This was posted 1 year 9 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Lenovo Smart Clock 2 for $149 or 1 for $99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like a decent deal, More desc in the link. Hope it helps few looking for a smart clock

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    Also same deal at harvey Norman and officeworks

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    2 for $149? was under $70 each recently wasn't it?
    Ok so it was November last year ($65.96), longer ago than I thought - was just $79 in March though

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      Yep, I grabbed one for $69 not that long ago.

      Really happy with mine. It replaced my Google Home mini.

      • So better speaker?

        Can you do much with the screen?

        • My room is quite small, so I didn't notice much difference in sound. If you were looking for such a speaker, then the Google Home Mini would suffice. The screen is a touch screen but it's quite small so you can't do too much with it. I got mine to replace an old alarm clock I had and I picked this one because I could link it to my Google Photos and have it show different photos.

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          The microphone is no where as good as the one in the google mini. I have to speak loudly and like a robot for it to work most of the time. The google mini I could just talk to.
          The screen isn't that useful but has a pretty good brightness sensor in it. Most useful things are showing the time and showing the album art of whats playing.

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          Google home mini has better sound and volume. This is not a great speaker.

      • Mine is still sealed from the November deal….. bought it for parents, they said no. So I have never opened and it's sitting in the cabinet.

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    I bought one of these to replace a radio alarm clock.

    A couple of points.
    There is some strange disconnect between the actual device and Google services.
    It's like you can setup some things on the device, but other things are easier to setup via Google voice commands.
    There are limitations on how you can get the alarms setup.
    IIRC, I setup initally with google voice, then used the device to finish tweaking.

    If you set a radio alarm (as opposed to buzzer), then it used iHeartRadio to play the radio.
    In my experience, if there is a problem (eg. Internet down, iHeartRadio not streaming it, whatever), sometimes the alarm does not go off and you get silence, other times it tells you there is a problem.

    All in all, it's been a disappointing replacement.

    I've since switched off the microphone, and manually switch on when I want to change something.
    I was getting a few weird interjections from Google when I wasnt expecting anything (No, I didn't say "Hey Google", and dont even recall using the word Google when getting strange responses).

    Of course YMMV.

    • yeah I've just moved mine from bedside to my desk. The interjections killed it for me as a bedside clock. I don't mind knowing there's a microphone there, no different to a phone on bedside. But Google transcript voice clips when triggered, and knowing it's listening without being properly prompted ruined it's benifits.

    • You're not alone. The Assistant has been triggered on this device several times without me saying "Hey Google"
      Also, it sometimes would disconnect from WiFi until it's rebooted. My Minis have never had this issue.

      • I've had mine disconnect twice now from Wi-Fi today alone, I've just switched it to 2.4ghz band instead of the 5ghz in case it's weaker at my desk.

  • 10" Lenovo Smart Display for $229 is more useful for a kitchen or living space.

  • If i plug a usb in with music on it, will it play?

    • No charges devices only

      • Damn, hoping it could play baby lullabies

        • Just play on spotify or upload the mp3s via google drive and use a app to play them

        • you can set it to play restful music when it goes to sleep, the default is like a night crickets sound that plays for a while.

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            @Gravy: Or just sing to your baby the old fashioned way

  • Been looking at either this or the Google Nest Hub for my bedside table. Whilst this is more suited for a bedside table, the Nest has more functionality. Has anyone used both and have a preference?

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      For me the less functionality of the Lenovo is better as I kept using my phone in bed for other stuff instead of just an alarm.

      It has a loud enough alarm, the screen can go very dark so it doesn't light up the whole room, I can tap the top for it to snooze and it can show me the weather with a swipe. That's good enough for me.

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      The clock is better as a clock, nest hub is a better all rounder, Lenovo Smart Display 7 is the best of the 7" as it also has a camera.

      I guess the best thing about the clock is that it doesn't look like a "smart hub" and feels more bedroom'y.

    • Thanks all. Picked this one up, will give it a go!!

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    Couple of things I have noticed with ours.

    Does not seem to support google duo calls in Australia (to/from another duo user), there are reports of support in other countries so may be a regional thing that perhaps could change.

    I don't think you can set up a child gmail account with it, need to use a full gmail account which is a bit of a pain when they are in kid's room.

    On our network, when two of these on the same network attempt to both access spotify at the same time this will cause problems such as very choppy playback then kick the first one off the stream. Not sure if this is just an issue with the free spotify account, might work better if both devices were set up with individual emails as at present they are linked to a single gmail account.

    If I read correctly, these devices change/spoof their mac address each time they boot for some reason, this causes issues in some network environments.

    Sound quality is good for a clock, not quite as good as our Google nest mini. Screen is great quality image with a high DPI, can't remember the resolution but not pixelated at all.

    Kids love them and they are a nice little product apart from that, some of these issues may be fixed over time.

    Suggest having a read of the lenovo forum at

  • I don't understand why wouldn't I just use my phone?

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