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    I am with Lebara. Same deal, 3 GB free data received yesterday. Should have posted as a deal.

  • They also emailed me

    Good news - we're adding 3GB of FREE bonus data to your account!

    You will receive an SMS message once the additional data has been processed into your Kogan Mobile account.

    Bonus data expires in 30 days.

    Kind Regards,
    The Kogan Mobile Team

  • Does anyone else wish kogan would switch on wifi calling already?!

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    Yep, extra 3gb here for the 90days 20gb/mth plan, Thx!

  • But i have another number on that $4.90 for 40gb plan, unfortunately not giving me that extra 3gb :(

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    had Kogan for the last year. excellent value and great reception. thanks OP.

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    On the XL, 30 Day, 40GB plan and I have recieved the bonus 3GB as well.