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Extra 40% off Everything for Club Members (Free Membership) @ adidas (Stacks with <50% off Outlet) UB19 $86.50, UB20 $109


Edit - For those that have issues with the Creator Club membership, you can apply the promo code FAM30 to get an extra 30% off everything on top of the up to 50% off outlet.

Nice deal for adidas. To receive the 40% off, you need to have Creator club membership (free membership).

Stacks with up to 50% off outlet items.

7.5% cashback @ ShopBack

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      • holy crap what are you getting brother

        • Only bought 1 but now have 6 boosts

  • 3 x pair of shoes for $120 total, thanks OP

  • Nice, cheers.

  • Harden B/E 3 for $51 delivered - dang… Cheers OP

  • Does anyone know if these ultra boost 20 are triple black? Pic and discription differ? https://m.adidas.com.au/ultraboost-20-shoes/EG0691.html

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      It’s triple black.

  • can anyone confirm if i order the wrong size, do i have to pay for shipping it back or is the cost paid by adidas?

    • Return shipping is free, provided by Adidas

      • ohhk so i dont have to pay auspost for sending it back if it is a wrong size

        • Yes.

        • Correct, you just go on their website to organise the return postage slip, pack your order up again, stick the postage paid slip on the package and take it to AusPost.

  • use google shopping to see their full catalogue

  • Thanks op. Got a pair of casuals (seeley) and runners (asweego) for 66 bucks combined. Not bad

  • Cheers, grabbed some UB19s and a bonus pair for the wife.

  • Guys, quick question - the size shown in size guide is US, UK or AU size? Just want to confirm before placing my order. Thanks in advance.

    • US

    • check sizing too, some forums say that adidas tends to be slightly bigger

  • Grrrr, you buggers, all the Deerupt's are gone :(

  • +2

    Such a great deal! Won’t be buying though! Too many shoes??

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  • works from firefox, not chrome

    OzBargain DDoS

    Unfortunately we are unable to give you access to our site at this time.
    A security issue was automatically identified, when you tried to access the website.

    What could have caused this?
    During high-traffic product releases we have extra security in place to prevent bots entering our site. We do this to protect customers and to give everyone a fair chance of getting the sneakers. Something in your setup must have triggered our security system, so we cannot allow you onto the site.

    How can I resolve this?
    Please try refreshing or accessing our website from a different browser or another device. You could also check if there are any scripts, like ad blockers, running in your browser and disable them.

    If this does not help, the issue might be caused by malware. If you're on a personal connection you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it's not affected by malware. If you're on a shared network, you could ask the system administrator to run a scan looking for misconfigured or infected devices across the network.

    HTTP 403 - Forbidden

  • Unfortunately the extra 40% off has disappeared for me now… Unless it's only available on one transaction?

    • Its only available on the initial purchase I think. You could try using a different browsers like others have suggested.

    • +1

      Made several orders and one like 2 minutes ago. Still worked for me

    • +1

      you'll need to log out and log back in again (I had the same issue)

  • Thanks Op, bought a pair of Adios 5 shoes, which are listed on their website for $200, for ~$79 after cashback!

  • Has this expired? $0% not being applied anymore

  • +1

    On the checkout page for some UB 20, but was talking to my wife yesterday about my OZB expenditure. Guess I shall put them back then…

    • +1

      Yep. I'm in the same boat.

  • Adidas continental originals for $58 after cashback.

  • Getting error now. Can't view cart

  • THANKS OP! got 2 UBs for ~$106 and a pair of stan smiths for $55 before cashback, hoping cashback works with shopback with everything!
    Gonna return me other UB19 I bought last week that haven't arrived.

    • 2 UBs for $106?! How?

  • Anyone else getting the "Selected products are excluded from discounts" error now?

    • +1

      No, still working on my end
      It says that if you add the code and only have already reduced products
      It works for full price items

      • Thanks. I'll give it a go.

    • +1

      It happened to me and I had to open an incognito tab or a different browser. Worked fine after that.

  • Got a pair of UB 19 and UB 20 for $187, so good.

  • thanks got a pair of original Stan Smith and UB for 150bucks. nice!

  • +2

    Even as the times are uncertain, and need to save money, ended up ordering Triple Black for self for net 100.80. This will need some explaining to the wife.
    Thanks OP!

  • Does adidas deliver by AusPost?

    • Both my shipments in the past have come by AusPost, for returns it was ParcelPoint.

      • Yup all adidas has come from aust post for me but wondering whether they can be sent to parcel locker as their FAQ says no.

        • Their website says Aus Post, but my other recent pairs have come via courier.

          I think the last was possibly Fastaway. Whoever they're using, that's why the tracking information doesn't work for Aussie Post!

          • @fookos: Hopefully they stick to aust post rather than fastway. I’ll try ordering to parcel locker and see whether it gets delivered. Last couple of parcels I got tracking doesn’t work but was delivered by aust express post.

        • I got my previous order delivered to Parcel Locker, was posted by AusPost

  • bought some full price nmds -$200
    used 30% off promo code TRAIN30
    -40% creators
    -shopback cashback

  • ShopBack crashes when go to shopping cart.

  • +3

    Has $500

    Sees ozbargain Adidas sale.

    Aaaaaaand it's gone.

    Thanks op

  • No idea what happened but when I entered code KIC30 a full price item dropped 30% and I got free delivery. Not complaining, thanks OP

  • Got some Adizero Boston's for $75 before cashback. Very happy.

