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iPad Pro 11” Wi-Fi Only 256GB 2018 $1,225.91 + Shipping (~ $15.95) at Megabuy


Looking around at a Pro and stumbled across this. Next cheapest I could find was Officeworks at $1310 but no stock in my area.

Outgoing 2018 model but in terms of performance not far behind 2020 based on early reviews.

From what I can tell these are new not refurbished, however not 100% sure.

Also have the Smart Keyboard cover for $257.56.
No real benefit to buying at same time as I got 2x shipping charges, but still cheap compared to other stores.


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    Store in title please.


      This company has a terrible reputation for misleading advertising and some of the worst customer service around.

      For anyone who doesn't know about megabuy yet, checkout feedback from their customers before you consider placing an order. A couple of links to get you started.

      ProductReview feedback (Sudden rush of 5 star reviews recently from one post wonders. Make of that what you will)

      80 pages of Whirlpool feedback

      If you're after more info on the company, check feedback for the other sites they also run.


      Major issues with this seller.


    if you know someone whos a student or studying you can get the new 2020 model for $1249 or 1479 for the jumbo 13 incher. I studied 12 years ago and they accepted my purchase


    would rather spend 1300ish to get 2020 model starting with 128GB but with better cameras and LiDAR


    Wifi only in title please.

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    did they make a 2019 version?


    $100 extra for the latest iPad, too easy choice. Don’t need to think further just get it from Apple. Sometimes retailers may take few dollars off. Shop around

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    What’s the chances of Apple releasing new products in 2020 with the Corona Virus taking hold of the globe? I’m sure production would be effected as well as the public being able to afford them with the continual
    Increase in unemployment.

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    Well I must have been one of the lucky ones.

    Update for anyone who may be interested.

    Correspondence was good. Queries about stock and making sure they’re new and they responded promptly.

    Megabuy are listed on Apples website as an authorised reseller.

    iPad just arrived. Have to agree with other people shipping info is lacking.

    TBH it wasn’t packed well… Also even though there was a megabuy invoice in the box, the package came directly from Ingram Micro which is a large Australian IT distributor. This probably explains the poor shipping info.

    For my purposes I’m happy with this model to pay ~$80 less than the new 128GB model, to have the extra 256GB storage for offline media.

    Maybe they are listening to feedback and trying to lift their game 🤷🏻‍♂️

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      Sounds like they are drop shipping it.


        Glad it worked out for you sl33kr

        Yeah, megabuy are drop shippers which might explain why people have such varied experiences. I think most of the issues come up with them claiming to hold stock, taking order for stock they don't hold and then dismally poor customer service if they're unable to deliver.

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