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Home Office PC: Ryzen 3 3200G: $439 + Shipping @ TechFast


Hi all,

Hope everyone is still safe and adjusting to what's happening OK.

Offering a home office PC for those needing the best value work-from-home setup over the coming months. Be sure to add additional storage if you need it as this is offered at the base spec for $399 $439.

Ryzen 3 3200G PC

  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
  • 8GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • A320 mobo
  • 550W PSU
  • Leaper Case

Price: $399 $439 after 3200G-APR

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Important note regarding Customer Service and OzBargain Messages

The importance and value of the OzB community to our business is not lost to me by any means. I have always tried my best to respond to every message and comment here with my full attention, solving issues, answering queries and escalating wherever I can. I and we don't always get it right but I have always given it 100%. In the current environment, I need to ask everyone to please direct all enquiries - status updates, technical support, etc - to either [email protected] or [email protected], not my OzB account.

We're adding extra staff and resources to deal with the increased volume of enquiries, but they can only access those inboxes. I can't guarantee replies to OzB inbox emails at the moment, so please don't send anything urgent there.

We're checking with suppliers before posting deals, as we always have, and acting on their advice. It is a very busy period for us, so I'm asking for the community's patience and understanding. Stock is constantly coming in, systems are going out, and we're working as hard as we can to get systems out within the previous estimated 10-14 days, but it's not always possible.

Today I have extended the shipping estimate to 14 business days on our website and order confirmation emails.

Thanks everyone.

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  • +1

    Hi guys, looking at getting a computer mainly for work - I want it to be as fast as possible for remote logging into work’s server and utilising work programs similar to photoshop - currently using a surface pro 3 which is too slow. Was considering a surface laptop but worried it won’t be fast enough. Price not really an issue but wouldn’t want to overkill on the graphics side of things.

    Main questions are:
    1. Will this setup be better than surface laptop 3 i7 16gb ram, if not, which of the other setups previously posted would you recommend?
    2. Will the USB wifi adapter result in bad/non optimal internet speeds compared to a laptop’s built in wifi? (I’ve had bad experiences with USB wifi in the past)
    3. What would the recommended upgrades be for my use, 32gb ram? A better ssd drive? Pick a higher end PC?

    Much thanks

    • +19

      Sounds like an email, not a comment.

    • +1
      1. This desktop will be considerably faster. 3200G is much faster than the i7-4650U in the surface pro 3. The integrated graphics are also better on 3200G. Less RAM here, but 8GB is sufficient for most users. (edit: misread your comment. This desktop is much better than the surface pro 3 (tablet) you have. It's about 20% slower than a current i7 surface laptop.)

      2. Not sure.

      3. Not sure. The SSD that comes in this is most likely junk, so you could upgrade for reliability. 32GB RAM is unnecessary.

    • +1

      (Continuing from above)

      2) It'll depend on the USB WiFi adapter they are selling you, and how far your computer will be located from the router and how much obstructions (e.g. walls) in between.

      - As above comment, 32GB is not necessary. 8GB is generally sufficient, although upgrading to 16GB RAM would be better if you work with a lot of data and/or many large files at once.
      - Upgrade to at least a B350 motherboard if you plan on expanding your computer upgrade/storage options in the future.
      - the 120GB SSD is okay, but I'd recommend something with DRAM cache and of at least 240/250GB for main drive.
      - I saw you posted questions on the "R5-1600 AF / RX 580" deal also. I like that deal better due to the higher core/threads of the Ryzen 5, even though the graphics card (RX580) would be quite an overkill for you if you don't game at all.

    • +5

      remote logging into work’s server and utilising work programs similar to photoshop

      Are you using photoshop locally or remotely? If everything is remote, honestly, local computer specs don't matter beyond a certain (very very low) point. You'll see no benefit from switching.

      1. Will the USB wifi adapter result in bad/non optimal internet speeds compared to a laptop’s built in wifi? (I’ve had bad experiences with USB wifi in the past)

      Both are poor. Wired is heavily preferred, especially for remote desktop - latency matters a lot. By the same token, you should check your latency to your work machines/servers.

      The USB WiFi adapter they sell/bundle for $19 is quite poor (802.11n, no 5 GHz support). It will depend on your local network setup (where are your access points located? what do they support?), but generally speaking you want 802.11ac on 5 GHz to minimise latency. But that does come with somewhat reduced range vs 2.4 GHz, which is why location is important. Or, if you can, go wired and avoid this whole mess.