  • How are they when compared to New Balance?

    Which ones are better for Plantar fasciitis - any suggestions?

  • +2

    Surprised they still have so much in stock

  • +1

    must resist, must resist, must resist, i love shoes but i got about 10 pairs i haven't even worn yet from last kogan deal

  • How many pairs of shoes do you? I don't even wear a bunch of my shoes…

  • Anyone else not getting the extra 40% off at checkout now? I ordered earlier before no issues so I'm a Creators Club member.

    • Log in?

      • Lol just tried the old logout then login and it's worked.

  • +1

    Amazing deal. Stacked original discount, with KIC30 for 30% off AND an additional 40% off for club membership. Adidas Superstars come down to below $60.

  • Bah why are the ones I want still $260 :|

    • put KIC30 in check out

      • oh wow thanks, thought that was just for free postage. Should have paid more attention.

  • Just bought too much stuff. Thanks OP!

  • Received a cancellation email :(

    Color: Core Black / Boost Blue Violet Met. / Cloud White
    Size: 12

    • Aw man I ordered those too.

    • When did you order? And was there a cancellation reason?

    • Damn Man,I ordered these too.Haven't received any cancellation mail yet but think it will happen soon.How long after purchase did it take you to get the cancellation mail, if you don't mind me asking?

      • Ordered at 10:04am (AEST)
        Cancellation received 11 minutes later (and I received 3 separate emails for some reason).

        We are contacting you regarding your recent order from our online store. Unfortunately, we have been advised that there is a stock shortage on the items you have ordered in our warehouse and we will be unable to fulfil your order.

        • I ordered at 7:59 AEST, I think I got in before you. Sorry.

          • +1

            @theguyrules: shakes fist

            It's fine, I did another order with the standard black/white colourway (Core Black / Night Metallic / Cloud White).

            So I'll get a size 11.5 (UB19) and a size 12 (UB20) in the same colourway to try. Hopefully the 11.5s fit for the cheaper end result!

            • +1

              @j4ck: I considered getting a 11.5 in another colourway, but I have the UB 19's already in 12 and they fit perfectly, so I decided not to take the risk.
              Hope it works out for you!

    • That happened to an order I placed before bed late last night - cancellation came pretty quickly - were there only a few units left in your size when you placed the order?

      Naturally, I placed an order for a different colourway this morning - have gotta stop adding pairs :)

  • Still working for me!! Thanks heaps!!!! I got a track jacket (https://www.adidas.com.au/track-jacket/ED6094.html?forceSelS...) and new slides (https://www.adidas.com.au/adilette-comfort-slides/EG7645.htm...) (both in lilac :DDD) for $57 before cashback!!! used KIC30 for free shipping + 30% off the slides!!

    • +3

      Do you have that models hair as well haha?

  • Thanks OP. Scored some new WFH sweat pants! Also, I noticed when I went through the adidas app it wouldn’t give me the additional discount despite signing up. To receive the best discount I went through the website through browsers and/or ShopBack (extra 7.5% discount) woot!

  • Use the adidas app and still can see the discount. Can try that.

  • +1

    The free shipping code works on new items, you get 40% off plus an extra 30% and cashback.

    I saved $300+ and then 6.5% cashback.

    Lucky I prefer Under Armour, but grabbed some NMD new triple blacks for $85 and heaps of sweats for $30-50

  • Can anyone recommend a shoe for a wider foot? thanks.

    • NMDs are suited for wide feet. I personally don’t find them comfortable but I think that’s because they’re too wide on me.
      They seem to be popular so something must work

      • Thanks. The NMDs are so ugly, though… I ended up with a pair of Ultraboost 20 CNYs for $109.20. They seem better for wider feet than some of the other models. https://www.adidas.com.au/ultraboost-20-cny-shoes/FW4322.htm... oh, and a soccer ball for $7.50…

        • Did you also apply KICK30 at the chekout? Reckon it should further bring down the total under 80.

          • @slackerman: KIC30 only works for full priced items. But most likely you won’t be able to get cash back from Shopback as it’s not listed as a code you can use.

            • @j1568: Thanks for the info.Its just wombat81 paid $109 for a $182 shoes wheras he could have paid less using kic30 to get somthing like
              But maybe he might like the one he got.

              • @slackerman: Yeah i didn't work that out until afterwards. All good, though. Still happy with the purchase. Looks like some of the kic30 orders are getting cancelled anyway.

  • 40% doesn't work anymore?

    • +1

      Need to login.

  • Only valid code on ShopBack at the moment is FAM30. Other codes used may not get cash back.

  • Has anybody tried to get the yeezys 380 with this deal.

    • i tried to by freezing the page before it redirected but it doesnt add to cart it says theres an error

  • Thanks OP,

    NMD R1's, UB 20's and 2 hoodies - $240 delivered, stoked on this deal.

  • +2

    Thanks OP

    Got my total cart $695 down to $288, family shopping done for shoes and tracks.

  • Seems expired. Already login and sign up for creator club :(

    • +1

      I just purchased more stuff and still working, Use a different browser and try add different things into cart

      • +1

        Thanks mate, changed to Safari and it works !!:)

    • +1

      Use Firefox, it's not working in chrome

  • Damn purchased from mobile and forgot about shopback oh well.
    Couldn't resist and got the last Copa 20+ football boots for $142.50 and a few t-shirts.

  • I forgot to put in the ST in my address. Everything else is in it. Including postcode. Will that be a problem?

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