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AKG N700NC (2nd Gen) Noise Cancelling Headphones - $99 Shipped - Green Gadgets


Not an expert on headphones, but this seemed like a really cheap deal. Free express shipping.

Brand new/ 12 months warranty/ Australian Store.

Max 3 units per customer

Note: Rep confirmed the headphones are 2nd Gen.

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    RRP $499
    Current samsung EPP price is $399
    Green gadget ebay says $199
    Possible price error

    • But also depends if these are are 1st gen or 2nd gen

      • How could you tell the difference between 1st and 2nd gen?
        I am trying to see if they have voice

        • second photo says NCM2

          • @xmchen: Are you on green gadgets website or the AKG site?

            • @1stOzBargainer: Green Gadgets website. sorry that I may misread that you are trying to find out if Green Gadgets selling gen1 or gen2.

              • @xmchen: All good
                Trying to figure out G1 or G2 as well as confirming voice

          • @xmchen: Yup, and the colour also gives it away. Unclear as to how closely these related to the AKG K371 and K361, but there are some similarities.

            That being said, the original AKG N700NC had a 40mm driver, while those other two headsets sport a 50mm driver.

            EDIT: apparently still the 40mm driver, but unclear how this compares to its wired equivalents, which are all the entry-level AKG headphones (K52/K72/K92/etc).

          • -1

            @xmchen: They've just pulled the other images, the image with NCM2 is no longer there

        • R u mocking Apple :p

  • +4

    Aaaand, now I'm regretting grabbing that Alienware headset the other day…

    • I second that..

      • It's all good, apparently no good for gaming due to latency. Now I can reassure myself I made the right call :P

        • Excellent - actually, the NC thing has never been a big deal for me, and I don't need wireless.. I'll stick with my AW - which just arrived fwiw!

        • If you were using them for calls, surely this would be better. ;P

    • aaaand i'm getting this anyway haha i just received mine :(

  • -3

    I wonder how these Kmart ones compare $39 https://www.kmart.com.au/product/bluetooth-active-noise-canc...

    • +4

      I highly doubt any quality or performance from Kmart like their horrible light up speakers, go with a known brand.

    • +6

      totally different league. These AKGs are almost the same levels as Bose and Sony's.

  • Got one from the note 10 deal. Abosulute vaule for money at 99.

  • Just bought one, good price

  • +1

    Reviews are decent considering $99 price tag at the current strength of the AUD.


    Apparently the parent company of AKG is Samsung.

  • What's the rep of this store?

    I would jump on it, but I already have both Sony WH and WF-1000 M3

    • +15

      Don’t then

    • +1

      I've bought a couple of refurb phones from them and they have been great. I don't see how you could go wrong with brand new items from them.

      • Thanks good deal

  • I've got a set of these and recommend them especially for $99

    • how good is the ANC?

  • +3


    pretty good review except for mic call quality

    • +1

      Terrible even on XM3/QC35 etc.

      • seem to be difficult to make a good mix for these headphones

        • +3

          Truly does. Without a mic sitting in front of your mouth, it's never going to be great. Airpods do a significantly better job, perhaps because they are slightly closer and more directed, but still not as good as using the phone for calls.

          • @onlinepred: i bought the chinese brand tao tronic b-35 a while back greet sound for cheap ones but many people complain about call quality…will buy these and compare. cheers

      • +3

        The mic quality on my QC35's is absolutely fine

        • +2

          Until there is any noise where you are, then it becomes garbage.

          • +2

            @onlinepred: Cant comment on that mate as I use mine for work at home/office where there's not too much outside interference.

            • @ameno: Yea I've used my set while commuting and even just walking near roads, they are terrible. Pretty much any headphone will work fine in isolation in a home/office.

      • It's because they use that Handsfree Car bluetooth profile - it's appalling! I try and use some other microphone so I can have the higher quality audio in the headphones, and better voice through a mic.

        You can get the same effect if you connect to a computer via bluetooth with the headphones of your choice, and listen to some music. Then, open Skype or some other app that uses the microphone on your expensive, wireless headphones. As soon as the mic kicks in, it sounds like you're listening to your favourite track underwater with added rustling.