      1. What would the recommended upgrades be for my use, 32gb ram? A better ssd drive? Pick a higher end PC?

      Comes back to the "are you doing everything remote, or some things local?".

    • +1

      I want it to be as fast as possible for remote logging into work’s server and utilising work programs similar to photoshop

      Your computer will make little difference there. If we're talking a Windows terminal server setup then I hope it's been configured to support graphic intensive programs like Photoshop because a standard install certainly won't.

      • Thanks everyone, I ended up getting Ryzen 5 3500X / GTX 1660 Gaming PC: $788 - my surface pro was having trouble with having multiple videos/streaming at the same time and was driving met nuts, and it didn't feel right getting a surface laptop when my pro is still good enough for use when travelling, and the 4th iteration being announced soon, and no GST claim back possible.

        Probably a bit of an overkill but with this setup will be able to do some light gaming.
        Also upgraded to 16 gb (3200) ram for $129, B450 motherboard for $89, 1TB m.2 (NVME) SSD for $169. The prices probably aren't the best but I don't want to spend too much time investigating every single componenet for the best prices. Totalled $1175 not including shipping so it's still much cheaper than the laptop, and I presume to be markedly faster/better than the i7 surface laptop 3, I think?

        In terms of the OS, what would everyone recommend? Buying a windows 7 and upgrading to 10 for free, getting a key off ebay/site (any recommendations), or sourcing windows 10 pro (since I read somewhere Windows 10 home is malware?)

        thanks for all the help (this probably sounded like an email too)

        • The 3500X would be I'd say around 20% more powerful than the i7 in the Surface Laptop. Upgrading the RAM was a good choice because Ryzen performs better with higher clocked RAM. The GTX 1660 will do quite well in terms of gaming.


          That site says 16% but they've changed their scaling to be biased towards Intel CPUs and biased against AMD CPUs which is why I'd say 20% better but maybe even more than 20%

          For Windows 10, I'm not too sure unfortunately.

  • Those buying such unit, where are you buying windows or similar operating software keys ?

    • what "similar operating software" keys are you thinking of besides windows? I'm curious. As for windows keys, you can just go on ebay and find cheap ones.

    • +1

      Website says Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition is an option for $169.

      • +1

        I heard you can still get a free windows 10 upgrade. Could you buy windows 7 for $40 or so and just upgrade?

        • Yes.

        • +1

          Download windows 10 and buy a key from ebay for $5-10.

          • @dsiritz: Correct you can get them for $5-$10. Watch Tech Yes City on youtube he has a video on it.

        • yeah you can

    • +3

      You don't need a key to use windows, only if you want to change the wallpaper and stuff.

  • How would the Ryzen 3 3200G compare to an i5 8th or 9th gen?

      • +1

        wow.. people still using this Intel favoring site?

      • +1

        That site constantly updates its algorithms to favour Intel CPUs. We know that Intel spends hundreds of millions each year on “contramarketing” expenses. Put two and two together.

    • how would it compare to an Intel Core i9 10900X which also could afford?

  • +1

    Any deal for the 3700x but without a expensive graphics card? $1600 is quite a bit of money

    • There have been 3700x with 580 / 1660ti cards previously. If waiting is an option one will come up sometime.

    • +2

      Yep, looking at productivity type builds at the moment. Stay tuned over the coming days.

      • +1

        I was going to buy the Ryzen 5 1600AF with the RX580 in a week but the deal has expired. So I will have to wait for another $600 PC. Do you know when the PC will be available? Thanks, Luke

        • +1

          Hi Luke, missed the 1600 af b450 rx 580 deal too, would like to have that back if possible?

        • +5

          Just need to sure up 580 supply and it'll be reactivated.

          • @luketechfast: Is it possible to get this deal without the GPU? I have an RX-580 already

      • +1 for a 3700x productivity machine. I think RX 580 should be enough for gaming in 1080p…

  • I know that this is a silly question, but will the warranty be voided if I replace some of the parts after getting the PC? I have some 3200mhz RAM lying around that I can use in it.

    • Motherboard only has 2 DIMM slots.

      Warranty won't be voided if you were to upgrade the RAM yourself. Obviously don't spill coffee or tea while you are upgrading the RAM.

