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Free AT99 Microphones @ Audio Technica Australia


Edit: site down due to being ozbargained

Good gesture from Audio Technica.

Whether you’re working from home, creating content or just need to make an important call, Audio-Technica is here to help!

We’re giving away over $250,000 of great microphones to get you through your isolation.

Below are the options, each microphone serves a different purpose so make sure you select the right tool for the job and you have the right inputs for them to work as intended.

Please fill out the form below and answer a few questions our team will handle the rest!

AT9947CM – Mono Shotgun Microphone.
The AT9947CM features a tight pick up area for incredible sound isolation and clear audio with a DSLR camera. This microphone is designed to pick up a single sound source such as an interviewee, a presenter or a commentator. The AT9947CM rejects background noise so that the person speaking stands out from the background.

Requirements: Designed for use with DSLR or small digital recorders with a horse shoe mount.

Connections: 3.5mm gold-plated 3-pole mini (L-type)

AT9903 – Mono Mini Electret Condenser Lapel Mic.
The AT9903 is a compact, lightweight low profile microphone designed to record a single presenter for video commentary or an instructional video etc.

Requirements: Designed for use on portable recording devices, digital cameras and desktop computers.

Connections: 3.5mm mini jack

Please note* Includes power module and LR44 button battery. Designed for personal recorders or can be used via USB powered audio outputs (ie. ATR2USB) without power module.

AT9920 – Stereo Condenser Mini Boundary Microphone.
The AT9920 is designed for digital recording devices and is ideal for recording vocals, meetings, conferences and even instruments and room acoustics. This microphone has been used in episodes of Bondi Rescue on the underside of the beach buggy roof to capture the dialogue whilst minimising vibration and outside noises.

Requirements: Designed for use on portable recording devices, digital cameras and desktop computers.

Connections: 3.5mm stereo mini jack

Please note* Includes power module and LR44 button battery. Designed for personal recorders or can be used via USB powered audio outputs (ie. ATR2USB) without power module.

Edit emails are being sent out. Also supplied code CWP for 15% off microphones.

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        It should be whichever one you select (although I have no idea which one I selected)

  • I got email notification;

    We're contacting you to let you know that you're going to receive a free AT99 microphone! As you can imagine we received an overwhelming response so we needed to take the time to handle this properly and safely. We've got a separate dedicated team packing and preparing your microphone as you read this very message, it should be with you within the next 5 - 10 business days.

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    I got the email 9 Apr at around 4pm, didn't notice it at first but checked after seeing this thread. The subject was "Audio-Technica AT99 Work.Create.Play - Free AT99 Microphone"

  • Well done to those who got in on one of these mics! I was well and truly too late to the game on this one, but it's nice to see Audio Technica come through with the goods for you early birds! 👍

  • Wow just checked my spam and have a shotgun mic incoming. Thanks op, and thanks audio technica.

  • Are the emails still coming in for people? I registered but haven't received an email to date. Thanks.

    • still nothing :(

    • +1

      Check your junkmail. Thats where i found the email.

      • I got an email only a few minutes after your reply, xoom. Unfortunately I wasn't successful. Oh well.

  • Got an email, nothing for me!

  • got the email, nothing for me.

  • Email as well, said I didn't make the cut.

  • Received email. Didn't make the cut either. 15% off consolation.

  • Just got the email missed out, 15% discount on a $100 microphone seems pretty poor but obviously only as much money as they're willing to cut.

    No microphone for me :(

    • Same!!

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    Let's have a vote how many got it vs not.. :-|

  • Good way to harvest email for marketing purposes.

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      Just unsubscribe and wait for the butt-hurt to subside, like an adult.

      • +1

        Yep, luckily ultra easy as a link at bottom of the "bad luck" post….an unsub may ram home that email harvesting is not on (a great offer but left open way too long)

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        But but but I like to act like that special snowflake whom just got to sue for emotional distress after receiving a spam email.


