How Are You Exercising in The Lockdown?

So we are now down to groups of two (not really a group, but whatever) outdoors. How are you coping with maintaining your exercising while this virus takes over?

I’m not a gym bunny so don’t miss that they are shut and will continue to work a physical job outdoors which helps. Other than that, taking the immediate family to the local field for a kick of soccer or going for a run or bike ride in the bush behind our estate except if it’s wet (has been) and around the suburb if wet. Also set up some weights out the back verandah for now. Gardening and mowing will also help.

What are you up to?

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  • 110
    Home gym
  • 29
    Indoors only
  • 104
    Running locally
  • 3
    Local sports field with a ball
  • 39
    Riding locally
  • 150
    Couch potato preparing my winter bod.
  • 20


  • I was compelled to choose bikies.

  • always on top now.

  • Mine is the most boring.

    Strength training from home gym since late 2018.

    Cardio from cray/abalone diving (season close soon :( ).

    Conditioning from gardening and hunting.

    Nothing changed.

  • VR headset -> Thrill of the fight/Holopoint/Beat Saber

  • +2 votes

    longest footy preseason ever
    we didn't even get a trial game in this year
    running locally will be the most frequent option, mixed in with other activities

  • Ring fit FTW

    • Yep, Ring Fit Adventure is a life saver for me right now! Might go for some runs in the park too.

  • Waiting for all the weights I bought online to arrive soon.

    My PT cancelled all outside sessions this morning until further notice.

    Turning my games room in a gym room for the time being.

    • It could be a bit of a wait (no pun intended). There's been a real run on gym gear in the last couple of weeks. If people have some spare at home then now is definitely the time to put it on gumtree - you should see some of the prices being charged on there at the moment.

  • Benching my many rolls of toilet paper.

  • Zwift or cycling alone outside.

    • Yeah, I'd been doing my research on trainers for the last few months and couldn't make up my mind (was probably going with a Wahoo Kickr Core + Climb), so really unfortunate timing for me now that everything is sold out. :(

      I've been cycling outdoors approximately 30km daily (an hour or so) - never been a better time to cycle on the roads!

      • I don’t think I can be bothered with an indoor trainer. Dislike treadmills as well. Much rather be out in the fresh air. Ran 5km in he rain on Sat to get the kids out of the house.

      • Pushys has some Tacx that just came in stock. They’ve bumped the prices up though. Might just be the shitty exchange rate.

      • We just ordered a Kikr from Giant (Sydney), they were going to put an order in with Wahoo. Perhaps check with Giant Melb?, if they are also ordering some. The lead time is a few weeks though.

    • I like the idea of Zwift until the gyms closed i was riding Expresso. Are you happy with Zwift and could you please give me a rough idea of setup costs and fees.Thanks

      • Check out GPLama on youtube - He does videos showing all the different types of setups

        I'd suggest Direct Drive Trainer

        Kickr Core $1100
        Zwift Membership $21.99 a month


        Other things to add, Fan, bottles, HR Monitor if you want it, A table of some sort to put things on.

    • The roads in and around the Grampians are pretty empty of vehicles. Cyclists are taking advantage of this. I'll be calling a bike shop tomorrow to put in a mail order for some components.

  • I'm bench pressing the toddler.

    • Used to do this too. Lie on the floor, lift them up and then lower back over your head. Unfortunately they grew too much and we can’t have cositors, so no borrowing toddlers.

  • Running every second day (5km plus), strength endurance every alternate day 45min HIIT style using plates, kettle bell, treadmill, bike, dumbbell and step.

    Walk the dogs twice a day too.

    • middle-aged lady upstairs got an electric treadmill delivered - huge box I thought was a 50" TV - like 50kg box weight - living alone she had no way to carry it up - too much for me - so it sat in the lobby for a few days until she got a couple guys to bring it up 3 flights of stairs - so she could exercise

      she's a regular offender watching movies with too loud booming bass after midnight (her TV floor is our bedroom ceiling) so now I'm waiting to see if I have to knock on her door to ask her to turn off mechanical device noise disturbing our sleep …

  • finger exercises ie checking ozb every 5 mins

  • Mind exercises. Thinking about what I'm going to have for lunch.

  • DIY. It's actually a pretty full-on workout.

  • Swimming … find isolated spot on beach and jump in.

    • Can you still do that with Stage 3?

      • I think it is ok as “exercise” is one of the four reasons you can leave home.

        Some places have additional local restrictions and have closed beaches, but not yet here in Perth.

        In any case I steer well clear of everyone and don’t touch anything (handrails etc) except sand and water.

  • I just visit multiple internet forums and get all the exercise I need, jumping to conclusions, running other people down, climbing the walls, leaping to assumptions etc. I'm getting fitter than ever!

  • Walking to the fridge 10 times a day does it for me.

  • I'm just walking around.

    At lunch I'll go for a 30 minute walk in a direction then turn around.
    On the weekends drive to some trail and off I go.

  • Road running for now, but have to get out early (like 5AM) to avoid other pedestrians.

  • Basic home gym setup is keeping my somewhat fit.

  • I've switched to running on my local trails and back roads since my gym shutdown.

    I try to head out at first light to avoid as many people as possible.

    Nonetheless, I'm still a little shocked almost every time at the lax attitudes to physical distancing that you see, even at that hour. Dog walkers meeting and stopping for a nice, up close chat - blocking trails in the process and forcing others to walk through the little cloud of sick - are my absolute favorite.