        Truly saddening. External microphones for the win!

        • Yea I got my DT770 and using the mic from the logitech camera, but when I'm on the move I can't take it all with me haha ;-)

  • Can I connect this to PS4?

    • +1

      You can as audio only, no mic. And not through bluetooth.

  • +1

    Ordered a pair, lets see if they actually turn up (paid via PayPal).

  • +4


    Thanks, will will make a nice addition to my collection of unused (OZB inspired) headphone purchases.

  • +1

    Great bargain, thanks OP! Seems like a good bang for buck for the price.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a pair.

  • Are these the 1st gen or 2nd gen? title says the 1st gen, but 2nd picture shows it as the 2nd gen. Hard to tell because both look mostly the same

    • +1

      I printed out the webpage with the second pic. If it arrvies as Gen1, I will just ask for a return. The box will tell you wether is Gen1 or Gen2.

    • +1

      I couldn't tell. The battery life specs dont match either. I guess worst case for gen 1 it's still a decent price.

    • 2nd gen has M2 in the name; AKG N700NC M2.

      This is most likely 1st gen.

      • as mentioned by StayCheesy, the second pic shows N700NCM2

      • +16

        It is an AKG N700CNMC (2nd gen)

        • Thank you for the clarification.

  • -2

    Just bought 2, let's see how it goes

  • KG N700NC Wireless Adaptive Noise Cancelling Headphones [Brand New]
    1 $99.00Scroll for more items
    Cost summary
    Description Price
    Subtotal $99.00
    Shipping Free
    Including $9.00 in taxes
    AUD $99.00

    Alright.. lets see how it goes!

  • Mate, post the wireless charger deal too, great charger, with fan built in to reduce heat.

  • I think this is gen 2, gen 1 is in silver colour, and gen one only has 20 hour of battery while the picture said 23 hours

  • The pictures have changed, it only shows the headphones and no other information now… Gen 1 then?

    • Lol just noticed that also, bummer!

    • The Pic has been move to the 4th position instead of 2nd position.

  • cheers, got one. hopefully it's all legit and arrives

  • +4

    Wanted to buy a pair, but saving money for potential hard times during recession.

    • Why So Serious? :P

    • +1

      there's a reason Scomo is giving so much free money away.. it's so you can help try to stave off a recession by spending.

  • edit.

  • +32

    Hello! The price is right!

    AKG N700NC (2nd gen) Brand New!

    • +1

      Thanks for the clairfication.

    • …and now I purchase!

    • +4

      Hi Rep, will you restock again for sale? thanks

  • +2

    my first foray into NC headphones, trigger pulled.

    Edit remembered I have a NC cheapie from amazon but bought anyway

  • Grabed one, thanks OP and GreenGadgets

  • At the end of the day, is it still worth getting if it's the first generation?

    I'm assuming the only thing that's different is the battery life and not the actual sound quality?

    I'm more interested in sound quality and not overly fussed about battery life

    • +1

      rep confirmed they are gen 2

  • Great headphones. I tried it at the Samsung store when they were offering it as part of their gifting with flagships. Sound quality is up there with Bose and Sony (3x the price) and NC is great too.

  • +1

    Thanks, order 2, one for me one for my son.

  • Thanks OP, got 1 for my SO

  • +1

    Dont know why I buy it, but should be good to use for my laptop !

  • +1

    Purchased, thanks OP.

  • Can anyone with these comments on the audio lag when watching videos? Also has anyone experience with lag when watching video specifically on iOS devices?

  • Bought just one after thinking I'd clicked it for two, so then bought another when I realised I'd bought just one…

  • +5

    Bought 1 for my dog.

  • Got to checkout then came up as sold out. Look to have gone

  • Just tried to checkout - got through to Paypal and now out of stock

  • damn, too slow.
    sold out

  • people panic bought these it seems

  • Lots of review showing they have connectivity issues. Will give a pass.

    • +1

      mine works fine for the last 3 months. Just bought another one for my daughter.

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