Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL or Pixel 4?

Hi all, my much loved Pixel 2 XL has had a cracked screen for a while, and I've just gone and cracked it even more. Screen replacement is $300 (😲).

Considering one of the phones listed in the title. I cannot under any circumstance bring myself to drop $1k on a phone, especially as mine cop abuse. Pixel 3 128gb can be had from Gerry's for $530 or so, Pixel 3 XL in pink can be had for $580 or so, Pixel 4 64gb can be had for $540 ish from Vodafone.

Is it worth having a pink phone with Optus stuff on it to get the 3XL just for the battery? Or is the battery in the 4 acceptable for normal use? My heaviest usage normally comes from Google maps. Don't care at all about the notch.


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    i would opt for pixel 4, battery isnt that bad.


    Just use a cover?


    Do you want a big phone or small phone? Given you're coming from a Pixel 2XL, I think you'd find the Pixel 3 or Pixel 4 a bit small. The Pixel 3XL is a pretty good phone - it has decent specs and features for the price. The pink colour isn't that bad, it's not obnoxious, it's more of a subtle pastel colour.


      I'm not that fussed, as long as the screen size is approximately what I have, give or take a little doesn't matter. It would be getting a decent case anyway, so the pink doesn't really phase me.

      All I can really see that's an "advantage" on the pixel 4 is the motion sense thing, which I could care less about.


        You should just buy a "Screen Replacement Kit" and DIY fix it at home. I understand if you cannot. Or if they run out of stock. Or if the phone is too damaged.

        Instead of a Google Pixel 4, which is pretty lacklustre and a massive rip-off, perhaps get a OnePlus 8 Pro? This time it is a proper flagship phone with Waterproofing, Wireless Charging, and Great Screen. And I think it should still be cheaper than the Pixel 4.

        If price is the issue, in which case, just look for a phone in your budget that either runs AndroidONE or has a good Custom Rom support. The one that I recommend is the Realme Pro 5 and then run the EvolutionX Custom Rom on it from xda-devs website.

        Other viable options are:
        - Xiaomi Note 8 Pro
        - Moto G8 Plus
        - Nokia 7.2
        - Nokia 7 Plus
        - Sony XZ Premium
        - LG V30


          I don't have a problem replacing the screen/digitiser assembly, however it's over $200 even to do it myself, and it's then not guaranteed to be water resistant, which I need.

          Have had OnePlus before, hated it. Pretty set on the pixel due to excellent camera, no bloatware rubbish, constant updates and unlimited photo storage.

          I appreciate the info, will have a look through it in a minute when I get a chance anyway. The lg v series have always looked good.


            @brendanm: Something's amiss.
            OnePlus have a good track-record. Sure they aren't the best, but they never were asking for the best price. They've improved on the Camera front immensely starting with the OnePlus 7t/Pro. So the next OnePlus 8 Pro is shaping up to be competitive, not the best, but competent. The Pixel 4 camera is virtually the same as the Pixel 3, which wasn't a major upgrade over the Pixel 2. So Google has lost the photography edge. Oh, the photo storage is gone. It's all downsampled now, and that option is open to all Android users anyway. If you want the full-resolution unlimited storage, you have to pay the subscription fee.

            In terms of bloatware, the Pixel devices come with a little. They're all Google Services, but utterly useless outside of USA and Canada. The OnePlus comes with OxygenOS and it is practically Stock Android with a few useful enhancements. In terms of updates, OnePlus is second to Google Pixel in terms of speed of updates, and longevity of updates.

            I'm not trying to convince you to get a OnePlus 8 Pro. I just want to get the facts straight.
            There are legitimate reasons to not get it such as: fragile build quality, stupid curved display, bad speaker, no headphone jack, no microSD, no Active Pen, no FM Radio, no IrDA blaster, etc etc. But the reasons you put up aren't one of them.

            Yeah, it sucks about the screen. That's why I always apply a Glass Protector before using. And always buy a case too. And for that reason, it SUCKS to have curved display. They're annoying. They're uncomfortable. And they're fragile. A downgrade in every department. But companies aren't your friend, and many buyers are sheep to trends. They got rid of User Removable Batteries, which is almost a worthwhile trade-off for having IP68+ Waterproofing. Until ofcourse you fall into this dilemma. I don't know how much your phone is worth, but maybe you can refurbish the screen and sell it used. I can't imagine people would pay much in its current condition. Unless, you can use it as a tinker board like a Raspberry Pi and start writing some Linux code on it, by attaching it to a PC Monitor. Or maybe even attach it to a TV to make it a Smart TV, like if you had bought an Nvidia Shield TV Box. It's really upto you.

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              @Kangal: The money isn't really the issue, I just don't think any phone is worth the prices they are asking, I don't need it to do anything magical. It's why I like the pixel, simple, good camera, it just works, until I break it.

              Fragile definately doesn't work for me, the phone is a work device as well, it has to take pictures and be put in horrible places, sometimes dropped in water and other horrible things.

