This was posted 1 year 6 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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YouTube Premium INR ₹129/Month via YouTube India (VPN Required, Single ~$2.81/Month, Family ~$4.17, Student ~$1.73)


Reposting previous deals as this is a great reminder for those unaware you can access YouTube premium at a fraction of the price it normally costs. Will come in handy right now with most of us at home. I'll copy paste the OP with thanks to Mitr & dealbot. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Edit: Found this comment from doweyy suggesting you can get it even cheaper as a student. Worth a shot!

Google has finally launched Youtube Premium in India for INR 129 (AUD ~2.81) and Family Membership for INR 189 (AUD ~4.12).
Comes with Youtube Music, No Ads in Youtube as well as Google Play Music.

This is cheaper than was posted for using Russian subscription option

I have signed up after cancelling Russian plan with my Macquarie Debit card so no conversion charges.

Everything included in post by @Dealbot applies here too.

Youtube Premium will give you access to -
• Ad-free videos: Watch videos without interruptions
• Save offline: Save videos and songs on your mobile device to watch offline
• Background play: Keep videos or music playing when using other apps or when your screen’s off
• Audio mode: Listen to audio only on the YouTube Music app
• Google Play Music Subscription (when available in your country) is included at no additional cost

Current pricing is $14.99 per month in Australia. This workaround should work for new and existing customers.

Again, the trick to making this work is having access to a VPN service. If you're signed up to one, then the rest of the process should be fairly simple.

Instructions -
1. Connect a VPN to the server India (I connected to Bangalore)
2. Click on Paid Memberships(, then click on Learn more.

Enter Indian address and pay by credit card.
Termination takes place under this link(
Example of an India Address :

Name :
Address line : My Place
Town/City : Mumbai
Postcode : 400070
State : Maharashtra

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        • Too much time consuming, this is the best deal on Ozbargain I have been using for nearly more than a year.

    • +2

      Another alternative is NewPipe which is like an alternate app for YouTube with almost all the same features as vanced

      • -1

        Would probably help if you elaborated on why one is better than the other then lol

    • Trying vanced now, can't cast google mini speaker?

  • +2

    If you are existing yt premium member, how do you switch to paying in India? I mean I have a VPN so do I cancel, then VPN to India and renew in India?

    • FYI I was able to cancel my south african membership and renew with the new currency once VPN connected and it just takes effect after my current bill runs out.

      family settings stayed intact

      • +1

        Thanks. So I cancel now and as they have already billed for April, at end of April they will commence the India subscription?

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    Will this give me HD version of how can she slap?

    • Thank you for this reminder.

    • +2

      You go?

    • It's all about priorities. Infact if you much more into music and movies and your TV is more than 50fps you can see a normal slap on your TV in HD mode. Ozbargain rocks.

  • Do all the trending videos on YouTube also become the Indian market ones?

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      nope, but the google play music will be localised to Indian, if u use youtube music, instead of top 100 Australian and worldwide, it's 100 Indian, the rest like trending etc is the same as youtube pre oz one

      • +1

        I recommend Shreya Goshal, Pussycat dolls and (profanity).

    • No

    • No. But you only get to choose from Indian artists as favourite when setting up Youtube Music recommendation.

    • You'll be able to watch gems like this

  • Is there any way to change from single membership to a family account without cancelling the subscription? I checked everything and looks like there is no that option…

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    signed up in my last trip in india, works great, family plan so 6 of us from same family are using it. remember that all the family members must have gmail account of the same country(no matter which country).

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    Amazing thanks Op. Just got 3 months for $8… rather than have it rolling and me forget to cancel. Could've got it slightly cheaper but well please with it for $8 for 3 months… used to pay $15 a month!!

    • +1

      how do you prepay 3 months?

      • It gave me the option - rather than rolling, have a one off payment. Clicked that and it said 399 rupees for 3 months.

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    i see you are from the same state and town as i am. Nice to see a local around.

  • It looks like theres no student family plans.

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    I get invalid payment method with 3 different cards,any knows why ?

    • You have to put in a unique address.

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        You have to put in a unique address.

    • ok make sure VPN is working. You can use service like to check your IP current location. Make sure location is somewhere in India, before trying to subscribe.

  • I'm currently on the basic. To upgrade to family would I need to do the process again? I keep cutting my wife's streaming our everytime I listen to music in the car..

  • Thanks, actually have property in India so this is 'legitimate'….

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    Definitely one of my best purchases….YouTube premium, YouTube music and google music. All for pennies… plan too.

    • +1

      How did u get good music too?

      • I paid for a family deal that was posted on here ages ago that included all three (maybe more) accounts.

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    tunak tunak tun

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    awesome thanks, what's the process of annual student verification? i'm going to go as low as possible

  • Thank You so much. Worked like a charm :D

  • Why don't you use YouTube Vanced. No ads plus lot more except downloading video that can be done thru Ymusic.

    • How you get YouTube vanced?

      • Just Google it

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    Will this work to get cheaper google drive storage?

    • +1

      That's what I want to know too

      • Yes.

        You can pay per month or prepay a year and get a further discount.

        For example, 100 gig for 130 rupees per month or prepay for 12 months at 1,300 rupees.

        This is just one option.

        • I was able to cancel my YouTube account and sign up for Indian YouTube no troubles.

          When I cancel my Google one storage account, and then go to buy it again it only lets me select Australian prices.

          Any ideas how to fix it?

          Edit: I have a few months left on my Google one yearly account, that might have something to do with it. I'll try again closer to the end of the billing cycle.

  • Awesome. Worked perfectly and took the family account so my wife can also use it.
    Thanks a lot

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    Can this be used with a G Suite account?

    • For individual plan yes, still can't sign up for family plans on G Suite accounts

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    I've been signed up to this for a while now (via India for the cost), the biggest annoyance is that most of the artist recommendations are for India (even though the country/region is set to Aus).

