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99c .COM Domain Names [RRP: $8.95] Limited Time ONLY from 1and1.com


Limited time only, 99c .COM Domain Names, Includes PRIVACY Protection Included RRP:$10.99!

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    1. Register domain www.i[INSERT NOUN HERE].com
    2. Wait for Apple to invent it.
    3. ???
    4. PROFIT!!!

    OP should evidence that the offer is valid only the first year, then the following years standard fees will be applied.


    the .99 cents… does that include URL forwarding?… if so… how many URLS are you allowed?


      URL Forwarding would be provided by your hosting CP. Which you can find free + unlimited domain names!


    has anyone received their welcome signup email yet?


    "Private Domain Names may not be transferred".

    Looks like one can not transfer to another registrar in the first year.

    So, you will be required to renew at the full price for at least one year.


      No, this just means that you need to disable whois privacy before you transfer the domain. Once disabled, you should be able to transfer the domain. See http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1050560 for instance.

      1&1 are ICANN accredited and I believe that part of ICANN's policy states that transfers must be allowed (not too sure though, I don't have time to look this up right now).


    nice one! registered one


    Bought two. Awesome.

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    I'll repeat my comments from here - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/25182

    Did a quick Google of '1and1 scam' (my standard method of checking out whether something is too good to be true) and sure enough, it looks pretty bad. They appear to do this free domain thing from time to time, but you cannot simply allow the domain to expire after a year - you have to actually cancel it. And to do so, you need to send them a fax (to the US) to request the cancellation.. which they may or may not receive.

    Many have reported asking multiple times to have their account cancelled, but to no avail, 1and1.com just keep charging them for domains they no longer want.

    Avoid this company.



    Includes PRIVACY Protection Included RRP:$10.99!

    the local milk bar has PRIVACY Protection Included for $5.99


    Has anyone actually been able to log into their account?


    no, nothing, no response from support either


    I've waited a whole day after registering… The domain I bought shows as "already registered" if I try searching for it again, but I still haven't received login details (nor have I received anything from PayPal)


      I still have not heard anything, and the domain I bought is still unregistered. I can't see any charges on my credit card either. Given the comments from cmdwedge (which I REALLY wish I'd read before purchasing!), perhaps I am fortunate and it did not go through? It's actually kind of annoying being in this limbo now since I only bought it impulsively as a joke domain name and I didn't bother with my usual "is this a crap deal" filtering (which would have revealed cmdwedge's advice). Quite frankly, I don't need the domain so I'm hoping I don't get the domain. :-/


    got an email…


    Got email saying that need verification.


    I finally got an email with a customer ID. My domain appears to be in a non-existant status though. Their help says:

    Your domain can have the following statuses:
    Set up - The domain is fully available and can be configured.
    Waiting… - The domain is being registered or transferred and is not yet available.

    But my domain is in a status of "Applying". No clue what that means. That and their control panel looks horrible and is very slow.

    Never doing business with them ever again, after this. Glad the domain (which I still haven't been charged for) was only 99 cents. Going to stick with Name.com (where I have most of my domains), they've never failed me :)


      yup control panel was pretty shit. had to actually ask customer support on how to change DNS server.

      DOnt worry your status of "applying" will change to "ready" pretty soon.


        Yeah - The domain is active now, but my PayPal account still hasn't been charged…? Very weird.

        First thing I did was turn off auto renewal so they don't charge me for a renewal. Going to try move my domain away in a year's time.


    nothing happend after 36 hours of order. What a company…I want my time back. email them, told have to email someone else. why dont u just forward the email or turn ur head ask the guy in charge?


    Since when register a domain requires to verify your identity?
    And even I sent my documents, the only thing I got is

    'the address doesn't match.'

    all your questions sent will require 12~24 hours to get an answer or just lost.

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