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Extra 40% off Everything for Club Members (Free Membership) @ adidas (Stacks with <50% off Outlet) UB19 $86.50, UB20 $109


Edit - For those that have issues with the Creator Club membership, you can apply the promo code FAM30 to get an extra 30% off everything on top of the up to 50% off outlet.

Nice deal for adidas. To receive the 40% off, you need to have Creator club membership (free membership).

Stacks with up to 50% off outlet items.

7.5% cashback @ ShopBack

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    • Cancel the previous address and do it again that part, it's a glitch in the system

      • Oh I get you. Yeah I already did it:)
        Problem is the orders are still showing without the ST in it.

  • Overall: Get 68% discount on the full-priced item when you add KIC30 on top. Plus free delivery. Thanks.

    • KIC30 is for free shipping if your order is below $100 i believe

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        It also gives you 30% off the full priced items.

        • I wish this was actually in the post when I made my purchase :(

    • Isn't it 58%? From $100 with KIC30 down to $70, then the creator club 40% discount brings $70 down to $42.

    • wait you mean I could've had an extra 30% off all my orders?!

      • yup. Well an extra 18%. 58% off in total.

        • Everytime I take a bit of time making a decision they sell out but everytime I rush to buy something, this happens and the item stays in stock anyways -_-

          • @bkhm: if it makes you feel better, don't think that many people realised. Wasnt expplained great in the OP

            I know i thought it was just 40% off alrrady discounted stock or 30% off new stock. Didn't realise all new stock was 30% off and then discounted by a further 40%.

            I did manage to get 1 order before they fixed it for $150, but i would of got a fair bit more if I realised.

            • @AjsGuns: haha thanks. I used KIC30 once for free shipping on a second order under $100 so I got something out of it.

  • LUCKY I didn't buy that Lacoste deal.
    $35 for continental 80. AMMMAAAZZZIIINNGGGGG

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    I would say it's an error, however retail is horrible ATM and they're probably clearing stock out of Adidas stores too!

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    Thought staying home would save me money but I guess not…

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      Whatever you are saving on commute/coffee/takeaway food is still saving.
      You might have shopped this offer even from work!

  • Surely this is an error and gets cancelled

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      I saw the ad on the shopback website this is what it says so unlikely to an error :

      40% off Sitewide Including Outlet (adidas Creators Club Members - Discount Applied at Checkout)

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        I think he means the additional 30% off code is an error. but in my Adidas account, it says "Order confirmed, waiting to be packed", so I think its fine

    • Nah this won't get cancelled even if the extra 30% off is an error. The money they're bringing in with this deal is too much for them to renege considering the current retail climate.

      Delivery will undoubtedly take a while though (short-staffed & thousands of orders to be fulfilled).

      • i ordered at 2am and have recieved tracking number

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          At that time you're probably first in line. Based on my experience, they don't actually ship it until a few days.

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      Nah, my order just got shipped.

  • Nice, got some new tennis shoes for $37.80 delivered!


  • Awesome thanks OP - bought one Ultraboost 20 for $93.60 delivered

    • How did you get it for 93? 109 for me

  • anyone got error when paying?

    "Your order could not be submitted. Please review your payment settings and try again. Thank you for your patience!"

    • Yes, when I checked out express with paypal. Just checkout manually and it'll work.

      Also cheers OP, I grabbed the 20' UB CNY (Chinese new year edition) reckon they look better/different for virtually the same price - $109.20. Love the black design with the colourful shit at the back of the heel. Also grabbed another pair of different shoes and some trackies.

  • This is genuinely one of the best discounts off new stock i've ever seen. thanks OP

  • https://www.adidas.com.au/nmd_r1-shoes/FV5344.html

    This looks good, used promo KIC30 and comes down to below $100

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    Damn, they're fast. Just recieved an email saying that my order has been shipped, ordered at 2:47am this morning.

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    I ordered UB20 from Footlocker before (still within the 28 day return window)
    Now this has better price for the same items I bought. ($90 difference!)

    Should I order and wait for confirmation, then send a return to Footlocker??

    Never worn the shoes btw because of the lockdown.

    • 100%

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    KIC30 promo code has expired.

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    Fixed the KIC30 code - anyone know any others?

    • The other code is FAM30

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        doesn't stack with 40% off.

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    Game over. They finally caught up.

  • Just had order cancelled. Perhaps they have caught up.

    • Had they confirmed the order? Then cancelled or it didn't get to step 2?

      Also what time did you order?


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    Just a heads up that when you register for a creator account you get a 15% off code that stacks on the creator’s discount price as well.

    • +1


    • Where is the %15 code don't see it anywhere?

      • It was part of the welcome email

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          Strange no code or voucher in my welcome email did you have to do anything special when u signed up?

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            @prxy: Same

          • @prxy: Didn’t do anything special. Not sure if/how targeted.

        • Just signed up with link to adidas newsletter which says %15 off voucher with a different email and still no code for that either.

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    so no 30% discount, best is the 15%?

    • use FAM30 as the promo code, still works for me.

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        doesn't stack with the 40% off creators code.

        you were getting 40% off then another 30% off, making items that were $130 only $54.60, now with the 15% off you're looking at around $67.

