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25% off Smart Toilet Seat - IB 8500 Comfort Bidet Seat $861.75 (Was $1,149) 2YRS Warranty, Aus Watermark + Delivery @ Izen Bidet


It's great to see the toilet paper hoarding is under control. Good job Australia, buy sensibly there is enough for everyone.

Due to the amazing feedback we received from our customers we like to extend this offer to our OZ Bargain community.

IZEN is a South Korean company which has been manufacturing bidet for almost two decades. They have invented and patented the swirling ENEMA sprayer and was one of the first to have this feature on their bidet. If you are Korean you probably already know that IZEN has been manufacturing bidet as OEM for a number of major household brands like the one you buy your smartphones and TVs from

Izen Bidets carry 2 - 3 years warranty depending on models but the one we use at work has been going strong for the past 5 years without missing a beat and we had customers who had theirs for 7 years and decided to buy another one because they like the look of the newer model. Most importantly, Izen Bidets carry Australian Watermark Certification and followed AUS power requirements.

Winter is around the corner, this is the time when the bidet investment truly shine. Warm water, warm seat, warm blow dry once you finished with your business :-)

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