    "Top x in your country" defaults to India as well.

    • Only for the youtube music app, in case someone wonders. Youtube itself is fine.
      But you can still search and play whoever you like

  • Opera has a VPN. Will this work?

  • Been using this for about a year. It's seemless.

    YouTube Music app is pretty good as well.

  • Been on this Deal for over a year now. A++

  • You da mannnnnn.

  • +2

    Has anyone who paid full price via the AU for many months/years switched over to this?
    (or only really new comers?)

    I'm wondering if I'll run into headaches with it knowing I'm am AU customer and whether my family group will all fall apart if THOSE accounts are tagged as AU during switch over and what not.

    • I switched a year or so ago

    • I was on AU premium for more than 2 years and switched to this today. It keeps the Family group intact. The only thing is that if you were on the discounted family price ( 18$ ) if you get this and want to go back to AU again you need to pay 22$ a months moving forward

      • Cheers. Yeh I am on the $18 old version. At this price, a few months saving covers the $4 difference for a few years. Might try it. Thanks.

        • alright, bullet bit.
          took all of 2 minutes to flick over and resubscribe.
          will see how things go in 4 days when my month flicks over.

  • Anyone have any experience doing this long term? I’ve had an old YT Premium sub with the initial cheaper price ($11.99 month) and don’t want to lose that if this is policed by YT & they cancel because you’re not actually an Indian country resident.

    • +2

      Over a year on India family plan so far so good

    • In the same boat, seems a bit risky

      It's $2.65 for individual or $3.88 for family at the moment, so if it works for a year we'd save $9.34 a month = $112

      Then again if we get found out and they put us on normal Australian rate we're $6 a month = $72 a year worse off going forwards (though it's possible the initial lower pricing would not last forever anyway)

  • Does this India / VPN thing work for other streaming services …. Netflix, HBO, Amazon etc ?

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    Does this trick work for Amazon Prime and Audible membership?

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    FYI I was able to cancel my south african membership and renew with the new currency once VPN connected and it just takes effect after my current bill runs out.

    family settings stayed intact

  • What can you actually get on Youtube Premium?

    • +1

      No ads, and you can watch YouTube Original programming, although apart from Cobra Kai it's all very average

      • i do like no ads, but isn't it just as good to have ad blocker?

        • depends, if you're casting stuff to your TV, your adblocked won't stop the ads

    • +1

      Im also a fan of the included Google Play Music. I have all apple devices, but google play music is pretty good.

      • how many songs?

        • +6

          7 maybe?

          • +1

            @Scorn: And now I'm cleaning coffee off my monitor and keyboard.
            At least I saved $14 on my google subscription, can buy a roll of TP to wipe up.

    • Ad free playback across all your signed in devices (including TVs)
      PiP on Android
      Screen off playback on iOS and Android
      YouTube Music access meaning you can get rid of your Spotify subscription
      Premium shows (this one's not great but might become better in future)

      • -1

        What is PiP?

        What is screen off playback?

        • PiP: Picture in Picture. You can go away from the YouTube app and have a small window of the video playing while you do other things. Google Maps has this too.

          Screen off playback: You can turn off your screen and the video's audio will keep on running. Some YouTube videos are just podcasts, or one where you don't need to pay attention to the video. Handy for those cases.

  • have been using this for 6 months now with no issues. Before that I had normal aus YouTube Premium (back when it was YT RED) on and off for years.

  • I might have to switch to this… I've been running the Indian "family plan" version for a long while now, but I've never successfully been able to add another member into my family account (always in the wrong country etc, even if I set their account to Indian first). I've given up :(

    • -1

      Did you try this?

      had this problem yesterday. All I had to do was to add an Australian payment profile to my FAMILY MANAGER account. (I did not previously have an AU payment profile as I had never used Google pay) (the IN payment profile was automatically added when I joined YouTube premium) all my other family members only have AU payment profiles

      To do this:
      1.go to HTTPS://Pay. on settings on country/region edit button on create new profile to create an Australian payment profile

      After I did this, my family members did not require any VPN to accept the invitation to join my YouTube premium family. Hopefully this

      That was from in the previous post

      • Well I tried that just then… and now it's saying I have no subscriptions. Hmmm…

        • Have you been able to get sub back?

          I can't re subscribe at all now as IND

      • Bad advice. I tried this too and it didn't do anything. Since there was 2 profiles I thought no would cancel the indian payment profile, which cancelled my subscription. Now asking to renew at Aus plan prices.


    • I had this issue as well. It's been a while but I think the invited family members need to VPN to India and be on the same network as the primary user to accept the invitation.

      Maybe not the VPN but definitely on the same network. Hope this helps.

      • the way Spotify works is that the family member while accepting invitation needs to be on VPN to India, with same address as the primary subscriber, so maybe it’s the same with YouTube as well

      • I have been using for around 6 months no issues. When I set it up I had the same issue and gave up.
        I just retried linking the family subscritpion to a new gmail account and another gmail (used many years) The linkages only linked (without error about same region) once I changed my PIA VPN to India and retried on same computer using different gmail accounts in browsers. Dont remember if I tried this way on same computer in the past.

  • Got youtube premium work8ng for last 9 minths but still cant get netflix wirking. Does not accept credit card.

  • +1

    Very good deal!

    Got a transferwise card handy, so money was deducted in INR straightaway.

    Surprisingly nobody mentioned which VPN gives you free access to India.

    I found one called Yoga VPN. It's FREE for the first connection to India.

  • +1

    lol just used youtube vanced & ublock for pc use. basically the same thing unless you give a shit about youtube originals.

  • +1

    guys, we can't let this secret blow out otherwise youtube are gonna close our premium accs :D