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Extra 40% off Everything for Club Members (Free Membership) @ adidas (Stacks with <50% off Outlet) UB19 $86.50, UB20 $109


Edit - For those that have issues with the Creator Club membership, you can apply the promo code FAM30 to get an extra 30% off everything on top of the up to 50% off outlet.

Nice deal for adidas. To receive the 40% off, you need to have Creator club membership (free membership).

Stacks with up to 50% off outlet items.

7.5% cashback @ ShopBack

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  • +2

    Why is everyone asking for Uni days codes? They cant be stacked now on top of the 40%.

  • Have people received order confirmation?

    • Yeah I’ve had one thing shipped so far

    • I ordered on Thursday morning and haven’t heard a thing, but given the public holidays I’m not expecting anything

      • You reckon Monday they’ll start packing?

        • +1

          Monday is still a public holiday, so I’d say Tuesday

  • I actually cant believe the trail boosts are the same price as regular boosts!

  • If anyone still needs a Unidays code PM me

  • I haven’t tried but downloaded the Adidas app and signed in Family and Friends is 40% off there instead of 30% on the site, someone can confirm at checkout

  • If anyone still needs a Unidays code PM me

  • Would someone be so kind as to PM me a UNIDAYS Code. Thank you in advance!

  • Much appreciated also for an unidays code via PM. THanks!

  • All sorted cheers boys :)

  • Spare uni days code anyone? 😁

    • Thanks team. It worked.

  • Spare unidays code anyone please?

  • -2

    spare uniday code please, will give cure for coronavirus.. thanks

  • Spare uniday code please for me as well!

  • I would be grateful for a Unidays code. Anyone with a spare one please?

  • Unidays anyone please? :D

  • -2

    How long is this 40% off creator club going to be going for? is it permanent?

    • +1

      According to this post end date "13 Apr 2 days left"

  • Unidays code anyone?

  • My unidays code is not working for me and it says products excluded? I have items from the unidays link though.. thoughts?

    • +1

      The same item and the SAME colour from unidays link?

      • Oh it works now thanks a lot!

  • UNI days code please?

  • I'll join the queue too, spare unidays code anyone?

  • Anyone could you please PM a unidays code. Thanks a lot

  • If anyone still needs a Unidays code PM me

    • I cant seem to be able to PM you. Could you please PM me instead. Thanks

      • PM sent

    • Are you able to PM me a code as I'm unable to PM you. Thanks!

  • if anyone have spare unidays code PM me please?

  • Anyone able to provide an Easter surprise with a spare unidays code please? :D

  • how much does the unidays give as a discount?

  • If anyone can spare a unidays code please PM me!

  • Please PM me with a unidays code please if you have one spare :)

  • Spare unidays code anyone please?

    • +1

      thanks for the code

    • +1

      You may want to take that code down, unidays blocks all accounts if the code is public or shared.

      There was a pizzahut deal with a unicode and people shared their codes in the comments and unidays blocked all accounts that shared with no warning.

  • If anyone would be kind enough to message me their unidays code it would be much appreciated thank you

  • If anyone has a unidays code they could PM me, that would be awesome. Thanks!

  • anyone with spare unidays code pls

  • Same here, please pm if there's a code to spare

  • Anyone with a spare UniDays code please PM me.Thanks in Advance

  • PM me any uni days code please. Thanks in advance happy Easter

    • +2

      What are you expecting with thousands of orders + short staffed + eater break?

  • how do you make the uni days code stack?

    • can only be stacked from selected items
      all items from here

      • Thanks for your reply. That's the link I'm using. I can't stack anything as a creator club member

        • Are you using the long code for 30% Off selected styles from unidays?

          • @PlaneProof: yep, both logged in to creator club and logged out as a guest I can't add another code

            • It only allows one code to be input
            • codes I have tried are for 15%
            • if logged in, the items from uni days, using the specifc link don't allow fam30 or uni days long code (UNI-xxx-xxx-etc)on top of my 40% creators club…


            • @theaussie: Well yeah….
              You can't stack more than one code.
              unidays 30% + 40% creator club which is applied auto

        • The code fam30 does not stack, only the long code one stacks.
          Make sure not to have anything else in your cart. Can try and logout in log back in

          • @PlaneProof: oh man it doesn't like me.
            Logged in and out, removed from cart, re added

            also tried as a guest with code (only took 15%) and then signed in just before purchase. Removes uni and only allows 40%

  • where do you get the uni days key ? (my mate is from uni and i asked him and he sent across fam30)

    • Thank you LolwutMikka!

  • anyone with spare unidays code pls

  • Can anyone please send me the 30% unidays code? Thanks heaps!!

  • Any 30% unidays would be appreciated :)

  • If anyone can assist with unidays 30% off code, much appreciated! Thanks!

  • Would love a unidays code please :)

  • Would appreciate if somebody can share a unidays code as well. Thanks!

  • Sorry for repeating. Would anyone have a spare still?

  • +1

    If you need a code, just pm me but I can only generate one once every hour.

    keep in mind that it is very limited.

    So, for example you can buy some ultraboost colours but not all.

    • Hey, I'm unable to PM you. Would you be able to PM me instead Thanks


  • UNI-W77M-7PL5-C34V-34VV 30%

  • Sale finished?
    All good. Just had to login again

  • Anyone with Unidays 30% code plsss?

  • Still waiting for postage 😞

    • When did you order?

    • On the 9th

  • Received one of my order, two of them are still waiting to be packed.

  • still waiting for order to be packed its been like 3-4 days

  • I made 2 orders on 9/4 at around 3am and hasnt been packed yet either

  • How long can a pending amount be pending for before it goes back into your account?

    Or does it not do that?

  • +1

    1 order came in. They're so COMFTY!

    • +1

      Nice! Which shoes?

      • Ultraboost 19, most black with some green. Did you get any?

        • Yep some running pants, some UB 19 and some UB 20

          • @theguyrules: I didn't think about getting clothing until later. By then most of the items I wanted didn't have my size. Bummer. Next time. Still happy with my UBs, waiting for my second one to come in.

  • 1 out of 3 orders packed. other 2 still have not moved.

    • I'm glad you wrote this, mine hasn't done anything. My card hasn't even been charged but the order says its made

      • I wouldn't stress, although if your card hasn't been charged I doubt it has been sent. My mate ordered about $250 worth and he never got notified that the item was packed, no email or update on the adidas order tracker and it arrived at his address about 2 hours ago (yes on a Sunday).

        I'm now on 2/3 orders packed and shipped, the other still hasn't moved.

        • Did your card get charged?

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