  • Bought myself 2 of the Coles 10L water tanks on the weekend to do some basic weights training for maintenance.

    They work surprisingly well plus they stack (ideal for adding weight to front squats, and making storage easy).

    Inexpensive at $8 for both. They won't get wasted as I'll use them once the football season starts

    • Thank you for this idea. Never crossed my mind. Just bought a couple as cheap light weights.

    • Thanks for this! I was looking for kettlebells but they're all sold out! This might be a good substitute

    Been doing this since the start of the year, highly recommend.

  • Exer…cise??????

  • I'm lucky that I bought 90% of a full home gym setup in Jan. Impossible to find gear now.

    Also running outside. Avoiding everyone. Touching nothing.

  • free pornhub premium access

  • +2 votes

    Pre-lockdown :
    Strength training from home gym
    Cardio: running, swimming, MMA, boxing, soccer, basketball , scuba-diving, rock-climbing and trekking with the fam
    Conditioning: power yoga

    Semi-lockdown with the missus away
    Semi-lockdown was challenging. Made even worse by my wife being away and the kids being home. My body was rearing to go from the moment I woke up but there was nowhere to go. I couldn't leave my 12 years olds in charge of their 3 year old sibling to go for a run and get out of my head. Especially not this 3-year old, who has inherited his mother's fearlessness and my nervous energy- not a good combo, even at the best of times!😬

    The most exercise I was having was limited to playing ball games with the kids, trampolining, carrying kids to bed and keyboard-warrior-ing on ozb. The latter has been fun and possibly my saving grace. So thanks OZB :)

    Physically, I've gone from 10.4% bodyweight to 13-ish (?). This was partly due to the reduced physical activity and the midnight-snacking, when my insomnia came back. The almost 8-pack is gone but I still have muscle definition in my chest and arms.

    Going forward
    Wife's back- YES! I get to go for my morning run and spend time in the home gym again. My thoughts already feel clearer and I'm in a much better head space. Exercise-wise, I'm trying not to overdo it and instead maintain where I'm at or even build up my fat reserves if I can, which has always been hard for me to do with all that nervous energy. But my body will need it if I ever get COVID-19. It's crazy how many calories your body burns when you're running a fever and trying to fight off an illness and I don't want to end up being just skin and bones like the last time I had pneumonia.

    Cardio: running and trampolining with the kids.
    Strength training : every other day in home gym
    Conditioning: Vinyasa Flow yoga ( instead of power yoga) and gardening.

  • I've wired up an exercise bike to generate electricity so I can charge my eneloops.


      I had to trade my eneloops for toilet paper :(

  • I'm running around a lot in FIFA

  • What lockdown?

  • Weight lifting, with the limited equipment I have, and getting into calisthenics.

    Also spending a lot of time on zwift. Probably too long as my 6 year old home trainer has started to make some horrible noises.

  • I've got a power rack in the garage and an exercise bike.

  • Running and walking

    With Derrimut 24/7 closed that's all I got

  • Running around the local lake in a loop back home. Anywhere from 3-8km.

    Thankfully working from home has had some benefits, when I'm on a voice call and I'm not required to speak, just listening, I'll get on a balance board instead of sitting or i'll pace back and forth, do pushups, planks or lunges. My watch reminds me when I've been sitting for an hour so prompts me to get up.

    I have some dumbbells out in the garage and we've moved one of our cars out so was have a decent amount of room in there.

    I'm also trying to make a conscious effort not to eat too much while I'm at home. I think i'm eating better than I did when I was in the office, so hopefully it will pay off in some way.

  • Having s** is a way effective cardio exercise…

  • Manage to buy a pull up bar and some dumb bells on eBay before they got sold out

  • Right now just shadow boxing. I used to use dumbbells as well and do incline push ups, as well as dips (not sure the real name), but I had minor surgery on my shoulder about a month ago and waiting a little while longer before over exerting.

    Prior to the lockdown and surgery, I was consistently playing basketball.

    So far I don't look to have gained too much weight, surprisingly. But then again I am not eating junk, so that helps.

  • I'm unaffected as I've not really been exercising even since before the virus. I lift food while eating, although only with the right hand. It's a lot of food, so it's got to account to some exercise.

  • Home renoes and housework are enough for me right now.


    I live in the suburbs. plenty of space and less populated. walks and runs around the neighbourhood a few times a day. you'd maybe come across a few other neighbours walking on the other side

  • Perfect time to get quarantoned!

  • Saw a youtube thing about 100 burpees a day…3000 in 30 days…

    I've never done burpeess properly before, how hard could it be…

    yeah nah….

    Can just manage 20….

  • Ground war map in Call of Duty

  • I've had resistance bands for a while (bought as a set), but only used the lightweight ones for physio exercises when the gym was accessible.

    I've since started using the whole range for resistance training at home and found them really good! Plenty of videos online too about how to target various muscles.

    Essentially you just need to anchor them in a way to replicate the same movement as you would with free-weights or cable machines and you can pretty much cover every major body part.

  • A brisk walk around the area at lunch and some high action VR games

  • 2 km cycling and 2 km running on local cricket ground.

  • Choking the chicken. I'm up to nine times a day!

  • Going for sun walks multiple times a day and youtube yoga every 2nd morning

    • Yoga as well - discovered following teachers on YouTube isn't that much different than the class ;)

  • I rented some gym gear from a gym, they don't need it atm and it gives them a bit of extra cash coming in to keep the business afloat.