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[QLD, WA, NSW, VIC] 50,000 Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Delivered to Hospitals for Hospital Workers (Registration Required)


Stay safe, and enjoy :)

To all the heroes working hard across the nation’s hospitals, thank you for making a difference to many in these challenging times - you’re incredible 🥰

As a sweet thank you for all you’re doing, we will be giving away 50,000 Free Original Glazed Doughnuts to hospital workers in QLD, WA, NSW and VIC 🍩

If you represent a hospital and would like to register for us to arrange a doughnut drop, please email us at [email protected].

We did our first drops today at Ryde Hospital in Sydney and the The Royal Melbourne Hospital!

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  • Excellent initiative, calling on KFC/Maccas/GYG/HJ/Dominos/Pizza Hut to join in too…

  • Would this even be relevant to post on ozbargain? For some reason I feel like people who "represent a hospital" probably don't make up a significant proportion of users

  • All these unhealthy food for the front lines staff… Tsk tsk

    • Its what gets you through the day that matters. Also I think doctors and nurses have one of the least healthy diets in a group who you expect to know whats better for their bodies.

    • It's actually good to have unhealthy food once a while :)

    • Better than alcohol and stolen prescription drugs. I've seen medical dramas.

    • I would suggest letting them make up their own minds. The last thing they need is someone telling them how to live right now. It's whatever gets you through. Married to a Nurse Unit Manager of a Covid-19 ward so I'm copping it right now :-)

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    Great, kill out medics with sugar! :)

  • there is nothing u could possibly eat that makes u feel worse than after eating a krispy Kreme doughnut. why make them feel worse?

    • I don’t eat them myself, as I find them too sugary, but I tips my lid to KK and do not begrudge a nurse with a bad case of the munchies.

    • Nothing worse? Isn't that being a BIT melodramatic? I can think of at least one thing and it involves your momma :)

  • Sugar weakens your immune system….

    • They only eat one donut per head.

    • Agreed. I’d pause and think for a moment about what KK are going to do to our health workers at a critical time when they need their immune system to be fully functional.

      • I respectfully suggest that everyone lets them make the decision for themselves. Health care workers don't need people passing judgement on them at this time, it's tough enough.

        Just being able to have a team catch up for a coffee and donuts helps build camaraderie and helps them re-focus for a few minutes.

    • Lol source please

      • Lol, keep up the added sugar intake zd, there’s nothing to worry about. Good luck!

        • So no source then. What a surprise.

          • @zductiv: zd - you don’t seem to understand how drug patents motivate peer reviewed longitudinal l research at the costs (to be recouped) of $millions. What exactly would the Pharmaceuticals companies patent from these expensive, longitudinal peer reviewed studies you’re so serious about reading ‘lol source..’? A drug to stop people eating added sugar?

  • I run a suburban undercover hospital, easily mistaken for a residential dwelling.

  • Thanks TA, shared with my partner who is a nurse at Austin. They're really feeling the support!

  • What about provide free car park?

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      I'm a medic.

      I think that some people are taking the piss out of the situation. I appreciate the support/community love, but if you look at the "Adopt a Healthcare Worker" group in facebook, there are plenty of non-frontline healthcare workers (i.e. rehab, midwifery, casual ward workers, etc.) who are begging for handouts/goodwill. Their risk compared to high-risk groups is minuscule (i.e. ICU, ED, anaesthetics, COVID19 wards).

      We know that when we signed up for this, there would be risk involved. Case in point, I work in ED: I know that I'm going to be verbally and physically assaulted as part of my job. I also know that every time I see a patient (pre-COVID19) and want bloods (which is majority of the time in my patient cohort), there's always a risk of a needlestick injury. This means that I'm at risk for hepatitis and HIV. I routinely get colds and flus from patients who can't be arsed to not cough in my face. Yes it sucks, and yes I do bring this home to my family where they get sick as well. No my job isn't dancing down easy street taking a pulse, and I certainly hope that we never meet in the relatives room for me to break bad news to you, but that's not the point of this post.