              Another reason I like them is fantastic support and warranty, something that I haven't had from any other phone manufacturer, I imagine it's especially lacking in the Chinese brands.

              Seems like the pixel 3 has very variable screen quality and battery life, pixel 4 would be fine, not sure on battery and have no use for the radar sense thing, and the only downside to pixel 3 xl is that it has an Optus splash screen.

              I have a raspi so would likely just clear off this phone and toss it on an eBay auction starting at $1, will probably save someone a heap of money if they need a part out of it to save theirs.


                @brendanm: Why is the splash screen significant?
                Besides, you can unlock the bootloader, flash the international firmware, then re-lock it.

                I know what you mean about the money. We literally peaked during 2014, where cutting-edge luxury flagship phones (eg Note4 or iPhone 5S) was costing us around AUD$600 - $800. Since then, we lost the metal phones and removable batteries, replaced with glass phones with sealed batteries. And the prices jumped up $200 to $800 extra (eg iPhone 11 Max or Samsung S20+). Do give the phones I listed above a look, they're great value.

                The best value you can find on gumtree buying a used 2.5 year old ex-flagship (ie Google, Sony, Samsung, LG). Or a used 1.5 year old alternative-flagship (Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, ASUS)… but you have to be a little meticulous with the model/variant.

                Also, you really shouldn't buy Pixel phones. Their software isn't much better anymore, nor are their cameras… there's literally little/no advantage to them. However, they cost quite a lot of money. I have a Nexus 5, and their warranty support was absolutely crap. Apple wins by a country mile. Samsung is a distant second. Everyone else is a distant third, with the Chinese grey market phones at last place. So for that reason, I don't consider warranties anymore. As long as the device isn't DOA, and there are no reports going around about issues (bootloops, screen tint, moisture in camera, bendgate etc etc).

                As for fragility, don't remove the phone from its box. Before you use the phone, spend one evening going through eBay (and other places) and buy a couple cases and screen protectors. And also check in, as to how to root the phone (and if there are any Custom Roms that interest you). That way when the phone comes, you can test it, like it, flash the software, apply the Glass Protector and Case. And then install your favourite Apps and backup all your data to the new device. A phone is something that you are going to use a lot, and depend on it. So it is worth investing your time into it like this. That's what I do from now on. I have to rely on myself, cannot rely on OEMs.

                For instance for the Realme Pro 5;
                - Tempered Glass Protector
                - Rugged Kickstand Case
                - Thick Leather Case
                - Thick Weave Case
                - Thin Non-slip Case
                - Thin Clear Case

                PS: If you want a list of the best and most useful Paid Android Apps, and some Free, I made a list of it not too long ago here.

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            @brendanm: My partner's Pixel 3 battery life is crap. Get the 3XL or 4.

            V30+ is great, 2.5 years old now but spec-wise still solid (e.g. has wireless charging, IP68) and great battery life. I'm running one at the moment. But if you can get a Pixel for <$150 more I'd go for that

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    Stay away from the Pixel 3 as the battery is really bad apparently. Pixel 3 XL I am not sure about but I don't own it.

    Pixel 3a seems to be the rock star from 2019.


      That's what I'd seen and what I was mainly worried about with the 3. 3a is more expensive than all the others for some reason.


      I second this. I owned a Pixel 3 and sold it after about 7 months cuz the battery life on that was pathetic. Very mediocre phone overall. The only thing that saved it from being a shit phone for its price, was the camera


    I had the same dilemma a few months back and opted for the 3aXL. Main reasons were headphone jack and great battery.


    I just got the Pixel 4 from Vodafone for like $524 earlier this year. (Pay out contract and min price is about $580). I love this phone! I reckon get the 4. Battery isn't that bad if you arent a heavy user. Especially if you're the type who spends most of their time at work/home/in the car.

    If you are a heavy user who can only charge over night, then yeah consider a powerbank or phone with bigger battery…


    Not sure if it it matters but Pixel 3/3xl were the last pixel phones to offer unlimited full resolution backups on Google Photos. That alone was the reason Mrs.Rake went for the 3XL as she can't stop taking photos and videos of baby rake.

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    If your phone is still working, can you hold out for the 4a which would potentially be released in May?


    My daughter had the original Pixel. She recently got a Pixel4 and loves it.

    She got the JB HiFi deal on telstra. It was cheap upfront payment then $65/m and worked out less than buying the phone outright plus her usual (very cheap) prepaid plan.


    I went from Pixel 2XL to 3XL recently and they're very similar phones. It will be a very easy transition.

    The battery life is better (maybe just old vs new) and the selfie cam is better quality. The screen and build quality is much the same. The rear camera is slightly better than the Pixel 2XL in low light. If you buy used or refurbished, they're not at all expensive. IMO they're a great buy compared to almost anything else in the same price range.

    I think the Pixel 4 is overpriced (RRP) but if you can find a significantly discounted one, they'd also be a good choice.


    Pixel 3 XL 64gb pink is $549 at Kogan. Cheaper than the black 3a XL.

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