    • +3

      Not a silly question. If you plan on installing your own components or modifying the system from the way in which it was received, please be aware that in the event of a warranty claim, if under assessment the modification or non-standard component is found to be the cause of, or contributing to, the cause of the warranty claim, there will almost certainly be implications for your warranty, including partial or complete voiding. Each system will be assessed on a case by case basis.

  • +2

    How would this PC go for gaming? Felt a bit of nostalgia and wanted to play some Need for Speed and the like, but wasn't overly eager on spending a whole lot on a PC. Is there any upgrades I should do on it to make it more suitable? Or is there anything else around this price range that would be good without being overkill?

  • +2

    I got the 1600af/580 in the last deal.
    In terms of shipping, it arrived in great condition and works perfectly fine.

  • Anyone know if this PC can play Dota 2 on the lowest settings?

    • +1

      From the looks of this video, you'd definitely be fine.

      • Thanks heaps!

  • alright so if i just plop in a graphics card is this good enough for my lady friend to play games with? dont care about 4k bs or anything

    • +1

      I believe it comes with integrated graphics so you won't even need a graphics card if the games are on the low end

    • +2

      That's the case with all other builds they currently offer. AUD has really come crashing down

      • +1

        True…but Yuan ¥ too has lost value against US dollar. Its normally demand vs supply that causes inflation but with world economy in the toilet where's the demand coming from? Take oil prices for example, even though price of crude has come down crashing from $60 to $20, you don't notice the much difference at the bowser. Just like oil companies some businesses will rather pocket the savings than pass on to the consumers.

        Not saying that's the case here though but I'm still confused. Unless people are panic buying computers too.

        • +2

          From my point of view, less factories means less supply which also drives the prices of the components up too.

        • +4

          Supply chain issues have also probably contributed to this. Overall, not the best time to purchase components.

  • Sorry for the lame question but does this connect to the monitor via VGA cable only? Or does it have an HDMI output?

  • Hey got a question, but idk if it is a stupid one or not.

    Got a PC from here which is like 240gb storage, only looking to get a couple of games, however, will the PC have exactly 240gb of free storage for me to download anything I please, or will the Windows operating system take a bit of storage, meaning I'll only have roughly 220gb (don't know how big windows is).

    Thanks, Arthur

    • +2

      240 would be the raw size. The usable size would be a bit less, around 237gb and then yes windows and drivers and stuff will take up a chunk of your space. (around 20-40gb).

      What most people do, is they get a hard drive as well. So the main drive is just for windows and maybe a few of your most used games/applications. Then everything else you just store on your hard drive. The only difference will be the load times and it's just not practical with games being over 100gb each these days to have everything on an ssd.

      There was a bargain posted the other day for an officeworks 4TB hard drive for $99 which I would recommend as a cheap storage drive. and if you're storing important data, photos, etc. get two so you can regularly back it up.

      • Thankyou for your response

  • I understand it is a busy time, but I would appreciate a response as to what is happening with my order. I have ordered a PC from you guys 16 business days ago, I emailed you guys on the 14th business day and I have yet to hear a response. I was hoping to get it in this week, but from the lack of updates or responses it doesn't seem like it.

    • The email is likely in the queue to be answered. Apologies for the delay. We will get to it as soon as possible and give you the information you need.

  • Worth the upgrade from a A10-7850k APU?

    • +1

      According to CPU Userbenchmark you’re looking at around 70% better performance. Graphics performance would also be significantly better

  • Hey Luke,
    I was wondering if you where going to be posting any new cheap gaming pc deals like the "ryzen 5 1600af w/ rx 580 8gb, for $568" as I was going to purchase this but the deal was expired and really need a new budget gaming pc for quarintine? cheers

    • +1

      Super cheap isn't possible at the moment with pricing and availability as it currently stands. We're looking into it.

  • Hi Luke, what is the best price you can do for "AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Gaming & Workstation Desktop PC"?
    it's currently $1799 on your website, thanks.

    • +1

      Need to work through revised pricing and availability before posting a deal on this one, and a few others. Will be here when we do!

  • Looks like i need more techfast gear :D

    This will do nicely

  • will this be good as a plex server?

    • +1

      It will work but may be overkill in processing power

      Suggest you look at a HP microserver and fill it with HDDs… Consider using Unraid or similar unix storage software and run plex server on that

  • I am edit able to add item on my cart. Thanks

    • +1

      Please don't purchase any items from techfast if you haven't, roll through the comments. It will take atleast 30 days to arrive. With no exact date and replies.
      Think carefully.

      • +1

        Thank for your advice xxo

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