      What we did NOT sign up for, was this insanity. We don't have enough n95 masks to protect ourselves. We don't know if a patient that we're walking in to see, might also happen to have infective symptoms because they only told triage they had some chest pain. We didn't sign up to deal where we risk bringing home to our families what has turned out to be like aersolised ebola for some people. I'm glad my elderly parents aren't in this country, as if I happen to infect them during the asymptomatic period, they have an 80% mortality rate and would not be offered a ventilator. Unlike me, they have the option of staying home.

      If we use your firefighter analogy, then it would be more equivalent of you're fighting a bush fire… which you knew you signed up to do… except half the fires you fight you can't see (i.e. asymptomatic but infective patients), some of your co-workers happen to be on fire as well and keep setting your equipment on fire with fire you can't see (so you end up burning yourself), and this fire is odd because if you were also to get burnt/catch fire… for some reason it's delayed by a week, so you end up bringing it home and killing everyone at home as well. You're only allowed to use the proper firetrucks though when you're damn sure it's a raging bush fire, but any other time, you're only allowed to go in with a bucket (i.e. N95s restricted to ILI only patients). Firefighters signed up knowing that they may get burned or die from fires right? Oh, and then there's also the random tree that's not on fire, but thinks it's on fire… and when it gets told it isn't, it spits on the firefighter. Yes, our COVID clinic workers have been spat on and physically assaulted, because people weren't allowed to be tested (government testing criteria, not the worker/hospital/pure-spite).

      I appreciate that some people are going through a hard time. Most of us are trying to support local businesses, as we know that our income source is stable compared to theirs. I recently bought a lot of succulents from a business under strain that gifted our hospital some, and I'm not even sure how to take care of them. I'm ordering out more than I need to.

      A lot of us on the actual frontline don't want free things (though food during a busy shift is always appreciated). We just want protection for what we're walking into. I could quit and wait this out to protect my family, too bad to anyone who happens to have a cardiac arrest while I'm out… but that's not what I signed up for. I think a lot of fear and uncertainty would go away if we just had proper protection and decontamination for every patient.

      • I get what you’re saying and I realise I sound like a dick. Maybe I’m just bitter being out of a job and enduring a mundane Saturday night eating grilled zucchini slices for dinner and only dreaming of Krispy Kremes instead of enjoying a good old fashioned night out like we did way back in the good old days of three weeks ago

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          yeah you do sound like a dick. entitled one at that.

        • Well then Mr "i can't have a job so i'll throw crap at anyone who does right now".May i suggest you take the time you have spare right now to study (i know,it's hard when your biggest wish is to be eating doughnuts and partying like a yobo)so that you can possibly get yourself a less disposable job.Just a thought (from someone you obviously hate because i still have a job…and this response sounds so much "like a dick" because i am having to do more than "take a pulse" right now and i haven't received any free s#!t at all).

      • I don't agree with asking for goodwill and handouts regardless of where in healthcare you work for, but to say risk in rehab, midwifery etc is miniscule is incorrect. I work in a ward but we test people for covid from time to time. You atleast use N95s, we use facemasks. We get spat on, verbally abused, called names while imposing strict visiting hours to relatives. The whole healthcare system is adjusting for everyone, yes including wards. In case you don't know there is a continuity plan if this virus further escalates. Try not to downplay other doctors/nurses if they don't work in ED or ICU.

      • Thanks mate for taking time to try and put perspective to what is happening for some here who are obviously too stupid to understand… And thank you for what you do pre and post health crisis that we are in.

        Stay safe :)

  • In the US any medico can walk into a KK, show ID and get a dozen for free (during the pandemic on a Monday)

    Comparatively our local KKs are TAs

  • we will be giving away 50,000 Free Original Glazed Doughnuts to hospital workers

    So like, its 50,000 donuts for each hospital worker right?

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    Doughnuts —> Obesity/diabetes —> Critial covid19 symptoms

    • They are not symptoms, they are health conditions that weakens one's defense to the virus.

      • They are steps in a chain of cause and effect. Doughnut consumption may lead to/cause obesity and/or diabetes, and those morbidities may lead to/cause susceptibility to severe or critical CoVid-19 symptoms (if infection occurs). No one is saying those morbidities are symptoms: they are risk factors, and not just for the virus.