        • Yup there’s no other code.

          • @z10cvbnm: All good, managed to get $150 worth of brand new clothes (2 hoodies, 2 pairs of trackies and a T-shirt) when the code worked and $200 worth of shoes from the outlet. Unfortunately I was dumb and did not fully read and used the 40% off creators club in conjunction with the discount outlet, still good got UB's for $109.20 etc, but would of probably preferred 2 pairs of superatars for $54.20 each or $108.60 for 2).

          • @z10cvbnm: what was the other code to use?

            I got my UBs at 50% off from the outlet, then another 40% from the creator club membership

            So RRP was $240, then 50% off is $120.

            Then another 40% off was $72

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              @mhs m0nk3y: The code KIC30 gave 30% off on full priced items, then additional 40% off on top. It is expired now tho.

              • @z10cvbnm: This.

                You got 30% off full priced items, e.g. a $100 item is now $70. Then 40% off that $70 which made it $42. So you got 58% off brand new 2020 gear. Unfortunately, I only realised this about 5mins before they fixed it. Managed to grab a nice Hoodie + tracksuit kit for $90ish instead of the $220 RRP, but would of dropped $400-$500 if I had of known.

                • @AjsGuns: Fair enough.

                  I wasnt intersested in the UB 20s anyway, so it doesnt look like I missed much anyway. Plus no other 2020 shoes got my attention anyway/

                  • @mhs m0nk3y: Honestly, I think it was only really good for Superstars or Stan Smiths (shoe wise, great for clothes), shoes that rarely go on sale for more than 20-30% off. (which means they are still around the $90-100 mark with this code, they were $54.60 and you can still get them now for $78 with the 40% off everything).

  • thanks Awesome OP

  • FAM30 Not working for me

  • +1

    Cant even get the 40% to work at the moment

    • Log in?

      • That was it. Its logging me out super quick

  • Mine is saying Expired for KIC30

    • +3

      expired hours ago. Now it's just 40% off (+15% off if u got an email for a code) everything.

      • +2

        I never got a 15% off code, or it hasn't arrived yet in email from creator club

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    FAM30 still working for me for UB 20. Had to get a 2nd pair!

  • +3

    I spent over $500 🤣🤣🤣
    3 orders, can't imagine the savings 😬

    Now will I wear any of it? 😳

    • +1

      Same lol..kept going back and ordering more…too good to pass up

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    Keep getting - Selected products are excluded from discounts

  • Seems extra discounts are all expired…15% code for making an account will stack on top of creator discount for full priced items.

    • What's the code for new accounts?

      • Code is unique. Check your email for the welcome letter.

        • Oh ok thanks

  • Got some Adizero Boston 8's for $75 down from $180.
    Looking forward to running in them.

  • the postage they use is express post from auspost

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    OP in all the rush forgot to thank u for saving me HUNDREDS of dollars.


    THANK YOU!!!!


  • Damn, great savings

  • +1

    Must resist must resist - Oh well bought 2 pairs anyway so cheap! This makes 10 new pairs all Up I have Bought this year.

    My wife calls me the Imelda Marcos of running shoes.

    • When you buy shoes just to display on your cheap ass ikea shelves I'm even worse :( Truly imelda marcos

  • We need to find a new code ;)

    • I used Fam30 and when I got to the very last page, it converted itself to creators club 40% off as of 5:42pm sale time. So it still works if you have the voucher

      • +1

        I meant a new code same as KIC30 to get extra 30% off on full price items. I can still access the 40% though.

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    If you haven’t received the 15% voucher go on chat Tell them & they will send it to you

  • Guys, on top of these discounts and cash back, you can use your adidas membership 15% discount stacked. Go to your profile and you’ll see your code. I just got it applied to my order!!!!

    • It wouldn't let me add another code, just the 40% and 30%>

      I thought about that, glad it worked for you!

    • +1

      Your Cashback will most probably be rejected because you used a voucher code, unique to you and unavailable as Cashbacks approved voucher.

  • Best I could do tonight was 15% off with the newsletter email sign-up and then a further 40% off with creators club.

    If you sign-up with creators, the welcome email has a 15% off code.

    Otherwise, use a different email at the footer of the site to sign up and get a code.

    The first time I signed up via the footer I never got an email so I just did it again and got it straight away.

    Different emails for creator and newsletter sign up worked for me in my second order as the 15% off codes are use once.

    Hope this info helps someone, I bought too much but overall saved over 50% on brand new releases, thanks OP!

    • haha, what did you buy? Yeah, even @ 15% off and then 40% it's almost 50% off in total (it's actually 49%) which is crazy for new release stuff. I ended up spending much more than I anticipated over 2 orders.

    • Signed up for newsletter, code hasn't arrived. Tried different emails also.
      How long have they taken to arrive for newsletter?

      • Just did this and got it in secs with another email.

  • Nice find OP, thank you

  • SO, Can you stack the new user duscount of 15% on top of 50% off at outlet? Thanks

  • Ordered last night.. just now got an email notifying that the order was shipped, 5 minutes later order cancellation email also arrived

    • Oof

    • Noticed that only one item out of four got cancelled, not the whole order