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Budget Gaming PC: R5-1600 AF / RX 580: $568 @ TechFast


Hi folks, hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy.

Redoing our budget 1600 AF / RX 580 (base spec) system now that the A320 motherboard is back. The Biostar B45M2 B350 is also back, lowering the cost of getting into 3200MHz RAM and m.2 drives which had only been available on the B450 for a little while. Limited to 30 units.

Ryzen 5 1600 AF / RX 580 8GB Gaming PC

  • Ryzen 5 1600 AF (6 core, 12 thread)
  • Biostar RX 580 8GB
  • 8GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • A320 motherboard
  • 550W PSU
  • Leaper Flair RGB or Mid case

Price: $568 after 1600AF-580-A320-MAR (apply at checkout)

Covering off some FAQs: It has been a busy period for us with quarantine - the phone lines are currently closed for social distancing so all support is via email, with some longer lead times associated with replying, so please bear with us. Our estimated shipping time is 10-14 business days. There are no delays affecting these components. If you need an update on an existing order, let me know.

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  • No SSD for this rig? Is delivery included?

  • Ryzen 5 1600 AF 96 core, 12 thread)

    That's like, 0.125 threads per core.

  • That 1600AF with 96 cores, wow what a deal!

  • How would World of Warcraft perform on this sort of PC? Not trolling, genuinely asking.

    • It should be fine, I've not played in years, but did play the first decade lol. The requirements were never too bad and most recent machines could always play it the current version. Most issues are lag, but with AU servers finally in AU, its not an issue I believe

      current requirements:

    • it would perform perfect at 1080p, google some wow benchmarks with rx580 gpu

  • I'm an educator and would like a computer for productivity and for some video rendering for my lectures. I find it really difficult to figure out which of these options actually works for me - and I am sorry if that is just a very stupid comment.

    I would like to do some gaming, but most of my gaming is on console.

    What sort of solution would folks recommend for me?

    • This would honestly do you fine. Unless you are doing tons of high res video encoding, this will do everything you need it to.
      Will also play games pretty well at 1080p if you are a casual gamer

    • Others correct me if wrong but for video editing wouldnt you focus on getting better CPU over better graphics card?

    • If you're concerned with getting the best value possible, it's either this or searched for used components.. nothing else new competes with this for price/performance

  • Would destiny 2 work on something like this? Never had a computer but sick of loading times and FOV on console.

    • Yes sir at 1080p, cant comment on load time differences as i dont play the game …

    • Load times would only be better if you put the game on the ssd drive. If you add more storage and run it off of a mechanical hard drive, it will be similar load times.

    • It will. I ran it with a 2200g and 570 for a while and the performance was fine, a 1600af (2600) and 580 should put it in the realm of being good (few drops below 60)

  • Received mine from the previous deal. I'm happy with it overall except the noises it makes. Have to wear headphones. Does anyone have the same experience and have a way to reduce the noise?

    • Also using a recent Techfast PC. Working great for me. Assuming you are using the Biostar A320 mobo? In that case you can adjust the CPU fan curve in the bios by pressing F5. System runs cool and quiet with a 1600 AF and 1660. If you have any case fans the Biostar mobo doesn't let you adjust them, but I did it using a program called Argus Monitor.

      • Yes, my mobo is Biostar A320MH. The fan controlled by the bios is running at 1390 RPM. I feel the noise is from other fans. I downloaded Argus Monitor but couldn't figure out how to adjust the case fan. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi all, does anyone know how well this case handles airflow? Just curious :)

  • Hi guys, looking at getting a computer mainly for work - I want it to be as fast as possible for remote logging into work’s server and utilising work programs similar to photoshop - currently using a surface pro 3 which is too slow. Was considering a surface laptop but worried it won’t be fast enough. Price not really an issue but wouldn’t want to overkill on the graphics side of things.

    Main questions are:
    1. Will this setup be better than surface laptop 3 i7 16gb ram?
    2. Will the USB wifi adapter result in bad/non optimal internet speeds compared to a laptop’s built in wifi? (I’ve had bad experiences with USB wifi in the past)
    3. What would the recommended upgrades be for my use, 32gb ram? A better ssd drive? Pick a higher end PC?

    Much thanks

    • Looks like no one bothered to respond…

      1. Yes a properly spec desktop will always beat a Laptop in performance. The issue is to do with heat management.
      2. USB Wifi adaptor - this depends on the adaptor and the connecting wireless access point. Just make sure you get an AC wireless adaptor thats USB3 compatible, this ensures backwards compatibility with older wireless access points. The alternative is to get a motherboard with wifi inbuilt
      3. SSD is always recommended over a traditional mechanical hard drive.
        4, 32GB ram isn't really required unless your running a workstations with a lot of memory heavy workloads such as video or photo editing. Faster Ram is more important for leveraging the speed of the CPU.
  • What would an equivalent i5 be compared to this ryzen performance wise?

  • Any chance this deal is coming back again soon?

  • Please Luke bring this deal back :)

  • Very happy with my system team, excellent value.