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Huawei Matebook X Pro 8th Gen i7-8565U $2099, i5-8265U $1189, Samsung Galaxy A90 5G $̶5̶8̶4̶ + Free [email protected] Allphones eBay


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As usual, 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, local Australia Manufacturers warranty.

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  • Matebook X Pro 2019 (13.9", 3K touch, 8th Gen i7-8565U, 512GB SSD) $2039

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  • Matebook X is a great laptop. Have it for about a year now and no regrets

    • what do you use it for? is 8gb of ram sufficient?

      • Light gaming and work.

      • Interesting, the 2018 Matebook X Pro (53010CAJ) I grabbed in the USA had 16GB ram but I believe cost $2200 AUD after conversion.

        Main issue for the 2018 version was thermal throttling under load, which was correctable by tweaking the voltages.

    • I agree except that if you plan to work from home and need to video chat… It's terrible. The webcam is atrocious in its placement. It's a nostril can that looks straight up your nose from the keyboard. It's the only flaw in an otherwise exceptional machine. But it's worth warning people about during this time especially!

    • The only super minor thing is that there is some noises from the laptop in a dead silent room. Think it's called coil whine. Has anybody found any solutions for it?

  • err.. Notifications show the i5-8265U as $189

    why do you do this to me, OzB?

  • Can you do same price as previously deals for lg V40? $498


      Hi asdt1

      Sorry can't go lower this time, we have sold the last batch stock, new batch cost slightly higher due to current issues and AUD historical low.

  • Not a bad deal for the Matebook X, but the 2020 version just launched, so you'd be expecting a price drop right about now anyway.

    • With an Aussie Peso price hike

      I hope your right though, the 2020 version offers very little over the 2019 version so this is the model to get.

  • Hi rep
    Can i order and pickup from Parramatta store. I have sent u a ebay message too.

  • Bought magicbookpro a year, ryzen3550h not good at batterylife

  • Can you please drop the price of the Huawei Nova 5t to JB Hifi, Good Guys and Officeworks $498 (before discount). Thanks :)

    • +1 vote

      Hi CanadaAye

      currenty after different $443.57 + Free Shipping, can't go any lower Sorry.

  • I got the 2019 Dell XPS 13 with i7, 1tb, 4k and 16gb RAM for $2200 in July last year so I'm confused how the Matebook pro with lower specs is a better deal than the best rated ultra book on the market?

  • Been using matebook 13 for almost a year now. It’s really good for ~1000 laptop.

  • Can any A90 users chime in? I'm on a Note 10, came from a Note 9 and wife previously had an S8. Mum is using a dying S7 (S7/S8 are the benchmark). Long story short, my mum has been nagging to have a decent phone for a while but I can't justify her spending close to $1000 for something she just wants better battery life and a better camera out of. Short of chasing reviews, how do these measure up with the flagships?

    Edit: I'll just add, we still have the S8 but my mum is always complaining she gets the hand-me-downs, so that may go to one of my in-laws instead.

    • Buy her a $699 S10 from Voda or a $400 A51 which is good enough for everyone. In fact, A20 should be sufficient enough if it wasn't for its terrible GPS.

      • My old man has the A20 and it's got enough for him but coming from an s7 she wants something at least better than that.

        • You can buy a S10 outright for $699 (only black, I think) from Vodafone. Also Samsung stores offer a S10e for $699. They take excellent pictures and are still top performers.

    • Don't know about A90, but I bought my mum an A30 which she loves. Old people don't care/know about specs so as long as it looks nice and takes ok pics she's happy :)
      $584 seems like a good price since the A90 is supposed to be one step down from the S10 which is twice the price.

      • The s7 takes ok pics, she wants good pics! Seeing my Note 9 and 10 definitely skews her perception though which I've tried to highlight. That and a lot of it comes down to the actual user. But, better gear will help.

        I'm leaning towards a mid tier phone, I know that much and she wants something new so I might just wait for the s10s to drop a more in price.

  • FYI, A90 doesn't have a 3.5mm jack and that's a deal breaker for me.

    • The i7 has the mx250 the i5 models do not. Be aware of the web cam placement of your planning on doing video conference and meetings.

    • +1 vote

      FYI, Moving forward most phone manufacturer will removed 3.5mm jack

  • Does the Matebook Pro have the NVIDIA MX250 in it or does this one only have the Intel graphics card?

  • Can anyone comment on the Matebook 13 vs this $1025 Dell Vostro (i5-10210U/W10Pro/8GB/256GB M2/14" FHD/USB 3.1 C DP/PD) please? Which is the better buy?

  • Hi, why the price is different between your own website and ebay? Just because the promo code so you put the price up on your ebay?

  • Has the price gone up on the 13"?

  • Would love a 16 GB ram version of the matebook pro x to be sold