      • Except of course the issue is if the email address has now also been passed on to other bodies/ interested parties as well as what kind of interests we had (in this case AV / Headsets)

        • You've been on OzB for over a decade and are still giving companies your primary email address?

          • +1

            @dm01: Doesnt have to be primary email address, but if you want to keep track of orders as well as if they will email you back / give you updates then of course you give them an email address that you use, rather than some made up one.

            • @lonewolf: Yes I know. I have a throwaway email address for each month of the year that I simply remove from my email account once associated orders/deals are complete.

  • Received email saying I missed out. 15% discount code received. If anyone wants to use it, the code is "CWP" without quotes.

    • If anyone wants to use it, the code is "CWP" without quotes.

      Same as this one? :D

    • Same code received

    • Same email received

    • Same here, I just realized it was $250.000 and not 250.000 units hahaha

    • Same email same code. I wonder if anyone actually got one.

      • +4

        A bunch of us above got the email saying we got one.

  • +1

    Got the email saying I got one. Anyone got theirs yet?

    • Nope, They said 8-15 BUSINESS days so probably wont get it for at least another week maybe two.

      • Interesting, my email says 5 - 10 business days and came April 9th.

        But now that I look at calendar, it's only been 6 days

        • Sorry my bad.

          I was probably confusing it with another email. you are right that it was 5-10 days so maybe next week

      • I have a Star Track package in bound that I have no idea what it is, might be this or completely unrelated- no info on the consignment page.

        • Oh god I hope it isn't being sent via star track.

          • @brendanm: Their website says they ship via StarTrack.

            • @bobbiie: I'm in for a fun 2 weeks of trying to get those idiots to deliver it then.

          • @brendanm: False alarm, Amazon US handed something over that ended up being overnighted- no idea why, usually I get Fastway.

            • @bxpressiv: Startrack have probably lost all the microphones in a warehouse somewhere.

        • +1

          Do you have a Star Track account or something, or they sent you an email with a tracking number? I also got the email from Audio Technica that I got a mic but there is no way to tell when it's coming and from which delivery company.

          • +1

            @AussieDaddy: The Audio-Technica website says they deliver through StarTrack.

            My last unknown package from StarTrack,care package from work, ended up showing tracking details on my AusPost account without me adding it.

            Nothing is currently showing on my account. They either haven't shipped or added enough details for it to match my account.

    • I received the same email on 9/4, but havent received the microphone yet.

  • The post lady just went past. I might scramble up the energy to walk to the letterbox. Will report back if my At9920 is there.

  • So Anyone got theirs?

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      got mine today!

  • +2

    Got my AT9920 today!

    Help needed!! How do you set this up? I am only using a laptop which only has the headphone jack. Do I have to buy a splitter?
    Also, there's a battery included but where do you put this?
    Do you still need to put the battery if you will just use this connected to your laptop?

  • +1

    Got a AT9920.

    • Any good?

      • No chance to test yet. It's designed for a interview / full room record, rather than just 1 person.

        • +2

          The AT9920 will work great for one person (or several) when placed in front on a desk or wall. It's not omnidirectional, the diagram on top shows two cardioid capsules in ORTF configuration (rough calc suggests ~160° recording angle).

  • Not successful as well. They offered a 15% code across the range. "CWP"

  • -1

    has anyone received this?

    I still haven't got it and no updates at all.
    None of my friends received this either.

    • +3

      There is literally three posts saying they have a couple of posts up ^^^

    • My AT9903 lapel mic just arrived in the mail this morning. Will test it tonight in Warzone.

      You know, cos I told them I "work from home."

  • Zero packages or communication for me and my friend since the confirmation Email.

    • +1

      Read the comments above

  • +1

    Mine arrived today. Never got an email. All good!

  • +6

    Mine arrived today! https://imgur.com/a/pkf02yp

    • I also found an A4 sized envelope in my mailbox with a lapel mic inside. My 500 refreshes to get it submitted paid off.

  • +1

    anyone else still waiting on theirs to come?

    • Sure am.

    • ofc, so far it looks like only people in NSW have started to get theirs.

    • Yeah Wollongong NSW here. No luck yet

      • Update: Just got mine

    • In Vic, havent received mine yet

    • +1

      Just got mine in Brisbane, QLD.

  • Got mine today Parramatta NSW

  • Got my AT9903 Lapel Mic today (Brisbane).
    For anyone wondering how to put the battery in, use the end of the 3.5mm plug and push in the little button next to the on/off switch, then you can kind of swing out the tray where the button battery goes.
    FWIW, the power module made no difference for me running the mic directly off my laptop mic port. Works just as well without it. I think the power module is more for when using it plugged into cameras etc which don't provide enough phantom power.
    I was previously using a $1.00 ebay lapel mic which worked surprisingly well. This lapel mic has about the same gain as that with a minimally discernible difference in audio quality when just testing speech. Not sure if it's better than the ebay mic for things with more dynamic range like music or not but I don't use it for that.


  • A big shout out to Audio Techncia Australia I just received my AT9903 today in the mail, thank you very much this will get some meaningful usage;

  • Has anyone in SA received this?

    • negative

  • +1

    I received mine. I'm in Syd. This is a high quality item. I got the 9920 as I was swayed by the fact they use this on Bondi Rescue (LOL!)

    There's one oddness. There wasnt any instruction manual and it took me ages to work out how to install the included LR44 battery.

    HOwever once I sorted that out it does work as expected. The battery cover swings UP once you insert a toothpick into the retaining cover panel.

    Cannot complain, suffice to say they have a customer for life. Every item I've bought from them still works.

    Also amazingly thia product is made in taiwan, you know 'best china'.

  • Got my AT9903 yesterday. All good. I swore I tried to choose the AT9920 as that would suit my intended purpose better, but all good, this is still better than shouting at cheap inbuilt mic in laptop.

  • Still waiting in Sydney..

  • +2

    Had a package in the mail today, thought to myself “what the hell is this, I haven’t ordered anything?” Lo and behold, it was my free microphone. Never got an email saying yay or nay, so completely forgot about it. Checked again now, just to confirm, and I definitely never received any email from them. Can’t complain though, look forward to testing it out.

  • +4

    so far with testing of the at9920, it seems to be really quiet. ive turned up the volume and microphone boost to max and my friends can barely hear me. is this a problem for anyone else? ive got it plugged into my pc directly

    • +1

      i have this problem too and am reaching out to them via email. You are not the only one.
      tried afew things like using the power module (although desktop wont really change much)
      but it may seem like need phantom power for the thing to boost it.

    • Yeah I've got the same issue. Even after using the included battery power module still can't get it to record at a level that would be useful. Thinking of trying a cheapo usb dac or something like that

    • Hey mate, how to set this one up with laptop? I corrected it to my laptop, but it is not being detected. :(

      • Depending on what laptop you have it may or may not work. You may end up needing a splitter if your laptop has a "combo" or headphone and microphone jack. I know my laptop won't support only a microphone on its own. I'd suggest looking into that first.

    • Same problem here. Only seems to work properly when you hold it to your mouth.

  • Haven't gotten mine yet, live in Victoria.

  • Still waiting too in VIC

  • I had previously got an email confirming that I would be receiving one.

    Mine turned up today. Haven't tested it yet.

  • I didn't receive any notifications whether I would get one or not so assumed I missed out… and it turned up today so a pleasant surprise. See how it goes during my next lot of meetings!

  • I received mine too 2 days ago. It is a AT9903. I can't figure out how to insert the included battery into the battery power module. Anyone?

  • Received the AT9920. Pretty sure I chose the shotgun option AT9947CM but I guess this one will do unless anyone wants to swap.